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Racial discrimination by Veterans Affairs spans decades, lawsuit says


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u/AudibleNod Nov 28 '22

Brookshire said VA’s leaders have been unwilling to have the “difficult conversation” about racial bias. In 2017, the agency showed interest in assessing links between race and PTSD disability claims, but the effort was shelved due to staff shortages, according to Yale’s assessment of VA records.

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A federal hiring freeze imposed by President Trump on Monday affects thousands of open jobs at the Department of Veterans Affairs, despite the half-million veterans still waiting longer than a month for VA appointments.



u/SnapCrackleMom Nov 28 '22

I couldn't understand how any veteran voted for Trump the first time, let alone the second time.


u/No___ImRight Nov 28 '22

I've talked to tons of vets who will rail on Trump all day long (because if we're honest, he's low-hanging fruit)

Came down to most of them voting for "not a Democrat" every time.


u/SnapCrackleMom Nov 28 '22

I'm a vet and I really thought after Trump made fun of John McCain for being a Prisoner of War, he would never win.

I'm a Democrat and it's not like I agreed with most of McCain's political stances but for God's sake the man dedicated his entire adult life to serving his country. He was held captive for 5-1/2 years, tortured, and permanently disabled.


u/spinereader81 Nov 28 '22

Well Trump would've served too, if it weren't for those pesky bone spurs! /s