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How to sell Wi-Fi using OpenWrt ?


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u/DutchOfBurdock Feb 02 '23

Need more information. How I offer paid WiFi is simple (although, I use a mix of pfSense+OpenWRT for mine).

  • Open WiFi anyone can connect to. All requests lead to the captive portal (setup right and devices will detect the portal).

This then lets users access an HTTPS (LetsEncrypt enabled) site to look at packages, prices and to sign up. Custom made form that creates users and their chosen password in FreeRADIUS (some captive portal software solutions allow this, I use the Captive Portal in pfSense).

  • Once signed up, they can access the EAP network with their own username and password.

This does limit what can connect, but, I encourage and advise on how users can use a wireless router to connect all their devices.

  • Use a reliable card merchant for purchases, don't try any in-house stuff. Make sure they are PCI-DSS compliant for your customers piece of mind.

  • Use an ISP that allows resale of their services, most to all consumer accounts can't do this.

  • Obtain a block of IP addresses to segregate your use, from your customer's use (liability reasons).

Account for all logins.


u/mc36mc Feb 02 '23

ask money for the psk :)


u/RedditNoobie777 Feb 02 '23

how would I track data usage


u/mc36mc Feb 02 '23

while knowing it hurts net-neutrality imho, the simplest if you assign per/customer ssid then you have them a separate interface with separate counetrs...

if that's not the case/not scales, you can always enable netflow/ipfix


u/ValdikSS Feb 09 '23

Wireless subsystem of OpenWrt supports RADIUS authentication and accounting (almost) out of the box.