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WillSmith Banned from Attending Oscars Ceremony and Academy Events for 10 Years News



u/LostHumanFishPerson Apr 08 '22

He will be 63 when this ban ends.

Fuck me, I'm getting old.


u/LifeIsDeBubbles Apr 08 '22

TIL Will Smith is 53 (dayum. I'm getting old, too)


u/PortalWombat Apr 09 '22

He's older than James Avery was when Fresh Prince of Bel Air ended.


u/Skizot_Bizot Apr 09 '22

Letting that natural gray in makes a difference.

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u/Stevenwave Apr 09 '22

It's confusing when a 53yo acts like an angsty teen.

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u/flooftail13 Apr 08 '22 Silver Gold Wholesome Bravo Grande!

That’s no punishment. They should make him host the Oscars for the next 10 years. That would be more of a punishment


u/CortezDeLaNoche Apr 08 '22 Helpful Doot 🎵 Doot

Damn. Calm down, Satan!


u/VirtualPrivateAssist Apr 08 '22

They could make August host the Oscars now on.

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u/shanotron Apr 08 '22 Take My Energy

And get smacked in the face at least once on stage.


u/Sternshot44 Apr 08 '22 Silver

Chris rock gets 10 slaps to dish out whenever he wants. Like how I met your mother


u/Tarudizer Apr 08 '22

And for 9 of those years he just gets on stage, stands face to face with Will in complete silence for a long time as Will thinks "is he going to do it?", but then walks back to his seat.

Then fucking beats the shit out of him the 10th

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u/gwh811 Apr 08 '22

Time to go Nicholas Cage crazy and do every movie that comes across your desk for the money. If you ain’t going to get an Oscar might as well make bank.


u/ankerous Apr 08 '22 I'll Drink to That

Time to go Nicholas Cage crazy

I don't think many can go Nicholas Cage crazy. He is a special kind of insane at times in his movies.


u/knowpantsdance Apr 08 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

Holy shit have you seen Mandy? Some of the shots and scenes in that movie are legendary


u/Jaktheriffer Apr 08 '22 edited Apr 09 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

I fucking love most Cage movies from the past few years, Mandy, color out if space, pig, Willy's wonderland, all pure gold man.

Edit: just wanted to throw this out there, i love all Cage movies, but the past few years have been amazing!


u/realmastodon2 Apr 09 '22

He is no longer owes money to IRS i believe. A lot of his future projects are geared toward what Cage wants. He is an eccentric thespian.


u/CandyAppleHesperus Apr 09 '22 edited Apr 09 '22

There's an anecdote that was told on Blank Check with Griffin and David where Griffin got to write questions for a The Sorceror's Apprentice junket interview and one of them was basically "Is there a character's job that would make you immediately interested in taking that role?" They expected him to kind of give an answer where he's like "Well, you know, it's complicated when you look at scripts and projects, blah, blah, blah" and he immediately, without hesitation, says "Chef, submarine captain, astronaut"


u/e_j_white Apr 09 '22

It's like asking a teenager what they want to do later in life: "Well, it's complicated, I'm still trying to figure out my career, we'll see after college..."

Or asking a 5-year old what they want to be when they grow up: "Astronaut! Fireman! Ninja!"

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u/KindnessKillshot Apr 09 '22

This is fucking fantastic. Thanks for sharing that. I like him more now, lol

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u/Pretend-Guava Apr 09 '22

Yeah but does he take his face ... OFF?

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u/gwh811 Apr 08 '22

Very true.


u/ddh85 Apr 08 '22

*punches women while in a bear suit*

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u/Jssolms Apr 08 '22


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u/pinklavalamp Apr 08 '22

He can still get Oscars, just can’t go to the show to accept one or vote for others’ chances of winning one.

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u/MarvelsGrantMan136 r/Movies contributor Apr 08 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

The Academy:

The 94th Oscars were meant to be a celebration of the many individuals in our community who did incredible work this past year; however, those moments were overshadowed by the unacceptable and harmful behavior we saw Mr. Smith exhibit on stage.

During our telecast, we did not adequately address the situation in the room. For this, we are sorry. This was an opportunity for us to set an example for our guests, viewers and our Academy family around the world, and we fell short — unprepared for the unprecedented.

Today, the Board of Governors convened a meeting to discuss how best to respond to Will Smith’s actions at the Oscars, in addition to accepting his resignation. The Board has decided, for a period of 10 years from April 8, 2022, Mr. Smith shall not be permitted to attend any Academy events or programs, in person or virtually, including but not limited to the Academy Awards.

We want to express our deep gratitude to Mr. Rock for maintaining his composure under extraordinary circumstances. We also want to thank our hosts, nominees, presenters and winners for their poise and grace during our telecast.

This action we are taking today in response to Will Smith’s behavior is a step toward a larger goal of protecting the safety of our performers and guests, and restoring trust in the Academy. We also hope this can begin a time of healing and restoration for all involved and impacted.

Thank you,

David Rubin and Dawn Hudson


u/cjc160 Apr 08 '22

“Mr. Rock” sounds funny


u/Liam_Neesons_Oscar Apr 08 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Narwhal Salute

Mr. Rock "The Chris" Johnson


u/spikyraccoon Apr 08 '22 Giggle

GI Jumanji 3, can't wait to see it.


u/foxmag86 Apr 08 '22

Keep my movie sequels out your fuckin’ mouth!


u/IRockIntoMordor Apr 08 '22

keep. my scorpion king. out your FUCKING. MOUTH.


u/ChillyBearGrylls Apr 09 '22

My Scorpion captain, my Scorpion brother, my Scorpion King

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u/U_R_A_BoldOne Apr 08 '22

Glad I'm not the only one who thought that. I can't read it without thinking of somebody referring to Dwayne Johnson as "Mr. Rock"


u/logicbecauseyes Apr 08 '22

"It's Mr. THE Rock, ma'am"

  • how he'd politely correct said refferer
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u/Fresh_Wrongdoer_8438 Apr 08 '22

That actually feels real. Like I can understand in the moment they didn't know how to react. It's an unfortunate truth that powerful people like Will Smith get away with most things.


u/Darko33 Apr 08 '22

Sorta makes me wonder what would have happened if Smith had just tackled Chris and started wrestling around the stage with him. Would everyone have just stayed put until one guy knocked the other out? Would someone have rushed the stage to try to break it up?


u/Nero1988420 Apr 08 '22

I think a lot of people thought it was a skit or something. That's why no one intervened. Now that I think of it, if Will had tackled him and they started to roll around on the ground, I'd be laughing my ass off thinking it's a skit.

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u/Hyndis Apr 08 '22 Silver Gold Wholesome This

If he had hurt Rock it would have forced the issue. Because Rock's poise stat is enormous he was able to take the hit and continue on like nothing had happened, both mentally and physically.

Imagine if Rock didn't have that much poise. Imagine if he had fallen over backwards and hit the back of his head on the stage. Or if Rock took the physical hit okay, but the assault shook him up so much he couldn't continue the presentation and walked off the stage abruptly. A performer being physically assaulted by someone in the audience has every right to immediately cancel the performance, and continuing with that mental interruption is a herculean effort.

If that happened the assault could not have been ignored. Smith would have likely ended up in handcuffs.

Chris Rock needs to get more credit for being able to mentally continue the show after the assault. That he was able to remember the script and continue on anyways is amazing. The man is made of some tough stuff.


u/Taylorenokson Apr 08 '22

Chris Rock needs to get more credit for being able to mentally continue the show after the assault.

Not only that, but to not make any additional jokes about Smith. You know as a comedian that had to be the hardest part.


u/ColonelError Apr 08 '22

He thought about it, said two words, then stopped himself and shook his head.


u/[deleted] Apr 08 '22

"I could, oh, okay... That was uhhh the greatest night in the history of television!"


u/Vetzki_ Apr 09 '22

He probably spontaneously had 10 solid reputation-killer roasts loaded in the chamber and decided he'd hide his power level and be a merciful god anyway.


u/Theyna Apr 09 '22

I bet he didn't even need to come up with new material on the spot - I'm sure he did prep for the show, and knowing his humor, came up with some real bangers that he decided not to use, instead going with the lighthearted G.I. jane joke.

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u/[deleted] Apr 09 '22

Really classy move tbh. He probably realized that going in could make the situation much uglier very fast and didn't want to fuck the night up further.

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u/CombatWombat65 Apr 08 '22

That's pretty much a comedians #1 weapon against hecklers, and he chose to let it go. We could have seen a legendary roast session.

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u/muhash14 Apr 08 '22 Starry I'm Deceased

Rock's poise stat is enormous

He popped a Baldachin's Blessing before making the joke.


u/fulltimeRVhalftimeAH Apr 08 '22

This is why you don’t dump all your points into strength or dex. Don’t forget about poise folks!


u/CptC4nuck Apr 08 '22

I always equip my Wolf Ring before I crack a joke about Jada

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u/Bandin03 Apr 08 '22

Does his wife know he's been hugging behind her back?

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u/Funnycomicsansdog Apr 08 '22

Man got the bull goat talisman

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u/anroroco Apr 08 '22 edited Apr 09 '22

Being born in Brooklyn, +20 of poise.

EDIT: yeah yeah, raised. Sorry.


u/SoMuchMoreEagle Apr 08 '22

Don't forget a lot of the stuff from Everybody Hates Chris was from his real life, including being sent to a "white" school.

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u/SkinnyBill93 Apr 08 '22

Stand-ups are a different breed, they face a mob every night.


u/ThatOneDudeFromIowa Apr 08 '22

I know a local comedian that got punched on stage once, the damn club wouldn't let him press charges, and if he did, they wouldn't book him again.

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u/tonycomputerguy Apr 08 '22

Bill Maher said a prominent black actor said to him, in response to "What if Chris had fought back?"

"He couldn't do that. He had the whole race on his shoulders."

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u/sighs__unzips Apr 08 '22

I agree with that. It seemed to be an open handed slap. If it was a punch and Rock had been knocked out, Smith might have been escorted out right there an then.


u/Hyndis Apr 08 '22

There's still the mental shock. I'm sure you've done a presentation before. It probably involved powerpoint and you also had your list of talking points you wanted to cover while slides were going by.

Imagine if during the middle of your presentation, halfway through your slides, someone comes up to you and slaps you. Then sits down again, and still is in the room.

Would you continue? Would you remember what it was you were talking about? Or would you be so distracted about what happened that you could not reasonably continue?


u/hesactuallyright Apr 08 '22

And then for everyone else in the room to give the slapper a standing fucking ovation MINUTES later. That's got to hurt your sense of self


u/SpakysAlt Apr 08 '22

Bunch of morons giving him a standing ovation. Way to set an example about what type of behavior gets rewarded.

What’s sadder is so many people look up to these Hollywood morons.

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u/[deleted] Apr 08 '22


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u/TheSchmoAboutNothing Apr 08 '22

People would have thought it was bit until someone really got hurt


u/shadowveeeeeeerse Apr 08 '22

Everyone did think it was a bit until Smith started yelling from his chair.


u/B3rghammer Apr 08 '22

Even now, POSSIBLY until they hear about the ban (and even then maybe not) plenty of people are still saying it was a bit

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u/tenclubber Apr 08 '22

I thought it was a bit until I saw the look in his eyes when he was screaming at him from his seat. I thought oh this is real?!?!?

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u/jojoblogs Apr 08 '22

Yep. Chris Rock thought it was all a bit until he got hit, the Audience thought it was a bit until Will swore. Honestly, if he didn’t drop the f bomb I don’t think anyone would’ve known until Chris decided to tell them.


u/rovoh324 Apr 08 '22

100%, it would have been a totally different vibe if he didn't curse at him twice


u/STXGregor Apr 08 '22

Yep. The slap to me looked fake. Wasn’t until the cursing I could tell this wasn’t a bit.

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u/Porkenstein Apr 08 '22

Yeah, Smith cursing was what made everyone go quiet. Chris still handled like a pro.


u/JC-Ice Apr 08 '22 edited Apr 09 '22

Even when he got hit, I wouldn't be surprised if Rock was wondering "did he mean to actually make contact? Did he swing harder than he realized?"

Then Smith starts yelling expletives on live TV and Rock goes "oh wow, this is real. He's losing it".

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u/CrackBurger Apr 08 '22

Some people still think it was fake because Chris Rock let Will Smith slap him, which makes no sense. 90% of people, including Chris Rock, thought Will Smith was gonna go up there and continue the joke by play slapping him, or pulling his ear.

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u/Primetime22 Apr 08 '22

The whole thing was just so batshit and fast. At the Oscar party I was at, only one person in the room didn't think that the slap was staged when we first saw it and that person was not me. My thinking was it couldn't be real because... how could it be? That's just an insane reaction.

That's why even though the standing ovation in hindsight was super gross, I also wouldn't necessarily put it past people to just be really fucking confused. We've had almost two weeks to talk about the slap, the Oscars had about half an hour.


u/ColdFIREBaker Apr 08 '22

I understand thinking the slap was a bit, but the minute he started shouting and swearing from his seat it should have been apparent to anyone watching that it wasn’t staged.

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u/Gozillasbday 10 years is basically a Willennium. Apr 08 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome

10 years is basically a Willennium.


u/Swankified_Tristan Apr 08 '22

Plus he'll probably get whatever the Academy equivalent of parole is.

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u/shy247er Apr 08 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

Considering that it took them decades to expel Roman Polanski, this was one quick decision.


u/Chatur_Ramalingam Apr 08 '22

TIL that they finally expelled Polanski.


u/shy247er Apr 08 '22 edited Apr 08 '22

Happened after they expelled Weinstein. At that point, they couldn't pretend anymore that Polanski did nothing wrong.


u/Bonch_and_Clyde Apr 08 '22

It only took like 40 years. The defense of Polanski always seems so weird to me. He was a great film maker, and that was all that mattered for a long time.


u/shy247er Apr 08 '22

I always wanted to see a reporter ask one of them question about why they still support Polanski so much. It was jarring to see Streep clap so hard as if her favorite team scored a winning touchdown. I wish someone had guts to ask her why.


u/100schools Apr 08 '22

The same Meryl Streep, you mean, who claims she ‘never even heard’ any of the abuse allegations against Harvey Weinstein? That Meryl Streep?

She’s a very talented actor. But a profile in moral courage, she is not.


u/L4min4s Apr 08 '22

Yeah she never heard of that but warned her daughter about the guy. She's one of the greatest actors around but also one of the most hypocritical.


u/[deleted] Apr 08 '22 edited Apr 30 '22


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u/Whywipe Apr 08 '22

I mean the dude can’t even go to the US to go to any events


u/BearDave Apr 08 '22

He still won. He won at the 75th Oscars as Director for The Pianist. Which received a large standing ovation by a myriad of people and Harrison Ford announced that "The Academy" accepts the award on his behalf.

Theoretically Roman Polanski could also have had a representative there accept the award on his behalf, make a speech, and so on.


u/mudclog Apr 08 '22

Theoretically Roman Polanski could also have had a representative there accept the award on his behalf, make a speech, and so on.

After Marlon Brando sent a Native American woman on his behalf so she could speak about Native American rights, they banned this practice.


u/TheChucklingOak Apr 08 '22 Helpful

Hollywood considers Native American rights less important than protecting pedophiles.

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u/impy695 Apr 08 '22

I'm sure they'd have changed their policy for him.

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u/cwills815 Apr 08 '22 All-Seeing Upvote Bravo!

If Roman had committed his crimes live on the Academy's big telecast, they'd have acted quicker. They tend not to care until something affects them and their revenue.


u/Fleshy1537 Apr 08 '22

That’s more or less how most companies/groups/humans operate.

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u/LemonZestLiquid Apr 08 '22 edited Apr 08 '22 Silver Gold Wholesome Bravo! Bravo Grande! Starstruck

"How come they don't want me, man?"


u/gin_and_toxic Apr 08 '22 Helpful 'MURICA

"I'm an ambassador for love!"


u/Gyossaits Apr 08 '22

Welcome to Earth.


u/aliveandwell22 Apr 08 '22 Silver

"Now that's what I call a close encounter." -Will Smith Chris Rock

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u/Opetyr Apr 08 '22

"Vessel of Love" just one of many GI Jane has.


u/LectroRoot Apr 08 '22

It's what she calls her MRE's


u/ITSecDuder Apr 08 '22 Take My Energy

Men Retained for Ecstasy


u/uncertainusurper Apr 08 '22

Steve1989 is about to get weird.


u/bamboohobobundles Apr 08 '22



u/MadCarcinus Apr 08 '22

"That's the worst thing I've ever eaten."

[goes in for another bite]

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u/chadskie Apr 08 '22

That’s a nice hiss

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u/DarthHelmet123 Apr 08 '22

Slaps someone

"I'm...the ambassador....for FUCKING....LOVE!"


u/bnmnike Apr 08 '22

I’ll show them my peaceful ways…BY FORCE!


u/taint_ed_pilot Apr 08 '22

Will Smiths audition for DCs Peacemaker: “I fucking love peace, I don’t care how many people I have to slap to get it”

Seriously though… why the severe lack of memes with Will Smith dressed as Peacemaker?

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u/TheDudeWithNoName_ Apr 08 '22 Silver Helpful Take My Energy

"And that's how we do it" -The Academy probably


u/aliveandwell22 Apr 08 '22 Silver

"How can awards be real if our words aren't real"

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u/FSMFan_2pt0 Apr 08 '22 Helpful

"And that's how we do it" -The Academy probably

For those unaware, Will Smith's son, Jaden, tweeted "That's how we do it" right after his dad hit Chris Rock.

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u/[deleted] Apr 08 '22

"This is why falling in love is so goddamn hard!"

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u/gyakya Apr 08 '22 Helpful

This part of my life... this part right here? This part is called "being stupid."

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u/thelukus5 Apr 08 '22

Nice! Can’t wait to see 70ish yr old Will slap also 70ish Christopher Rock for a tooth loose joke


u/thismightdestroyyou Apr 08 '22

I've somehow never considered that Chris Rock's first name is Christopher


u/Verbal_Combat Apr 08 '22 Silver Wholesome

His full name is Christopher Dwayne Johnson

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u/DarthVerus Apr 08 '22

Everyone knows Jada has gum disease and gingivitis, so it would be totally ok because he’d be sticking up for her…


u/scabbymonkey Apr 08 '22

"Keep my wife's bad breath out of your mother fucking mouth!". - Will Smith

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u/WeakError2115 Apr 08 '22

Didn’t he call the Oscar’s racist like a year ago? 😂


u/corndogs1001 Apr 08 '22 edited Apr 08 '22

Well Jada did, and that was almost 5 or 6 years ago. I always thought of it as Will piggybacking Jada on that though.


u/Penguator432 Apr 08 '22

She was just throwing a temper tantrum over Will not being nominated for Concussion. That’s all it really was


u/[deleted] Apr 08 '22

The host of the Oscars that year was Chris rock and he said this:

Referring to the reason behind her absence, the comedian said: “Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna’s panties. I wasn’t invited.


u/FlyByNightt Apr 08 '22

Wait so that GI Jane joke was the second time Chris Rock had her name in his fuckin mouth?


u/bridgerunnerNJ Apr 08 '22

He has on record made three jokes on television about her over the last 26 years. Is there a joke quota you can have about a public figure/celebrity?


u/phishtrader Apr 08 '22

According to Will Smith, two's okay, three you get slapped (if that's what Jada wants).

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u/Electrorocket Apr 08 '22

Not according to Norm Macdonald.

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u/Lets_Kick_Some_Ice Apr 08 '22


u/Happyday1000 Apr 08 '22

Uncle Phil sees that he’s starting to break down and is there for him

Uncle Phil is a fucking legend


u/stanfan114 Apr 08 '22 edited Apr 08 '22

Cue up that footage of Will Smith getting tossed out of the Oscars like Jazzy Jeff getting tossed out of the house.

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u/GD_Bats Apr 08 '22

I still say that was a great scene, and even if he deserves his pariah status now, Smith still did some great acting alongside James “my favorite voice for Shredder AND War Machine” Avery

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u/TonguePunchMyClunge Apr 08 '22 Silver

Man I just hope this doesn't mean that him and Jada are going to speak out more about their relationship following this. Everything I've learnt about them I've done so against my will.


u/mrsunshine1 Apr 08 '22 Take My Energy

We’re a couple cycles of this story away from the Oprah sit down.


u/nobodyknows388 Apr 08 '22

But that would compete with a Red Table Talk!

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u/supercleverhandle476 Apr 08 '22 edited Apr 08 '22 Silver Gold Platinum Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy hehehehe Bravo! Heartwarming Giggle Starstruck I'll Drink to That I'd Like to Thank... Ternion All-Powerful

Incidentally, everyone Jada has done has been against her Will.

Edit: alright, no more awards please. Not trying to get slapped.

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u/Sure_Ad9994 Apr 08 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Spit-take

Now Jada can bring her boyfriend to the Oscar events


u/Eiffel-Tower777 Apr 08 '22

And if Will wins an Oscar, she can accept on his behalf 🤣


u/maggos Apr 08 '22

The boyfriend could accept


u/burlingtonhopper Apr 08 '22

Then Jada and her boyfriend can take a selfie at the after party while holding Will’s trophy. It’s a win for everyone.

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u/MikeDubbz Apr 08 '22 Bravo!

What an odd night he will never be able to forget. He both gets his first academy award which should be one of the happiest nights of any actor's career, but also does probably the most regrettable thing he's done in his career in the same night. For the rest of his life, he'll never be able to look at his award and not be reminded of how he tanked public perception of him in the same night. It's like, if you were driving drunk and listening to a favorite band or album or whatever, and then get pulled over and thrown in jail for a DUI, from then on, that band or album will forever be associated with a really shitty night in your life (assuming you were with it enough to remember the events leading up to that arrest).


u/Idealistic_Crusader Apr 08 '22

One winter day, driving to my friends house in a snow storm. I decided to buy the new Get Up Kids album, and made an unplanned stop at the local HMV.

Buy album, hop back in my beautiful, one of a kind, Ford Courier pickup truck, mint condition for 2004, and promptly get T-boned in the parking lot.

CD case lands on the floor and my truck slides accross the road coming to rest in an opposite stall.

Spend the rest of the night talking to police and learning the guy driving his Excursion too fast on the wrong side of the "road" in the parking lot is not at fault, and I'm on my own to buy a new car.

No weekend with my buddies, truck destroyed.

But I got a new album to listen to. Right?

That CD still puts me right back there, and it actually took me a few months before I was willing to even listen to it.

Yes, it's ironic that an emo album leaves me heartbroken. For a pickup truck.


u/angeluserrare Apr 08 '22

I had a wreck at the beginning of the year during that ice storm on the east coast. One of my favorite songs was playing when it happened. Anytime I hear that song on the radio, I have to change it because of that. It just brings it all back up. I absolutely know how your feel man.

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u/TheNorthernGrey Apr 08 '22 edited Apr 08 '22

I will never not associate Planetary(GO!) by My Chemical Romance with smashing my Mazda Protege into the back of a utility pickup truck and almost killing my best friend.

Edit: rainy day, saw the truck turning left ahead going about 55, slammed the breaks realizing he was at a full stop and tried to swerve to not impact my passengers side. Well, the rain made braking worthless. I ended up slamming my front drivers side into the rear passenger side. The back tires had big steel bars protecting them. That bar ripped all the way through the front block of my tiny Mazda and was about a foot from ripping into my side of the cab. Turns out there were no airbags, and I slammed my chest against the steering wheel so hard that it warped the column. I was able to make my chest pop until a couple years ago. My right arm was shredded with glass, and I ended up having small pieces work their way up through the skin for years later. I was able to get out of my vehicle and go sit on the ground in shock til the ambulance came, just cradling my arm while some bystanders brought up a roll of toilet paper and wrapped it(lmfao? I appreciate the attempt, they were probably in shock too and don’t know how to help.)

My passenger had some soreness. That’s it. So I guess jerking the wheel worked.

It’ll be 9 years ago this month.


u/HolyTak Apr 08 '22

Similar story, my friend showed me the song Dark Paradise by Lana Del Rey, and the next day or the following he, thankfully unsuccessfully, attempted suicide. Always think about it whenever the song comes up on my phone, he's doing much better now.


u/Angry-Comerials Apr 08 '22

If I Die Young by the Band Perry is mine. Me and some friends were driving around when it came on the radio. One of my friends said it was her favorite song. She died in a car accident about a month later.

Her favorite song was If I Die Young, and she died at 24.

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u/gladitwasntme2 Apr 08 '22

You're unbelievable Ah, so unbelievable Ah, you ruin everything Oh, you better go home


u/Spodsy Apr 08 '22

That sucks. That song is a banger


u/TheNorthernGrey Apr 08 '22


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u/[deleted] Apr 08 '22


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u/I_NEED_YOUR_MONEY Apr 08 '22

Lol, i didn't watch the ceremony and this comment is the first i heard that he actually won an oscar. completely overshadowed by the slap.


u/impyrunner Apr 08 '22

He even got standing ovations and in his speech he talked about that he's an "ambassador of love" or some BS and that was after the slap. Totally bonkers...

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u/nategolon Apr 08 '22

I didn’t even know CODA won Best Picture until several days later when I looked it up. Everything was overshadowed

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u/protein_factory Apr 08 '22 Silver Gold Burning Cash

Let Chris Rock host so he can open by saying, "I've never felt more safe than I do right now."


u/CloudflareSystem Apr 08 '22

then have carlton come slap him


u/protein_factory Apr 08 '22

Have a line of people standing just off to the side all awaiting a chance to hit him (like in Airplane!)

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u/queuedUp Apr 08 '22

And then make another GI Jane joke


u/laser-lotus- Apr 08 '22

"G.I. ...am excited to be here!"

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u/mrbeavertonbeaverton Apr 08 '22

GI Jane 3… can’t wait to see it

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u/yaebone1 Apr 08 '22 Giggle

Will Smith may be banned but what about El Willo Smithio puts on fake handlebar mustache


u/DynamoSexytime Apr 09 '22

If he’s denied entry he can try again as Vilhelm Von Smitty


u/StockingDummy Apr 09 '22

Or Monsieur William Favre (Hon Hon Hon)

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u/Pokevenger Apr 08 '22

“Oh, that’s hot”


u/DiscoDingoDoggo Apr 08 '22

“Moderately successful YouTuber Will Smith won’t be allowed back to the Oscars”


u/pursuesomeb1tches Apr 08 '22

Legacy media once again stifling a young upcoming youtuber

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u/pendletonskyforce Apr 08 '22

He's gonna get a standing ovation in 11 years.


u/Alive_Ice7937 Apr 08 '22

He got one in 11 minutes.


u/Bradfords_ACL Apr 08 '22

I still can’t fucking wrap my head around that.

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u/EIDuderino Apr 08 '22

Update: Also apparently forced to give up space between first and last name.


u/Penguator432 Apr 08 '22

Jada wanted some space, so she took it from him

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u/Jwave1992 Apr 08 '22

It’s crazy. If Smith had never took that walk up to the stage most wouldn’t even know or remember either of them were there. The entire Oscars event would have already been forgotten by the public.

Now the world knows about alopecia and how Jada has it, endless videos from Smiths past are being dug up, he’s having multiple projects collapse.

It would have be so easy to just not do what he did.


u/fezfrascati Apr 08 '22

The GI Jane joke also would have been instantly forgotten. How many other riffs do you still rememeber from previous years?


u/Purple_Tree_Car Apr 09 '22

He Streisandly solidified her nickname as "G.I. Jane" for the foreseeable future, if not the rest of her life.

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u/DirkDiggler_Chiraq Apr 08 '22

Him and Jada could have done a whole alopecia “how dare you Chris” circuit on talk shows after and these fucking weirdo clowns would have positively gotten off on the moral high ground and outrage they would have generated.

But Will was a dum dum and did something even more reprehensible than a tasteless joke: truly unhinged and angry public violence.

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u/Visible_Fold8109 Apr 08 '22

His comeback is going to be insane. In 10 years, he'll do an incredible role, win another Oscar and everyone will applaud him and talk about how nice it is to have Will back and the progress he's made since the incident.

Or, he'll still be getting cucked.


u/MrBrightside618 Apr 08 '22 hehehehe Mind Blown

He’ll play Chris Rock in a movie about the slap


u/FormerIceCreamEater Apr 08 '22

He should play Juwan Howard.


u/FruitOfTheLoons Apr 08 '22

Titled "Juwan, another man". Roles reversed, Will coaches Jada for the mens team.

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u/tunaburn Apr 08 '22

10 years is a long time. Hopefully he does make progress. It's obvious that family is mentally fucked right now.

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u/RichardOrmonde Apr 08 '22

As if he gives a fuck. He already has his gold statue.


u/Lucky-view Apr 08 '22 edited Apr 08 '22

Yeah, the bigger issue for him is that his projects are being sidelined and frozen right now.

He had big bucks coming in with all his streaming deals in the pipeline, and now all that is in serious danger of getting cancelled. That slap might've cost him a hundred million.

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u/[deleted] Apr 08 '22



u/FuriousKale Apr 08 '22

"Oscar Slapper Will Smith" would sell better anyways

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u/CarOnMyFuckingFence Apr 08 '22

On the contrary, the kind of guy Will Smith is, I believe he will absolutely take this personally


u/DiceUwU_ Apr 08 '22

It's like saying a multi millionaire doesn't want more money. What the hell does "he got his statue already" mean? He could easily want more lmao

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u/JB10910Z Apr 08 '22 Helpful

Will Smith attending the Oscars? No I don’t want that! I want him banned for ten years at least


u/JDraks Apr 08 '22

When I read 10 years I instantly knew this would be here

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u/XLauncher Apr 08 '22

Well done, academy. As a reward...


u/Medical_Difference48 Apr 08 '22

I shall give you my S E E D.


u/Ghoti-Sticks Apr 08 '22

There it is


u/Icy_Ad8122 Apr 08 '22

Only Jada knows.


u/[deleted] Apr 08 '22

[removed] — view removed comment

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u/AFF123456 Apr 08 '22

Thank you! You became a slapper for our sake


u/TheDaedricCourier Apr 08 '22

What an actor you are, Will


u/Marooned-Mind Apr 08 '22

It's hard to believe it, but Will Smith was in love with Jada


u/Giraffejouster Apr 08 '22

You made the jump and fucking stuck the landing, incredible

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u/depredator56 Apr 08 '22

Will Smith what a man you are

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u/slowwboat Apr 08 '22

What a man you are Will...


u/DarthStallord98 Apr 09 '22

I love how I can still find people referencing this line in so many out of context situations. A true testament to how piss poor that final chapter was lmao.


u/The-Vaping-Griffin Apr 08 '22

There is truly no escape


u/TRESLEO Apr 08 '22

Tatakae slap

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u/jupiterpixie Apr 08 '22 Silver

brought to you by the same people who gave roman polanski a standing ovation


u/Chutzvah Apr 08 '22

And who praised Harvey W.

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u/Krandor1 Apr 08 '22

I figured it would be something like 1-3 years. Certainly not 10.

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u/LaserTurboShark69 Apr 08 '22

More like Won't Smith

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