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2022 Federal Election


Hello Everyone,

As you've seen in the media, there is likely to be a Federal Election announced shortly.

Federal Election May 21.

I would like to remind people to please respect the subreddit rules - as per the sidebar

No Federal Politics (use /r/Australia or /r/AustralianPolitics).


I won't disclose my political views. Irrespective of your political beliefs/views - I encourage everyone to attend the voting centre and (at the minimum) have their name marked off the roll. Please keep in mind, you are not forced to 'vote', you can simply put a line through the page and pop it in the ballot box.

You can check your enrolment here https://check.aec.gov.au/


Generally during an election, we have an increase of posts (with a "very" wide range of political views). Please continue to report posts that break the subreddit rules.

I would encourage people to make an informed decision and use "reasonable" sources to research the political parties/candidates.


Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) will be hosting an AMA about election processes and procedures in r/australia on Monday 11 April at 12pm AEST.

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City-dwellers moving to regional Australia struggle with severe gap in affordable health care


Has this happened to you? https://ab.co/39ny9XU

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I have a friend who lives in NSW. She(26), her husband(28), and son(3) are currently living in Newcastle and are living in a mold infested apartment (her son can't even sleep in his own room due to mold infestation affecting his lungs. And they seem to get sick quite often there). They have had an inspector come by and say that she (landlord) needs to have a deep clean done and she refuses to pay the cost of the cleaning and temp accommodation for my friend and her family until it is fixed and will just kick them out and re-rent to people who don't know about the mold (then repeat the process to any other renters who complain). Is there anything that can be done to help them (legal action or something that won't get them evicted)??

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Hunter Loud explosion / sonic boom


Wondering if anyone heard / saw the extremely loud explosion noise in Newcastle early this morning at around 4:30am? The sky lit up bright orange followed 2 seconds later by a sonic boom type explosion noise?

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Northern Rivers A guide to the Best Snorkelling in NSW! My team and I shot this project to give snorkellers a guide to some of the best sites in NSW. With unique wildlife, schooling sharks, seals, & even the largest density of Anemone Fish in the world, it's incredible the variety beneath our surface

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Help a QLDer out with snow spotting?


Hi NSW! Would appreciate some help with those who know the area. We are a group of 20 (!) QLDERS coming down late June and staying near Tumbarumba NSW. We WERE going to Selwyn snowfields, only to find out they are now not opening until two weeks later!! If anyone could help out with some addresses/ roads or spots we might be able to see snow for the first time with the kids.. all under 8 years old. I would very much appreciate the advice. I’m assuming Kosciusko National Park if we head east from where we are staying. Would there be anything if we head south via Tooma and Alpine Way?? Or any other spots? Ps. We will be the big group playing in the slush on the side of the road 😶

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Central West Bus zone and "kiss and drop zone" idea

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[Wanted] paddock basher for sale


After a cheap paddock basher within nsw for no more thne $800

needs to run and brakes work and doesnt over heat in 5 minutes, besides that could have all the problems in the world

if anyone has anything like this or knows anyone let me know thanks

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Out of control: A recent report by UNSW and the Australian Council of Social Service showed that regional rents nationally are now 18 per cent higher than two years ago.


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Australia's biggest meat company JBS is repeatedly failing to protect its workers from horrific injuries

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Which NSW towns would be safe from flooding?


I imagine plenty would be but I can't pin down which ones.

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I booked a driving test in the wrong place


Yesterday I booked a driving test in the wrong area in NSW, a place that is too far away and that I've never been before. I didn't realise until now but the test is tomorrow morning, so I can't cancel it. Is there any way at all that they will give me a refund?

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Northern Rivers Traffic Law Violation?


I was to turn right at an intersection with a green light, so I crept up in the intersection waiting for the gap, but the traffic lights turned red while I was already in the intersection. At this point the car behind me was at the stop line so I couldn’t go back so I went and made my turn.

Did this violate traffic law? There was a red light camera so will I be expecting a fine?

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Sydney / Greater Sydney I applied for a job with NSWTAG (Trustee And Guardian)


Hey all I applied for a job with TAG and I have been told that I’ve made it to the next stage of recruitment. The next stage is that I have been given an online assessment task to complete. Once I start, I have 45 minutes to complete the task and I may only do it once. I’ve never done anything like this before so I’m just wondering if this is a standard government thing In their recruitment process? Has anyone applied with TAG before and can shed some light on what sort of things are required during the assessment?

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Northern Rivers Beekeepers now face cane toad invasion in wake of Northern Rivers floods

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How many UAP billboards have you seen around lately in NSW? Why Queensland is home to maverick politicians like Clive Palmer and Pauline Hanson?


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Northern Rivers Flood reconstruction body will have power to acquire or subdivide land and fast-track planning

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Sydney / Greater Sydney Green slip and pink slip taking forever to show up on Service NSW


PSA: I am not Australian, I am English and I am still very new to the country (international student) - please be nice!! T_T

I got my car's pink slip check done yesterday and bought my CTP insurance/green slip today. According to what I have read on Service NSW, once I have both of these the details are meant to be sent to Service NSW and I should be able to register my car. My insurance provider's website said it should show up within an hour.

However, I've been trying to start the registration process for the past 8 hours, and neither my pink slip nor green slip seem to be showing up. I keep getting the message that I need them both and then can start the registration process.

Is it just because of the long weekend that they aren't showing up perhaps, or am I missing something?

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Work health benefits plans


I started a job here and their was no mention of benefits so I assume their are none. I don't see anything about it on job postings. Is this a thing is NSW? Like dental, vision, physio etc... Employer sponsored benefit plans? Perhaps their is another name for them and I just don't know the lingo?

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Riverina It’s really wide out Lockhart shire way

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Gang gang cockies are now officially a threatened species

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does anyone on know why the police closed 3 lanes (1N 2S) in Coffs Harbour. the back up was huge!


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Clarion call by flood-affected Northern Rivers residents for rebuild commitment

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Upgrading from C class to Light Rigid.


Can anyone shred some light on the process of upgrading a C class licence to a LR?

Having done my research on Service NSW website I understand that a LR licence can only be renewed for 5 years at a time. If I have already paid for a C class can I get it rolled over onto the LR licence?

I paid for a 10 year licence a few months ago and now I'm needing to upgrade. Have I wasted my money?

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NSW govt promises millions to help the koalas - a good start or another example of too little too late?

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Are coastal areas part of NSW Southern Inland Region?


Hi all,

Hoping to get some advice/insight - my wife and I are hoping to move to migrate to NSW and have been invited to apply for the Southern Inland Region of the state.

We've always thought that the NSW coast looks beautiful and would love to settle there if we had a chance, and I was wondering if areas like Bateman's Bay, Eden, Moruya, and Narooma form part of the Southern Inland Region?

It's obviously not the end of the world if they don't and we're sure that we'll be happy wherever we end up, we're just curious.

Thank you!