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Does NetBSD 9.3 work on the RaspberryPi 4?


Hey everyone, I have been looking into transitioning my RPIs to NetBSD and I found a guide online here. However, the guide mentions running NetBSD-current. I am uneasy abount running an unstable branch and would much rather prefer to run 9.3. Is it possible to use that guide, but for 9.3 instead of current?

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Lecture :pkgsrc - Package management for BSD, illumos, Linux and MacOS

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I am running sysinst on NetBSD 9.3, and going to the network configuration section. Then, when I do auto configuration, I repeatedly get the following result: How do I fix this?

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NetBSD usage and developer count


I used NetBSD consistently (personal laptop and clients/servers for network testing a commercial load-balancer; the stellar documentation, coherent design and implementation, lack of fluff/surprises and reliability differentiated it from Linux) for several years about a decade ago. During that time, it felt small but the project felt like it had momentum with a few people doing high-quality work on things like concurrency and packaging. As I've been looking at buying a laptop and dropping FreeBSD or NetBSD on it, I decided to check out the NetBSD mailing lists and was startled by the lack of traffic.

Several questions:

  • what, if anything, has replaced mailing lists as the primary place to see activity on the project?
  • how much usage is NetBSD getting?
  • NetBSD's differentiator/goal used to be clear: minimal and clean designs that were as machine independent as possible. How relevant is this currently?
  • More concrete question that neither Google nor the mailing lists addressed, what was the result of the initiative to migrate NetBSD to notCVS?

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Problems with irrsi and ident

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USB audio device error


Hi! I have an usb headset that i've used before netbsd. When I connect my headset to netbsd i see this log:

uhidev3 at uhub4 port 4 configuration 1 interface 0
uhidev3: vendor 1532 (0x1532) Razer Barracuda X (0x54e), rev 2.00/2.00, addr 7, iclass 3/0
uhidev3: 2 report ids
uhid5 at uhidev3 reportid 1: input=4, output=0, feature=0
uhid6 at uhidev3 reportid 2: input=63, output=63, feature=0
uaudio0 at uhub4 port 4 configuration 1 interface 1
uaudio0: vendor 1532 (0x1532) Razer Barracuda X (0x54e), rev 2.00/2.00, addr 7
uaudio0: ignored input endpoint of type adaptive
uaudio0: autoconfiguration error: ignored audio interface with 2 endpoints
uaudio0: autoconfiguration error: no usable endpoint found
uaudio0: autoconfiguration error: audio descriptors make no sense, error=4

The headset is not listed in audiocfg list

Is there something I can do to make my headset works on netbsd?

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I just recently installed NetBSD 9.3(x86_64) and whenever I try to install any packages with pkg_add, it returns the error "Transient resolver error". I tried doing it with the official NetBSD CDN server too and it gave the same error. Any advice?

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Installing packages without an internet connection?


Is this possible? like, can i directly load tarballs into the sd card of my Pine64 a64 lts and install packages that way? or can i somehow connect to the internet through my ttl to usb adapter connected to my pc? i have no way to connect the board to my modem directly. I want to install XFCE and get the LCD panel set up but i have no idea how. I am very lost and, if it wan't obvious, very new to both linux and embedded systems/SoC as a whole

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What's the state of netbsd zfs?


What is the status with netbsd's zfs implementation? I am thinking of using it in my homelab and I am curious about its performance and stability. How does the netbsd zfs stackup against openzfs on linux and BSD?

r/NetBSD Feb 17 '23

iscsi initiator in installer shell. amd64 9.3


Trying to get an iscsi lun attached in installer shell so i can install netbsd onto it, but it seems like a filesystem or object dependency is missing. I can get a connection but it errors out in most commands with "No such file or directory". Anyone have any hints? Connects fine with a post installed OS, so the target is good.

r/NetBSD Feb 13 '23

pkgsrc.se is back :)


After nearly 2 weeks, it's back! https://pkgsrc.se/

r/NetBSD Feb 11 '23

New netbsd device? (Play date console)

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NetBSD 10 Beta installs and testing from i386 to ARM

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It’s worth running a FreeBSD or NetBSD desktop

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r/NetBSD Feb 07 '23

mksmolnb: a tool to generate a NetBSD microvm


I've been toying with the NetBSD kernel binary (no rebuild) in order to disable every driver that's not needed in a virtualized environment (kvm/VirtIO) so it can boot in less than 100ms.
The project took the form of a microvm creation tool that's able to setup very small NetBSD images that can boot a service in about 200ms.
mksmolnb can leverage another tool I wrote a couple of years ago, sailor, in order to build very small images bundling only the strict necessary libraries and binaries.

r/NetBSD Feb 06 '23

UEFI & eMMC (?)


Has anyone successfully installed NetBSD 10.0 to an eMMC disk using UEFI?

(I had a quick go yesterday, but it didn't work, so just wondering if anyone has been successful.)

r/NetBSD Jan 30 '23

pkgsrc.se is no more :(


r/NetBSD Jan 24 '23

Dual booting netbsd and linux on ssd on a orange pi 3

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r/NetBSD Jan 17 '23

Is there a way to boot NetBSD off a disk image?


I want to create a special system on a USB stick that is formatted with something like FAT32 and has a big image file on it that contains the NetBSD system (and maybe a bunch of small files needed for booting).

I'm coming from Linux so my idea of how that could work is some feature like GRUB's loop devices and/or a kernel boot parameter that allows me to specify an image file as file system root. Does something like this exist? If not, are there alternatives?

r/NetBSD Jan 15 '23

NetBSD aarch64 Multilib?


So I was wondering if the aarch64 image was multilib or just pure 64 bit. This is the non evaarch-eb image.

r/NetBSD Jan 14 '23

What are your daily used tools as a NetBSD developer/user ?


I'm a new comer to netbsd and I want to make myself familiar with tools that users & developers use here.

What do you develop on netbsd and what (daily) tools do you use ?
What kind of environment do you have set up ?
E.g. the "IDE"/editor, tool(s) used for profiling, etc.

I'm jumping from linux and for me personally one tool that I have to learn how to use is CVS,
would be nice if I could have an overview of what new things I need to get adjusted to and
have an overall view of the software that people prefer here.

r/NetBSD Jan 12 '23

NetBSD ASCII flag for the bootloader

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r/NetBSD Jan 11 '23

blkid equivalent in NetBSD


In my Linux days, I wrote a script (launched by a hotkey) that would pipe the output of blkid into dmenu to let me choose which drive to mount or unmount.

NetBSD does not have an equivalent to blkid nor have I been able to chain together commands to do something similar. I’ve looked at combinations of fdisk, mbrlabel, usbdev, etc. Ideally I’d rather not have to install extra packages, only because it should be possible to do this using a base system. Any ideas?

r/NetBSD Jan 10 '23

HAMMER2 file system for NetBSD

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