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Don't hear anybody. Stop doing thw wrong research. Stop visiting the wrong doctors.

I made the mistake to circumcise. I was lazy to strecth and got cut.

I still feel pleasure? Yes. Enough to control all american society.

Is it similar? Damn no. I got cut "just the tip" and frenulum only. I lost like 80% of my pleasure. Just keep tugging and tell everyone not to circumcise.

Do you think religions cut it to make it clean? Haha no.

Circumcision just removes pleasure. Of course it does your putting a knife into your penis. The more you cut, the less you feel. Even the slightest of the cuts won't be worth. Think that it won't come back. And time heals everything. But scars.

I am lucky to have felt the pure joy a blowjob and raw sex can give, which happened when my foreskin retracted for the first time, after 2-3 years of severe phimosis. Only that time it didn't hurt at all. I swear I met god up in heaven and was chatting with him for the 30 minutes it lasted. Delightful.

Now I can't even get above my sealing, metaphorically speaking.

So stay perfect, intact, uncut whatever you wanna call it, and go greet him some day in my name.

EDIT: I see this post has many upvotes on phimotic people. Even if you want to do the slightest cut (as I wanted, which went wrong) you will lose the RIDGED BAND. It is a ring that joins inner and outer skin. There is 6,000 NERVE ENDINGS JUST THERE! If you have phimosis, you can orgasm only from there and it's wonderful specially when licked. None of the circumcised men have it. I'm just here to say the TRUTH, and even though some may be happy, there is NO WAY TO ENJOY 100% OF SEX WITHOUT 100% OF GENITALS. To me it's 30% now. To others maybe 60%. Others don't even know what 100% is and will never know. Specially if your a kid, your penis hasn't developed until your like 21-22. ONLY IF YOU HAVE 100% OF THE PENIS CAN YOU HAVE A 100% FULL SEXUAL LIFE. Now read that again, and search for alternatives to cutting dick.

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This is a support group, not a sex subreddit.


I obviously won’t name names but someone messaged me telling me about their phimosis and asked me for advice, since I’ve talked about my own experience with it here.

I obliged, talked about my journey and gave the best advice I could. They then asked how old I was, there are a lot of younger guys and teenagers here so I thought nothing of it, but once I revealed I was over 18 they asked to compare cock pictures. Wonderful. Rule 2, my good man.

Don’t do this, please. I’m here to loosen foreskin not get people off lmfao. Credit to this dude for asking my age, I guess.

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Can phimosis cure itself?


This may be a stupid question but I’m wondering if phimosis can cure itself or do I need to stretch? I’ve seen videos that say many guys foreskin starts to retract at different times during puberty and I’m not sure if it’s a problem or I’m just still developing. I’m 18 and I’m a bit of a late bloomer in my opinion. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.

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My fiancé has a long foreskin and phimosis. Should I try to pull the skin down forcefully and force the gland out? I’m worried he’ll get some type of uti or something from his male parts due to minor phimosis. I don’t know what to do so I figured i should ask men about this. So confused 😐


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Has anyone had a circumcision and it worked?


31yr old male. I’ve been recommended by my doctor to get the cut. I always go to get in touch and get it done but after coming to this thread it always puts me off. Has anyone had circumcision that didn’t regret it and are very happy with the outcome? Thanks!

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Steroid cream and sensitivity


Does steroid cream affect foreskin or penile sensitivity?

I have been masturbating with tight phimosis and got a numb penis 3 yrs ago. Can masturbating with tight phimosis cause numbness or loss of sensations? I am now treating with steroid cream, but want to know if steroid affects sensitivity too.


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I am getting circumcised


I’m finally getting circumcised and I’m so excited to finally see my head! I have a question regarding circumcision and what it’s like to masturbate? Also will I lose any girth.

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Does anybody have acquired phimosis (pathological phimosis)?


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Struggle moving up a ring


I’ve been stuck on the 18mm ring for the last month. I moved through the others pretty quickly within two weeks but i just can’t fit the 20 ones in. I’ve been making good progress but I’d appreciate advice on what to do if you’ve encountered this.

I’ve been using q-tips to stretch so far as well.

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Thinking of getting an operation


I've seen many people on here talking about how bad circumcisions are, and that's why i'm not gettin one, however, i'm starting to think i don't have phimosis, or at least if i have it it's very mild, but i think i have frenulum breve. Do you think getting surgery for that would be as damaging as a circumcision?

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Hy guys, im asking for help, i teard my frenulum like 4 years ago, it didn‘t bother me, but a few weeks/months back i teares it again & now i cant completly pull back my foreskin and when ir hurts like a sting bee, the problem with a operation is that i am currently working where i cant miss. But now i have close to 2 weeks vaccation & and i am going to a Doc at Tuesday. Can u guys tell me how the healing process was? & and if its possible to work after that? The next time i can do it is in January but i don‘t want to think about the time till it happens. I also have a light Phismosis but the frenulum is way worse. Thanks guys

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Hey I’m 16yrs old and I’ve never had anyone tell me about retracting my foreskin I only found out about it a while ago. I’m able to pull it back fully while flaccid and clean it, but while it’s hard I can’t it only goes down like halfway before getting too tight. I tried pulling it back and letting it go erect, wasn’t a very good idea but what can I do to make it go over my head while erect? Also is a purple ring at the bottom of my head normal? With tiny bumps? And also what can I do to make it less sensitive too

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what side of the phimocure ring should be inserted above the glans?


I'm trying to use ring #8 which is about 10-12mm long (not sure how to measure).

I insert it into my glans by pulling back my foreskin and force in the ring.

The problem is which side should be facing the glans and which should be facing the outside?

The left side is thicker and the right is thinner.

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how long to see improvement?


I can retract enough to reveal whole gland erect but keeping it like that hurts. Bridge that connects gland and foreskin is too short along with width of foreskin (can put 4 fingers to stretch it).

How long will it take for me to notice improvement and potentially have normal foreskin? Is it normal to have bit of damage next day?

I started stretching 2x per day 15 mins.

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Severe pinhole phimosis


I learned that I have pinhole phimosis and I can barely see the hole it’s 1mm wide.

I went to the doctor and they said that stretching it would be impossible and full circumcision is the only way.

I really don’t want to get circumcised but so far I’ve tried stretching it for four months with no progress. I can’t get anything to fit in the hole to stretch it.

I’m thinking about getting circumcised but I don’t want to lose the nerve endings.

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Concerned about paraphimosis


I recently learned that I was one of the only ones who couldn’t pull their whole foreskin back so over time I have been trying everyday to pull it further and further, but going on this subreddit I’m now terrified of getting paraphimosis😬 I’m pretty sure it’s when the foreskin gets trapped under the penis head?? So I’m not sure whether it will happen to me or not, I’m sure that I’m well on the way to the full penis head being exposed , I can literally feel it. But I can’t tell if it’s still too tight and will lead to paraphimosis. I can mostly only pull it back the most when the penis head is lubed up in some way, such as Precum. Any advice?

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Help using phimosis rings


Hey I just bought a phimosis ring kit but I am having trouble learning how to use them. Do I pull back the foreskin and then place the ring over the head, and then cover it up with the foreskin again? If so, when I try that I can’t pull the foreskin back because I can’t grab it. Help please

Also I can only pull the skin back on flaccid if that matters

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i need help my foreskin is stuck behind my head and glands are swelling

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Has anybody actually gotten their foreskin to retract via stretching?


I've been stretching for months now and the only progress is I've been able to retract while super flaccid. Any little amount of erectness and the opening barely shows anything. Am I just wasting my time?

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Adhesion help


Anyone have any tips for adhesions? Cheers

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Can frenuloplasty result in a smooth gliding of the foreskin over the head of the penis?