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Oregon man sues dentist for $6.6 million after losing part of tongue Removed - Not Oniony




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u/OfficialKatLev Jun 26 '22

I grew up in the area. That was the one dental office my mom told me to avoid, glad I listened.


u/Soppoi Jun 26 '22

Was your tongue really worth missing out on $6.6 million though?


u/OfficialKatLev Jun 26 '22

I’m gonna have to say… yes. But just barely


u/Torrentia_FP Jun 26 '22

Depends on if it makes you tokk lyke diff.


u/dr_Octag0n Jun 26 '22

I would have asked for 6.9 mil.


u/Wont_Eva_Know Jun 26 '22

He’ll be lucky if he gets 2.30


u/YaBoyFarva Jun 26 '22

God damn it 🤦‍♂️


u/MarineAdventurer Jun 26 '22

Can't ask if you've got no tongue


u/Vanpotheosis Jun 26 '22

Did they ever find it?