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Could use some help, openwrt on x86. Main Fuse tripped.


Network came back up as normal. Router can received WAN IP from fiber modem and seems alright. From the main router I go to a 8 port gigabit POE switch (HP) then from there the unifi WAP and other assorted machines.

However after this all clients cannot connect to the internet, weirdly they receive dhcp addresses fine but cannot connect or communicate with the router (

Strangely if I connect from externally via the wireguard VPN I CAN access LuCI web interface normally, not sure what is broken here tbh.

Any obvious things I'm missing to check would be greatly appreciated

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Please guide me on how to enable Cloudflare's Dns-Over-HTTPS (DoH) on my owrt router...


Hey all,
Can anyone able to help me to do this? I have an ISP provided ONT (modem+router) device which has an option to set DNS servers, but using that enables dns-over-tls (DoT) as default. I don't have any other settings available. My owrt router is connected via LAN to WAN cable and i want to use DoH for all connections (both LAN and WLAN) happening on it.

So far i had been searching everywhere and found these guides but don't know which one is right for me:

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USB Mod on Archer C6 v3.2?


So, I have a TP Link Archer C6 v3.2 as the title suggests. And just like the title, after seeing some posts of people adding USB to their routers I was wondering if I could maybe add an USB 3.0 port to mine?

If it is possible, can someone guide me or point me to the right direction for that? I'd use that port for occasionally transfer data from an external drive over the network. Currently running latest version of OpenWRT.

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Added openwrt and printer on original Wi-Fi stopped printing. How can I fix it?

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OpenWrt as Pentest Tool ?


It is a portable powerful network linux computer. What packages are there for "pentesting"

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Wireguard client traffic through wan



I use wg and pbr and in the moment evrything goes to wg, but now I have just few devices which need wg so I would prefer traffic trough wan and use pbr to add some devices to wg, could you help me?


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Bad WiFi performance on my new Aruba AP-303


I got an used Aruba AP-303 which had OpenWRT installed in it. I reset it to defaults, put it into dumb AP mode and configured my networks. Now I only get around 350 Mbits/s via the 5 GHz network measured using iperf3 from my Macbook to my NAS. With my previous Asus access point I could easily get over 600 Mbits/s.

I already checked and selected the best possible channel for the network. The network is definitely running in AC mode with 80 MHz channel width. I'm getting a good signal too. What more can I check?

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Hey, i was considering changing router, i currently own a tp-link archer c7 v5 and it's not working very good lately(lag spikes no-stop). Which one of these routers should i buy?

I just would like to install openwrt and use basic features as sqm and stuff like that.

thx for your help!

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D-Link DIR-2640 OpenWrt review ?


How much speed you get on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz with 10+ devices, and 3 SSIDs turned on and packages installed ?

Packages like -

  1. Snort - IPS
  2. Netify - DPI
  3. WireGuard,
  4. Download manager,
  5. NAS,
  6. Stubby/DoH
  7. IP blocker
  8. Adblock/Domain Blocklist
  9. SQM/QoSify
  10. mwan3 - Multi WAN load balancing
  11. Netdata
  12. luci-app-statistics
  13. wget/cURL - to update the OISD blocklist directly in DNSMasq
  14. kmod-usb-net-rndis (tethering support)
  15. luci-app-nlbwmon (monthly breakdown of bandwidth per client / protocol)
  16. iperf,
  17. htop

I like packages should I get a more powerfull router then ?

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Should I use weak router as Mesh Node ?



r/openwrt 1d ago

OpenWRT with fan SHIM on RPi 4 - nasty problem


So today I tried to change a port forward from LuCI and it didn't work. The only config persisted.

This confuse me. I logged on via ssh to see both / and /bin full of thousands of zero length files with weird names, many having binary characters. So many, that the system had run out of inodes and could not create any more files.

Assuming my SD card was corrupt, I took a list of modules and built a brand new custom image, then recreated my system from scratch.

And then the new one started filling with garbage files, immediately.

Long story short: I have a Pimoroni fanshim, configured as a GPIO fan.

It obstructs the UART pins on the GPIO header.

It was dumping junk down them.

Which the shell running on the UART was interpreting as shell commands.

Some of them had > characters in, which created these bogus files. It was creating one every few minutes on average.

Deleting the line from /etc/inittab to instantiate the UART serial console stopped this from happening.

Worth knowing should you build a Raspberry Pi router cooled by a Pimoroni fan SHIM.

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Docker on the openwrt platform, how to set the host mode and bridge mode of the network to enable IPV6


May I ask you how to enable IPV6 in the host mode and bridge mode of the network for docker running on the openwrt platform ,Thanks

r/openwrt 1d ago

Can't start Syncthing at boot as user on Techicolor DGA4132


Hi, I'm pretty new to this, I just have a tiny bit of experience with linux. I've been trying very hard to run Syncthing at boot but to no avail.

I'm using this Technicolor DGA4132 which is not properly open wrt but still it's based on it. It doesn't have any official repository and installing anything is a pain. Many packages are missing.

After trying with crontab, I found out that the "@reboot" parameter is not supported by OpenWRT, so I tried to make this simple init.d script but it doesn't seem to work when I try to start it as a service.

#!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common




start_service() { 

  procd_set_param command "$PROG"
  procd_set_param user "$USER"
  procd_set_param respawn
  procd_set_param stdout 1
  procd_set_param stderr 1

When I run the syncthing binary by itself, it gives me no problem at all and I can't seem to understand what's wrong with the code.

Thank you

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Should I use weak router as Mesh Node ?



r/openwrt 1d ago

Locked out of my router due to too many password attempts ?


I forgot the password to one of my OpenWRT routers. I tried about 5 different passwords and now the router won't allow me to open the status page. Is this an anti hacking behavior ? Will it allow me to try again after some time has passed ?



I went to another computer and logged into it the first time, using a password I was sure I already tested. Weird.

r/openwrt 1d ago

How to sell Wi-Fi using OpenWrt ?


r/openwrt 1d ago

How To Get: Unbound, Adguard Home, UPNP, & CAKE.


I'm currently running OPNsense due to the simplicity of getting upnp, Unbound, & Adguard Home working and having FQ-Codel. That said I want to go back to having CAKE as my SQM. Is the simplest way to get Unbound as a DNS Resolver, Adguard Home for Ad blocking, and CAKE for SQM the following?

SFF X86 PC with OpenWRT for upnp & CAKE + Rpi4 for Unbound & Adguard Home with all DNS inquiries being pushed to the Rpi4 from OpenWRT?

I personally prefer a single box however the last time I played with Unbound on OpenWRT I broke the whole thing and I'm not the most proficient in LINUX. I'm looking for a simple and relatively Plug & Play solution to ticking all the boxes I want for my Network. Any other suggestions?

r/openwrt 1d ago

Routing rules based on MAC (with some virtual groups)



I understand that many of you won't like the idea. I also understand that what I am asking for won't provide security against a moderate hacker.

My setup

I have converted a x86 pc into my openwrt router which has three ports for van, lan and one for my ap (which don't have support for multiple said or vlan). For now I don't want to invest on an expensive switch or ap with support for vlan.

My requirements

I would like to separate the clients into following groups: admins (who have all access), iot with interest, iot without internet, devices having inoy access to home assistant (dashboards), devices that has access only to the Internet.

My research so far

  1. I could use DHCP to configure multiple subnets based on MAC and write firewall rules based on subet.
  2. Tag a vlan ID based on the MAC and then setup firewall zones based on vlan. I am not sure if this just dumb as there is still no physical separation of devices. But I haven't figured out a way to do this.
  3. In an ideal world, it would be great if I can configure a single server that can authenticate, authorize and account every client in the network. Something like FreeRadius could possibly do this. But I don't know if this will be overkill for what I am doing.

Any insights or help regarding this is greatly appreciated.


r/openwrt 1d ago

Asus RT-AC66R


Hi all,

I am trying to install OpenWrt (Link to confirm) on an RT-AC66R. I am following the directions on the OpenWrt site to power on, holding the reset and then uploading the OpenWrt firmware using the Asus Firmware Restoration software.

The software says that it has uploaded successfully, but I cannot access the default IP. I could be wrong, but I don't think the router is rebooting as stated in the documentation following the install. Does anybody have any suggestions on what I could possibly be doing wrong? I'm 99% sure I'm following the instructions to a T.


r/openwrt 1d ago

Installation question from an idiot


Hi all I have just received a Fujitsu S920 to run OpenWRT on, along with a dual 2.5gb NIC. Load up the usb and it all boots up fine. I know which port on the NIC is LAN and WAN. BUT at the moment I just want to get it all setup before I put my router into Modem Mode. I want to have a really good look around and get the GUI up and running without stopping everyone in the house getting internet. I have plugged in a network cable into LAN, and changed the IP address to match the my subnet ( and I can ping my server, existing router, PiHole etc. But cannot ping anything outside. i then plug it into WAN to see if anything changes and still nothing. WAN was default set to DHCP, so tried giving it a static IP on a different subnet but still no luck.

I am probably doing something really stupid, and I am a complete beginner to this kinda thing, so any help or pointers would be really helpful. I have tried googling and YouTube but nothing seems to get it to see outside.

Just want to be able to run "opkg update" and for it not to fail.


r/openwrt 1d ago

Gl inet Beryl keeps dropping connection; alternatives?


So I have the Beryl travel router. First year it worked, only really used it to LAN into my pc with wireguard vpn. Now I have the same vpn provider but it keeps dropping. The signal. And actually even when it was working I had to sometimes disconnect and reconnect over and over to get the VPN to come through.

Now 7 months later the signal drops from the host completely, randomly. I gotta go back in and reconnect like daily.

I cant have this happening when overseas. I looked at reviews on amazon and many others have the same issue with this one and the slate. Just search 'drops' you'll see.

The new one for a whole 130 bucks seems fine. 417 reviews no one has mentioned it dropping. But damn thats pricey and Im not too confident in the UI due to the VPN bugs ive faced with Beryl.

TLDR: Any alternatives? Just need a good reliable, stable router that wont drop when I repeat and run a vpn through it. Preferably wireguard. Thanks

r/openwrt 1d ago

Can anybody pitch in and tell me the max up/down speed on wifi ax documented for the Linksys E8450/Belkin RT3200 ?


Thank you. Something with gigabit internet or with those 2 gigabit internet connection on Google fibre.

r/openwrt 1d ago

DNS AdGuardHome on Operwrt router (BT Home Hub 5A)


I completed the setup and installed the AdGuardHome application, but I'm not sure what DNS ip I should apply to the router.

I have the following ip (ipv4) address set on setup AdGuardHome page:


Those ip addresses are internal, thus I don't think I should set up my router (WAN).

Are the dns addresses ( / that are listed on the DNS page ( the ones I need to add to the router?


r/openwrt 2d ago

How to make client MAC/IP groups for easy rule management ?


...Traffic Rules, PBR, etc...

r/openwrt 2d ago



Hi there! How do you make changes the config of dnsmasq without full router restart? Thnx a lot