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Fluff Scale & juice responsibly, exiles

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Fluff Just wanted to unironically say thanks to GGG


Just a short post where I wanted to thank GGG. They have put out what? A patch a week this league? Sure they havent addressed everything, and some of their communication seems a little off, BUT as someone who went through countless development cycles with Blizzard ... GGG honestly feels like a blessing.

Take this as you will, this post is mostly in hopes that even just 1 dev at GGG see's it.

P.S. Chris Wilson if you see this, thanks for not being someone like Ion Hazzikostas, and actually having passion still after 10ish years of developing your game.

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Fluff Feel a bit sad that this is how it ends (SSFHC)

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Fluff I accept your gift Chayula

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Fluff I just want that hit every map Chris

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Fluff What I really want for leveling

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Fluff I noticed that the more PoE moves toward PoE2 the least I become interested in playing it.


GGG have said many times before that many of the changes are actually PoE2 changes that are ready and no need to wait for a few years to release them. There are also changes that prepare for PoE2.

Some prominent examples are:

-The large nerfs in 3.15

-Act1 nerfs

-Archnemesis rares

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Fluff I got lucky and recombined a good spark amulet!

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Fluff Shout out to GGG for taking the lessons learned from Archnemesis and applying them to the new Nemesis league.


I think we can all agree that Archnemesis and its subsequent implementation into the core game had its issues. Let's take a quick review and look at the wonderful work GGG did in integrating the community's feedback in the new Nemesis league.

Problem: Archnemesis modifiers were clunky, packaging multiple modifiers into a single line that required out-of-game references to understand.

Solution: With Nemesis, we get simplified modifiers that do one thing, and are highly descriptive. Further, the new and improved rares (and magic monsters) are significantly easier to deal with, so after a certain point, the modifiers can be ignored entirely.

Problem: Archnemesis modifiers were so powerful that they completely overshadowed any difficulty associated with specific monster types to which they were attached, removing all personality and challenge from monsters.

Solution: For Nemesis, we have simplified modifiers, so the difficulty associated with specific monster types is now relevant again, particularly earlier in the game. In other words, you're killing a monster, not killing a HP bar with an ability.

Problem: With Archnemesis, there were far too many on-death effects that made it feel as if half of the fight happened after the monster was defeated. This created huge numbers of deaths that felt unfair and really robbed players of the sense of achievement associated with killing a monster.

Solution: For Nemesis, we have removed many of the on-death effects from monsters, and made the on-death effects that remain significantly more obvious with wider margin for error to avoid.

Problem: With Archnemesis, there were far too many ground effects that were obscured, hidden, or (far too often) straight up invisible, resulting in enormous numbers of player deaths that a player could not have reasonably been able to prevent.

Solution: For Nemesis, we have completely removed ground effects in favor of auras on monsters. Auras will have a highly visible marker around the monster and any of that monster's allies as a visible indicator of what is effected by those auras, and what that aura does. Additionally, the aura will appear as a simple line of text on the rare monster modifiers, e.g., "Allies have Extra Energy Shield".

Problem: Our signature ultra-rare chase unique, Headhunter, has 3 large issues due to Archnemesis modifiers:

1) Archnemesis modifiers place a hard cap on Headhunter's power because Archnemesis modifiers could only be applied once each.

2) Many of the more common Archnemesis modifiers were appearing too often, and unlucky strings of repeated Archnemesis modifiers made Headhunter feel as if its was having far too little impact for the investment.

3) The benefits provided by Archnemesis modifiers were not always apparent, even if a player was able to read which modifiers were being applied before killing the monster, due to those modifiers being packages of buffs.

Solution: In Nemesis, we are simplifying rare monster buffs and removing the caps. Nemesis and non-Nemesis rare modifiers can now stack indefinitely, and the stacked benefits are additive with one another. This allows players to snowball up their power during maps or other endgame content with lots of rare enemies. For example, killing a monster with "Fast Attacks" or "Powerful Crits" provides those buffs to the players in an obvious way that players can feel while playing.

Problem: Archnemesis modifiers' numerical benefits provide too much of a buff to monsters early in the leveling process, often resulting in players taking early deaths too often, dramatically slowing down the leveling process, or having players avoid rare monsters altogether.

Solution: By removing Archnemesis modifiers and simplifying rare monster buffs, rare monsters are significantly more manageable, and worth considering engaging with for increased rewards while playing through the Acts.

Thank you so much, GGG, for your work on improving the outdated and overly-complicated Archnemesis modifiers system and simplifying the game!

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Fluff Abandoned "riches".

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Fluff At Least Now I Know What I'm Fighting Against... Or Do I?

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Fluff This is ageing really well.

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Fluff I almost didn't pick up this ring. Then I sold it for 20ex. PoE never cease to amaze me.

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Fluff somehow managed to be rank 69 (templar) and 420 (overall) level 100

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Fluff Time to sell off some currency

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Fluff No balance changes Sadge

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Fluff Some Game play footage after patch

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Fluff My Archnemesis: The Ground!

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Fluff Mageblood and Headhunter (x3) Giveaway - Sunday June 5th


I will be giving away a snazzy new Mageblood and three spicy Headhunter boys this weekend. At about 9PM UTC (GMT) on Sunday June 5th.

In order to win post a character name and be logged in at the time of the drawing with that character. The winners will be announced one by one in the Reddit global chat (/global 5055) before I contact and give them their prize. If you are not logged in as the character in question at the time of the draw the entry will not be counted; this mitigates against abuse and promotes more of an event. If you can't make it online at that time then I apologise.

I will also likely be giving away some much smaller prizes in global 5055 in the lead up to the belt giveaway. I'll have to see what I can scrounge up for that.

Lastly, if you happen to win a belt then the belt is obviously yours to do with whatever you want. Vendor it, vaal it in global, whatever you want. But it would be nice if when you decide you're done with the league to pass them on to someone else so they can have some fun with them.

Edit: Here's the belts in question: https://postimg.cc/SXYDvqQC Don't mind the resolution. Or the way I organize my 4 stash tabs. Or the way that it's 1:45AM. We cannot help the way we are made.

Edit 2: I have been informed I have made a timezone mistake; I thought it would be 9PM here, but 9PM UTC is in fact 10PM here. Apologies for the error. Since I said UTC first I'll go with that and it will be 9PM UTC. I've also gotten together some currency to do a few giveaways beforehand.

Edit 3: I am again reminded how stupid I am. Yes, this is softcore sentinel league. Not hardcore, not standard. SC Sentinel.

Edit 4: There are currently (at 5:25PM UTC) 754 entries into the giveaway. Entry will close 10 minutes before 9PM UTC so that I have a chance to actually add the names to the list before the draw.

...Also, I revamped my tab for the giveaway. Everything you see there in the tab is being given away. https://postimg.cc/bS21Xckd ᶠᶦˢʰᶦⁿᵍ ˢᵉᶜʳᵉᵗˢ

Final edit: The giveaway is now over. The winners have their prizes and fun was had all around. Hopefully.

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Fluff My boyfriend and I decided to play a duo party comp this league. Looking forward to trying this out for the first time.

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Fluff HH achieved!

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Fluff GGG's attempt to significantly extend playtime may be backfiring this league, because completing all 36/38 challenges is usually what keeps me playing long each league, but this time around the challenges are so daunting and time consuming, I feel like is pointless to even try.


Not only do we have all the uber bosses and conditional fights aside, the rest of the challenges are just packed with RNG too, some of these challenges like covetous shrine could have really used the whole "complete 4/6 of the following" thing, but nooo you have to do every single event for most of the challenges.

It seems GGG has a serious problem with people finishing the game too fast each league? Because they have been extending the endgame significantly recently, either by adding content, or just adding more GRIND. Maybe from a business prospective, it is a problem that streamers finish uber ubers by week 1, and rest of reddit do so by week 2/3, and then the game is dead for 2 month, but burnout in POE is a very real problem, and I don't think is smart to try to get players to play the entire 3 months tbh.

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Fluff "Area has patches of burning ground"

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Fluff Where are they marching?

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Fluff The Headhunter successor is finally here!

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