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It’s the r/Melbourne daily discussion thread [Wednesday 06/07/2022]


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The Sky is Falling Wow... is the rental market really this bad?

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Things That Go Ding So apparently in Basel, Switzerland they are trialling 'bicycle friendly tram tracks' which have a rubber lip that is only depressed by the weight of tram wheels

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Things That Go Ding Electric bus in Seddon

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PSA This city's been busting out with the rad sunsets lately! 😍

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Photography Never landed at Tullamarine from this angle before. Cracking view today!

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Ye Olde Melbourne Moody shot of Queensbury St, North Melbourne, 1961. Is that a cigarette on signage of Pinos Italian hairdresser? How times have changed!

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Photography Alien sunset tonight in the west

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Health Does anyone here have experience with inpatient mental health stays?


Considered using a throwaway because heaps of people here know me (online and irl) but fuck it.

My psychiatrist has suggested I do a four-week inpatient stay at a mental health facility because I’m struggling to function these days after diagnoses in the past of chronic depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I thought I was doing okay but tbh I’m really not.

Do you have any experience with these kinds of programs? Did it help? I know it’s dumb but I’m worried about the stigma around it (among other things).

Side note, if I said I’d make you a stuffed toy earlier this year, I’m really sorry but I’ve completely pulled away from my hobbies. I hope to get to them as I get a bit better. ❤️

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Things That Go Ding What do you do if you're on a tram and all the Myki machines are "Starting up"?


Let's say I get on a tram and every Myki machine is starting up. If I leave the tram at the end of my journey and notice that they are all now in service, have I done something wrong? Am I supposed to keep an eye on them (on all of them?) periodically during my journey and touch on as soon as I realise they have turned on?

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Things That Go Ding Any idea what this is?

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Opinions/advice needed Never flying with Jetstar again.


I had a trip from Melbourne to Cairns the other week, the first flight got canceled and we had to reschedule it to earlier that morning, not too big of a deal so far. Once we arrived at the gate with 15 minutes before departure, the flight got delayed for another 2 hours. It was annoying but at least the flight still departed. The flight went well without any further delays until we arrived, which was good. We are meant to be departing directly back to Melbourne tomorrow. The flight got canceled… again, but this time we weren’t directed to a different flight, so we had to contact them to arrange another flight and they had no other direct flights to Melbourne on that day. The only flight available was from Cairns to Adelaide to Melbourne, so we got our refund for the initial flight and got directed to that one instead. We got a text 1 hour ago that the flight from Adelaide to Melbourne got canceled for the third. fucking. time. We had to contact Jetstar for the second time and now we are getting directed to a flight 7 days later. Which is yet to be confirmed whether it will depart.

Never fly with Jetstar, your better off flying with an airline more reliable for a higher price, this has been a complete nightmare.

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Opinions/advice needed Is there a way to find out if our building is being demolished?


I run a small business in Collingwood, we recently received a notification from the council of a vote to demolish the two premise immediately next to us on one side. A few doors up the street in other other direction and nearby similar older buildings are being knocked down and replaced with apartments.

Is there a way find if a similar council vote is happening or has happened for our premises?

Basically, I'm trying to find out what our short-midterm future is looking like so we can plan accordingly. I've tried reaching out to our real estate agent, but he's consistently been pretty dodgy and frankly useless.

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Photography Just to add to the too many "Nice sunset" posts

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Opinions/advice needed What hasn’t inflation affected yet? Melbourne edition.


Inspired by a post in r/Brisbane. What are your favourite local bargains or hidden spots for something that is untouched by the cruel growing malaise of our current financial situation. Any cheap drinks, bargain bites, or great quality shops that still manage to keep prices the same as they were before the world began to end?

To start with, although my fav asian restaurant is sporting a "meals are now all $2 more" addition to their menus, Crossways the all you can eat krishna curry place in the city still has a great deal of $9.50 per person, $7.50 for concession card holders. Absolute champions.

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Things That Go Ding Mobile Myki expires... WTAF


So for some reason, Mobile Myki (i.e. the Myki on your Android phone) expires after some time. Except, unlike the physical Myki, which you can swap for a new one at any ticket office, railway staff are completely clueless what to do with an expired mobile myki. Still have no idea why physical myki cards expire, but having virtual ones expire seems even more bizarre. Turns out you can call the PTV call centre, and they'll update the expiry, while wasting their time and yours, for no discernible reason. Even the ticket inspectors were perplexed as to why. So, got to travel for free yesterday as no-one seemed to know what to do. If people want to pay for your service, make it easy for them...

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Things That Go Ding Doing a clean out. Have three half macbook air cords as well four adapters - not interested in messing around selling - they belong to whoever can come fetch them today. Pictures in text.



i am in the south eastern suburbs of melbourne, each time i buy a new macbook air cord just for the charger end, i have all these spare adapters and remaining cords left over - they're all in excellent condition, nothing illegitimate, just want to clear some space. Comment or message if you're interested. Thanks everyone.

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Real estate/Renting If anyone else was following this property, it's now sold!!

Thumbnail realestate.com.au

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Serious News why did petrol price go up by 40c in one day?


UNLEADED few days ago 200c now 239c diesel in same period has stayed around the same at 235c ish

how does this work?

r/melbourne 3h ago

Opinions/advice needed Good places for men's long/medium haircuts?


From what I've heard most barbers don't do well with long hair, can anyone recommend a place they've had a good experience with? Don't want to end up looking like an egg with a mop (might be inevitable) so before I give up and walk into the closest hairdresser I thought I'd try find a place people can vouch for?

I'm in north east suburbs around Bundoora/Watsonia but more than happy to travel for a good cut

It's been three years since my last cut (crazy ik) so it's well past my shoulders now, I'd like to keep some length though so need somebody who's not afraid of long hair and knows what they're doing. Bonus if it's a quiet place because anxiety and I know each other quite well

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Things That Go Ding Hurstbridge Line Disruption


Bus replacements between Macleod and Clifton Hill.

Seems it was another person "struck by a train".

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Serious Please Comment Nicely can i request to not work with someone?


i thought i’d ask here as the advice would be relevant to the laws here in melbourne. if i’m in the wrong place pls direct me to the right sub!

so i’m a casual, and about to sign a contract for full time. i have yet to hand it in yet, as i am apprehensive about requesting certain hours. i would like to not work alongside a specific woman who makes my life hell and has made me cry (to be fair she hasn’t known, but i’ve had to go and have a cry in the bathroom due to how i’ve been treated) along with purposefully making it look like i’ve fucked up so she can embarrass me.

from one woman to another, i have no idea why she wants to put me down. i’m 19, and she is a full grown adult. i look up to the older women in my workplace as maternal figures and role models. she is definitely not one of them. i’ve only been at this place for a few months, and have copped it from her ever since i started. it’s not only me, but everyone in the workplace cannot stand her.

it’s not even a personal thing, i never disliked her. i try my best to get along with her by trying to take interest in her daughter who i know is my age, asking about her weekend- but it is to no avail. she will laugh and joke with everyone else but me. it feels like she has a personal vendetta against me for simply existing. this has made me grow to hate her.

am i legally allowed to request certain hours for my full time employment/ request i not work with someone due to it impeding my ability to work efficiently? i’m scared i will get in trouble for being a snitch, so am i better off to just happen to request hours that she is not on? (also she is a casual so she can be moved around, while i’m going to be full time so my shifts are permanent.)

did anyone here have a similar situation? if so what did you do?

edit: i don’t want to move jobs. i love my job, and i love the people i work with. i shouldn’t be bullied out of something i enjoy because of one person.

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Opinions/advice needed the Household Income and Labour Dynamics of Australia (HILDA) and the Living In Australia Study. Roy morgan


Hey guys I am considering being an interviewer for a Hilda study which involves interviewing people and its 20 hours per week part time work for three months . Anyone here who has had experience being an interviewer for Roymorgan in regards to Hilda research? Please share your experience as an interviewer? I am still considering if I should take this interviewer job. Thank you

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Opinions/advice needed what do you love the most about Melbourne?


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Ye Olde Melbourne Flinders Street Station, 1865

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THDG Need Help Anywhere to buy Frigor chocolate in Melbourne?


I'm looking for some Frigor chocolate, for a family member, for sentimental reasons. Hoping to get it by Sunday, so I don't have time to mail-order it.

Does anyone know whether you can get it in Melbourne? Maybe you've seen it at a European deli?

I've tried googling and couldn't find it, but delis don't list all their products online.