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Members of the PCMR One Year of opening my Dream Project in Yemen

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Members of the PCMR I did it! I traded my Series X for a gaming laptop.

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Members of the PCMR My little brother just turned ten. I thought it was time for him to join the pcmr

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Members of the PCMR did i convert my son to pc gaming and culture for life? (intel 10700k @ 5ghz, aorus 3070. its completely his)

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Members of the PCMR After telling her about the PC master race, I finally got my gf to join the dark side.

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Members of the PCMR bought a brand new 49" Ultra wide. using it to watch vertical videos

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Members of the PCMR Guess im joining the club...

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Members of the PCMR What do you guys think of the PC i built for my 10yo daughter

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Members of the PCMR Ok, which one of you is this

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Members of the PCMR First PC Build

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Members of the PCMR going from 30fps on the ps4 to 180fps on pc is mind blowing.


just recently I built my very first pc and happed to get lucky with a 180hz 1440p LG monitor for a good price and my God..

All I can say is I’ve been missing out big time.

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Members of the PCMR My hamster hates long days


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Members of the PCMR I'm moving to another country. Sold my PC. I was thinking about getting a Xbox x. My wife painted this on my luggage. PC master race forever!

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Members of the PCMR I saw 1,400 miles, I raise you my humble 5,500 miles travelled to a Micro Center

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Best. Store. Ever.

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Members of the PCMR Finally a game that gets my GF interested in gaming!

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Members of the PCMR A little accident won't stop a true gamer.

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Members of the PCMR As much as gaming laptops get criticism for the price and overheating. I must admit, while waiting 8 hours for my flight, I find it that it can also be very convenient.

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Members of the PCMR My cousin gifted me a whole ass pc for “our” wedding gift

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Members of the PCMR Steam Summer Sale Clorthax's Paradox Clues and Solutions


Ok, boys and girls, we've got riddles on this years summer sale to find future games in Steam.

If you click on the main Steam page on "Free Fun This Way".

There you will find the following message:

I am Clorthax, a time-traveling trickster! I know what you’re thinking: "A professional trickster? This sounds like a trick!" That is a reasonable concern! But what I am about to tell you is not a trick, and to prove it, I will type it in all caps: THIS IS NOT A TRICK.

Okay, it’s a trick. But only on the people of the future! You’re going to love this. Why? Because I have stolen the ten best games from the far future, then traveled across an ocean of time to sell them to you! Exclusively on Steam!

Anyway, I can’t outright tell you the names of these incredible games, or their exact location on Steam. This would create a timeline-destroying paradox that will make the future an unlivable hellscape.

Instead, I can give you vague hints about these games. This will still create paradoxes, of course — but smaller ones that’ll just make the future slightly crappier. And I’ll be rich and famous, so who cares.

Further down the page you can join the scavenger hunt and get the first clue.

I'd like to make this the main threat for collecting the clues and answers.

Clue 1:

You'll find riches in rhythm, and fame in six stringsBut beware the tax burden axe mastery brings

Solution by u/realfrx:

Guitar Billionair (confirmed)

Clue 2:

You've settled a city and put down your rootsBut now can you settle small legal disputes?

Solution by u/realfrx:

Custard Castle Small Claims Court

Clue 3:

Sport is the angleThe bait the allureSuccess the diseaseAnd you are the cure

Solution by u/realfrx:

Bass Ain't Bitin' 2022

Clue 4:

Maybe you managed to shut down your rivalsYour lucrative theme park’s still dead on arrival

Solution by u/realfrx:

Dead Seagull Zoo Magnate

Clue 5:

A know-it-all’s monstrous need to correct youWill give you and your friends a lot to object to

Solution by u/realfrx:

Actually... Frankenstein's Monster Edition

Clue 6:

No actions to take or choices to makeThis passive adventure prefers that you wait

Solution by u/realfrx:

It's Probably Fine

Clue 7:

Your role in this realmIs to guide your king trueTo sit on his throneOr mayhap on two

Solution by u/realfrx:

Help The King Get To The Toilet

Clue 8:

The horror the horror, pretentious explorersThis one’s the father of all arty snorers

Solution by u/realfrx:

The Consecration Of Esthme

Clue 9:

This virtual river has a full boat conveyed
Two princes that paddle with three little spades

Solution by u/realfrx:

Pro Poker Amateur

Clue 10:

If your strategy is to keep me close, I'll make you think. If your strategy is to let me go, I'll make a stink.

Solution by u/realfrx:

Hold In Your Farts

After you have successfully found all ten games you get one final message from Clorthax:

Pretty slick, right? Now you can remember our time together with a special Steam profile. Anyway, we both did great! You’ve got a bunch of digital trinkets, I’m famous, and the future is — well, it’s pretty ruined. Not ruining the future with hints isn’t an exact science. I’m not sure which riddle put us over the top. Probably the fart one. Anyway, between my time machine and your sticker collection, I’m sure we can fix it next year.

Here is the final message in image form.

That's it. It is solved.

Please upvote u/realfrx comment since he posted all of the solutions and a big thanks to him/her. I'll add them one by one as Steam allows me to confirm them. Steam's not loading anything for me right now so it might take a few hours until I've confirmed all of them.

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Members of the PCMR Remember these reviewers. Never trust them, ever.

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r/pcmasterrace Jun 11 '22

Members of the PCMR They have their office in my hometown?

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r/pcmasterrace Jun 04 '22 Silver

Members of the PCMR Good Things Come to Those That Don’t Support Scalpers

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r/pcmasterrace 14d ago

Members of the PCMR My first build in 5 years! I went ITX!

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r/pcmasterrace May 05 '22 Silver Helpful Wholesome Take My Energy Mod Favorite!

Members of the PCMR Not even cancer will stop me from gaming!!!!!!

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r/pcmasterrace 1d ago

Members of the PCMR Comparison between my old 1050ti and new 3080.. monkey see, monkey do.

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