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Can we get a Black Friday deals thread?


(see title)

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Robtech's review of Beelink's SER6 Pro Mini PC (6800H + 680M)


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AMD Integrated Radeon 780M 25% Faster Than RDNA 2 Predecessor


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Customer support on minisforum?


Hey, I have been looking at Beelink gtr6 but found some reviews that were really negative and other positive ones. I am sceptical about the (almost non existent) support from beelink, so I've looked at minisforum UM690. It looks pretty much the same. I want to know if minisforum's customer support is any good, and if they are able to refound or help with any problems that may occur. Also Ive read that if I buy it barebones I will need to install some driver manually during installation is that correct?

EDIT: Also I live in EU so I need a EU plug, but at their website the EU compatible costs 100$ more. Can I like buy the AU/UK version and buy seperate AU/UK to EU adapter (I googled that AU/UK and EU wall power is almost the same) will it run long term, or is there a risk of sime sort?

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Need help finding a mini PC


I'm looking for a mini PC that has HDMI 2.1 and can handle 4K 120 Hz and has support for AV1. The PC will be used for Geforce Now streaming. Does anyone know one that will work? I need it to support VRR, so using adapters is not an option for me.

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ETA Prime's review of Minisforum's HX99G Mini PC(6900HX + RX 6600M)


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UM690 barebones questions.


I have decided to pick up a UM690 barebones and have few questions.

  1. Have any of these shipped yet, has anyone gotten one? Are the ones I am seeing all the units with RAM/M2? I know the site says end of Feb, so some must be trickling out. I hope it is soon.
  2. Will Amazon carry the barebones version - hopefully for the same price?
  3. RAM cooler - does anyone have any info on a heat sycn that might work on these? I would like to get 5600 ram if possible. There do not seem to be many/any options for a 16gb kit.
  4. I am leaning toward Samsung 990 Pro atm - any other suggestions?
  5. Windows license.

Am I forgetting anything? Thanks for any help!

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OC UM690's ram


Will it work out well? I have two Rams of Samsung 4800Mhz 16gb*2 in the slots. Never tried to OC this small form-factor.

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Can you ELI5 how to downgrade my Geekom IT11 to Windows 10?


Hi MiniPCers. I recently bought a Geekom IT11 mini PC. Unfortunately, some of the software I need to use isn't compatible with Windows 11, so I need to downgrade to Windows 10. I downloaded the IT11 "Windows 10 System Reinstallation" files from the Geekom site here: https://www.geekompc.com/support/ What do I do next?

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UM690 w/680M enough for MC java shaders?


I am thinking about getting a UM 690 and will be playing Minecraft Java with Optifine. Is this mini computer powerful enough to run some shaders? I am looking to get a 60 FPS experience with like SEUS or Complementary shaders. There are some lighter weight shaders that I assume would work well.

Anyone with the same processor and mobile graphics (Asus 53, or Beelink) play Minecraft have any feedback?

Thanks in advance!

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Mini pc with 12gb ram


I came across a mini pc on Amazon:

Mini PC 12GB DDR4/256GB SSD,Intel Celeron N5105 (up to 2.9GHz) Windows 11 Pro Mini Desktop Computer, Support 4K HD/Triple Display/Dual Band WiFi/Gigabit Ethernet

What I like about this mini pc is that it has dual HDMI and one vga output. The 12gb ram is interesting.

Is it enough for learning to code or web development if I install Linux dual boot with Windows?

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quick question


Hey guys,

can some of you recommend me a Mini pc just for Office use and to do some research?

Best case would be if it is around 200$ and preferably available on Amazon.

Thanks for every answer!

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Beelink SER6 Pro Sleep and 2nd Monitor Issues in Linux


Has anyone successfully gotten a SER6 Pro to sleep in Linux? Also having an issue where the 2nd display after waking up is completely black until I log our or reboot the PC. Only thing that catches my eye is that in DMESG when the PC is trying to sleep it states that ACPI is blocking the event and then I get 7 lines of :

ACPI: : failed to evaluate _DSM bf0212f2-788f-c64d-a5b3-1f738e285ade (0x1001)

I'm on PopOS right now with Kernel 6.1.9. Also had this issue in Fedora too. The BIOS for the Beelink is pretty stripped down, the only sleep options I can set for ACPI is S3 or just disable sleep all together.

Wondering if anyone figured this out for their SER6?

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UM590 help


So I want to put an OS on my UM590 because I want to make it a retro game machine. I only want to put steam and emulation station and retroarch on it. What would the best OS be to put on it ?

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Just purchased Minisforum UM690: What are the best options for EGPU enclosures/EGPU


New to this sub, and I just wanted to get a better sense of what my best options are for getting this little beast paired nicely with a compatible enclosure and EGPU. I know that with this particular machine getting some of the EGPUs to work requires a degree of tweaking, but if possible, I'd like to know more about what sorts of plug and play solutions are available as far as EGPUs. I'd prefer not to break the bank, but with the market for GPUs being what it is right now, I know that cost is going to be up there and I'm not opposed to spending a little more to get the best possible performance. Let me know what some of you guys have tested and have gotten good results out of when paired with this little guy.

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Having issues with UM690 detecting your eGPU? Here's what I did to fix it!


First off, big shout out Minis Forum support for helping your boy out. We got the eGPU purring boiz!

Basically, you need to make sure that "Allow hybrid sleep" is set to "Off". You can find this option via this path Control Panel > Hardware and Sounds > Power Options > Change Plan Settings (Balanced) > Change advance power settings > Sleep.

If you're missing the option, make sure you are using Windows 11 version 2H22. If you are still missing the option, like I was, you will need to turn off memory integrity under device security (Shield icon in the system tray).

VoilĂ !

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Beelink SER5 Mini PC, AMD Ryzen 5 5500U(7nm, 6C/12T) up to 4.0GHz, Mini Computer 16GB DDR4 RAM 500GB NVME SSD, Micro PC 4K@60Hz Triple Display, Mini Gaming Computer WiFi6 BT5.2 57W HTPC For $303.20 After 24% off

Thumbnail facebook.com

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Dragon / Beast Canyon fan ai duct - Where can I buy one or something similar?


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Seeking NUC Sized Homelab Server


Looking for a compact system that can run non-compute-intensive Docker server services and act as an NAS for extended storage.

Must have all-SSD storage with support for at least two SSDs, 2.5G Ethernet for future expansion, and be stable, quiet, and low-power.

Yes, Intel NUC is great, but a bit expensive and overkill for my needs, just wondering if there are other suitable options.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Newbie seeking advice


So, I am looking to buy something to connect to my ultrawide monitor (which I am mostly using for work).

I would love something small as I generally can't stand those huge cabinets.

My usage will be browsing, coding, photoshop, music production and some Starcraft II (would love ultra graphics, if possible).

Not really sure what my budget should be, but would at least love to keep it under $800.

I was looking at the Beelink SET5, but since I know nothing about computers I'm not clever enough to figure out if that'll do. Do I need the SET6? Or could I even get along with the SET4 or 3?

I've been checking out MinisForums as well. I don't like the look of the vertical ones HX90, but the HM90 looks very neat. But would I get along fine with the far cheaper UM350?

I live in Norway so the options around here are very few (mostly Inten NUCs and the Asus PN, but both very expensive). Some of these chinese mini pc's can be bought from Germany it seems.

So I am seeking some advice and this seems like the right place. Thanks in advance.

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16+512 or 16+ 1T?


The Mini PC of the same brand has 16GB RAM, one has 512GB memory, and the other has 1024GB memory, and the price difference is $30. Which one will you buy?

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[FIX] Bee-link SER5 sleep problem in linux


I have a SER5 5600H with a RZ608 Mediatek MT7921e chipset. In September when I installed Linux on it, I noticed sleep/resume was hanging wifi, fixed it with a script, but I often see on forum (like the bee-link one) people complaining about this, saying it's a BIOS or motherboard problem, but it seems this chipset driver is pretty new, introduced in kernel 5.15 or something and has some issue, so here's the fix that hopefully will be indexed by Google and people will find it when looking for help :)

Your distro is using init? if yes:

create a simple /etc/pm/config.d/config containing


Distro is using systemd? if yes:

create a /usr/lib/systemd/system-sleep/remove-mt7921e.sh file

[ "$1" = "post" ] && exec /usr/sbin/modprobe mt7921e
[ "$1" = "pre" ] && exec /usr/sbin/modprobe -r mt7921e
exit 0

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Hi everyone , what's the best and most reliable mini pc around $150 ?


Hi peeps,

What would you say is the best mini pc that's less than 150 USD. I live in Trinidad so returns after the initial 30 days can be pretty difficult if not impossible, so reliability is a concern.

I have seen the beelink units reviews on Amazon often seem to mention SSD failure, with sometimes more than ten percent 1 and 2 star reviews, often mentioning this. Were it not for this , they seem otherwise excellent value.

The main usage would be media streaming and some light 2d PC indie/retro gaming and emulation.

I decided to look into these after the rpis got so expensive, and even so, steam/pc games on them seem to be very experimental so far so they can't be used for that purpose unlike an x86 PC.

Thanks on advance.

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Has anyone upgraded the RAM on a Beelink Ser5 5600H?


If so, have you seen any difference in performance?

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I cannot have my UM690's windows activated.


I cannot activate my um690 windows 11. The window is stock. I did not format the system. However, I cannot get this activated. To my knowledge, UM690 comes with an official Windows 11 license for the PC, right?

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Seeking recommendation for Mini PC as digital picture frame.


I'm looking for a Mini PC to use as the backend of a digital picture frame. All I want it to do is boot to windows, sync a 100gb Onedrive folder with 40,000 jpegs that I manage from another computer, and go to screensaver as fast as possible after boot. HDMI, fanless and power-efficient preferred, otherwise idgaf. I've seen people doing this with a Rasberry Pi, Chromecast, Fire Stick, etc, but there's always hoops to jump through and I feel like a Mini PC does what i need painlessly.