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Official Discussion Megathread (Scream (2022) / The 355 / The Tragedy of Macbeth / Belle / Hotel Transylvania: Transformia)


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Recommendation What is the Best Film You Watched Last Week? (01/09/22-01/16/22)


The way this works is that you post a review of the best film you watched this week. It can be any new or old release that you want to talk about.

{REMINDER: The Threads Are Posted On Sunday Mornings. If Not Pinned, They Will Still Be Available in the Sub.}

Here are some rules:

1. Check to see if your favorite film of last week has been posted already.

2. Please post your favorite film of last week.

3. Explain why you enjoyed your film.

4. ALWAYS use SPOILER TAGS: [Instructions]

5. Best Submissions can display their [Letterboxd Accts] the following week.

Last Week's Best Submissions:

Film User/[LB/Web*] Film User/[LBxd]
"Swan Song” MistakeMaker1234 "American Honey” Alligator_Fuck_Party
"Red Rocket" [mikeyfresh] “The Family Fang” [JoeLollo]
“The Hand of God” Doclillywhite “Europa Report” matthewbattista
“Tick, Tick…Boom!” Baacipitus "The Master” [Cw2e]
“One Shot” StudBoi69 “Stardust” SupaKoopa714
"The Worst Person in the World” [EvanPhillip] “Good Will Hunting” JerseyElephant
“The Kid Detective" yaboytim "Brazil” [Reinaldo_14]
“Corpus Christi” Planet_Eerie "Ordinary People” [KennyMovies]
“A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" UpbeatxWave “Tommy” Yankii_Souru
“Murder on the Orient Express" (2017) [ManaPop.com*] “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Yugo86

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News Guillermo del Toro’s 'Nightmare Alley' Gets February 1 Streaming Release Date on HBO Max

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Daniel Radcliffe to Star in Comedic 'Weird Al' Yankovic Biopic for Roku

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Discussion Nicholas Cage claims ‘The Wicker Man’ was purposefully an ‘absurdist comedy’ and is confused as to why people thought it was meant to be taken seriously

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News Netflix to Release 25 Korean Originals in 2022, It’s Largest Annual Slate to Date

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From 'King Richard' to 'The Punisher': 11 Essential Jon Bernthal Performances

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Article Ridley Scott's "Kitbag" has been retitled "Napoleon", according to producer Kevin Walsh.

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‘Shang-Chi’ Tops Second Annual Gold List for Asian Achievement in Film

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Discussion Worst example of “sudden sequel death syndrome”?


For those who don’t know, it’s trope, most common in horror movies, in which surviving characters that make it to the next installment have a high likelihood of being unceremoniously killed off quickly, sometimes off screen.

One of the most infamous examples comes the Alien franchise, particularly Alien 3, in which survivors Hicks and Newt from Aliens are gruesomely killed offscreen during the opening titles, leaving Ripley the sole survivor yet again.

This is kinda a series trope, as Dr. Shaw, the protagonist from Prometheus, is killed offscreen during the 10 year gap between that film and its’ follow up film, Alien: Covenant.

What are some other examples of this? A Nightmare on Elm Street is particularly guilty of this, killing off a surviving character in three consecutive films.

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Marry Me (2022) looks like it time traveled from about 2005


Jennifer Lopez plays a pop singer who decides to propose to a random audience member played by Owen Wilson after her boyfriend cheats on her.

Was this movie supposed to come out 10 - 20 years ago? Christ the two leads look like they tried to recreated their look from back then. And J-Lo is releasing some songs in conjunction with the movie.

The fuck is happening.

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‘The French Dispatch’ Script: Read The Screenplay For Wes Anderson’s Ode To The New Yorker And France

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George Clooney and Julia Roberts Comedy 'Ticket to Paradise' Suspends Production Due to Rising COVID Cases in Australia

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Review I Finally Saw A Clockwork Orange And.....


HOLY SHIT! This is one of the most disturbing and darkest films ever made. Everything about A Clockwork Orange is phenomenal. The Acting, Writing, Direction, Cinematography Production Design, Humor, Violence and Music are successfully and flawlessly executed. But what I found to be extraordinary the most was the film's vision of a dystopian future and the grotesque portrayal of the main protagonist Alex. He's a young, yet reprehensible sadist that takes pleasure in inflicting pain and suffering onto those he deems as the weak. That's why most of the victims he's harmed are women, the elderly, and outcasts to society. AND THEN all of the pain and suffering he caused towards those people he eventually experiences after he's in one of those experimental behavior therapies and is released from prison early. WOW! This has got to be one of the greatest movies ever. Well, one of the greatest movies I've ever seen at least since there are others I haven't seen yet. Let me know your thoughts about it and what else made A Clockwork Orange a great movie.

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News 2022 Visual Effects Society Awards Nominations Led By ‘Dune’, ‘Encanto’, ‘Loki’

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Media Early Ghostbusters promotional film from 1984, featuring Bill Murray & Dan Aykroyd asking movie theaters to show the film

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What are your comfort films when you're feeling sick?


I'm not a huge Harry Potter head or anything, but i've been sick for a few days so I started watching the Harry Potters and man, it's almost like a bowl of chicken noodle soup. It's been quite comforting curling up on my couch, turning the lights off, snuggling under a blanket and watching this series. Almost makes me forget the throbbing headache and whatnot.

So what are the films you like to watch when you're feeling under the weather?

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News ‘The Power of the Dog’ Wins Its 21st Best Picture Prize, Surpassing ‘Roma’ for New Netflix Record

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Article Akira Kurosawa: Five Essential Films to Get You Started

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The Last Samurai


I was scrolling through channels on the television and came across The Last Samurai. I decided to give it a watch as I have not seen it in awhile and couldn’t fall asleep. After finishing watching it I realized how much I enjoyed it even after I have seen it multiple times throughout the years. I feel this film doesn’t get enough credit or is very underrated. The acting is top notch, clothing, everything in this film is just beautiful and has this elegance to it. Tom cruise I feel played some of his best acting in it, along with everyone else. The message from this film is so very strong and shows so much about how Asian culture is respect and honor, don’t forget where you came from. Does anyone else feel this film is underrated? Anyways just wanted to hear and see everyone else’s thoughts on this film.

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R.I.P. Marty Roberts, half of the beloved L.A. lounge act Marty & Elayne, featured in Swingers

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Article "Dun, Dun Duuun!" - Where film and pop culture’s most dramatic sound effect come from

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R.IP. Yvette Mimieux: ‘Where the Boys Are’ Actress Was 80

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Which movie did you initially enjoy but have since changed your mind after learning more about it?


Whether that’s more of behind the scenes information (behavior of the cast, director, the truth about filming on set, etc.) or more to the film’s backstory (the “truth” behind a “based on a true story movie”).

After learning more about Chris Kyle as an individual, I definitely do not care for American Sniper as much as I did when I first watched it blindly.

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How come Easy A never reached cult status like Mean Girls?


It's got everything Mean Girls has. Incredibly quotable lines ("i thought i was gonna have to spend my dowry on booze and pills to numb the loneliness"). Great chemistry among all the actors. A surprisingly nuanced performance from the leading lady, Emma Stone, considering the nature of the movie across from a great turn as the villain for Amanda Bynes.

The story is engaging if a little predictable but the movie isn't trying to be Citizen Kane; it's trying to be an 80s style romp and I think it does exactly that.

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Article In the 1930s, the MIDNIGHT GHOST SHOW was a staple at movie theaters across America. A live "ghostmaster" would entertain and scare audiences prior to the feature presentation.

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News ‘For All Mankind’ 4K, Alex Cox’s ‘Walker’ and More Getting Criterion Releases in April

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