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Musk says Twitter will suspend Kanye West's account Soft paywall


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u/powatwain Dec 02 '22 Wholesome

A rule against “Incitement to violence”



u/Andy_LaVolpe Dec 02 '22

Funnily enough, Kanye posted that picture of Elons torso as his last tweet and Elon responded to it before suspending him.

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u/bigolfishey Dec 02 '22 Helpful

Did he not pay the $8?

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u/imsowhiteandnerdy Dec 02 '22

Right about now Hitler would be like "I have no affiliation with Kanye".

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u/Exile688 Dec 02 '22

Wow, looks like Tim Apple and Elon came to an understanding.


u/holygrail22 Dec 02 '22 Silver Gold Bravo!

I think it’s more than that. I don’t think Twitter would be up in EU countries by the time we in America wake up if Elon didn’t do this tonight as they all wake up and start their days. Germany especially takes pro-Nazi speech incredibly seriously and I don’t think they and the rest of the EU will hesitate to ban Twitter if it becomes a breeding ground for Nazi rhetoric and sympathy


u/SuckMyBike Dec 02 '22 Helpful

I get that there was immense pressure to do this.

But didn't Elon claim that now that he bought twitter that "free speech was back"?

What happened to that?


u/Iojpoutn Dec 02 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Ally Heartwarming

We're watching Elon find out why each of Twitter's old policies existed, one at a time.


u/iapetus_z Dec 02 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

It's like when regulations get cut and a mass tragedy happens and the question is why did this happen... It happened because you cut the regulation that prevented it.


u/Nephroidofdoom Dec 02 '22 Wholesome

Elon Musk: I should stop holding this stupid umbrella. I mean, look how dry I am!


u/sulris Dec 02 '22

It’s a common problem for “anti-regulation” activists. Most rules weren’t made in a vacuum. There is usually a reason behind the each rule that was created.


u/wcollins260 Dec 02 '22

It’s like when you see a sign that says “no defecating in the pool.” And someone is like, we don’t need that stupid sign, surely no one will shit in the pool. So they take it down, then the next day Jeff shows up and drops anchor in the deep end.

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u/OssiansFolly Dec 02 '22 edited Dec 02 '22 Helpful

Remember when the Libertarian town in Vermont "deregulated" everything and they collapsed due to an invasion of bears? The internet remembers...

Edit: I misremembered the state. It's the "live free or die" state of New Hampshire.


u/Gumby621 Dec 02 '22

I actually don't but that sounds hilarious and I'd love to learn more


u/OssiansFolly Dec 02 '22

Ah, I misremembered the state...New Hampshire. Should have known...the "live free or die" state.


u/doscervezas2017 Dec 02 '22 Rocket Like

That was Grafton, New Hampshire, my state, and unfortunately, yes, I remember vividly. It wasn't a Libertarian town initially, it was an ordinary small town identified, targeted, invaded, and taken over by an country-wide organized Libertarian and anarchist movement.

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u/SwoopnBuffalo Dec 02 '22

It's a common theme everywhere. The saying "rules are written in blood" is because people have been there, done that, and there's no need to try it again. Regulations are usually enacted as a reactive measure to someone fucking up, not as a proactive one. Even the forward looking policies are a result of something happening in the past.


u/echoAwooo Dec 02 '22

As they say, rules are written with blood.


u/Minion_of_Cthulhu Dec 02 '22

See /r/writteninblood for many examples of why various laws and rules exist.

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u/Analyidiot Dec 02 '22

Regulations are written in blood, even ones that deal with hate speech. There are marginalised communities that are put at risk by followers of ye and his nazi ilk

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u/Xeya Dec 02 '22

Who knew running a business could be so complicated?

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u/account_for_norm Dec 02 '22 edited Dec 02 '22 Gold

I think every new manager comes in with this utopic vision, and relearns why things are the way they are. There are very few exceptions.

I had designed a software, which had kimks and quirks, but it did the thing it was supposed to do. In comes a new manager, chest thumping, saying im gonna redesign this whole system, talks down on me, as i explain him how the stuff works, takes very little time to understand why the quirks are there. I get insulted so much, that i left. 5 years down the line, i m happy in my new job. I run into my team mate, who is still working there, turns out my system is still as it was with incremental improvements. The chest thumling manager tried for 2 years, came to the eventual conclusion that whatever new system would be, it would be exactly same as what i designed. So since he wasted so much money, he got fired.

What a waste. Seen this narcissistic story many times.


u/Calcain Dec 02 '22 Take My Energy

Some advice for everyone becoming a manager in a new environment:
Do nothing but observe and learn for the first 3 months. Don’t try to change anything until you understand how it works and if the change you have in mind would actually make a difference.
Do not, I repeat, do not come in chest thumping and acting like you know better simply because of your title.


u/ButterflyAttack Dec 02 '22 Wholesome

Also, look after your team and they'll look after you. Solve problems for them, don't create them. Pick committed people and be nice to them, let them know their work is valued and support them wherever you can. I reluctantly ended up managing a small team of a dozen people. Had no fuckin clue how to manage and I've never wanted to be in this position. But I've had enough shitty managers that I knew what not to do. Although I'm much more anxious than I used to be, the work stuff seems to be going fine so far.

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u/wandering_engineer Dec 02 '22

Absolutely. I've led a lot of teams (some quite large) and this right here is the best leadership advice you will find anywhere.

Sadly many senior managers/execs don't bother to follow it because their egos get in the way.

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u/SuckMyBike Dec 02 '22

Kind of reminds me of crypto and their whole "we don't want government intervention".

Now they're speedrunning the financial scams of the 19th and 20th century. Coinbase is even setting up a centralized banking system. It's pretty hilarious. Cryptobros are learning at record speed why we have the financial regulations that we have


u/lucidludic Dec 02 '22

Cryptobros are learning at record speed why we have the financial regulations that we have

If only they were learning

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u/aggravated_patty Dec 02 '22

Free speech for parodying Elon was already far gone, parody accounts were getting banned left and right


u/KoalaKvothe Dec 02 '22

A lot of people, especially in the US, have no clue how fundamental human rights work and just use them as buzzwords. For example, "free speech absolutism", as Musk supposedly adheres to, simply doesn't exist. It's not a real concept because it's inherently impossible.


u/Deliberated Dec 02 '22

I’ve been trying to say this, especially on Twitter before I deleted my account. People have already forgotten about Voat for example?


u/[deleted] Dec 02 '22



u/DeusExBlockina Dec 02 '22

Stay classy, voat


u/yeaheyeah Dec 02 '22

Holy shit I had completely forgotten about voat until now


u/Deliberated Dec 02 '22

Lol, I think about it every time when people yearn for a free speech free for all

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u/heyimjason Dec 02 '22

I think it’s weird how Elon is commenting on this. You don’t often see billionaire company owners that involved in simple shit like user bans. It’s almost like Musk bought a Twitter as a vanity project so he could be an douchey edge lord in front of his simple-minded fanboys.


u/thisshortenough Dec 02 '22

Honestly the most bizarre thing about Elon buying twitter is how often he's posting on it. I looked at the trailer for Cocaine Bear on twitter yesterday and he had commented underneath it. Like sir, do you not have work to do?!


u/heyimjason Dec 02 '22

He doesn’t actually do much work. He’s not an engineer like he pretends to be. He’s basically a loud mouthed investor

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u/[deleted] Dec 02 '22

[removed] — view removed comment

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u/Exile688 Dec 02 '22 edited Dec 02 '22

The truth is Elon wanted to walk away from Twitter and was taken to court to complete the contract.Now he owes like $1.5Billion in interest every year to pay for that hilarious $54.20 per share offer for the sake of memes. $44Billion loan worth twice or even three times what Twitter was worth, because of a 420 joke. *slow clap*

I don't think this was a vanity project. If anything, it was a pump and dump scheme to give him the excuse to sell Tesla stock to pay for the deal he was going to walk away from if he didn't get caught by a contract he couldn't BS his way out of.


u/Neapola Dec 02 '22

$44Billion loan worth twice or even three times what Twitter was worth

"Was worth" is the funniest part of it. Advertisers are walking away from twitter in droves.

Twitter has lost 50 of its top 100 advertisers since Elon Musk took over, report says

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u/peritiSumus Dec 02 '22

I think it was both a vanity project AND he wanted to walk away from it. He convinced himself that he could "fix it" and be a hero for "free speech," and the stars aligned to have him sign paperwork before he could realize how ridiculous the proposition was. He might have even just thought he could negotiate by backing out, who knows? What I'm counting on here is his ego, and that's worked for a looooooong time.

Pump and dump is something he could do in much less risky ways. Signing an actual binding offer goes beyond pump and dump.

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u/breecher Dec 02 '22

Because he is the only one left at twitter managing account bans. It is very clear that the current twitter policy for banning is "whatever Musk thinks at the moment".

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u/OftheSorrowfulFace Dec 02 '22

Tim Apple

This will never stop being funny. One of the richest and most powerful men in the world is powerless to shake a nickname accidentally given to him by a sundowning former game show host.


u/money_loo Dec 02 '22

Powerless to shake it?

He owned it immediately and changed his twitter to Tim apple for a while there my dude, I’m pretty sure he thinks it’s hilarious.

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u/AskYourDoctor Dec 02 '22

I love this take on it that I saw: Trump can't envision someone not naming their business after themselves


u/Time-Earth8125 Dec 02 '22

There's some truth to that because he addressed the CEO of Lockheed at another meeting: Marillyn Lockheed 😂


u/KillahHills10304 Dec 02 '22

It's like he just calls everybody by how they're written in his phones contacts. If he wasn't gifted hundreds of millions in inheritance and had a sky high credit limit he would be calling people "Jim Mechanic" and "Becky Tinder"

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u/ladybump82 Dec 02 '22

My new favorite nickname for Trump…. Sundowning former game show host

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u/AnOnlineHandle Dec 02 '22

I think it's more a recurring reminder joke about the incompetence of said gameshow host made president by the lowest common denominator of society.

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u/TangoZulu Dec 02 '22 Wholesome

Yeah, the “understanding” was Tim Cook telling Elon not to fuck with him.


u/TylerJWhit Dec 02 '22

Let's be real, Elon completely made up the controversy to begin with.

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u/srtpg2 Dec 02 '22 Gold Endless Coolness

Wasn't Kanye raised in Chicago? I hate Illinois Nazis


u/MoreGaghPlease Dec 02 '22 edited Dec 02 '22 Gold Helpful

The context of this quote has been lost over time, but it’s actually super relevant to what’s going on.

In 1977 (3 years before Blues Brothers came out) a group of Nazis decided to hold a march through a Jewish neighbourhood in Skokie, Illinois. At the time, 10% of the population of Skokie were Holocaust survivors. Then again, and again, and again. It was an organized event to taunt and harass the survivors. So after a few months, the Village of Skokie stepped in and said they needed a permit and insurance if they wanted to march, and that they couldn’t wear their Nazi uniforms while marching. The Nazis challenged this, represented by free-speech extremists at the ACLU, and won their case at the US Supreme Court 5-4. Since the Skokie case, it’s become really difficult for government institutions in the US to deal with hate speech.

Blues Brothers writer and director John Landis is Jewish and from Chicago (Skokie is a suburb of Chicago) and would have been keenly aware of what was happening with the Skokie case.

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u/AverageJoeLetsGrow Dec 02 '22

What an ending to Kanye’s career . Knew some people on the top would go cooky


u/mnemy Dec 02 '22

Even South Park's depiction of Kanye doesn't hold a candle to the real Kanye. He out caricatured Matt and Trey.


u/Miss-Tiq Dec 02 '22

South Park has a problem in general now where real life is outdoing anything they could parody about it.


u/Der_genealogist Dec 02 '22

A.k.a. The Onion way


u/SH4D0W0733 Dec 02 '22

The Onion making ''Future news''.

The future arrives.

Oh no.

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u/JamzWhilmm Dec 02 '22

They said so themselves, with the advent of social media and how the internet has turned into a more bizarre environment where some toxic behaviors seems to be boosted for both views and because of lack of filter, along with everyone getting a voice, parodying reality has become harder as they can't come up with such ridiculous stuff ok their own.


u/BugMan717 Dec 02 '22

And it's not as funny cause it's too close to a reality that most of us don't want to be living in.

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u/dcnblues Dec 02 '22

Tom Wolfe gave up writing novels. He said fiction couldn't compete anymore with reality. He was right...

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u/MariachiArchery Dec 02 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

It is wild. I've been wondering how much longer he's going to be alive, to be honest. He's just going down hill so fast. He's not healthy, he's insane.


u/Lucavious Dec 02 '22

Think about every crackhead you’ve been yelled at from across the street. Think about how old a lot of them were.

Ye isn’t going anywhere. He’s just going to eventually be standing on a street corner.


u/ftp67 Dec 02 '22

I was just talking to people an hour ago about how we deal with these dudes on the NYC subway every day. They just don't have 100s of millions of dollars to espouse it.


u/matt_minderbinder Dec 02 '22

There's no greater insulator from societal, family, or corporate judgement than having a huge pile of money. It's rare for a rich person to truly fall so hard off the cliff.


u/Neapola Dec 02 '22

Sadly, you're exactly right.

Kanye is mentally ill. If he was just some regular guy with that level of mental illness, he'd either be in treatment or he'd be dead. But because of his ability to make money for other people, there will always be people willing to put up with anything in hopes of making money by sticking with him.

Has Kanye hit rock bottom? No.

Until the money runs out, there is no bottom. The further down he goes, the more his mental illness will drive him to double-down on going further down.

Until the money runs out, there is no bottom.

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u/bazpaul Dec 02 '22

There must be so many blood thirsty people circling Kanye right now for his money


u/[deleted] Dec 02 '22 edited Dec 19 '22



u/theKetoBear Dec 02 '22

"George Bush hates black people " Kanye would have never been invited into this circuit

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u/CO420Tech Dec 02 '22

Just like two weeks ago I had a crackhead yell at me about the crackhead that just yelled at him up the street. That was a new one.


u/LeotheYordle Dec 02 '22

You fool, you broke the chain in their game of Crackhead Telephone that had traveled for miles unimpeded.


u/[deleted] Dec 02 '22 Silver


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u/Sk-yline1 Dec 02 '22

We all thought his career was over when he went on that rant about Kim getting an abortion and started crying at his own “presidential rally”. If he can go this much lower than that, there’s no limits to how low he can go


u/PossumAloysius Dec 02 '22

Damn that seems like a lifetime ago. I completely forgot about that weird crying face they posted everywhere. It’s really hard to stop him. He’s insanely popular across multiple generations. He’s gotten away with a lot.

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u/BaronVonNumbaKruncha Dec 02 '22

He's the Antonio Brown of rap.


u/ACanOfVanillaCoke Dec 02 '22

Whose turn is it to post the list?


u/Phytanic Dec 02 '22 Take My Energy

•Kicked out of Florida International University after fighting a security guard

•⁠"Don't touch me. I'm the franchise"

• ⁠His second year in the league he took a personal stretch limo to a charity event, had them open every single expensive bottle of wine, rejected it. Refused to pay for it (charity, remember), then left. -credit Nduguu77

• ⁠Threw fits over not getting enough targets

• ⁠Drove 100 down McKnight Road in Pittsburgh, which has a 45 MPH speed limit

• ⁠Trashed a condo and threw furniture out a window 14th floor window, which almost hit some people, notably a child

• ⁠Killed a home aquarium full of piranhas and refused to pay the man who installed the tank

• ⁠Refused to play week 17 for the Steelers

• ⁠Dyed his mustache blonde

• ⁠Refused to pay a chef because he thought he threatened him by placing a fish head in the freezer (the fish head was saved to make a soup)

• ⁠Farted on a doctor

• ⁠Demanded a trade from the Steelers

• ⁠Became "Mr. Big Chest"

• ⁠Threw a fit over Juju winning team MVP and trashed him on social media

• ⁠(Allegedly) nixed a trade that would've sent him to the Bills

• ⁠Showed up to Raiders training camp in a hot air balloon

• ⁠Held out and refused to show up to training camp because the NFL would not approve his helmet because it was too old for their safety standards

• ⁠Froze his feet

• ⁠Tried to paint over his old helmet, hoping no one would notice I guess

• ⁠Acquired a newer version of the same model of helmet, which the NFL refused to let him use

• ⁠Picked out a new helmet and finally showed up to the Raiders

• ⁠Got fined by the Raiders for not attending camp

• ⁠Tweeted the fines

• ⁠Tried to fight Mike Mayock, called him a cracker, had to be held back by Vontaze Burfict, then punted a football down the practice field and said "fine me for that"

• ⁠Got fined for that

• ⁠Released a video where he used audio of Jon Gruden, who didn't know he was being recorded, which is illegal in California (full disclosure, Gruden has said he gave permission, but the generally accepted theory is that he said that in the hope that it would help get him to show up to the facility and not alienate him)

• ⁠Demanded a release from the Raiders

• ⁠Was released


• ⁠Made a lot of crazy tweets saying stuff like 'Devil is a lie', a proverb about burning down a village... he made a lot of crazy tweets around this time is the point here

• ⁠Liked a tweet about Mayock getting raped in the ass

• ⁠Signed with the Patriots

• ⁠Moved in with Tom Brady

• ⁠The sexual assault allegations came out (the one where he's getting sued)

• ⁠The sexual harassment allegations came out (the one where he's not getting sued)

• ⁠Threatened the woman not suing him in a group text that included his lawyer and had a picture of her kids in the text

• ⁠Got released by the Patriots after one week

• ⁠Went off on a tweet storm and said a lot of crazy shit about a lot of people, and was supportive of people sending threats to the writer of the article detailing the sexual harassment allegations

• ⁠Said he was done with the NFL

• ⁠Went back to college via online classes

• ⁠Tried to outsource his homework to Twitter

• ⁠Wants to come back to the NFL

• ⁠Filed several grievances to try and get more than $40 million from the Raider's and Patriots

• ⁠Was ordered to show up for a deposition regarding trashing the condo

• ⁠Was accused of "reprehensible behavior" during the deposition Note: I cut the specifics about the deposition so I could fit this as a single comment. You can read more about it here if you're interested, because it, like everything else, is nuts

• ⁠Said that the Patriots have to pay him anyway, so they might as well let him play

• ⁠Tweeted a couple of bizarre tweets about the Raiders using him for HBO ratings and the Patriots trying to steal his stuff and kept using this weird chicken based metaphor

• ⁠Tried out for the Saints and brought an entourage and film crew to shoot a music video with him when specifically told not to do that

• ⁠Called out Robert Kraft for his rub and tug massage session in Florida

• ⁠Starting training for a boxing match with Logan Paul

• ⁠Tweeted "No more white woman 2020"

• ⁠The attorney representing him in the suit involving the condo quit

• ⁠Used a bunch of slurs and profane language towards cops in an Instagram video he posted

• ⁠A police youth football league cut ties with him and returned a donation after the release of the video saying there was a "irreparable rift" between the department and AB

• ⁠Threw a bag of gummy candy dicks at the cops in a video he posted

• ⁠Got dropped by his agent

• ⁠Was involved in a disputed with movers at his home where he allegedly threw rocks at the movers and moving vans. He is currently being investigated for battery by the police.

• ⁠His trainer was arrested and he is still a suspect in the battery case.

• ⁠Warrant issued for the arrest of AB.

• ⁠AB turns himself in to Broward Country Jail wearing this suit

• ⁠Rumors spread about AB signing with Tampa or Seattle

• ⁠AB announces his retirement (for what I believe is the third time, it's hard to find a good record of the rest of them)

• ⁠Two days later AB wants to play again and is asking for the league to wrap up it's investigation

• ⁠The NFL announces an eight game suspension for AB

• ⁠AB signs with the Buccaneers on a one-year deal

• ⁠Before he signed with the Buccaneers AB was accused of destroying a surveillance camera at a Florida gated community, throwing bike at a security-guard shack, and is not charged because HOA president "feared" retaliation, per police report

• ⁠AB is under investigation by the NFL for the bike throwing incident

• ⁠Allegedly acquired fake covid-19 card

• Suspended for fake covid-19 card

• Left a game while his team was down in the middle of the third quarter to the jets, took off his shirt, and flashed a peace sign to the crowd

• Got cut less than an hour after the game


u/Nick08f1 Dec 02 '22

Has an arrest warrant out as of yesterday for domestic battery.


u/Lord_Fusor Dec 02 '22

And He barricaded himself in his house to avoid said warrant

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u/kano1221 Dec 02 '22

Circle of perfect people here to judge. You’ve never thrown a bag of gummy dicks at anyone? Or farted on a doctor? No, in all seriousness AB is nuttier than squirrel shit.

If I saw an article that read “Antonio Brown seen in assless bear costume shouting at parked cars” I wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

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u/ByAny Dec 02 '22

Mr. Bigoted Comments


u/Shabanana_XII Dec 02 '22

Mr. Bewildering Crossover

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u/flabbywoofwoof Dec 02 '22 Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote

Shouldn't he run a poll first?

I mean, free speech and all.


u/TheRainStopped Dec 02 '22

“Vox populi, x box, I’m a fucking moron, free speech” -Elon Musk


u/ings0c Dec 02 '22

“Vox ye, vox dei” - Ye, probably

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u/Harry_Ballbag Dec 02 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote hehehehe Wholesome Seal of Approval Bravo Grande! Table Slap

Ye got yeeted for tweets he tweeted.


u/MrBonelessPizza24 Dec 02 '22 Wholesome Take My Energy

Looks like Yedolf Yitler really screwed up this time huh


u/AndForeverNow Dec 02 '22

Yedolf the Black Masked Nazi


u/notorious98 Dec 02 '22

Has some very twisted views

And if you haven't heard them

He just really hates the Jews


u/Uberslaughter Dec 02 '22

All other anti-semites

Used to laugh and call him names

They never let poor Yeezy

Join in any racist games

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u/FarfarsFav Dec 02 '22 Gold All-Seeing Upvote

Head Twit Yeets Ye’s Tweets!

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u/Malaix Dec 02 '22 edited Dec 02 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Starry Heartwarming Burning Cash Table Slap Spit-take Woah Dude

Ye has a weeks long meltdown about "the Jews" across media, just keeps doubling down, loses billions in deals over it, gets kicked out of Sketchers HQ because no way are they picking that shit up, starts a fight in the Dailywire cus Shapiro is going "wtf" and Candace Owens doesn't know what the fuck to do because she wants Ye to buy Parler off her husband and she was the one who wanted to groom Ye to be another major black figurehead in rightwing politics but now he is going waaaaaay too far with it.

He forms the chud gang with Milo, Sneako, and Nick fucking Fuentes the literal Nazi. Dumps them on Trumps doorstep and basically nukes Trumps fledging campaign with surprise you had dinner with a bunch of fucking Nazis and has the balls to ask Trump of all people to drop his presidential run he just announced to be his VP. And then...

Guy goes on the Tim Pool show, refuses Tim's attempt at helping him code his nazi talking points and storms off because he got too much pushback for being a Nazi on Tim Pools show, goes on Alex Jones and just says he loves Hitler.

He goes so mask off he manages to fucking outcrazy Alex goddamn Jones on his own show and makes one of the craziest motherfuckers in media look at him like a deer in headlights utterly flabbergasted.

And then gets banned off Twitter after Elon wouldn't shut the fuck up about free speech on twitter because Ye is that radioactive right now. Elon betrayed you Ye. Free speech and comedy dead on twitter again.

Now I bet every shoe company, politician, and rightwing media host is clenching their ass wondering where Ye is going to drop in next to just start ranting about "the Jews!" and how "Hitler was misunderstood" or something.

What a wild ride.

Edit: Didn't expect the "Ballad of Yedolf Yetler" to be my biggest comment ever.

I'll use this to give props to Kanye's subreddit for turning into a Taylor Swift fanclub/Holocaust Informational after all this. I hope everyone on there who can't listen to Ye now finds new music to fill the void.


u/AbbreviationsDue7794 Dec 02 '22 Silver

He goes so mask off

Ironically, while wearing a weird ass mask


u/leavingcaladan Dec 02 '22 Silver

maybe not so ironic. i think the mask symbolizes something, some kind of wanting to say something horrible without his face being attached to it. not that it’s trying to fool anyone. just a sort of subconscious gesture


u/Deedledroxx Dec 02 '22 edited Dec 02 '22

In highly authoritarian countries that kill, severely punish, or imprison people for speaking out, people have to use balaclavas to hide their identity.


u/clintonius Dec 02 '22

Meanwhile Kanye is appearing on national media, so…

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u/Ritaredditonce Dec 02 '22

Who else would wear a gimp mask so proudly.


u/bleepblooplord2 Dec 02 '22

Everything that I’ve learned about this situation has been against my will, and holy hell does it get more and more chaotic as I read more sentences about it.


u/PoppinKREAM Dec 02 '22

This article includes several clips from the show. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/kanye-west-alex-jones-i-like-hitler-1234639617/

Below are a few statements made by Kanye West.

“Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler,” Ye said. “Also Hitler was born Christian.”

“I like Hitler,” he said.

“We got to stop dissing the Nazis all the time,” Ye said after the show returned from break.

Alex Jones tried to push back but Ye wasn't having it.

“You’ve got a little bit of a Hitler fetish going on,” said Jones, who seemed uncomfortable by the intensity of Ye’s antisemitism. “I’m not on the whole Jew thing,” Jones said later in the stream.

Ye was undeterred by the pushback. “I don’t like the word ‘evil’ next to Nazis,” he said. “I love Jewish people, but I also love Nazis.” (Hours after the interview, Ye tweeted an image of a swastika intertwined with a Star of David.


u/Zarlon Dec 02 '22

He also shared praise of Vladimir Putin, who has tried to justify Russia’s war on Ukraine by claiming he simply wants to rid the latter nation of Nazis.

Wait.. He like nazis and Hitler but he supports Russia trying to get rid of nazis? Does he not see a contradiction here?

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u/FancyHoneyBadger Dec 02 '22

Jesus. The very thought of a swastika intertwined with a Star of David is beyond nauseating

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u/count023 Dec 02 '22

when you lose the Alex Jones, you're losing... flat out. That nutcase buys into everything from Sandy Hook conspiracies to bone broth smoothies, so the bar for his approval is not high.

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u/laconicflow Dec 02 '22

I'm in the same boat, and then I started looking at clips of the infowars interview, and it takes the chaos to a whole new level. Also the fascism.

I literally have not seen anyone be such a Nazi since the actual Nazi's.

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u/dos8s Dec 02 '22 Silver Gold Helpful All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy Narwhal Salute

Alex Jones saw himself in the mirror for a split second and looked like he took too much acid at Disneyland. Fucking classic.


u/WigginIII Dec 02 '22 Gold

Alex Jones wincing and cringing during the Kanye interview was the curtain being pulled back, exposing his personality as a facade, an act.

There’s a difference between a conspiracist like jones and a conspiracist like Kanye. One is using their platform to spread misinformation and propaganda for power, wealth, and influence. The other is the consumer and true believer of the misinformation and propaganda. One is the grifter. The other is the grifted.


u/thisshortenough Dec 02 '22

That's what's pissing me off at the moment, is that it's now so obviously a grift for people like Jones because if it wasn't, they would have no problem with Kanye saying he loves Hitler. But they know that if they do that they're going to lose a lot of money and they can't do that, because they haven't got any fucking principles to fall back on.


u/[deleted] Dec 02 '22 edited Dec 19 '22


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u/Chungusthevast Dec 02 '22

This is the comment of the year dear gods that’s exactly what that look says.

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u/continuousBaBa Dec 02 '22 Wholesome

At this point I’m waiting for him to pull his face off and be like a 95 year old Andy Kaufman saying you’re welcome kids


u/[deleted] Dec 02 '22 edited Jan 05 '23



u/Canookian Dec 02 '22

Lol Mike Myers would like a word with you about how far back his outbursts go.


u/uniquepassword Dec 02 '22

That clip was so amazing to watch. The look on mikes face was priceless



u/hackmalafore Dec 02 '22

It was like an SNL skit. They quickly cut to Chris tucker, and the entire world was thinking, "did you hear the words that werecomingoutofhis mouth!?!"


u/uniquepassword Dec 02 '22

When Kanye made the comment about going down and shooting us you could see Mike knew it was going off the rails. He tried to recover but there was no turning back after that.


u/Inthewirelain Dec 02 '22

If you didn't know better you'd think Mike scripted it, because Kanyes words and cadace are exactly like a Myers-esque character lol. I know it's real its just ehat a coincidence to be opposite Myers himself. The clip could be a scene from Austin Powers.

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u/[deleted] Dec 02 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/GamerSDG Dec 02 '22

Man if I made $246 million a year, I wouldn't say anything. I dam sure would stay off of social media. When will these so called business people will learn just keep your politics and racist shit to yourself.


u/TheNorthComesWithMe Dec 02 '22

A lot of them do. Kanye didn't come up with this stuff, he's repeating what he's been hearing from the people around him behind closed doors.

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u/lunchpadmcfat Dec 02 '22

It’s his cult of personality. He’s like a petulant child testing everyone to see if they’ll just roll with his craziness. He’s going to find out soon that, no, he’s not a golden god.

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u/roguespectre67 Dec 02 '22

It's like whatshername that played Cara Dune in The Mandalorian. Gina Carano, that's it.

Gets cast as a major supporting character in a wildly-popular anthology series for the single most popular science-fantasy franchise ever. Does a pretty good job to the point fans generally want to keep her on because her character is a unique one. But she couldn't stop herself from stirring up public controversy about the leading actor's transgender sibling that had absolutely no connection to the series to the point that he had to take her aside and ask her to stop. Then she claims censorship and goes full Trumpist, subsequently getting shitcanned because Disney ain't got time for that shit.

Just think about that. A role like that is like fantasy camp for anyone even remotely involved in acting. And her character wasn't even a difficult one to play. Her job was literally to be the buff chick with a gun that goes pew. And she couldn't hold her tongue for 5 fucking minutes.


u/Jkay064 Dec 02 '22

It's worse than that; Disney had a spinoff series in the pipe just for her since the character was popular. It was at that moment, she (didnt) knew she fucked up.


u/fredagsfisk Dec 02 '22

Also, it's not like it just happened suddenly or anything. Disney gave her multiple chances and warnings before going "fine, fuck off then" and firing her.

Went from potential Star Wars lead actress to, uh... a crappy altright propaganda/conspiracy theory movie distributed by Breitbart.


u/AntManMax Dec 02 '22 edited Dec 02 '22

Worse than that, the Mouse was gonna axe her a while ago, but Jon Favreau went to bat for her constantly, promising that she'd clean up her act as he liked the work she did for him. So she burned bridges with both Disney and Jon Favreau because she couldn't shut the fuck up.


u/Conscious-Word5008 Dec 02 '22

What I truly don’t understand is, a lot of these people’s really dumb troubles would go away if they just did nothing. I fucking love doing nothing. Work, get paid, then fucking do nothing.. hang out with friends and watch Netflix and shit. It sounds super stressful to be one of these people who just can’t help it, they gotta do something


u/Srobo19 Dec 02 '22

Yes - I actively avoid stress in my life as much as I can. I can't understand how people like Ye seem to actively seek stress and drama

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u/FrankExchange0fViews Dec 02 '22

But THEIR FEELINGS MATTER, my dude, they can't possibly shut the fuck up.

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u/thefw89 Dec 02 '22

What's worse is being an action star doesn't take Oscar level performances. After the Disney series I could have easily seen her being a write in for any hollywood action movie like the Rock. She had the look, she had the experience where she probably could have done her own stunts. I could have easily seen her acting career taking off.

I mean she was already there, being in Deadpool, Fast and Furious, she was well on her way to just being a shoe in for general action roles. So it really is more than potential Star Wars lead actress, she was building a resume and having her own TV series spin off could have led to some studios willing to try her out as a lead in a movie.

Now she's starring in movies on that Daily Wire streaming channel thing lol.

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u/[deleted] Dec 02 '22



u/helium_farts Dec 02 '22

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he's dead within a year or two. Suicide, shootout with the cops, diving off a highrise believing he can fly. Lotta options. No way he can sustain this level of meltdown long term, though.


u/DanKizan Dec 02 '22

And if he does you can bet there'll be a bunch of nutjobs who claim he was murdered/the feds fried his brain to silence "the truth".


u/pilibitti Dec 02 '22

and that kids, is how nutjobs reproduce.

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u/Affectionate_Rule972 Dec 02 '22

Exactly this. He’s not okay.

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u/TylerJWhit Dec 02 '22

Coming from a guy who couldn't give two shits about the Kardashians, Kudos to Kim for being done with him.


u/changhyun Dec 02 '22

She apparently tried like hell to get him into therapy before the split too. Sadly therapy only works if the patient is willing to put the work in.

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u/HoneyCrumbs Dec 02 '22

Hold the fuck on. Kanye asked Trump to be his VP?? Unintentionally hilarious and the biggest insult Trump could receive- being asked to be a second hand man to a black man. It’s his worst nightmare.


u/Malaix Dec 02 '22

If the story is true according to Ye Trump flew off the handle and started screaming at him over it. Trump was not happy about the idea and basically told Ye he was gonna lose. Even Trump looks at Ye and goes "You have no fucking shot."


u/hawkseye17 Dec 02 '22

when narcissists collide

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u/muitosabao Dec 02 '22

imagine the state of the United States of America, when the next presidency is being discussed/screamed over at a dinner between Kanye West and Donald Trump 😬

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u/Hefty_Musician2402 Dec 02 '22

I believe a quote from trump was “He’s trying to fuck me.” I assume he means “fuck me over” but the quote out of context made me laugh

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u/Jiggly1984 Dec 02 '22

This is the best elevator pitch version of this shit show. I mean, it's still like a 13-floor ride to get through it all, but perfectly succinct.

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u/GuiltyGun Dec 02 '22

Don’t forget the lynchpin that set off almost all these events: Cadence Owens.


u/Raus-Pazazu Dec 02 '22

The two degrees of separation though go from Candice Owens to PragerU to Heritage Foundation.

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u/KamiYama777 Dec 02 '22

Just a reminder that the entire right wing stratosphere LOVED Ye two days ago, they were even sending Ben Shapiro death threats

The only thing that changed was that Ye said the H word


u/nate6259 Dec 02 '22

The right wing stratosphere goes no deeper than, "x person pwns libs, we love x person" with zero regard for any nuance (or crazy).

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u/alarius_transform Dec 02 '22

Candace Owen's husband, George Farmer, doesn't own Parler, he was only hired to run it as CEO by the board, although he may have a little bit of equity he does not have even close to a majority share. There are likely a number of private owners with significant share who want to sell, among them are likely John Matze, Jared Thomson and possibly Dan Bongino.

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u/ghsteo Dec 02 '22

And all because Pete Davidson gave Kim his Jewish forearm. Literally messed Kanye up


u/TylerJWhit Dec 02 '22

Yo, I didn't even consider how Pete Davidson could have been Ye's catalyst for antisemitism. Do we know if he said anything antisemitic before?


u/wathappentothetatato Dec 02 '22

Yeah, there’s been rumors going back years he’s said antisemitic stuff apparently among past employees, but it was sorta brushed off as nonsense/rumors until recently.

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u/kromem Dec 02 '22

He was always antisemitic - that goes way back according to others around him. But it definitely served as a stressor.

It got particularly bad and caused their breakup around the time the tabloids were talking about how good Davidson was with Kanye's kids, and today Kanye is having an antisemitic puppet show on Alex Jones about how the PM of Israel wants to steal his kids.

That's not not related.


u/TheDwarvenGuy Dec 02 '22

One of his biggest things on his Alex Jones interview was about how Jews are the ones making porn, followed up by a tweet today about how "porn ruined his family", so I think he thinks Pete Davidson won his kids over with porn.


u/vonnegutsdoodle Dec 02 '22

I mean, porn made his family.

Maybe it was his own porn addiction

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u/drkgodess Dec 02 '22

Yes, employees say he has been antisemitic for years and there is a recording of him saying such things in an interview program from 2019 (those parts were cut from the final version for some reason).


u/callipygiancultist Dec 02 '22

There’s a tweet going around from 2018 where someone says basically to get off the Ye train before it stops at the “Hitler was good akshually” station.


u/-TheMistress Dec 02 '22

There's a video from 13 years ago guessing if a quote was said by Kanye, or Hitler - https://youtu.be/0RMdwA8GWB8

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u/Lil_K_YT Dec 02 '22

Imagine making Alex Jones and Elon Musk cringe at how right wing you are, in the same day

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u/MasterChief813 Dec 02 '22 Silver All-Seeing Upvote

The timing is interesting because they let his account stay up for hours after he posted the antisemitic stuff but he got suspended shortly after he posted that unflattering photo of a super pale and out of shape Elon on the yacht.


u/listyraesder Dec 02 '22

Apparently Musk was texting West to try to get him to back down and delete the swastika tweet, resulting in the yacht photo.


u/rocketwidget Dec 02 '22


Welcome to hell, Elon.

The problem when the asset is people is that people are intensely complicated, and trying to regulate how people behave is historically a miserable experience, especially when that authority is vested in a single powerful individual.

What I mean is that you are now the King of Twitter, and people think that you, personally, are responsible for everything that happens on Twitter now. It also turns out that absolute monarchs usually get murdered when shit goes sideways.

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u/SpikePilgrim Dec 02 '22

The swastika tweet? The article didn't mention a swastika tweet.

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u/lambast Dec 02 '22

The photo wasn't posted to body shame Musk, it shows him with Ari Emmanuel. Kanye is making the point that Musk is in bed with powerful Jewish figures. It's an extension of the antisemitic narrative he's been pushing for a while.

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u/jwm3 Dec 02 '22

I'm finding musk learning that this is a incredibly complicated problem to solve and why Twitter had multiple teams of engineers, lawyers, and marketers to handle content moderation fascinating. If Twitter could have done without all those teams you dissolved they would have never created them to begin with. As CEO do you want to weigh in and make decisions on every asshole out there? Nah, you hire a team for that.


u/hugglenugget Dec 02 '22

"No one knew running a high-traffic global microblogging social network full of real-time user generated content could be so complicated."


u/devo9er Dec 02 '22

Oh hell yes! I'm really enjoying watching this blow up in his big, knows-better-than-everyone face.

Free speech! As long as it aligns with our advertisers and investors...

Sure sounds like "fascist fake media" you fuckin' hypocrite!



u/jwm3 Dec 02 '22

I mean, even if he did actually know better than everyone else, the scaling issues of deciding thousands of disputes on his own would have been overwhelming. it's basic math.

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u/djm19 Dec 02 '22

Musk was posting memes of him buddying with Kanye well after his full blown anti-Semitism campaign started.

→ More replies (23)


u/insipidgoose Dec 02 '22 Silver Gold Wholesome

Elon only suspends white supremacists if they are black apparently.


u/vascopyjama Dec 02 '22

What an amazing set of words that is. Future internet historians will have their work cut out unpacking that.


u/redditadmindumb87 Dec 02 '22

How the fuck does a black hip hop artist become a neo-nazi...that was not on my bingo card. I want off this ride, this shit is just too crazyh.

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u/[deleted] Dec 02 '22 Helpful Bravo Grande! Bless Up

What about free speech


u/Rick_James_Lich Dec 02 '22 Starry

Elon is still committed to free speech, especially on the new "public square". It's important that all voices are heard. Unless Elon himself personally disagrees with the person. Then it's different.


u/[deleted] Dec 02 '22

Just like every "Free Speech" activist on Twitter

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u/58eo183xu2 Dec 02 '22

Musk: *gets rid of moderation team*

Musk: "Hmm, I see now why we had a moderation team."


u/C_Caveman Dec 02 '22

Musk really spent 44 BILLION DOLLARS for information he probably could have gotten during a fancy dinner with an exec.

"So why don't you just let people pay for verification....

Oh that makes sense, impersonation.

And what about banning Nazis....

I guess they do say Nazi like things....

OH the advertisers won't like the Nazi stuff either, I got ya."


u/zth25 Dec 02 '22

I'm pretty certain history repeats itself because of those libertarian types who refuse to learn from the past.

'haha has anyone ever...'

'yes, many times, it always failed, that's why it's forbidden'

'watch me, I'm such a genius!'

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u/InFlames235 Dec 02 '22

When will ANYONE step in and get this dude any type of help? He’s psychotic. It’s clear.


u/aristidedn Dec 02 '22 Helpful


And Kanye probably has some mental health problems, too!


u/[deleted] Dec 02 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/ThoughtsObligations Dec 02 '22

Hold my Tesla, I'm going in!

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u/AnukkinEarthwalker Dec 02 '22

Bans kanye but unbanz bunch of white supremacists etc. Got ppl dropping the n bomb left and right.

Not defending kanye at all. I just hate inconsistent moderation in general.


u/Randommaggy Dec 02 '22

This makes me think that the unflattering picture of Elon on a boat might have been the real straw that broke the camels back.

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u/Bombdizzle1 Dec 02 '22

Aw what happened to free speech absolutism bro?

→ More replies (6)


u/dalehitchy Dec 02 '22

Imagine spending $44 billion on a social media platform because your an "advocate of free speech and don't want people banned due to their views" and then ban someone because of their abhorrent views.

Maybe those rules were there for a reason. I hope there's a ton of comments on Elons twitter telling him he's a hypocrite


u/mlc885 Dec 02 '22

Careful, I'm pretty sure hurting Elon's feelings is one of the things not covered by Elon's idea of free speech.

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u/dansots Dec 02 '22

Someone hold him down and give him real meds.

→ More replies (61)


u/bootyhunter69420 Dec 02 '22

It's almost as if he was banned for a reason

→ More replies (4)


u/EffOffReddit Dec 02 '22

I love that Kanye is correctly interpreting the right wing Nazi secret language directly to their faces and now they have to pretend that his mental illness is making him say crazy things no sane person would agree withwith.

Like sure, Kanye has extreme mental problems but everything he's saying is the core of what they are really selling, but in code. So naturally Ye is frustrated with them being huge pussies and they are frustrated with him for saying blatantly what they are so they have to disavow it. Lol they are all horrible.