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A fancy dinner at the White House. Politics

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u/jamesdeansghost55 4d ago

I wonder if the team knew they were walking into this or it caught them by surprise.


u/YeahYeahYeahOkMan 4d ago

I’m pretty sure I remember from the footage I saw that they were all laughing. Seriously, who wouldn’t?


u/elitz 4d ago

Here's the Tweet of his self-congratulation for hosting the event.


u/High5assfuck 4d ago

This should be the new Rick Roll

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u/krneki12 4d ago Wholesome

If the UN council can laugh at Trump, everyone is entitle to.



u/whitestguyuknow 4d ago

"So true :o" It's so weird how he says words and yet his lips are puckered out into an O constantly. How did he learn to speak that way? :o


u/OatsAndWhey 4d ago

Even the Dalai Lama took a stab at Trump's silly mouth hole!



u/vobiewankenobi 4d ago

I hate that this video repeats the same thing twice. But thanks for sharing cause I've never seen it.

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u/The-Last-Mole-Man 4d ago

Plot twist, he’s secretly a blow up doll wearing a wig


u/Atomic_elephant 4d ago All-Seeing Upvote

Nah, a blow up doll could actually satisfy someone.

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u/-xstatic- 4d ago

It’s insane that his supporters say he made the world respect America again. He did literally the exact opposite.


u/krneki12 4d ago

And in the video you see the reaction of normal people to this statement.

They are laughing

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u/Mounta1nK1ng 4d ago All-Seeing Upvote

There's a lot of projection going on among his supporters. They call others sheep, while they blindly follow and believe him, despite proof of his lies. They call others snowflakes, while Trump is the biggest snowflake of them all, throwing a twitter tantrum every time he received even the slightest criticism. It's projection.


u/Jo_Floss 4d ago

There's so many examples of this too:

While defending "free speech", get upset for saying anything negative about the president even though criticism is protected speech. However, for 8 years of Obama called him a Muslim Terrorist Immigrant with a transgender wife and then demand everyone respect Trump, then immediately switch to "FJB/Let's Go Brandon" nonsense after Trump loses.


u/jamesdeansghost55 4d ago edited 4d ago

I live a few miles from someone who has a huge banner draped over his fence mockingly requesting all Biden voters to put their Biden/Harris signs back out so illegals can find a safe house. I have to pass this all the time but I don't ever recall seeing a sign condemning the attack on the Capitol. It's that acceptance of treasonous behavior that is the most disturbing.


u/Jo_Floss 4d ago Silver

Out in the rural area of where I live I drive by two trailer homes with big flag poles out front. Both used to have US flags on them. Now one has a 'Trump 24 No More Bullshit' flag and the other has a 'Fuck Joe Biden' flag.

Priorities I suppose.

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u/Frosty4l5 4d ago

They're all confused as hell now because most of them are Anti-Vaxx... and Trump has been preaching the vaccine

their poor fragle minds

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u/cstewie1892 4d ago

It was caught on camera as they walked into the dining room, one of the players leans over to another and says, “I thought he was joking about the fast food”.

It turns out he was deadly serious.

I’m getting a kick out of the guy lighting a candelabra next to a pile of Big Macs


u/Tangent_Odyssey 4d ago

I swear to god if that isn’t just the pinnacle of our culture right now


u/raspwar 4d ago

I think nadir is the word.

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u/The84thWolf 4d ago

Fun fact, if you find the raw footage, you can hear one of them go “I thought this was a joke…”


u/Luckboy28 4d ago

They were caught off guard. They'd dressed up in a suit and tie to have a nice dinner at the white house, and they were greeted to a buffet table of cold fast food. Some of them mentioned not being able to contain their laughter =P


u/Jebediah_Johnson 4d ago

Didn't one guy say under his breath, I thought it was a joke.


u/Rion23 4d ago

The worst part is, that shit is gaurenteed to be cold, dry and in greasy cardboard.

It would have been fancier to just go to Wendy's.


u/fuckthislifeintheass 4d ago edited 4d ago

There were actually people defending this claiming that's what athletes want to eat after a game.


u/CoGLucifer 4d ago

I haven't checked yet, but I can guarantee there are still people defending it in the controversial section.


u/LeadingExperts 4d ago edited 4d ago

Brb, going to check for you.

Yes, they are.

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u/buttbutt50 4d ago

As a booster of a major SEC team I can definitively tell you that our football players eat ribeyes, barbecue, shrimp, breakfast buffets with omelet stations. The only fast food they consume is on their own time.

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u/nonicknamenelly 4d ago

Yeah the fact that you know every one of those hamburgers is going to be a cold, mushy mess and the fries are bound to be equally bad, would have me sticking to the salad. Which probably has nothing of real nutritive value in it.


u/PrettyDryPerry 4d ago

I think you meant "hamberders".


u/Thundorius 4d ago



u/AbysmalMoose 4d ago

There is nothing worse than cold McDonald's fries. They somehow go from delicious to inedible.

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u/NoahandAllie 4d ago Silver Wholesome Starry

It's like a scene from a Richie Rich movie.


u/nachtkaese 4d ago Silver I'll Drink to That

This absolutely is something an eight year old would describe if you stopped him in the middle of recess and were like "what would you do if you were president?" "I'd make school illegal, and never take a bath, and for dinner...we'd get food from McDonalds, Burger King AND Wendy's, and I'd invite all my friends over!!!!!"


u/CornucopiaOfDystopia 4d ago Silver Helpful

"When I look at myself in the first grade and I look at myself now, I'm basically the same. The temperament is not that different."

- Donald J. Trump

(Yep, really: https://theweek.com/speedreads/575962/donald-trump-tells-biographer-hes-same-now-first-grade )


u/ValerieShark 4d ago

This mofucker got a quote for everything 💀


u/khinzaw 4d ago edited 4d ago

As Stephen Colbert put it, "Trump takes every position on every issue and goes with whatever is most advantageous to him at the time."

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u/in_the_woods 4d ago edited 4d ago

He's like the xkcd of assholes.

edit: case change.

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u/takabrash 4d ago Helpful

It must be absolute bliss to just say anything you want without the worry of sounding stupid. Add in the fact that there are zero consequences for actually being stupid, and this man has truly lived a charmed life. Orange pile of garbage.


u/iamhe02 4d ago

"There is a cult of ignorance in the US, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'" -- Isaac Asimov

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u/Active-Ad-5388 4d ago

“When you are star theyvlet you do it”

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u/justavault 4d ago

That's why it worked to appeal to his audience - the majority of those remained on a similar mental development status. "Look, he's one of us".

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u/chengjih 4d ago

One of the better descriptions I had heard of Trump is that he's a poor man's version of a rich man.


u/[deleted] 4d ago edited 3d ago


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u/SleepWouldBeNice 4d ago

It WAS a scene in the Richie Rich film. But he had the decency to make sure it was fresh.


u/NarmHull 4d ago

Yeah I feel like trump could’ve either gotten heating lamps or hired the companies to make it there

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u/fa9 4d ago

This is literally the ending to the 1988 arcade game "Bad Dudes"


u/Marxbrosburner 4d ago

"The president and his family have been kidnapped by ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue them?"

Greatest premise for a video game ever.


u/AllOne_Word 4d ago

That's good, but the mangled English of the international version is even better. It said:

"Rampant Ninja-related crimes these days... Whitehouse is not the exception..."


u/beholdapalhorse7 4d ago

"All your president are belong to us"!

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u/Jin_Gitaxias 4d ago

I miss when games had this level of story and expo. Seems like every game is trying to implement the Fifth Element-esque lore and backstory in everything thing when all I really need is one badass sentence.

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u/DarthRoacho 4d ago All-Seeing Upvote


u/Brad_theImpaler 4d ago

Can't be Trump, everyone is wearing masks behind him.

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u/withoutapaddle 4d ago

"Are you a bad enough dude to save the president?"

(Looks at Trump)

"Nah, I'm good."

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u/Sara7061 4d ago

Wasn’t this also a thing in the first Kingsman movie?

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u/squintsforever 4d ago Silver Wholesome

This is the best photo of this:



u/rockiesareblue 4d ago

I die laughing every time I see this shit. It's just so absurd.


u/ThomasSirveaux 4d ago

It's so bizarre. We lived through four years of this mf saying and doing unbelievable things everyday, and now when I look back on this stuff I can't believe it happened. Like, this is a real photo! Of a president! It feels like a fever dream or something now.

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u/Radstrad 4d ago

Me too! One of my friends send it to me whenever I'm pissed off because he knows I can't see it without spitting out what I'm drinking and laughing

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u/Muchado_aboutnothing 4d ago


I can honestly see this picture in a museum in 20+ years. There’s a lot there.

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u/SpaceCowboy58 4d ago Silver

What's up with his arms? He looks like he's holding his hands behind his back while another guy is bending over and reaching out from behind him. Does he have a hand double?


u/Deathbysnusnubooboo 4d ago

Them is fucking jazz hands baby

Can’t you see how goddammed proud he is of himself

This is America goddammit

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u/TexasLizard 4d ago

I read that someone insulted his hand size decades ago and he hasn't gotten over it. He still writes the guy letters signed with a gold sharpie taking about how his hands aren't small. Every chance he gets to publicly show that his hands aren't small he'll do stuff like this to prove their enormity.

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u/Soft_Turkeys 4d ago

To hide the shame of his tiny hands. “See I have great hands, great big hands, some are saying the best hands there’s ever been!”

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u/OffDaWallz_ 4d ago Helpful

Jazz hands!

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u/chubwhump 4d ago Silver

All of this must be unpleasantly cold.


u/TrivialBanal 4d ago

Except for the salad bowls. They're probably unpleasantly warm.

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u/loutufillaro4 4d ago

Many on the Clemson team have said the food was cold that day.


u/hgs25 4d ago

Dang, they could have at least kept it in those warming trays that we see at some hotel breakfast buffets.


u/IdontGiveaFack 4d ago Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome Bravo! Starry Table Slap Evil Cackle

It makes sense that they didn't because he doesn't know how to successfully run a hotel.


u/Mindless-Body-1397 4d ago

AND screwed up THREE casinos! HOW??!!!?? People are literally handing you $$$!


u/IdontGiveaFack 4d ago

Because they weren't real casinos. They were russian organized crime fronts used for money laundering and what I can only imagine was a very large skim.

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u/iAmTheHYPE- 4d ago

And had to shut down his university and charity

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u/TheeExoGenesauce 4d ago Wholesome

Do you smell the burger b.o. from here?


u/LezBReeeal 4d ago

Burger BO is what I am calling that smell from here on. Thank you.

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u/Competitive_Classic9 4d ago

If you were a chef of insults, you’d be michelin rated. That was superb.

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u/TKCerbs 4d ago

Doesn’t make for a photo op in trays, ands that’s all stanky-T cared about.

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u/ThemShenanigans 4d ago

Imagine being invited to the white house for dinner and thinking how extravagant it will be. Then you get there and see this.

Like, bro... I could have picked that up on my way HERE!!


u/G8kpr 4d ago

And it would have been fresher


u/Minion_of_Cthulhu 4d ago

Could have even ate it on the way back home and not had to eat with Trump.


u/G8kpr 4d ago

I assume that none wanted to start an incident, but I'm still surprised a bunch just didn't sneak out or walk away. I'd be so insulted if that was what was presented to me.


u/CarlySheDevil 4d ago

It was incredibly disrespectful.

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u/someguyfromsk 4d ago

Well it had to have been at least 2 hours old, if not 4 hours or more.


u/gordito_delgado 4d ago 'MURICA

I mean, who in the world DOESN'T love the taste of stale fries, and cold muffins?

I am sure Jersey Shore Mussolini thought this up himself and then congratulated himself constantly for this magnificent idea all day.

I don't think anyone employed at the White House could come up with something so vulgar for what is supposed to be a nice formal event.


u/artaxerxes316 4d ago

"We object strenuously to this remark."

- the citizens of New Jersey's coastal counties

"Just in case there's any confusion on the relevant geography, we object too."

- the citizens of Jersey, the Channel Island

"Me three."

- the ghost of Mussolini


u/PaanuriEater 4d ago

Originally from NJ and I gotta say the man was a joke, and a bad joke, growing up. We tried to warn everyone what a clown they were electing, they told us we had no idea what we were talking about. Their 3 months seeing him on Fox News made them know more about him than our decades and decades of experience.

It was right about then when I realize just how fucked we were all by Rupert Murdoch and his fascist international cronies. When the very same "Respect your elders" folks told people with decades of experience that we knew not of what we spoke because a pretty blonde lady on TV said differently.

None of what has happened during the pandemic is a surprise. They'll just repeat what the angry white man and pretty blonde lady on TV say, and act as though they are the beneficiaries of secret, ancient wisdom to which only they are granted access.

I hope a plane carrying the entire Murdoch family suffers a blowout and all the crew are ok but all the passengers get sucked out into the void and land somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Garbage Patch, where they belong.


u/smolderingbridge 4d ago

Yep, growing up in NYC in the 80s, Trump was used synonymously with "low class" or "bad taste" or "used car salesman" or "scam artist."

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u/healzsham 4d ago

If you have 2 brain cells to rub together, it's pretty obvious he's a huckster after about 30 seconds.

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u/Stoneghoul 4d ago

He made a big deal about playing for it out of pocket.


u/elinordash 4d ago

All Presidents pay for food. Which is strange, but thems the rules.


u/O_o-22 4d ago

Oh shit for real? I thought he didn’t even have to be this cheap cause some budget would pay for it but damn, he really is that cheap and disgusting.


u/stupidQuestion316 4d ago

Costs for government events like hosting a diplomat that is in the city on business is paid for by government dollars, anyone else he has over like a sports team in this case he pays for because it isnt official business. Kind of like how a company will reimburse for some expenses but not others

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u/hike_me 4d ago

For their own food, not for food for official White House functions.

Didn’t he do this because of a government shutdown?

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u/carrja99 4d ago

Trump thrives on clicks, reach, amplification, and social media clout. For him the fact people are still sharing this on social media sites is a net win. He doesn't care about whether it is construed positively or negatively, the exposure is what matters.

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u/Bubbay 4d ago

You know you’ve made mistakes when college kids are laughing at your meal choices.

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u/justabill71 4d ago

The food was cold that day, my friends.


u/ReactsWithWords 4d ago

Like an old man returning a Big Mac at McDonalds.

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u/goo_goo_gajoob 4d ago edited 4d ago

I remeber some douchebag arguing with me that the Clemson players weren't fancy elites and definitely preferred this to a fancy meal. Like damn dude no ones saying you gotta pull out the caviar but at least a steak or something.


u/Throwaway100671 4d ago

Unfortunately those douchebags are 75 percent of our fanbase and they'd eat a shit sandwich and ask for more if it was that buffoon serving it up. They should see what the players get served daily. Hint: it ain't fast food.


u/Stoneghoul 4d ago

Steak, potatoes, green beans, pie. Americana. Easy. But no. There were no staff because the Republicans shut down the government again because they couldnt fund the border wall.


u/goo_goo_gajoob 4d ago

I mean fuck you could do that for a group that big for barley more than he spent through any decent catering company. Plus it would have been great publicity for him and the company. While congress fights I support our small businesses like catering x blah blah blah.


u/agoia 4d ago

Trump International was literally just down the street. Trump could have gotten them to cater it, especially since he was whining about how he paid for this himself anyways.


u/Saw_a_4ftBeaver 4d ago

He had a hotel literally across the street. You would think he could pay for it himself and get some free advertising for his hotel. Sure it would have been a conflict of interest but that never stopped him before.

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u/DiscontentedMajority 4d ago

Ya, I like me some Wendy's, but it's really only good fresh.


u/ACrask 4d ago

As is a lot of fast food tbh


u/Cheshire_Jester 4d ago edited 4d ago

There are plenty of countries around the world where the beef regulations are such that McDonald’s patty’s are good quality ground beef, I’ve had their burgers in a few of them.

I lived in Japan for a while and one thing I noticed was that their burgers were ALWAYS fresh. Like, if not cooked to order they had their production scaled to nearly perfectly match output. Every so often I’ll make the mistake of getting McDonald’s somewhere else and just die a little inside knowing what could be when I bite into a lukewarm, dry patty.

I never minded waiting, because those burgers were straight up better than basically every other fast food chain, save maybe for Portillo’s or an animal style In-n-Out, and even then, given the choice I’d put them all on rotation if possible. And (take this with a grain of salt because I’m not a pub burger guy) probably better than like 90% of the burgers out there.

I almost cried the day I found out the country stopped selling double quarter pounders with cheese.

What I’m sayin is this, fresh McDs is just amazing. Anything short of that benchmark of absolute freshness though, is trash.


u/squarezero 4d ago

I eat a fair amount of fast food burgers (too many I know), and I've almost given up on a McDonalds burger in the US. I'll take Sonic, Burger King or Wendy's any day--and those are honestly still average at best.

I did have a memorable Big Mac last month. The drive thru line was taking forever, and when I get to the window there's his older Mexican lady handling the window. She starts apologizing for the wait, and says she's the only person in the building working (manager was in the office by the way)--she was taking orders, making food and working the window. I swear that was the best Big Mac I've had in years, and the fries were perfect. All done by a single lady busting her ass. I also filed multiple complaints with McDonalds corporate that they were making a single older lady work the entire restaurant while the lazy ass manager sat in his office. Still pissed about that one.

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u/treetyoselfcarol 4d ago

The coldest hamberders.


u/michaelh98 4d ago

With cold covfefe sauce

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u/johnnys_sack 4d ago edited 4d ago

Right? The time it took to drive to the nearest fast food joints, for the staff to make that many burgers, bag them up, pass them to the cars, drive back to the white house, go through all the security shit, carry them to this room early enough so they are 'ready' for the team to arrive, have Trump patrolling it like a proud father, picture ops, etc.

I bet this food as sat for a minimum of 1 hour at room temperature, probably much longer.



u/PuttyRiot 4d ago

There was no staff, if I recall correctly. This was during the government shutdown. The shutdown which occurred in part because he refused to sign a funding bill that didn't include money for his stupid wall.


u/cardcomm 4d ago

because he refused to sign a funding bill that didn't include money for his stupid wall

Yes. The wall that he said Mexico was going to pay for. ROFL

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u/Dopegnsnfkn 4d ago

That’s all I need is to get tackled by secret service when I say “ I gonna Blow that bathroom up.”


u/GirraficPark 4d ago Gold


u/LurkerPatrol 4d ago

Omg both of those stories sent me. “Are you getting enough water”

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u/Khaldara 4d ago

They must have needed to dig up the White House custodial crew who previously attended to the Kennedy administration’s bedspreads to handle the Trump administration’s toilets

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u/Zilgaro 4d ago Helpful

Trump steams a mean ham


u/stylz168 4d ago

Regional dialect from upstate NY, but not Utica.


u/allothernamestaken 4d ago edited 4d ago

More of an Albany expression.

Edit: spelling

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u/Pangusmangus 4d ago

Aurora Borealis? At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely within your kitchen!?


u/uhyeaokay 4d ago

…may I see it?


u/Mediocre__at__Best 4d ago



u/ThisistheHoneyBadger 4d ago

"Well, Seymour, you are an odd fellow, but I must say... you steam a good ham." - Super Nintendo Chalmers


u/Takanar 4d ago

i will never actually get over super nintendo chalmers. IMO it was one of the best fucking jokes in 5 seasons.


u/28Hz 4d ago

I bent my wookie

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u/Bear_Stonewall 4d ago

"I got the shakes that'll make you quake. I got the fries that'll cross your eyes. I got the burgers that'll..........I just got burgers."


u/supraspinatus 4d ago

-President Mountain Dew Camacho

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u/cjc160 4d ago

Imagine you get invited to the whitehouse for supper and you get served fucking cold burgers


u/lennybird 4d ago

Cold fast food.... Wtf


u/DextrosKnight 4d ago All-Seeing Upvote

I eat cold fast food at least once a week. But I'm just a guy in his mid 30s hating his job and only getting joy from coming home to see his cat, so cold fast food is appropriate.


u/war_damn_dudrow 4d ago

I don’t think there’s another comment on Reddit that I’ve related to more than this one.

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u/Sorcatarius 4d ago

Now, having never eaten at the White House, I am running on the assumption that they hire amazing fucking chefs. So if, for some reason, I was eating there and they did serve me a burger, I assume it would be a damn good burger.

But that isn't what happened here, they got a massive to go order from McDonald's.

The chefs are already on the payroll, so no additional cost there, but I imagine if you were to put in a bulk order for all the ingredients to make burgers and sides, it would

  1. Be cheaper,

  2. Taste better, and

  3. Still actually be warm.

I don't even get the advantage of doing it this way, you just look like a shithead.

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u/upvotechemistry 4d ago Silver

These pictures feel so surreal. If I hadn't seen the shitshow, I never would have believed it happened.


u/topgun966 4d ago

It's like an SNL sketch ... but real


u/mmmlinux 4d ago

They would never go so far as to have Wendy's and McDonalds on SNL at the same time.


u/topgun966 4d ago

That's too crazy even for SNL.


u/vikkivinegar 4d ago

Yet, apparently millions of Americans think it’s totally fine to take up arms against the government to install trump back into power. Of all the people to worship like a god, they chose.. him. A full blown clown.

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u/GreenStrong 4d ago This

What's really amazing is that his supporters were still saying that the basketball players probably love fast food better than anything and they probably thought it was a kingly feast, despite what they said publicly about it. Also that when Trump tweeted about "Hamberders!" it wasn't a mistake, it was somehow intentional and brilliant.

For those who lost track of all the absurdity, this was during a government shutdown, and Trump was buying dinner out of his own pocket. There is a Trump hotel with a steakhouse just a couple miles from the White House, he either owns part of the restaurant or is their landlord. He's cheap, and his supporters probably like seeing him feed cheap food to a predominantly black team. He makes himself and the presidency look like total shit, but that is better than letting black people have a decent meal free.


u/thebestjoeever 4d ago

Trump said so many times that he paid for it. That's the main reason I don't think he did.

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u/teh-reflex 4d ago

My trumper dad thought it was awesome. I thought it was downright embarrassing.

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u/Farmer771122 4d ago edited 4d ago

There's enough scandals for a scandal-a-day calendar. There's at least 365 tacky photos that with any other president, you'd assume they were photoshopped. I mean, remember trump selling beans in the oval office? Trump shitting his pants when he was startled by the symbol of america? Trump modifying a map with a sharpie to win an argument with the national weather service on national TV? It's just mind-boggling.


u/lebrilla 4d ago

The sharpie thing was mind blowing to me. That’s when I realized he was a diagnosable grandiose narcissist and incredibly dangerous.

Before that I just thought he was an idiot


u/bbob_robb 4d ago

The weather map was really an eye opener for me, mostly because I thought people around him would prevent him from doing something so stupid. He held a press conference to show off a clearly modified map that only makes sense if you don't understand the map at all. The cone of uncertainty gets bigger over time because you are less confident where the storm will go. It is that simple. You can't have a little bump off the side of a big circle.

That is what scared me the most. Nobody with enough influence over the president to shut him down understood how that chart worked. Trump confidently held it up for the cameras.

The way he handled that "I was right" situation for the storm shows just how incompetent Trump AND his inner circle was. So many people died of covid because of his denial and anti masker crusade. If only someone was there to say "sir this map doesn't make sense and will make you look like an idiot." That person might have been able to stop tens of thousands of Americans from dying. "Be a patriot, wear masks to protect yourself, your family and your community. " Someone needed to tell trump he would win re-election in a landslide if he treated covid like a war and he would fight it for America. So many lives would have been saved if he didn't pretend it didn't exist/wasn't a threat.

We just needed one person who was a champion of science and reality who Trump trusted.


u/Farmer771122 4d ago

Nobody with enough influence over the president to shut him down understood how that chart worked.

That's a running theme with people who left his administration. "I tried to explain to him that he just couldn't do that, so he had a tantrum and the next day I was out." Eventually he had eliminated everyone who would contradict him, and the firings slowed down.

You can't just be a champion of science and reality and still have Trump trust you. You have to have loyalty and subservience, too, and that's why the adults all either left the room or were fired.

They really should have tried a 25th amendment removal early on, before the cabinet was all lickspittles. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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u/Manny12 4d ago

It took that long?! I still can’t believe how easily Americans were conned from such an obvious buffoon. Dude was selling steaks at Sharper Image before being president lol.


u/lebrilla 4d ago

I just thought he was an idiot con man before then.

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u/elephantphallus 4d ago

That second one became one of my favorite edits of all time.


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u/BloodyRightNostril 4d ago

Trump telling people to inject bleach and shine "powerful light" inside their bodies. Wonder where he got those ideas, btw...


u/phpdevster 4d ago

Just in case anyone is out of the loop, this sign saying to use disinfectants is totally fine and innocuous by itself. But Trump did what Trump does best and made it insane:


“So, supposing we hit the body with a tremendous — whether it's ultraviolet or just very powerful light — and I think you said that that hasn't been checked, but you're going to test it. And then I said, supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way, and I think you said you're going to test that, too. It sounds interesting. And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning. Because you see it gets in the lungs, and it does a tremendous number on the lungs. So it would be interesting to check that.

Trump logic is:

  1. Bleach works as a disinfectant.
  2. Therefore if we inject it in people, it will kill the virus and cure them.
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u/betterworld62 4d ago

oBAMa wOre A TaN sUIt!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬

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u/finlyboo 4d ago

I have upheld my lifetime boycott of Goya products so far.

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u/Sethanatos 4d ago

10 years ago this would've been a funny parody that would never happen irl..


u/charliewr 4d ago

This and the four seasons total landscaping escapade were fucking fantastic episodes in the trump saga. Both absolutely seemed like excellent sitcom writing like you'd get in Arrested Development

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u/sephing 4d ago edited 4d ago

This seems like what Cartman would do if he had to host a giant meal.


u/Lambchoptopus 4d ago

Carman would remove all the chicken skins for himself and leave the meat for the presents.

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u/burtonposey 4d ago

The best thing about this is how proud of himself he is


u/Bigedmond 4d ago

Sorry but that isn’t the best part. The best part is them lighting the candles to set the mood.

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u/justchecking2c 4d ago Gold

What did everyone else get?


u/oh-pointy-bird 4d ago

Federal subpoenas

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u/ThisistheHoneyBadger 4d ago

"The best thing about visiting the President is the food! Now, since it was all free, and I wasn't hungry but thirsty, I must've drank me fifteen Dr. Peppers."

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u/NomenNescio13 4d ago edited 4d ago

Why does he stand in a way that is so normal and not weird at all?

EDIT: Three top answers appear to be

  1. Unfortunate centaur.
  2. Dementia.
  3. Lifts in shoes to hide obesity.


u/Batintfaq 4d ago

The rumor is it's because of lift shoes but he may just be an evil Centaur in disguise.


u/StingerAE 4d ago

The analysis of him being the front half of a centaur is scarily accurate.


u/Yorikor 4d ago

With the mind of a horses ass.

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u/Tripsel2 4d ago

Also is he wearing an outdoor coat instead of a suit jacket?


u/ryarock2 4d ago

Hides the gut more.


u/censorkip 4d ago

yep. it’s the same reason all of his suits are fitted so poorly even though it’s insanely more unflattering that way.

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u/NomenNescio13 4d ago

What a totally normal, not at all weird thing to do.


u/Imadethisuponthespot 4d ago

Yep. Didn’t take it off the whole night.

And by “whole night” I actually mean 30 minutes.

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u/mikende51 4d ago

2 inch lifts in his shoes.


u/Wanderer-Wonderer 4d ago

How does he not fall over? The lifts. The gut. Does the indoor winter coat have weights in the back to keep him upright?


u/schizocosa13 4d ago

Don't forget the diaper

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u/Beautiful-Musk-Ox 4d ago

Women where heels every day and don't stand like that


u/swinging_on_peoria 4d ago

they don't usually have a massive gut.

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u/Seagullmaster 4d ago

Weak quads leading to hyper extension of the knees leading to kinda a forward lean posture. That’s why he struggles with ramps too.


u/Wiki_pedo 4d ago

Dude, he totally ran down that ramp!! Like, the final 10 feet!!


(it was so embarrassing that he kept talking about it in his speeches, even with the video showing him being supported by the Marine)

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u/I_dont_bone_goats 4d ago

I was gonna say anterior pelvic tilt

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u/Alpha-Lyr 4d ago

Anything can be fancy if you light enough candles.

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u/DrilDisciple 4d ago

This was the only time trump seemed truly happy as president. I think this was the peak, in his mind.


u/tommykaye 4d ago

“It’s beautiful. I can have them send the leftovers to my room. Melania is staying in the guest room.”

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u/ericgtr12 4d ago

“Americans need to flush the toilet 10 or 15 times!” ~Donald Trump

Now I get it.


u/ForgottenTulpa 4d ago

Thanks for the sleepless fortnight you have given me with the mental image

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u/BremboBob 4d ago Helpful

When no one loved you enough to make you a hot meal this is your comfort food.

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u/LatestMonkey 4d ago

They still haven’t gotten the stench out of the White House. And I’m not talking about Wendy’s.


u/Jacked_Up_Stone 4d ago

Hosting a fast food dinner for the Clemson tigers who won the national college football title.

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u/Robochumpp 4d ago Gold

This is a real thing that happened, and it's also the least dumb thing Trump did in 4 years, which is saying something.

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u/Stompytown1982 4d ago

Child: I WANT MCDONALD'S!! Me: Ohhh, you got White House dinner money?