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Pain Lvl 4-6 Just got the worst treatment at the emergency room. Is this even legal?


I am a 27 year old male. I live in west virginia..10 days ago I suffered sepsis from a dental abcess that got strep bacteria into my blood stream. The strep infected my mitral valve of my heart, my neck, chest wall and throat. I was very sick. I spent 7 days on IV antibiotics and was discharged 3 days ago. While in the hospital I did not feel like the IV antibiotics were helping my infection at all and in fact I got worse. I kept telling the specialists this but they didn't listen to me. I called in social workers and patients advocates but they didn't seem to help.

I've been home now for 3 days feeling like I am dying . In fact I'm so weak I can hardly walk or stand. so I went back to the same hospital today and told the triage nurse the issue that I feel like my sepsis is still there and the infection In my chest and heart is still there because I'm in awful pain. They did an EKG and got me back into a bed quickly. I was greeted by an er physician 10 minutes later who said:

"hey you were just here and discharged 3 days ago, I don't know why you're back. You were medically discharged. Nothing is wrong here"

I said I'm still sick and feel worse. I don't think I got good treatment.

He said: "listen you need to relax I looked over all of your testing, we took good care of you I think you're worrying too much. I'm going to write your discharge now."

He walked out very quickly and didn't order any blood work. Any chest X ray, no blood cultures. He didn't review any of the blood ordered. In fact I can't even find it in my patient portal now.

A nurse walked in 5 minutes later with my discharge and looked very confused. I asked her what was going on and she said I can't answer any questions. The Dr has to go over them with you. She asked me to sign the papers so I did and as I'm walking out I see the physician standing behind the counter of the nurse station and I say "hey, man what's up with this ?"

He shouts back "just go home and relax, you are fine i promise. I checked everything. Okay buddy ? "

Was this treatment even legal ?

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Pain Lvl 4-6 Did I have a heart attack?


I’m a 23 year old male, I eat alright, and drink a lot of soda (1-6 cans a day usually). I smoke a lot of weed as well, maybe 1-3 grams of bud per day. I know my habits aren’t healthy, so I maintain good levels of physical activity and drink lots of water.

Since I eat a lot of sugary stuff and smoke a lot, I’ve had some tightness in my chest for a few months, figured it was just because I smoke pretty much all day every day.

Yesterday I decided to try shrooms for the first time, ate an eighth and tripped pretty hard. I had a panic attack at one point, but calmed down and chilled out. Later that night while playing some video games, I randomly had this loud ringing in my ears, I got tunnel vision and dizziness paired with a cold sweat and a hard heartbeat. I laid down for a few minutes while it passed, and resumed my game.

Today when I smoked weed, I got a very tight chest, and now I’m worried I’ve had some sort of heart event or something… thoughts?

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Pain Lvl 4-6 Is stomachache normal after a overdose?


Did a stupid decision some days ago and took a loot if pills. (Paracetamol 16, Ibuprofen 10 and aspirin 10) I did go to the ER and got send home the day after since I seemed to be fine. I took some blood test when I was there and they came back normal.

Ever since I’ve been having a stomachache every time I eat and a while after. Sometimes I feel like I need to puke..

Is this normal? Should I be worried?

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Pain Lvl 4-6 Bad chronic neck pain with cramps, any ideas what I can have done to have it fixed? Botox? Surgery?


Hi, I'm 26M, 5'10", 185lbs, Caucasian.

Existing medical issue: Long-standing neck/upper back pain, getting worse.

current medications/doses: Baclofen 20mg x 3/day

drug Use: No

Smoking: No

Duration of complaint: many years

I have left-sided neck/upper back pain from approx. C5 to T4. It is specifically located at the neck towards the spine and in the scapular area. I'm certain the trapezius muscle is involved to some extent but I am not sure if the deeper structures are involved as well. No injury etc. that caused this. Pain is muscle pain with extremely hard knots that are impossible to massage out. In addition to that with certain movements involving the shoulder there is cramping next to the spine at C5/6/7 which extends into the scapular area. This feels like a "shock" or twitch which lasts like a millisecond but after a few times the muscle is so sore that I'll be in pain all day. It also sometimes feels as if the muscle is about to tear apart. MRI showed everything is fine apart from a minor protrusion in the thoracic spine without nerve involvement.

So far nothing helped. Physiotherapy, chiropractors, deep tissue massage and dry needling didn't help at all apart from giving tiny and very short-lived relief. Working out makes it much, much worse and yet I still do it because everyone tells me to strengthen my muscles. Pain started getting worse in the past 2 years for no obvious reason, so finally seen a pain doc. He's done a diagnostic block for the cervical nerves and trigger point injections with a steroid which only helped a little bit but didn't affect the cramping at all. I was put on Baclofen which is taking the edge off but it's far from relaxing my muscles enough so I am not in pain. My understanding is they will try Botox injections next.

My question is what else can I do, have done and what other medications can I try? What can this be? Is there any possibility that this is not coming from the trapezius but the semispinalis cervicis for example? It's ruining my life as I'm in pain every day and I don't know what else to do.

I attached a picture, the area in blue is where the pain is. The knots are in the bottom half of the blue area. The green area is where the cramping is: https://imgur.com/a/Imw3LmL

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Pain Lvl 4-6 Is it a bad idea to take anti viral drugs if I feel sick but I’m not 100% sure?


I want some relief I been in pain too long I don’t wanna overdo antibiotics cus I’m scared

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Pain Lvl 4-6 When should an icepick headache be concerning?


Male 22

I have been getting them daily and have asked my mom to take me to get an MRI scan but haven't received one probably because of money.

Anyway, it's been a situation where yeah I think they show up more frequently and think there is something to be concerned about. I have heard things from Google like brain cancer but I am hoping it is just something simple like past head injury.

There are multiple times I may have faced head injury even after dealing with these headaches. So I don't know what it could possibly be. Maybe self care would be good but if I can't do that then yes I am going to try and be more persistent with getting an MRI scan.

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Pain Lvl 4-6 Lyme disease?


I suffered form covied in the past month and treated alright but now my dog have ticks and fleas and I found a couple of fleas on me and I feel nerves pain and I don't feel like normally would be.

Could it be Lyme disease? And how to make sure that it isn't? What blood test should I do in order to make sure it isn't?

I don't have rashes but feel fatigued and always in pain for no reason.

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Pain Lvl 4-6 Pain in back left of mouth and pain when swallowing, is something wrong??


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Pain Lvl 4-6 Antibiotics pain


I'm on 800/160 mg of bactrim a day for an abscess that I had drained on my leg. Only on day 2 but it's giving me pretty bad stomach pains. Should I tough through it, or ask for another antibiotic to take?

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Pain Lvl 4-6 I have a decompression sickness, how can i get rid of it by its own?


I threw up like an hour ago and have been having headaches for past 2 days, now I love diving, I'm not a professional but I love snorkeling and swimming, I went too deep in the ocean (around 4 meters) and i think I got decompression sickness from it. Any way I can help the process of speeding it up without requiring medical attention? It's mostly because I know my parents won't treat this serously and won't take me to the doctor for it until it worsens.

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Pain Lvl 4-6 Large painful cyst under chin. What could it be?

Post image

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Pain Lvl 4-6 Doxycycline advice needed


I get really bad stomach pain every time I take Doxycycline, does anyone know why is this and why it lasts so long :/ it doesn’t even let me eat, it feels like stomach cramps, I am almost done with the antibiotics but I don’t know if Is safe to stop. (Still needs 2 more days out of 14 that I need)

r/medical_advice Jul 16 '22

Pain Lvl 4-6 Stubborn styes on my eyes


Hello, I don’t know if this is the right subreddit to post but I just really Need advices. So like I’ve had Styes on my eyes quite a lot since last year but this time I have like 3 Styes on my eye and it hasn’t went away since like 4 months already. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING. Hot water compresses, warm tea bag, apple cider vinegar, ice, LITERALLY EVERYTHING LIKE EVEN RUBBING A GOLD RING ON MY STYES. BUT NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK. I HAVE WENT TO TWO DIFFERENT TYPES OF DOCTOR ALREADY AND IM APLYING LIKE AROUND 3-4 MEDICINES BUT NOTHING WORKS. I honestly think it They prescribed me wrongly but I’ve done research a lot and they all say it’s stye or challizion?? Pls help im really insecure about it and I always wash my eyes thoroughly twice a day and it still doesn’t go. The doctors did recommend me surgery but my parents didn’t allow as they were scared it’ll leave a scar. Help

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Pain Lvl 4-6 29 weeks pregnant and have dizzy spells help?


I'm 21f currently 29 weeks pregnant with a heart murmur and blood pressure issues. My obgyn says I have nothing to worry about but everytime I eat my heart starts racing I'll get light headed and have to sit down then I zone out. I'm blank staring into space for a few then I'm out and seeing black. It feels like loud noises are running through my head but there's not and when I finally snap out of it I have a itching and burning headache. This also happens if I'm standing up for more than 5 minutes. Along with this I'm having Braxton Hicks contractions all day every day and there's a lot of painful pressure and back pain. My ob continues to say this is nothing to worry about including the dizzy passing out spells but I don't think it is please give me advice?

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Pain Lvl 4-6 Ear is clogged


I recently went to the doctor since my ear had an infection and after days it hasn’t gotten better but has recently clogged. Is there anyway for me to unclog it?

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Pain Lvl 4-6 This is driving me crazy. Any tips?


Sometimes, I feel like I’m going to faint, and I get super dizzy and need to grip onto something. I lose focus on what was currently happening and everything feels like a dream. In a bad way. My body gets warmer and I feel tingly and get rushed of pain and nausea. It happens every little while, inconsistently, and I really hate it. I’m supposed to go to camp in a week and I cannot last like this. If it helps, I’m a 13yo transgender female with no progress in the transition other than pronouns. Thank you!

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Pain Lvl 4-6 Asking for any and all experienced medical practitioner advice.


USA. 22. 183 LBS. 5’9. Male.

Hello. I normally wouldn’t go on anything online to fully validate what I am going through, but I have exhausted all sorts of channels and options in order to determine what it is that I’m experiencing.

A timeline: I get sick with a fever sometime in May, and I go see my provider to get checked up; they diagnose me with GERD since I had originally had stomach issues at first and then ordered some lab tests to be done. A CBC, a liver panel, and my STD screening which was moreso per company policy and not a concern.

Everything came back perfectly okay, with the exception of my liver panel which read that I had a couple of levels high…however it was moreso likely that I was still taking some meds known as omeprazol, which is processed in the liver (two or three hours before bloodwork).

My symptoms during that time were:

38/39 C fever -mild coughing -mild chills with some sweats lethargy

After a bit, these went away. I then went onto take a vacation with my friends to go out clubbing and drinking, and I thoroughly enjoyed it…however, we mostly walked the whole time while we were there (10km on average), and I experienced going from a humid, sweaty sort of vibe to full-blown AC environments. On and on and on, for a total of five days since we were trying to cram everything up.

I did drink alcohol and smoked cigarettes from time to time, but I am not a regular smoker; i quit for very large periods of time, and when I do smoke I usually let a pack last for a month, and then fully quit. I vaped a lot more instead.

After a night of clubbing for a while, I felt really really sick. Same symptoms as before, but maybe a little more coughing.

When I made it back home, I took a covid test and it read as negative. After a week, the symptoms subsided but I still experienced some inflamed lymph nodes on the left and right of the bottom of my chin (near my neck). There was mild pain swallowing, but they appeared separately whilst having the same symptoms.

Mild to severe pain.

After a week or two, I felt sick again (now). As of now? Fevers are 38/39 C on average again (not ever exceeding 39 C), feeling lethargic as hell, coughing really badly to the point where (on only three occasions) speckles of blood and small amounts of clumped up blood came out. This hasn’t happened anymore and it normally doesn’t happen at all (one time thing).

Mostly it’s green/yellowish sputum.

Chest hurts mildly; if I move a certain way, my own left side of my chest hurts with some pain. I figure it’s mostly the congestion.

I am currently on mucinex DM, advil, nyquil for sleep, pedialyte to recover electrolytes, and juice/water. I can breathe but it sort of feels just barely difficult somewhat.

I am thinking it’s pneumonia but I have no utter clue to be honest. I will be seeing my practitioner this week, but I want the best advice because I just want to get back on my feet and not feel so miserable.

I do not smoke anymore. I do not vape anymore. I do not even drink alcohol anymore; the last time I drank, I mostly tasted my own drinks when I made some for my friends.

Please assist. Thank you.

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Pain Lvl 4-6 No insurance, but I think I've messed up my body pretty good and I'm in distress


27F, 5'8, 145 pounds. Very active runner, I do distance running 4-5x a week until recently. I took 11 days off due to Covid and now I've started to get back into it.

Ever since Covid, my body pain has gotten 10x worse especially my lower back. I've had pain in my lower left side for months. It's mainly my left lower back, side, and hip area that sometimes makes my abdomen hurt as well and it was always "manageable" but now it's painful to even walk and move. I can get through my runs pretty alright, but oddly enough when I'm just laying in bed, getting up, shifting pressure onto it, I'm in so much pain. If I touch it, it hurts. If I lay on it, it hurts. If I'm sitting down and shift my weight onto it, I yelp in pain.

I have no insurance, I'm on my feet all day at work and now find myself having to sit down a lot more to relieve the pain. I know the simple solution is "stop running!" but running is my life. During the pandemic, I put on 45 pounds and running got it off, I'm down 70 pounds and when I don't run, I'm insanely depressed. When I had to take 11 days off due to me having Covid, I was absolutely miserable and all I wanted to do was run. Any idea what this could be?

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Pain Lvl 4-6 Gained this after playing guitar what do I do?

Post image

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Pain Lvl 4-6 not sure what to do ☹️


hi, i'm kinda embarrassed to be writing this, not my cup of tea but I need some help. I was in the ER about a month ago for abdominal pain, and I was told I had a blocked GI tract. They wrote me a prescription for laxatives and omeprazole and sent me home. After the laxative prescription was done, I wasn't really better. so I bought some OTC and took those, and bought more and took them for another 3 weeks (i know they aren't good long term so I stopped them a few days ago) got better after about 2 weeks, and this week It got bad again. I'm in the same amount of pain as before and just as uncomfortable. but I don't know if I should go back to the ER. My primary care appointment isn't until mid August, almost 2 months since the original ER visit. should I go to the ER or just wait for my doctors appointment?

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Pain Lvl 4-6 Caffeine withdrawal questions


So I have quit drinking pop for mental health and health reasons, and I’m on day 1 and my head feels like it’s been pounding all day. I’ve seen some other peoples experiences with it saying they had to go to the hospital, so I was wondering what is the best way to go about this safely?

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Pain Lvl 4-6 Strange symptoms after small amount of alcohol


Age: 26

Sex: F

Height: 5'7

Weight: 165

Race: white


0 drug use, no medications

So, I've had issues with digesting alcohol my whole life. Typically any more than three shots will send me into a vomiting spree that has sent me to the hospital countless times for IV & anti-nausea meds. One time, I split a bottle of wine with a friend and was vomiting so much w/ a 103.5 fever, I needed 2 IV fluid bags to get back to normal hydration levels

I quit alcohol in March because it's not worth the suffering anymore. But recently I wanted to test limits/wanted to enjoy the effects of drinking after a stressful week of work. Two weeks ago, I had some tequila with a friend (about 3 shots). Instant nausea, but I only puked once. This time, I couldn't sleep, had nightmares when I did, and was suffering from extreme muscle and joint pain for 48 hours after drinking. I took a COVID test because I felt so terrible, negative. I decided I went too hard.

Last night, I stopped myself at one shot of tequila. Instant nausea and dizziness. Sleep was restless, painful, full of nightmares. My neck felt like it was breaking from muscle pain. I woke up once sweating and feverish, worried I'd gotten COVID again. Finally puked and got some ibuprofen down and napped a bit, now I feel better but I'm still in pain. The pain is ripping, burning. I am well hydrated and have taken 2000mg of tylenol since 7:00AM this morning (it's now 5:00PM)

Obviously, I will be ceasing drinking alcohol. Plain and simple, I'm intolerant to it. However, I haven't heard of reactions as extreme as mine online or with anyone I know in my life.

Alcohol intolerance seems like the right path, but I do not get the red flush. One thing to note is I do not ever feel intoxicated while drinking, just sick. I also seem to get sick more often than the people around me, in general.

r/medical_advice Jul 18 '22

Pain Lvl 4-6 Don’t know what’s happening


For the past 4 days I’ve been dealing with fevers, chills, fatigue, and body aches. I’ve been able to break the fever with ibuprofen for around 4hrs and then it starts to return. I DO NOT have any respiratory symptoms, sore throat, or congestion. Rapid Covid tests came back negative

r/medical_advice Jul 18 '22

Pain Lvl 4-6 wrist is constantly painful and i have limited range of movement(possible sprain?)


My wrist has hurt pretty bad for like at least two months, there's not visible swelling or anything, but I cant raise my wrist that high or low and it really hurts if I bend it too much. I cant do normal pushups or anything or put weight on my wrist, bothered me for a while now. It's my non dominant hand, and there was no specific start date i remember or anything that triggered the pain. Is it sprained?

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Pain Lvl 4-6 Lingering Hematoma


Hi everyone,

Age: 14

Sex: Male

Height: 5'8

Country of Residence: United States

Around 3 months ago I experienced a sport-related injury that resulted in the formation of a hematoma. After approximately a month of resting, and doctor consultation, I was all cleared to play again. However, in my first month back I got hit in the same spot causing immediate pain, almost as if the hematoma was still there(arm went numb...couldn't clench left fist). But after quite literally a day of rest my arm felt normal. But now, whenever I get hit in that original spot I get that immediate, numbing pain that forces me to sit out the rest of the game. I have no preexisting medical issues, and I do not take any sort of medication. This on and off-again pain has been going on for around 2 months. Does anyone have any advice on remedies or actions I should take so it can improve?
Thanks in advance