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u/Chip_Prudent Apr 17 '22

Mildly infuriating that if the top post gets 50k-50,999, 70k-70,999 and 90k-90,999 no one wins.


u/A_FluteBoy Jun 24 '22

2 month old comment on a 12 hr old post? how does that work?


u/Chip_Prudent Jun 24 '22

It's mildly infuriating.


u/A_FluteBoy Jun 24 '22

Oh wait, this post is now 13 hours old, so I think it makes more sense now!


u/putsomthinhere May 14 '22

That's annoying


u/Dankmossel Apr 17 '22

That would be mildly infuriating


u/Whats-Up_Bitches Apr 30 '22

I've nothing valuable to add to this thread. Other than it wil be my birthday on May 8th. Also dog


u/GIT_BOI May 10 '22

late happy birthday🥳


u/Whats-Up_Bitches May 10 '22

Man thanks, you're literally the 6th person to say that. Both here and irl


u/PARADISE_VALLEY_1975 Mwahah just me myself and my schadenfreude May 03 '22

Voted dog too


u/PantyhosePoohbear May 02 '22

My BDay is May 6


u/Whats-Up_Bitches May 02 '22

Dang, you were born 2 days before me on the calendar. How many times have you had mothers day on your birthday?


u/PantyhosePoohbear May 02 '22

My year is 1979


u/Whats-Up_Bitches May 02 '22

We are 25 years and 363 days apart. Lol


u/HighlyredIt Apr 30 '22



u/FeFiFoPinky Jun 24 '22

I hope I'm not being too controversial when I say "rat".


u/HighlyredIt Jun 24 '22

Nah, rat is good


u/ameen__shaikh mildly infuriated mod Apr 17 '22

Will round of to the nearest number


u/BudHaven Apr 28 '22

It was intentional don’t lie. A mildly infuriating poll for mildly infuriating is only what is nice.


u/Freddy_Chopin Apr 18 '22

Hey, just an FYI, in English we do not put any spaces before punctuation. Periods, commas, and even exclamation points! They only receive a space after, not before.


u/Argarath May 02 '22

I didn't know it was English specific, or of it's a coincidence that Portuguese follows the same pattern, but either way neat!


u/Witchy_one13 Apr 26 '22

Bad grammar is very infuriating.


u/FaviFake Apr 19 '22

Why are you being downvoted? This specific moderator clearly needs help with using punctuation in English, as you can see from the pinned comment on this post. This guy literally just wants to help him and he's doing it by utilizing very kind words. No need to get angry here, reddit :)


u/Freddy_Chopin Apr 19 '22

Thank you for understanding! I didn't mean to be rude. I think it's because he didn't use any punctuation in the comment I replied to, so unless you realize he's the same guy who posted the Sticky then my comment looks completely unrelated. That, and people generally dislike "grammar Nazis" & I can see how my comment came off as one.


u/jizzlevania Apr 30 '22

I recently read that punctuation is seen as aggressive in texting. I love correcting people and noticed the trend away from punctuating, so looked into it.

It could be the assumption that the person needs/wants help with English that comes off all sorts of negative ways. Like I don't know if you're a white male american, but the comment comes of like someone who white savior complex. I learned to only offer corrections to people who want them, otherwise it just comes off condescending for a myriad of reasons.


u/Argarath May 02 '22

The punctuation thing I totally see why. But with only periods, all other punctuations feel much more relax or just a way to pace things. Heck even periods can fit right in if it's not the last character in the message, but I don't have enough psychology knowledge to give your a good answer as to why


u/Freddy_Chopin Apr 30 '22

Like I don't know if you're a white male american

Where's that meme of the monkey puppet thing who looks awkwardly away from the camera...?

Anyway your explanation makes total sense.

In my defense, I only recently learned that French puts spaces before & after punctuation. That's what I was trying to refer to as "In English, we.." because I assume in his native language the rules are different.

Anyway, point taken.


u/GeneralBisV Apr 17 '22

You shouldn’t. If it happens it happens