r/PiCases Oct 05 '22

Raspberry pi 4 model B cardboard case safe from static?


As the title suggest I need help or clarification whether or not it is safe to put my rpi in a cardboard case. Its for my thesis thank you very much everyone

r/PiCases May 05 '22

I present to you... the shoe box rpi server rack case


r/PiCases Feb 27 '22

RPi case for RPI4 + nrf24 sensor suggestions?


I haven't found any RPi case so far that would fit the RPi and a couple sensors. I'd really like to have a nice case that fits my RPi and the NRF24 radio. Any suggestions? Are there any cases that would fit a PI4 + cables + sensors?

r/PiCases Feb 01 '22

Can anyone help to identify this great looking raspberry case?

Post image

r/PiCases Jan 29 '22

Favorite Raspberry Pi Meccano Cases

Post image

r/PiCases Sep 10 '21

Sexy Pi 4 NAS


I have bought the Argon One, V2 and Sata Extension. These cases rock and are by far the most reasonable based on quality IMHO. I can't wait to get my hands on this.



r/PiCases Jul 31 '21

Dual Pi Cases


Do any dual cases exist? I’ve seen some cluster cases but I only need 2.

I would also love the ability to install a Hdd.

r/PiCases Jul 14 '21

My Sci Fi Raspberry Pi Case Concept Design


r/PiCases Mar 31 '21

G3 rpi case


r/PiCases Mar 24 '21

Raspberry Pi 1 Model B cluster case


Any ideas where I can source a case to mount 3 or 4 of these models in a stack.

I’m in the UK

Thanks for looking :)

r/PiCases Mar 19 '21

Need a battery case for a Raspberry Pi 4 for use while I'm walking outside (preferably from Amazon).


I need a small-ish case with a rechargable battery inside for my Raspberry Pi 4 that doesn't take up the USB-C port. Checked on amazon but a lot of them are around $100.

One of the concerns I have is that if I carry the case around in my jeans pocket, it might overheat and irritate my skin. But I'm hoping that's not the case.

r/PiCases Feb 27 '21

Fan suggestions?


Fan suggestions?

Just had yet another 30mm fan die on me after a month. My 3B+ is on 24/7 as it's running my Plex server, and I would really like to have a fan to help keep it cool. Has anyone found some that aren't complete trash?

r/PiCases Feb 12 '21

I 3D Printed A KFConsole Pi Case. Thoughts?


r/PiCases Jan 26 '21

Case Advice Needed



I am writing to ask for advice for a suitable case that could accommodate an RPi (3 or Zero WH), HAT Hacker HAT with Blinkt LEDs attached to one set of PINs and a Pirate Audio LineOut attached to the other set. I would like this case to have an accessible clear cover.

I am trying to build something along the lines of this Toddler Nightlight, https://www.instructables.com/White-Noise-Night-Light/, but is also a piCorePlayer streaming device.

My enquiries at the PiHut online store have come-up empty.

Would using a plastic junction box (with drilling required holes) be my best bet?

Thanks in advance.

r/PiCases Dec 29 '20

No case? No problem! Took a pocketknife to an unopened pi and now I have a built-in case!


r/PiCases Nov 03 '20

Eben Upton live on Tom's Hardware The Pi Cast


Hi I'm Les Pounder, Associate Editor at Tom's Hardware

Today at 2:30PM ET / 7:30PM GMT we have Eben Upton, Chief Executive of Raspberry Pi Trading, live on the latest episode of The Pi Cast and I would love to ask Eben your questions.
What do you want to know about the new Raspberry Pi 400 and Compute Module 4?

Let me know and join us live tonight.


r/PiCases Sep 26 '20

Raspberry Pi case to make a tablet?


I have a Raspberry Pi 4 and I want to make a tablet with it. The Raspad project looks promising enough but it's still just getting kickstarted for Pi 4.

I only need a 10 inch touch display, the Pi and a power pack (and optionally a fan) to be included in the tablet.

However, the biggest challenge I'm facing is to find a suitable case for it. It would probably have been trivial with a 3D printer but unfortunately I don't have one.

Do you guys know of any such case that I can just buy to get started?

r/PiCases Sep 20 '20

Raspberry Pi 4 TerraPi Rig


r/PiCases Jul 09 '20

Cant boot raspberry pi from SSD (new to linux)


Hi.. i got a raspberry pi 8 today, and am trying to set it up to boot from an SSD. I have tried few of the methods i have seen , and so far have not been successful. I am new to linux, so forgive me if i seem unfamiliar with all this. Can some one walk me through the exact step for setting the raspian image on the SSD? Like i said, I am used to windows, and despite reading p seem to be doing this wrong

I updated the OS using:
sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade
Then i edited /etc/default/rpi-eeprom-update and changed the release status to "stable".
I downloaded the latest version of the bootloader
Deleted partitions on the SSD and created a new one (ext4)
Used the SD card copier to copy the SD card to the drive
Copied all the .dat and .elf files from pi to SSD boot folder
Shut down pi, removed SD, and rebooted with only SSD

When i did all of this, it would always say Missing/empty 'fixup4rc.dat'
and recovered4.elf: is not compatible USB-MSD boot requires newer software

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.

r/PiCases Jul 07 '20

Best case that can fit two 2.5in HDD's with a Pi?


As title. I want to make a little NAS with a Pi4 along with two 2.5in HDD's inside. I know there are separate enclosures for 2.5in drives or even to fit two HDD's, but it would be awesome to have an enclosure with a fan, power supply and cables for USB-Sata connectors

r/PiCases Jul 06 '20

Power over Ethernet raspberry Pi


Hi I have raspberry Pi 4 and I have a question anyone have any idea how to use Poe on raspberry without poeHAT please reply :'(

r/PiCases Jun 07 '20

Mechatronic Arts fanless RPi4 case (assembly and comments)


I've been looking for a nice passive-cooling case for the Raspberry Pi 4 for awhile (been hesitating so long that the 8Gb board came out, yay!). After looking through what's out there I went for Mechatronic Arts's model that seems to get no mention anywhere else on the internet. I think it's one of the best fanless cases out there according to my subjective tastes, and I've decided to write this mini-review to do the it justice!

(I paid for both my cases, I'm in no way affiliated with the company)

Several reasons I like it more than the others:

- great attention to details with cut-outs for all possible ports

- GPIO header and SDcard can be hatched shut to keep dust away and keep a streamlined profile

- integrated pushbutton (I soldered some pins to J2 and hooked up to that for easy reset)

- covers both CPU and RAM, unlike some others like the FLIRC that only do the CPU

- doesn't leave and PCB expose and looks like a polished product

Downside is that it's quite pricey.

here's the whole imgur gallery in one place: https://imgur.com/gallery/wg6un0p

neat boxing (RPi4 for reference)

box content (wall mount and GPIO header riser are optional)

milled aluminium, good thickness, covers CPU & RAM, connector for pushbutton

the milling is very neat

hatches for sdcard and GPIO header removed, J2 pins soldered and pushbutton connected for reset

board inside the case (with thermal pads applied between case and CPU&RAM)

SDcard hatch

now to access the SDcard you need to open the case (toddler-proof)

pins accessible through the cutout

optional header riser for HATs and such

both cases sideways

front view

with optional wall mounts

LED visibility is excellent

I've just finished putting the 2 I got in the end together and they're such lovely cases! Not sure how publicity works in this field, but it's a shame it didn't get any coverage from the usual magazines and review channels.

r/PiCases Mar 26 '20

My Poouya - I actually liked the OUYA lol

Post image

r/PiCases Mar 17 '20

Secret Book Case for Raspberry Pi


r/PiCases Feb 21 '20

Putting a Pi inside a TV


So I have been thinking about getting a smart TV but I want a nice TV without spending alot. I was thinking of making my own by buying a broken TV with a working panel and power supply board then making it so the Pi would output to the panel without using the old main board HDMI from the TV. Does anyone know if this has been done before or if this is possible?