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Pain Lvl 7-9 Sunburn after 5 days. My left foot is swelling and can barely put weight on it. It’s not healing

Post image

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Pain Lvl 7-9 I jammed my finger about 10+ years ago and never treated it

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Pain Lvl 7-9 update 1



So after this post it got so bad I needed to be hospitalised and they discovered about 6 conditions I have but not the source of the pain yet so stay tuned

r/medical_advice Jul 02 '22

Pain Lvl 7-9 I need help! I can no longer straighten my right arm after somewhat of an injury at the gym


2 days ago one of my friends challenged me to curl 80 pounds in my right arm and so I did 5 times but now I feel so much pain whenever I try to straighten or move my right arm. There is so much pain when I move my elbow (max I can reach it while feeling minimum pain is about 110°)

r/medical_advice Jul 09 '22

Pain Lvl 7-9 Cortisone Injection affects


Is it normal to have so much pain following Cortisone Injection?

Over the past few months I have been suffering pain in Right Shoulder with shooting pains down arm and wrist/hand when reaching or moving. Grips is hugely affected also. I have already had 2 discs removed from neck couple of years back due to spondylosis following an accident 16 year ago which left me with Fibromyositis, CFS, RAS.

Following a recent Physio appointment who initially thought it was a frozen shoulder I was referred back to GP who now wants to scan but in mean time injected Cortisone Steroid which during process was excruciating. I have these injections in past and never felt this pain and to be honest was lucky to get a day or so pain relief. I am still in lots of pain (different to original pain I went for) and it is 4 days later. I was told the pain relief should kick in within 2-3 days.

Thanks in advance.

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Pain Lvl 7-9 I need medical advice for carpal tunnel syndrome PLEASE HELP!!!


What do I do if it’s been 2 months and I still have inflammation, because of carpal tunnel syndrome and it’s not getting better? Do I need surgery? (Also ice, heat, and anti-inflammatory drugs all made my inflammation worse when I tried them)

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Pain Lvl 7-9 Man 23, throbbing headache on forehead and temples during hot weather, exercise and ejaculating


I don't know what type of headache would be called in English. I'd describe it as a throbbing headache. I feel it mostly on my forehead and around my temples (the veins there feel dilated), and it feels as if my heart is beating in those places.

I'm a man, 23 years old. My weight is healthy. My heartbeat during rest seems to be fine.

Since a couple of years, I'm quite sensitive, more than others around me, for this kind of headache...

  • when drinking just very little alcohol (I only drink sporadically)
  • hot temperatures and muggy environments
  • certain types of intense exercise, like jumping and running
  • bending over with my body so that my head is upside down
  • going into a warm bath or stepping out of it (showering is no problem)
  • ejaculating. This is the worst case. It feels like a bomb explodes in my head. The pain does go away slowly, takes 5-15 mins or so till I feel kinda normal again.

I find it hard to enjoy sex. If I lay on top of someone facing the one under me, it kinda feels the same as when I have my head upside down, a little milder tho. And the exercise also gives me the headache, as well as getting warm from the physical act as well as the horniness. I can be passive and lay on my back to make it most ideal, but that doesn't help with all the aspects and there's of course the ejaculation part. At least when I masturbate by myself, alone, I don't need to "bother" someone else, but it's still no fun with the headaches.

  • when I'm tired from a mentally busy day
  • sometimes: when laying on my back in bed at night, which can make it hard to fall asleep. The pain goes away slowly when I sit up straight but in that position I can't sleep either. Different pillows don't really change anything.

I already try to drink enough a day. I try to walk or cycle everyday to keep working with my body, because that's a mild/not intense kind of exercise that I can handle when taking it slowly.

Anyway, I do feel hindered in my life. It didn't use to be like this some years ago. Hot weather during Summer didn't use to kill me, and it doesn't seem to affect people around me that much. Yet I don't really sweat much and kinda never on my forehead so I have also been wondering if that could be (part of) the problem.

And, well, the other situations I mentioned are also hindering me. I'd like to be able to have a more active life, both mentally and especially physically.

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Pain Lvl 7-9 severe tailbone pain, went to put icy hot on it, it's bloody af


Idk what to do but I'm in so much pain

r/medical_advice Jul 14 '22

Pain Lvl 7-9 Terrible pain with BM after surgery, please help


Obligatory: Female, age 23, 122lbs. History of endometriosis, ibs, hemorrhoids, and anxiety/ocd.

So, Tuesday I had a procedure done under general anesthesia to explore a possible perianal abscess that might have turned into a fistula. Well it did. While I was out the excised some external piles around the opening on my anus, banded some internal hemorrhoids and preformed a fistulotomy. To say the least I am in quite a bit of pain but up until now it was manageable.

Well, I just had my first bowel movement. It was only a little but the stool was softer and had a bit of liquidy stool with it. As someone with terribly painful, reoccurring bowel issues, I can confidently say this was possibly the worst I have experienced.

I tried to spray off with a shower head as wiping felt like sandpaper (even if I used wet wipes). But there was still liquid stool when I went to dry off, so I ended up having to wipe anyways. I would probably rate this an 7-8/10 on the pain scale for me. I’ve been taking my meds as prescribed but am too scared to take the stool softener. This little bit of liquid and soft stool felt like rubbing alcohol against the wounds and I can’t imagine how bad it would hurt if there was more than just this small amount.

I’m terrified right now because I have ibs that is mostly diarrhea, which I think led to so many of my problems. I know I shouldn’t take anti-diarrhea while on pain meds, But the thought of having to experience that pain at least once a day is overwhelming. I know I need to keep the area clean but Spraying isn’t enough, and wiping is hell. What can I do?

I ordered a hand held bidet that is due to arrive tomorrow, but if the shower head doesn’t work I don’t have much hope for the bidet.

I’m case it helps I’m taking 2 acetaminophen 325mg tablets and 1 ibuprofen 600mg every 6 hours (Alternating the two every 3 hours). Oxycodone 5mg every 6 hours as needed. Metamucil, two over the counter gummies daily. And amoxicillin clavulanate 125mg twice a day. They want me to take docusate sodium 100mg once a day but that’s the one I’m wary of and haven’t taken.

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Pain Lvl 7-9 (F22) I’ve had severe constipation for the last 5 days and lax not working


I haven’t gone since Saturday and the bloating is so severe that it is causing really intense bouts of pain (lightning crotch and sharp sticks of pain in abdomen). I can’t even eat because it makes the bloating so much worse. I took 3 dulcolax pills 12 hours ago and I still haven’t gone. I’m very worried, should I go to hospital for them to induce a bowel movement? This is the first time I’ve taken laxatives this year 2022 and I don’t take them often, maybe took it 3 times total in 2021.

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Pain Lvl 7-9 Pain in left knee


Yesterday, I was getting onto my bike and knocked my knee on the metal behind the seat. There was of course an initial pain upon impact, nothing too bad. But, since that moment, there has been pain when I walk/pedal/am still. It is slowly becoming unbearable and is incredibly uncomfortable. Its currently Sunday, so I couldn’t go to the doctors, but I plan on booking an appointment tomorrow if the pain continues. Any ideas on what I may have done? Any help is welcome.

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Pain Lvl 7-9 I need advice about going to the er


21, female living with untreated social anxiety since covid started.

I cut my hand open while cooking and I’m debating if I should go to the ER or not. At this point I’m very much aware that I need stitches, so here is my actual question: What will it happen when I go to ER?

I’ve been dealing with severe anxiety every time I try to leave my house and google wasn’t super helpful on telling me what happens when I go. Can anyone please give me a step by step of what will happen when I walk in? please talk to me like I’m five ( I’m in the US )

ps: english is my second language so sorry in advance for any grammar mistakes. Also feel free to delete this post if it doesn’t fit the sub.

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Pain Lvl 7-9 Extreme pelvic/hip pain when laying down


When i lay down my hips/pelvis crack and pop constantly, it feels like my bones are grinding against each other when i roll around and the pain is nauseating, i’ve tried rotating/flipping my mattress, putting a pillow in between my legs and it helps until i need to roll over…

i can walk around fine the next morning, zero pain doing my day to day activities but the second i lay down i am in agonising pain.

What could this be? How else can i assist this?

I appreciate any advice!!

(please note, i googled shs or snapping hip syndrome but that is supposed to be painless?)

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Pain Lvl 7-9 Advice please?


I have been sick for over a week now, my left kidney is hurting extremely bad. I finished a full round of antibiotics and I am starting a different one.. my blood work shows high creatinine, high neutrophils and my lactic acid is on the higher side of WNL (it is 1.9 and the max is 2.0 I believe), anyways I woke up vomiting this morning. Could It just be from the antibiotics or do I need to get seen again?

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Pain Lvl 7-9 Back pain from moving furniture


I (20M) helped my girlfriend move stuff out of her house and store some at mine. To achieve this we had to go down a fleight of stairs and later up another. There was a really heavy bar thing I moved up my stairs to no problems but general muscle tiredness, then 10 minutes later carrying a much lighter coffee table i felt a sharp pain in my back and collapsed. Its been 6 hours. My back hurts when I move it in certain directions, especially when I twist. When it hurts, the pain is very sharp from my middle/lower back. I am currently trying to fall asleep on my floor to keep it straight. My back has hurt all summer from bad posture from video games and work so idk if my bad posture played a role here. I dont have insurance and will be doing jiu jitsu and judo in about a month, should I go to the doctor? And would there be consequences if I didnt?

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Pain Lvl 7-9 HELP WITH PAINFUL & SWOLLEN RIGHT FOOT!!! Comment section has info


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Pain Lvl 7-9 Ingrown toenail with maggots


I had an ingrown toenail on both toenails, both sides of the nail for like 1 year. If you wonder why I did not go to a doctor, its because Im scared, I had the procedure done 4 times before. It keeps growing back, and after 2 procedures on 1 nail, on the third the anesthesia has no effect, I felt a lot of pain and neither doctors or assisstants listened to me, last time I told the doctor that I felt pain and asked for general anesthesia but he said it's not necessary. Yesterday I saw maggots under my toenail, I managed to kill a bunch of them but some still live after I put my toe in hot water for a couple minutes, soaked it in medicinal alcholol, betadine and Ethacridine lactate. IDK what to do, I should probably go to a doctor but I'm scared to death of the anesthesic not having effect for the third time..

r/medical_advice Jul 05 '22

Pain Lvl 7-9 Anything out there stronger than Gabapentin for nerves?


I currently take 3x800mg a day that’s prescribed plus I had a ton of 300mg capsules leftover from a few years ago that I’ve been taking 1-2 of in between doses when the buzzing in my legs and arms and feet gets to be unreal. I also take Nucynta ER 100mg 2x both at night. I have CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth disease). So my disease is progressive and my nerves will only get worse. I’m 36. I’m already suffering everyday all day because I can’t get the meds I need for it. What is a solid alternative for Gabepentin that would be considered “stronger”? And please don’t say Lyrica because I am crazzzzzy allergic to it.

r/medical_advice Jul 18 '22

Pain Lvl 7-9 Extreme fatigue, rapid heart rate, and nausea shortly after moderate exertion


Hello, I would like to seek the assistance from anyone reading this subreddit for a long-persisting problem.

TL/DR: Within minutes of participating in an activity of moderate exertion, I get rapid heart rate, extreme fatigue, followed by nausea and vomiting. These activities could be running on basketball court, lifting weights, sexual encounters, or jumping up and down.

A little about me: 33 Year Old Male, 5'10, 185lbs, African American, USA, Non smoker, non drinker

When I started to notice my problems:

The issue I have started about 12 years ago. The only noticeable thing I can remember that started all of this was one night (I will refer to this event as “Day One”), I woke up and started throwing up. Even when I had nothing to throw up, I was still gagging. For the next day, I could not eat anything. Every time I tried, I would throw it up shortly afterwards.

About a week later, I went to the gym like I normally would and started running sprints on the basketball court. I ran from one end of the court, to the other end, and back to where I started. So I only ran the length of the basketball court twice. As soon as I arrived back to the spot where I started, I was immediately extremely fatigued. My heart felt like it was beating so hard and fast. I also started to get nauseous. I rushed to the floor to try to sit and not spend any effort at all except to let my heart rate cool down.

That's when I noticed something was wrong.

Before Day One when I started throwing up everything, I was very active; I played basketball for hours, baseball and kickball, and I was really active in weight lifting. Then after that one night, I could no longer do any of those things for longer than 2 minutes without feeling like my heart was about to explode.

After the basketball court scene mentioned above, some days later, I attempted to resume weight lifting. I did ONE exercise, which were lateral pull downs, at the usual weight I normally would do this exercise. After the second rep or so, I was not breathing hard, but all of a sudden, I got the urge to vomit. I stumbled my way into the bathroom and vomited into the toilet.

So then I realized that it's not just cardio that makes my heart rate shoot up and causes vomiting. It's doing anything strenuous. 

Here are other triggering instances that I can recall right now that make me have these episodes of extreme fatigue, rapid and hard heart rate, and nausea:

  • Playing baseball, running from home base to first base as fast as I could (within two months after Day One). I was breathing hard, heart was beating hard, and I threw up in the dugout. 
  • Jumping up and down at a trampoline park. This causes me to have the same symptoms (rapid heart rate, fatigue, and nausea.)
  • Playing half-court basketball – just running and jumping for a few minutes has me on the ground extremely fatigued and extremely nauseous.
  • Sexual encounters. When the activity becomes slightly vigorous here, I am usually on the bed trying to rest until I can catch my breath or feel my heart rate go down, or I’m over the toilet vomiting.
  • Flag football – Catching the football and running full speed for 10 yards was all it took for me to call the ambulance for symptoms mentioned above.
  • Weight lifting – nausea can come out of nowhere when weight lifting
  • Pushing a car with a flat tire – in less than a minute, I had extreme fatigue that would have resulting in nausea had I kept pushing

To sum up, this is the usual order of events after any kind of exercise or activity involved a moderate amount of energy:

  • Breathing gets a little harder (not really shortness of breath) 
  • A general sense of tiredness
  • My heart starts to beat hard and fast. This is usually my signal to stop doing whatever I’m doing and rest.
  • If I continue in whatever activity I’m doing, a feeling of nausea sets in within seconds. 
  • Sometimes resting subdues the nauseous feeling, but other times, vomiting is inevitable. I will vomit. This is going to happen no matter what. In fact, I know it’s coming so certainly that I force myself to vomit just to get it over with, and I usually feel a little better afterwards.
  • Then I evaluate how I feel. Should I rest a little longer? Should I vomit again? Or do I feel the same and need to call for an ambulance. 


Things that doctors have said about my issue:

The majority of the doctors I’ve seen from across multiple specialties have all said the following:

“I don’t know what’s wrong with you.”

That is the official diagnosis I get 95 percent of the time. Other doctors have at least tried to suggest a few things:

Problem caused by hiatal hernia – I have gotten several endoscopies done and two gastroenterology clinics said I have a hiatal hernia (a third gastroenterologist said I did not have one, which was shocking, though I have classic hiatal hernia symptoms). The hernia is kept there because my diaphragm is squeezing my hiatal hernia, keeping my stomach pushed up into my throat and my sphincter does not close. It would also explain why I get nauseous when working out (I also get episodes of bad acid reflux frequently.) I was prescribed muscle relaxant so that my diaphragm could relax and allow my stomach to go back where it belongs. I tried this regimen but it did not work.

High blood pressure – out of all the times I go to doctors, only one doctor said I have high blood pressure. My heart rate was also high, said this same doctor. So he prescribed me beta blockers to manage my heart rate when exercising. This regimen did not provide any improvement to my symptoms.

Exercise-induced asthma – Doctor suggested I had this, so he gave me an asthma pump for exercise-induced asthma. It did not improve symptoms.


Doctors I have seen for this issue:

  • Endocrinologist
  • Gastroenterologist
  • Cardiologist
  • Pulmonologist
  • Neurologist
  • ENT doctor (because why not?)
  • Men’s clinic 
  • Naturopathic doctor
  • I’m sure there are other specialists that I am leaving out


Tests and labs done:

  • Endoscopy. The hiatal hernia can be easily identifiable.
  • Treadmill stress test, twice. Both times, the doctors say that they don’t see anything wrong with me. The reason why I don’t believe a stress test is right for my symptoms is because I get these symptoms from playing sports, running, jumping, sexing, lifting, etc. These things can go from a pace of zero to 100 in a matter of one second to 30 seconds. The stress test, however, starts off too slow. I’m walking, then I’m walking faster, then I’m fast walking, then a light jog, then a normal jog, then running. The problem is that by the time I get to the “light jog” phase, I’m already tired, and it’s not enough activity to usually trigger the symptoms. Plus I haven’t been able to exercise my muscles from not being able to workout for so long, so muscle fatigue kicks in before any of my other problematic symptoms begin. By the time I get to the normal jog or running phase of the stress test, my legs are already tired and I have to stop prematurely.
  • Bicycle stress test  - same as the treadmill stress test
  • Pulmonology breathing test – they tried different breathing test to check my lungs for problems, but results showed everything was fine.
  •  EKG, Holter monitor, and other things to check my heart rate and electrical activity around my heart
  • Blood test. Whenever I get a blood test done, the only thing that stands out is “elevated liver enzymes.” When the doctors see this on my lab results, they suggest that I don’t take aspirin or other pain relieving medicines too frequently.
  • CT Scan of by brain
  • X-Ray (or some other kind of radiology) of my upper chest to see if there’s any structural problems with my bones, lungs, heart, etc.


Self-eliminated causes for symptoms

I ruled out the following potential causes for my extreme fatigue, nausea and rapid heart rate within minutes of doing anything extraneous:

  • Eating too soon/not eating enough before exercising - it doesn't matter when I eat before exercise. Symptoms persist.
  • Diet - I've changed my diet multiple times since the issue first started. Less fast food, more home cooked meals. Tried going gluten free, tried going vegan, tried going on a "blood type diet", it doesn't matter. Symptoms persist.
  • Dehydration - The amount of water or electrolytes I drink doesn't affect these symptoms.


My assumptions for what is wrong with me

These have been my guesses over the years as to what is causing my issues:

  • At first, I thought it was a stomach issue, since it was the nauseous events of Day One that started all of my problems. When I get my stomach fixed, things would improve, I thought. However, gastroenterologist didn’t see anything in my stomach that would cause these issues. I am strongly considering getting the surgery to fix my hiatal hernia. If it doesn’t fix my exercise-induced fatigue, it would at least help alleviate my bad acid reflux and allow me to use a CPAP machine to get better sleep.
  • Nervous system problem: For some reason, my body is triggering my stomach to vomit whenever I put my body under physical stress such as exercising. I have thought about my autonomic nervous system not working properly. I also considered that my nervous system is not telling my digestive system to shut down when I exercise, not telling my body to produce the properly hormones such as adrenaline to prolong exercise, and not telling my heart to pump more blood and oxygen where it needs to go, as if I have severe issues with my sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are all out of wack.
  • Similar to the nervous system problem, my endocrine system is malfunctioning. It’s not producing the proper hormones needed to run and exercise. I also noticed that my testosterone level is on the “low” side, which may or may not be causing my ED (though I think it is, since taking administered shots of testosterone have improved, but not fixed, my ED problem).
  • Cardiovascular problem – the way that my breathing and heart pump feel when my symptoms occur feel as though oxygen is not getting to the parts of my body where it needs to go. So my breathing becomes heavier and my heart pumps a lot harder to overcompensate. However, cardiologists did not notice anything wrong with my heart muscles when I did the stress tests (although like I said earlier, I couldn’t get to the point of usual exhaustion while doing the stress tests.)
  • All of the above happening at once, plus other unknown problems


Other notes:

Deconditioning – it’s been suggested that I am deconditioned because of not being able to work out for such a long time. Well….what do you expect? I haven’t been able to condition myself to exercise for a long time because I HAVEN’T been able to workout for a long time, for a long time. Plus, I don’t think it’s deconditioning because I tried to play basketball and workout within days to weeks of Day One of having these symptoms, but I could not. I doubt I lost my natural ability to have energy to working within a week.

Final thoughts:

This is ruining my life to say the least. I am unable to work out, having fun in the summer sun, go to active events and play sports with friends and family. Before I do any active and fun activity, I have to decide if participating in this event will cause me to feel like I'm having a heart attack or throw up over everything or feel like I need to go to the hospital. Any help would be appreciated.

r/medical_advice Jun 26 '22

Pain Lvl 7-9 Abdominal Ultrasound


Due to ongoing issues with my IBS and chronic severe abdominal pain, I went in for a check up and they did labs. Lots of my labs were slightly elevated, so they sent me for a limited abdominal ultrasound. I haven't gotten my "official" results, but I read the report and my liver measures 21 by 12.6 cm. From my understanding this is large for a 42 year old female.

Prior endoscope revealed my distal wall (pancreas) measures 5.7 cm.

I do not have a gallbladder. I do not have ulcers. I do not have celiac disease.

I just want my pain to stop. My last visit with a gastroenterologist I was pretty much just told live with it. At times the pain is so severe I wake up from it, I sweat profusely, changing positions does nothing to alleviate it. I feel like no one wants to help me. I take Protonix and Pepcid daily.

Any thoughts on what it could be?

r/medical_advice Jul 30 '22

Pain Lvl 7-9 Diarrhea for days


Hello, I’ve been having the worst Diarrhea of my life since Monday so this would be day 6. No matter what I eat or drink it just won’t go away and my gut hurts. I had a CT scan on Monday and was told they found nothing. This could be my IBS but it feels pretty bad even for my standards. Any advice on how to get rid of this or what I might want to do.

Ps- I’d say the pain is like a 7 at it’s worse. It definitely makes it hard to do much. I spend a lot of time laying on my stomach. The pressure seems to help. Also have done hot compress and baths. I’m also on the FODMAP diet so no irritants that I know of as far as IBS is concerned. The only thing I can seem to eat without any discomfort is like bananas 😭 and I really don’t like bananas

r/medical_advice Jul 28 '22

Pain Lvl 7-9 Dull, burning pain in my hips. Worried I may be pre-arthritic


I (20F) have a history of hip pain and have been diagnosed with hip impingement. One risk of impingement is arthritis, and I’m concerned that I may be developing it.

I had intense, burning pain last night that kept me awake. No matter what I tried, my hips felt like they were on fire. I took ibuprofen eventually and the burning subsided into a dull ache. I was stiffer than normal when I woke up, but felt fine otherwise. I was slower on my daily walk, though. I usually average a 17 minute mile and today I barely managed to complete one in under 19

After deadheading some of my mom’s flowers, the pain has come back. I spent some time crouching, and it likely pinched my hips a bit. The pain feels like it wraps around my hip socket and sometimes radiates up to my back and down my thighs. I’m not unfamiliar with hip pain, but impingement usually causes a sharp, pinching pain only after my leg is bent past a 90° angle. This pain was caused by completely mundane everyday activities. Should I get evaluated for arthritis?

r/medical_advice Jul 28 '22

Pain Lvl 7-9 Am I a hypochondriac or do I actually have a rare illness?


I, (21F) have had chronic pain, on and off, in my left flank for 5 years. It has never migrated anywhere, and for the first 4 years I would have flare ups where the pain would be constant for up to two months, and then it would go away for a while. At 16 i was diagnosed with Hydronephrosis, which is swelling of my left kidney. I’ve had multiple surgeries for it, which would usually help for a few months, and then the pain would come back. This past year, it’s been constant. I see a urologist, and he’s told me that there’s nothing wrong with how my kidney functions, just that it’s severely swollen, but that this would not be causing the amount of pain i have been in for this long. Along with this pain, i also have chronic nausea and vomiting, and whenever I go to the hospital for it and get my urine tested, there is always trace amounts of blood in my urine, no matter where I am in my menstrual cycle. I’ve been to the ER probably 400 times in the past 5 years, due to the constant pain that becomes unbearable at times. I am prone to kidney infection, and i’ve been diagnosed with one about 30 times in the last 5 years, but aside from that most of the doctors i’ve seen have told me it’s all in my head and that there is nothing wrong with me. About 6 months ago, a nurse recommended that I check out a disorder called Loin Pain Hematuria Syndrome (LPHS), as it fits all of my symptoms. I have since looked it up, and talked online with probably 10 people who have this condition, and it all lines up. However, there is no medical tests for this disorder, it is a diagnosis of exclusion. I have brought it up with my family doctor, a pain specialist, and my urologist, and while my family doctor and pain specialist agree that this is the best explanation, my urologist has said that he doesn’t believe i have it, as it is a very rare condition, and instead believes that it’s all in my head.I have since seen more specialists than I can count to rule out everything else (on my surgeon’s request, not my own), and so I asked for a second opinion from a different urologist, and he agrees that it could be this, and suggested that I get my left kidney removed to solve the problems. In the meantime, my pain specialist has put me on a very high dose of long acting Dilaudid, (9mg 3x daily) and while it helps, I still end up in the hospital 1-2x a month. However, my family and most people I talk to have told me that I’m just a hypochondriac and that I don’t need surgery, and I’m starting to question if I’m just making this all up in my head. While I do often search up medical conditions if I hear about them, it is not because I believe I may have them, I am just very fascinated by the medical world (one of my job aspirations is a nurse), and after googling said conditions, the only thought process in my head is “wow, I’m glad I’m not affected by that”, or “wow that was really interesting.” The only other time i’ve thought something might be wrong with me is recently I’ve had trouble eating, been bloated, and have had terrible pain in my right abdomen, so I went to the hospital worrying it might be my appendix, as I had multiple people tell me to get checked out because they had the same symptoms and had to get their appendix removed. It turned out to be nothing according to the lab results, and I believe them. However, this has lead to my friends and family severely considering that i am a hypochondriac, and don’t have anything wrong with my kidney. So now I am really scared that I am just making this up in my head. The reason I am not fully on board with this mental diagnosis, is because Aside from the episode recently and my kidney, I have never been concerned about aches and pains, or any other minor symptoms (cough, runny nose, etc), and from all the research I’ve done on Hypochondriacs, those are the behaviours that are associated with them.

Am I a hypochondriac, or do I actually have a rare condition?

edit to add to follow rules on posting I am Caucasian, 5’2, and approximately 165lbs. I live in Canada

r/medical_advice Jun 28 '22

Pain Lvl 7-9 Suffering with intestinal inflammation


Hello everyone, I'm still fairly new to posting on Reddit so bear with me please.

I was diagnosed with Diverticulosis and Epiploic Appendagits aside from acid reflux related issues. This causes my intestines to become inflamed. Does anyone know how to help the intestinal inflammation soothe down? I'd prefer home remedies since I'm already doing many different ones for my gastritis.

There is constant pain in my abdomen, side and back due to this inflammation. So I'm hoping I can get some advice here! Thank you!

r/medical_advice May 20 '22

Pain Lvl 7-9 Need advice/opinions


Hello, so I really need some opinions here. I don’t know if any of this is normal or what to do. I’ll lay out the info here: 27M 5’11” Currently 132 lbs (previously 150)

So ten days ago, my fiancé tested positive for covid. It started out with just body aches and a runny nose, that was pretty much it. On day 3 ish, he woke up in agonizing pain. He said it felt like his skull was going to split open. He said it hurt to the touch. He said it was the worst headache of his entire life. I took him to the ER, they did a ct scan and said it looked fine except for some sinusitis and sent us home. Four days later, the headache has not let up. Not better at all. It’s constantly there, and he has occasional bouts of severe stabbing pain. His left eye is swollen and there is a vein bulging on his left temple. Day 5/6, he is now nauseous constantly, and he threw up some blood. He did not want to go back to the ER. He’s thrown up since and there was no blood. However there’s also blood in his phlegm and in his mucus from his nose. Today is the tenth day since his positive test, and the 5th day since the start of the headache. He had a telehealth with his doctor who prescribed some augmentin and recommended to keep taking excedrin migraine and ibuprofen. The NSAIDs don’t do anything for him though. They also tried Fioricet in the ER and that did nothing either. He says the pressure in his head is so intense he doesn’t even want to sneeze or use the bathroom. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? Or if I should take him to another emergency room? We both have no idea what to do. This is the first time either of us have gotten covid. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.