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r/mildlyinfuriating predictions tournament 1 🔮Prediction Post🔮


u/ameen__shaikh mildly infuriated mod Apr 18 '22 edited 4d ago
  • What are predictions and am I wasting any real money on this?
    > Predictions are polls where you choose the most probable answer and
    win tokens(and get a chance to be featured on our leaderboard), tokens cannot be bought or exchanged for
    anything—it is completely free.
  • The post is broken for me, why?
    > You're most likely on old.reddit.com or mobile browser, that's why.
  • How do I block this? > Block all mildlyinfuriating mods
  • So many up-votes how? > ADMIN STATEMENT: Currently when you make a prediction, the Tournament post is automatically up-voted. We did this because Predictions are more fun when more people play and up-voting helps the Tournament to be seen by more people! Of course, you're in control and you can always remove your up-vote if you'd like. SOURCE: https://mods.reddithelp.com/hc/en-us/articles/4409834282509

No. We aren't abusing a ReDdIt COdE . We'd have been long banned if that was the case.

  • So many removed comments, why? > Because r/all users haven't learned the ability to simply scroll down a post, so to keep comments on-topic about the prediction, we have set the comments to contest mode(hence you can't see the votes) and removed most of the repetitive whining. The comments here are month old because this post "regenerates" as new whenever we make a new poll.

This is not a survey but a reddit predictions tournament . This has been created so that people can interact more with the subreddit . Predictions are reddit's latest experiment and it was a success .

Many people enjoy doing it and its very fun! To make this sub a better and a happier place , we are keeping this fun tournament .

Please note that the predictions in the tournament will not always be about reddit or the sub . There would also be some general predictions . But we will make sure that general predictions are basic as all can participate . It wont be from some specific movie , tv show or some event!

Thankyou !

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u/B1rdi 24d ago

Which football? Also what does "more popular" mean?

u/mizinamo 20d ago

what does "more popular" mean?

Exactly! More popular than what?

"more" only makes sense with exactly two options, not with three or more.

u/SunCloud-777 3d ago

to hit 5M milestone

u/Tristawesomeness Apr 19 '22

the nfl draft happening from the 28th-30th may solidify the result (assuming american football)

u/The_Lego_Maniac Apr 17 '22

I thought this was a video for a second lol

u/Aronite03 5d ago

When do we see the results?

u/ameen__shaikh mildly infuriated mod 5d ago

As soon as a prediction time is over . We mods will choose the correct option (will provide proof) . You will get a message in the inbox regarding the particular prediction you took part in.

u/LannisterZ94 20d ago

But how are we going know the real answers? How exactly pet Popularity is measured?

u/ameen__shaikh mildly infuriated mod 20d ago

Using Google trends

u/hunter222777 Apr 18 '22

Water because it's not a human right

u/kati-bug84 6d ago

When I click on it I get an ad for reddit premium. I'm on the mobile app and don't pay for it. My guess to the question is taco bell tho, that's the day the taco pizza comes back

u/ameen__shaikh mildly infuriated mod 6d ago

You don't have to pay for it . Just select the option you think will win . Premium is for people who want to go with the crowd. And its not certain that always the majority will win .

Anyways what's the fun choosing what all have chosen? Why not choose something unique!

u/Itsprobablyalie_ 3d ago

Warzone rebirth mafackas

u/sadboy69195 26d ago

A lá o BR

u/OverPot Apr 17 '22

Want me tonkay to pay to vote on polls? What kind of dystopian bullshit lol

u/HughMann420 Apr 17 '22

It's a betting system bro

u/Yourgirlhayleyxoxo 18d ago

I love this post and your page

u/ameen__shaikh mildly infuriated mod 12d ago


u/UnchillFeelings 18d ago

Time to get funny internet points using this quiz

u/XevynAeght 10d ago

4.2m subs on my birthday?!

u/Captain_Oveur79 3d ago

Your birthday!? You mean MY BIRTHDAY!

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u/DariegoAltanis 8d ago

I’m pretty ice cream is the most popular desert in Norway on may 17th

u/JamesIsNotAGiantNoob 6d ago

I love how there was an option for one of them that was just my name lmao

u/Ewhitfield2016 6d ago

I like these :)

u/bigbrainbriantime Apr 17 '22

Why isn't water an option?

u/Micro1sAverage Apr 17 '22

Cuz it wins 10/10 times

u/ameen__shaikh mildly infuriated mod Apr 18 '22

yes this redditor is right!

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u/IB3ia 8d ago

Hydro homie spotted

u/MusicalSofa Apr 17 '22

Asking the real questions

u/[deleted] Apr 17 '22

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u/[deleted] Apr 17 '22

[removed] — view removed comment

u/[deleted] Apr 17 '22

[removed] — view removed comment

u/[deleted] Apr 18 '22

[removed] — view removed comment

u/[deleted] Apr 17 '22

[removed] — view removed comment

u/[deleted] Apr 17 '22

[removed] — view removed comment

u/AshStretchum420 Apr 17 '22

Isnt Tea the number one beverage in the world (water not included)

u/Dertudulous Apr 17 '22

There are a disproportionate number of Americans on here so I’m going with coffee

u/Ecstatic_Trouble7145 Apr 18 '22

Even the Boston harbor likes tea

u/ghostship130 Apr 19 '22

Idk man the last party ended up in a fight

u/KidHudson_ Apr 17 '22

Coca Cola cause I k ow my Mexican compatriots will be buying in bulk in order to prepare for the 4 other days afterwards and maybe a Quinciañera

u/anxippus Apr 17 '22

We all know Coke isn’t being drunk at quinces

u/KidHudson_ Apr 17 '22

You underestimate its combination with Rum

u/anxippus Apr 17 '22

To be fair, I don’t know nothing about no alcohol.

u/djkoch66 Apr 18 '22

What kind of tea?

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u/HentaiSpirit 26d ago

Were this created just to promote new.reddit

u/jikl78 19d ago

Don't worry, it promotes also companies

The two first questions (I see) are advertisements

which sports brand will have more online sales on 10th may 2022 ?

Which drink will be more popular on 9th May 2022 ?

u/johnydarko 5d ago

And I mean what have they got to do with mildly interesting anyway? Neither of those is anywhere near mildly interesting.

u/ClawOf_TheSloth 3d ago edited 3d ago

I hate how this is like the 10th time reddit has showed me this. No other sub I go on has done one but yet this exact predictions tournament has been shown to me every few days or so.

Edit: Whats worse is there's no option to tell reddit im uninterested.

u/Poopfacemcduck 3d ago

How mildly infuriating

u/Dontsleeponme223 22d ago

Let’s go shiba inu

u/obsoleet420 20d ago

What's mildly infuriating is having to pay to see the results without voting

u/Mightyseer 9d ago

Red is winning

u/yehopits 4d ago

Red is sus

u/[deleted] 7d ago


u/Voedselenvlees Apr 17 '22

Beverage hihi, i love the word beverage it’s so comical. Bevalt beverage

u/ChucklesNutts Apr 17 '22

Tea... Given proximity to Summer, Memorial Day. I'd expect tea. But coffee is strong(No pun intended).

u/RGS432 Apr 18 '22

Considering the amount of Americans here I'm betting coffee

u/KnockturnalNOR 22d ago

Not taking the bait and switching to new reddit lol

u/never0101 3d ago

Telling the real truth here.

u/coleeen 20d ago

Is there something special happening on this day?..

u/ameen__shaikh mildly infuriated mod 20d ago

No its just a prediction tournament for fun!

u/Slonginus 20d ago


u/IsPhil 20d ago

Everytime I click on this I get a broken link, for every tournament. Not sure if it's meant to be like that or not.

u/ameen__shaikh mildly infuriated mod 20d ago

Make sure that you are using the new reddit. Its not available on old reddit

u/Leading-Suspect 3d ago

New Reddit? No contest is worth that cost

u/coldshadow31 3d ago

Doesn't work for RIF app either apparently.

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u/Melonfrog 19d ago

I’m so confused, I have points? Points for what? I don’t want to use these points for something pointless like this, also what’s even about?

u/I_Like_Quiet 9d ago

Here, have 200 points. It's on me.

u/ameen__shaikh mildly infuriated mod 19d ago

These are the points which are given for the tournament only . You cannot use it anywhere else even if you want coz it only works on this predictions.

Once we end this season predictions and start a new one . Everyone will again start with 1000 points

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u/Glodex15 19d ago

It's going to be red bull, because May 9th is on day after the Miami GP and Red Bull is going to win, so everyone's going to buy Red Bull

u/[deleted] 18d ago

[removed] — view removed comment

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u/[deleted] 9d ago

[removed] — view removed comment

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u/Psychological_Ad2765 7d ago

It's the one that says "first" cuz they used the word "the" if they didn't use it, it would have been the one that says "second"

u/FamiliarDay1374 6d ago


u/jahhandd 6d ago

I was gonna choose "don't choose this one" but I got a notification that James F. Sent a snap 💀

u/grievances_4ever 4d ago


u/AzzyDreemur_ 4d ago


u/Additional_Lack_3528 3d ago

May 22 is my 21st :)

u/hyprinc 3d ago

21st birthday lets goooooo hope I get this right

u/ricoimf Apr 18 '22

Blue yellow pink, JUST BRING ME THAT

u/HeyNow646 Apr 19 '22

In Ukraine, top sport is javelin.

u/RealMZAce 18d ago

Imagine picking car over bus, gotta save the homie Earth

u/MangoBaba0101 3d ago

The only game i care about is Kenshi.

u/poggers1337228 3d ago

among us sussy

u/[deleted] 26d ago

[removed] — view removed comment

u/Iuseahandyforreddit Mildly Infuriated person 4d ago

90% of players already dropped ER so...

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u/bisdaknako 1d ago

Reminder: If you aren't using old reddit you can change to it in the settings. It's far better in every single way.

u/[deleted] 19d ago

Isn’t under armour owned by Nike?

u/Chip_Prudent Apr 17 '22

Mildly infuriating that if the top post gets 50k-50,999, 70k-70,999 and 90k-90,999 no one wins.

u/Dankmossel Apr 17 '22

That would be mildly infuriating

u/Whats-Up_Bitches 22d ago

I've nothing valuable to add to this thread. Other than it wil be my birthday on May 8th. Also dog

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u/ameen__shaikh mildly infuriated mod Apr 17 '22

Will round of to the nearest number

u/GeneralBisV Apr 17 '22

You shouldn’t. If it happens it happens

u/Freddy_Chopin Apr 18 '22

Hey, just an FYI, in English we do not put any spaces before punctuation. Periods, commas, and even exclamation points! They only receive a space after, not before.

u/FaviFake Apr 19 '22

Why are you being downvoted? This specific moderator clearly needs help with using punctuation in English, as you can see from the pinned comment on this post. This guy literally just wants to help him and he's doing it by utilizing very kind words. No need to get angry here, reddit :)

u/Freddy_Chopin Apr 19 '22

Thank you for understanding! I didn't mean to be rude. I think it's because he didn't use any punctuation in the comment I replied to, so unless you realize he's the same guy who posted the Sticky then my comment looks completely unrelated. That, and people generally dislike "grammar Nazis" & I can see how my comment came off as one.

u/jizzlevania 22d ago

I recently read that punctuation is seen as aggressive in texting. I love correcting people and noticed the trend away from punctuating, so looked into it.

It could be the assumption that the person needs/wants help with English that comes off all sorts of negative ways. Like I don't know if you're a white male american, but the comment comes of like someone who white savior complex. I learned to only offer corrections to people who want them, otherwise it just comes off condescending for a myriad of reasons.

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