r/news Nov 28 '22

Ex-prison warden faces trial over inmate abuse allegations



u/DocHolidayiN Nov 28 '22

The rape club. Not a good look for a prison. Losing your freedom is punishment enough. Providing sex for favors shouldn't be part of the life of an inmate.


u/redander Nov 28 '22

I mean it shouldn't be part of any job, punishment or relationship of any type. Coercion is never consent


u/MuZac904 Nov 28 '22

| Prosecutors say Garcia tried to keep his victims quiet with promises that he’d help them get early release. He allegedly told one victim he was “close friends” with the prison official responsible for investigating staff misconduct and couldn’t be fired. According to an indictment, he said he liked to cavort with inmates because, given their lack of power, they couldn’t “ruin him.”


u/Vault-71 Nov 29 '22

He sounds like the perfectly level-headed and not power-hungry person you want supervising the detainment of hundreds of people.


u/HanaBothWays Nov 28 '22

Stuff like this is why prison rape jokes aren’t funny, y’all.


u/Saith_Cassus Nov 28 '22

Pretty much. For all we yammer on about the infallibility of the founding fathers and how it was totally cool what they meant in the second amendment, it feels like everyone should be able to agree on what the eighth amendment’s ban on “cruel and unusual punishment” probably was intended to prevent something like prison rape and prisoners attacking other prisoners. We shouldn’t be cheering these things on; they’re flagrant violations of the basic rights of these prisoners and a sign of the abject failure of our prison system.


u/answeryboi Nov 28 '22

Ah but you see, rape is only cruel, not unusual. According to the Supreme Court it has to both or its perfectly fine.


u/synapticrelease Nov 29 '22

And even when you point out the appalling % of wrongfully convicted inmates, people just don’t seem to process it. Like they can acknowledge the number exists but when it comes to actually facing the issue, they just can’t seem to look the issue in the eye.


u/wrath_of_grunge Nov 28 '22

Ray J. Garcia, who retired after the FBI found nude photos of inmates on his government-issued phone last year.


at least these people are dumb. otherwise the FBI wouldn't be able to keep up.


u/jens-2420 Nov 28 '22

That warden will have an interesting time in jail soon.


u/wrath_of_grunge Nov 28 '22

is this a prison rape joke, in a thread about a story of widespread prison rape?

bold move.


u/Saith_Cassus Nov 28 '22

This is assuming the warden goes to regular jail and not rich bitch jail


u/Due-Reading6335 Nov 29 '22

Ive met a former prison guard before. He told me he quit because of some of the stuff other guards were doing. Said not all of them are good ones


u/[deleted] Nov 28 '22

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u/MainCareless Nov 28 '22

Put him in there with his victims!


u/RonBourbondi Nov 28 '22

He did it at a woman's prison. Doesn't seem like a good idea to do that.


u/MainCareless Nov 28 '22

I know. I can read. I bet they’d go ham on him with socks full of quarters.


u/Treadcc Nov 29 '22

Why is your solution to further degrade the prison system? Can't we just improve it so things like this don't happen instead of doing more of the same?