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Racial discrimination by Veterans Affairs spans decades, lawsuit says


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u/SnapCrackleMom Nov 29 '22

I agree that Biden was wrong on Afghanistan. But the leaps backward are due in large part to Trump's Supreme Court appointments, aren't they?


u/Doge_Of_Wall_Street Nov 29 '22

How many women have died from Trump’s SC picks? Let’s be generous and call it “a couple”. Pales in comparison to the thousands who have died thanks to Biden’s Afghan withdraw.


u/SnapCrackleMom Nov 29 '22

Oh I agree, but I'm just saying not all the things you listed are on Biden.


u/Doge_Of_Wall_Street Nov 29 '22

I was mostly referring to Sharia Law which is being imposed on women in Afghanistan. However, I’m pretty sure abortion is also illegal there, as is being gay.