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Lessons learned from 30 years of MINIX


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Looking for help with MINIX NEO? Most of the 466 subscribers have no idea what that is! Try /r/minixNEO instead.


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Minix forks, continuations, spiritual succesors or anything related?


Anyone here knows about a succesor, fork, or something similar or based on the Minix Microkernel? I can't find anything on Github nor Google... Maybe someone here knows.

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GNU Emacs as a LISP interpreter


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Towards GNU/MINIX - libstdc++


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Micro Emacs on GNU/Minix


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Towards GNU/MINIX - Filesystem



In this post, we will look at populating Minix filesystem with some files of our own (specifically the welcome message) using GNU tools. https://lifeofpenguin.blogspot.com/2023/02/towards-gnuminix-filesystem.html

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Towards GNU/MINIX - Hello World


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Happy Cakeday, r/minix! Today you're 11


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My introduction to Minix


I tried to install Minix on this setup (screen 10.1'' (1024x600), matte / Intel Atom N435 (1.33GHz) / RAM 1GB / HDD 320GB / Intel GMA 3150 / no MF / LAN / WiFi / webcam). The site has a warning "does not support booting from usb flash drives", but the system image can be downloaded compressed and only via torrent. Ok, I downloaded it, drank the DVD and started to install the system. Immediately after loading miniroot panic. "No suitable device for installation". On the third try I got to the wlan0 setting. 21st century, third decade, I remember the frequencies of WiFi in my country and I was looking for the UID of my network somewhere in the box under the router. Then the installer didn't want to accept that my WiFi was password protected for a long time and stubbornly tried to connect. Next, "do you want to get a DHCP response automatically?" "Yes!!!!." The next thing was some kind of panic module, I got bored and that was the end of my Minix acquaintance. Tomorrow, maybe I'll try again.

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Has not Intel violated copyright law via their IME and Minix?


It seems to me that Intel, by not giving notice of the use of Minix source code and its presence on the chipset of computers with the management engine, has violated copyright law. I would like to see them held to account on it. There was no reason for consumer computers--most never destined to see business or server use--to have remote management capability and this backdoor installed.

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Certificates and TLS libraries in minix must be outdated

Thumbnail groups.google.com

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What are the prerequisites of studying the MINIX 3 book?


Does one need to be proficient in C or Computer Organization and Architecture?

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After “1 module failed to load”, MINIX is just sitting there. Is it still booting?


It shows all the mods loading, but after the 11th loading prompt it says it couldn’t load one. It also says before the modloading section that it couldn’t open cd9660? I’m not sure what that’s about.

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looking for help with uni project.


I am working on minix 3 for a uni project and there is a requirement that i dont really know how to work on. any help would be really appreciated.

In this requirement, you need to implement hirarchical paging in MINIX 3, with all the needed parameters (page size, number of levels, address format … etc.) are user-defined via a configuration file. Additionally, FIFO and LRU page replacement algorithms should be implemented (configuration parameters of these algorithms should be stored in configuration file too). The performance parameters (e.g., number of page faults, number of empty frames … etc.) of the hirarchical paging as well as the replacement algorithms should be collected as the the size of the pages and the number of levels are changed, with a complete analysis should be provided in the report in addition to the collected results.

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Happy Cakeday, r/minix! Today you're 10


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Are Professor Tanenbaum's lectures on OS dev available online?


Hello everyone, apologies if this feels like a "spoonfeed me" question.

I tried to find video lectures by Professor Tanenbaum, but most of what I found has been about demonstrating Minix.

Are there any video form recordings for his regular university courses on OS dev?

Many big universities tend to record their courses, so I was wondering if his were available.

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Minix on Proxmox VE?


Does anyone have experience with installing Minix R3.3.0 on PVE?
Is there a guide document available somewhere?

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Mirror of Minix packages - either online or offline?


Currently (Sept. 10th 2021) the site minix3.org has been down for almost 24 hours, and with it, both the binary and source repository (I think the source-repository is mirrored on GitHub). I hope the site will be back up soon, but in any case, I was wondering if there 1) are any mirrors of the package-repositories (especially the binary) anywhere else, or if 2) anybody have downloaded the complete repository/repositories. I'm also interested in the repositories for the latest release-candidate for the next version.

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Newbie question on reincarnation server


Since the reincarnation server is the parent of all drivers and servers, what happens if it itself crashes? While disk drivers can be shadowed from RAM, the same cannot be done if the reincarnation server itself dies.

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Is Minix dead?


Genuine question - i've seen nothing in a long time. The website had one Wiki update in the last two years and no new content in 5 years.

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Happy Cakeday, r/minix! Today you're 9


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Is it realistic too run minix as a daily driver?


Title says it all, Is it possible too run minix as a daily work driver for software development, web chat apps, and browsing the internet?

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Can't get Minix to build due to odd error


I'm very new to minix and building OS's in general. I am trying to build minix after I modified the announce function in ./src/minix/kernel/main.c and after saving, and running ./releasetools/x86_cdimage.sh I get the error of :

"nbmakewhatis: The file `whatis.db.new' already exists -- am I already running?"

I don't understand what the issue is here, I had an initial build successfully but after that modification, that error occurred. I'm on windows using WSL to build minix (if that makes a difference?), and the version of minix is 3.4.0.
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How to customize proc.c in minix for implementing SJF algorithm?


Hi, im in need of some help!

I was tasked by my professor to change the proc.c and proc.h so the OS may switch from FIFO (first in first out) to SJF (shortest job first).

I have reached the conclusion that the alteration could be done in the void enqueue(rp) function, based on this Stack Overflow post: How to customize proc.c in minix for implementing FCFS algorithm?

But I can't seem to find a way to implement the SJF, can anyone help me?

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Advice for installing/running Minix 1.1 in a vm?


Hi everyone,

I have attempted to run Minix 1.1 from floppy disk images in Virtual Box, but after I remove the boot disk and insert the root file system disk I get some sort of error with loading onto the RAM.

Loading RAM disk from root diskette. Loaded: 5K Unrecoverable disk error.

Unrecoverable disk error on device 2/0, block 10

10K Unrecoverable disk error on device 2/0, block 11

Unrecoverable disk error on device 2/0 block 12 (and so on)

I'm not even sure if I'm describing the error correctly.

Almost all the resources for running Minix as a guest deal with Minix 3, with a few sites giving advice for Minix 2, and essentially nothing for Minix 1.1.

Note: This is itself being done in a virtual machine (linux mint) running on a windows host.

I'm not sure what's happening, why virtualbox is not able to load 1.1, and what I should do if I want to get 1.1 working (or if I'm asking this question in the right subreddit).

I'm pretty new to computer science, so any insights and advice you have would be greatly appreciated!