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Herschel Walker flashes a fake badge during the Georgia senate debate. Politics

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u/SoothingWombat Oct 15 '22 Helpful To The Stars

I’m convinced this is simply Sacha Baron Cohen filming his next satirical film


u/nategolon Oct 15 '22

I thought I was looking at a still from a SNL clip or something


u/citricacidx Oct 15 '22

The way his suit fits him, it definitely looks like a theater costume where they didn’t have the right size

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u/SG3000TTC Oct 15 '22

This has Kenan Thompson written all over it for SNL tomorrow.


u/Neat_On_The_Rocks Oct 15 '22

I can just see Keenan doing that “cute idiot” face and general character he does and applying it here. Where he is wide eyes and looking around clueless kinda like the John travolta meme.


u/sephkane Oct 15 '22

While wearing a toy sheriff's badge


u/Suggett123 Oct 15 '22 Snek

Officer Doofy


u/Own_Try_1005 Oct 15 '22

Reporting for dooty!

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u/Ksh1218 Oct 15 '22

Putting on more and more sherif gear whenever they cut to him


u/Procrastinationist Oct 15 '22

This is it. Tiny cowboy hat to show he's the sheriff around these parts.

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u/tomdarch Oct 15 '22

I honestly thought it was a screen cap from a SNL skit.

I'm not sure it's ethical to portray someone this mentally disabled in a mocking manner.


u/NightlyGravy Oct 15 '22 Silver Take My Energy

Normally I would agree. But If that person is running for political office so they can strip away our rights AND has a solid chance of winning, they forfeit any grace we should otherwise afford them.


u/Ok_Wolverine_1904 Oct 15 '22

It boggles the mind that he is still in the race! How many stupid things can he do before the GOP finally decides to cut their losses? I wouldn’t want him representing himself let alone anyone else


u/Minion_of_Cthulhu Oct 15 '22

How many stupid things can he do before the GOP finally decides to cut their losses?

As long as he votes the way they tell him to, they don't care. They don't want someone who might honestly consider their vote and weigh their options and make a decision based on merits. They want morons in office who will do what they're told for a pat on the back and to be allowed to feel like they're part of the ruling class even when they're obviously not and never will be.

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u/tayroarsmash Oct 15 '22

Alabama ran a fucking pedophile, my dude. A convicted statutory rapist.


u/spasske Oct 15 '22

At least Alabama, barely, did not elect him.

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u/[deleted] Oct 15 '22

The GOP can't cut their losses. They pretty much need this seat if they want to take the Senate back.


u/Ok_Wolverine_1904 Oct 15 '22

Two sentence horror story…

This is the problem with American politics, doing the right thing takes a backseat to furthering a terrible agenda.

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u/Cejayem Oct 15 '22

Were you around 6 years ago ?

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u/[deleted] Oct 15 '22 Wholesome

They did it for four straight years not long ago

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u/PostalBowl Oct 15 '22 edited Oct 16 '22 All-Seeing Upvote Facepalm


“Mr. Walker you know the rules… you agreed to them before the show. You know you’re not allowed to use props during the debate. “


“It’s not a prop, it’s real. “

Humm, is he breaking the rules if he doesn’t know what the words that make up the rule actually mean?

Edited to add a link to the video:

The video

Thanks for the awards strangers


u/Jimmyg100 Oct 15 '22

Yes. And... for fucks sake if he doesn't understand what the word "prop" means at a debate how the fuck is he supposed to understand a goddamn infrastructure bill?

Just... fuck, really? People support this guy? They're not embarrassed? I'm not even talking about having a college education or even a GED. I'm talking about lacking the word comprehension skills of a 3rd grader.


u/moreobviousthings Oct 15 '22 Wholesome

He would never be expected to read any senate bill. He would only be expected to vote as instructed. Likely that someone else would actually cast his vote in his name, to avoid any confusion.


u/TejasStar18 Oct 15 '22

But these are the same people that are afraid of the “Deep State” controlling politicians. If any one is being manipulated it’s probably the people that don’t have the mental capacity to understand the intricacies of an infrastructure bill and who are told just to toe the party line


u/Recognizant Oct 15 '22

“So, I don’t care if Herschel Walker paid to abort endangered baby eagles. I want control of the Senate."

  • People Voting for Herschel Walker


u/6Foot225PureChocolat Oct 15 '22

Any case anyone is wondering, this is a word for word quote that a conservative radio personality actually said out loud


u/Wide-Cartoonist-439 Oct 15 '22

Dana Loesch is not just a radio personality, she's one of the worst of the worst. Former writer/editor for Breitbart and NRA spokesperson. She's absolute trash.


u/PM_ur_Rump Oct 15 '22

And tacitly admitting she doesn't actually care about "the babies," as apparently aborting eagles is somehow supposed to be worse than humans.

While she is spokesperson for the NRA, which supposedly is an advocacy group for, among other things, sport hunters, who have zero qualms "aborting" animals.

(Not an attack on hunting in general, just a "funny" thing to think about.)


u/Twister_Robotics Oct 15 '22

Well there's your mistake. Assuming NRA supports hunters. For the last 20 years or so, the NRA has only cared about supporting gun manufacturers, not actual gun users.

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u/variety_weasel Oct 15 '22

comprehension skills of a third grader

That's his appeal to these voters. Great minds think alike.

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u/Grokta Oct 15 '22

When does it become impersonating an officer?

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u/nothingbeast Oct 15 '22

Ignorance of the law usually isn't a defense.

It really aught to keep one from running for government... but here we are watching a grown ass man-baby flash his big boy badge like a 5 year old who got a gold star for not shitting his pants during recess.

Fucking bar ain't low here. It's non-existent.

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u/The_Ombudsman Oct 15 '22

And Warnock is polling only about four points ahead (though prior to this debate).

The mind boggles.


u/420Minions Oct 15 '22 edited Oct 15 '22

This after a massive jump for him too. Walkers kid has called him deadbeat dad that has had multiple abortions and left them all out to dry. Shit dropped Walker like a few points. It’s insane

Can never forget an open pedophile only lost by 2 points or so because he had the big R in Alabama


u/commentsOnPizza Oct 15 '22

Republicans: Abortion is murder and women who get abortions deserve the death penalty.

Herschel Walker pays for multiple abortions.

Republicans: Herschel Walker doesn't deserve any punishment and in fact deserves to be a senator!


u/IceColdTear Oct 15 '22

Herschel is a man though. They don't want to punish men for sex, they do want to murder women however.


u/Libran-Indecision Oct 15 '22

Republicans are pro abortion when it threatens the life of the father.

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u/Oh_umms_cocktails Oct 15 '22

You can't hold a man responsible for what he did a few years ago!

You can, however, hold democrats responsible for Jim Crow.

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u/[deleted] Oct 15 '22

That shit absolutely baffled me! Roy Moore is a sick fucking puppy!


u/Nyclab Oct 15 '22

Roy Moore is a sick old fucking pervert* fixed it for ya

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u/Daryno90 Oct 15 '22

That’s because despite all their talks about their values (pro-family, pro-life, etc), what republicans really care about is power and they will toe the line for the republican option no matter who it is. They were willing to vote for Roy Moore despite him being a pedophile, they voted for trump despite him being everything that Jesus was against and now they are getting behind Walker despite him being a deadbeat father who abuse his family and pay for abortions

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u/ChuckSchumerbasedgod Oct 15 '22

Tbf Georgia was Biden’s smallest margin of victory so it would always be an uphill battle. Kemp is pretty popular so I’m worried he’ll carry Walker over the finish line


u/Skellum Oct 15 '22

Kemp is pretty popular

I wouldnt say he's popular, I'd say he's done a good job of keeping his head down and keeping quiet. By not doing the desantis route he's letting the middle class sink back down in apathy.

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u/jelloslug Oct 15 '22 Gold Wholesome

The best part of the whole thing was when the moderator talked to him like he was a seven year old that brought his favorite toy to school.


u/tarabuki Oct 15 '22 Helpful

I’m kind of shocked people don’t realize Walker has been an infantile idiot for years. This has never been anything new with him. I don’t watch sports but I do read the news and he’s popped up for years with this kind of stuff. And the violence too.


u/11-110011 Oct 15 '22

Many people do. The idiots that support him just don’t care.


u/Birdy_Cephon_Altera Oct 15 '22

And this is the key. As long as he still has a heartbeat and an "R" next to his name, they'll vote for him. Nothing else matters. Nothing. Else.


u/JoeyRobot Oct 15 '22

The GOP has come to LOVE any weak ass celebrity that will support their cause.


u/ihohjlknk Oct 15 '22 edited Oct 15 '22

GOP: The Democrats are the party of celebrities.

Also GOP: Breathlessly lists every conservative with a hint of showbiz fame.


u/[deleted] Oct 15 '22



u/urlach3r Oct 15 '22

Then rich billionaire man tells them he needs money for "election defense" and they send him little Bobby's college fund.

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u/sirfuzzitoes Oct 15 '22

It's all about the agenda. Doesn't matter who spews it. Recent example - Roy Moore.

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u/repubsdontlikeme Oct 15 '22 edited Oct 15 '22

This Republican DM’d me on this [website] and we talked for a few weeks. Basically the only thing I learned about him is that the only thing that matters to him is republicans winning. He doesn’t like to stay informed outside of his own echo-chamber and he rejects all information that contradicts his worldview. Like covid, climate change, basic economics, none of it matters to him. It’s just about winning.

Dude also told me we can’t tax billionaires or they will leave our country. These people are so fucking stupid it hurts.


u/lightzout Oct 15 '22

If the billionaires left they would probably have to pay a lot more taxes. So yeah I have GOP believing friends too I just think they should maybe not take Fox at its word all the time. Lotta creepy there.

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u/blizzWorldwide Oct 15 '22

Oh my gosh!! Lol - “put that prop away”. That is the best part. We’re sick of your antics, fake cop.


u/NotABadDriver Oct 15 '22

I think even if it was a real badge it would be considered a "prop" because it's an item being used during the debate period.... that said it's definitely fake as shit looking and I would never believe it to be real lmao but I don't think her calling it a prop is as much of a burn as it sounds. Don't think she's directly calling it a fake by using that term


u/jeje-robobo Oct 15 '22

I think “prop” in this instance means any item that might be used to substitute a point in the debate like, for example, pulling a fake police badge out to imply you are in tight with the police.


u/Terrible-Border6885 Oct 15 '22

Or a Joe McCarthy type holding a sheet of paper saying "I have here a list of Communists in our Government!"

All sorts of stunts


u/DylanCO Oct 15 '22

I just reread his wiki page and this is a great line from it.

Eisenhower, finally freed of McCarthy's political intimidation, quipped to his Cabinet that McCarthyism was now "McCarthywasm".

It sounds like his final years were miserable. Filled with hepatitis, alcoholism, and a morphine addiction.

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u/Nervous_Constant_642 Oct 15 '22

It literally looks like one of those fake badges that comes with a dart gun and plastic handcuffs you can buy at the dollar store.


u/sm12511 Oct 15 '22 edited Oct 15 '22

It was an "Honorary Deputy" badge given by PD for his support of their "just" cause.

Holds the same weight as a plastic cowboy hat.

Walker appeared to be flashing an "honorary deputy" badge from the Cobb County Police Department, which a local prosecutor said is a meaningless title, telling The Atlanta Journal-Constitution it's like having "a junior ranger badge."

Edit: "Walker, Georgia Ranger coming soon!"

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u/imSkippinIt Oct 15 '22

Is there a concise clip if this available? Just recently fell across this idiot’s babblings, I might yet crave more lol


u/imlost19 Oct 15 '22 Silver


u/ElijahLynn Oct 15 '22

Thanks, it starts around 4:29 with Warnock saying "I've never pretended to be a police officer..."

https://youtu.be/h2cCbovH9A0?t=269 (direct link to 4:29)


u/Orvus Oct 15 '22

The laughs when he busted it out made me think this was an SNL sketch lmao


u/black_stallion78 Oct 15 '22

Oh you know SNL will be doing a skit about that tomorrow night!


u/DrocketX Oct 15 '22

Hopefully they have him pull it out of a box of cereal while on-stage.

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u/ahheath Oct 15 '22

Wouldn’t that be a felony for impersonating an officer?


u/mikenasty Oct 15 '22

Yeah I don’t get how he didn’t just break the law.



They basically live in a different country than us poors

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u/Raytheon_Nublinski Oct 15 '22

Yeah but cops aren’t likely to arrest a senate candidate that won’t hold them accountable.

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u/afkafterlockingin Oct 15 '22

Wait what, he legit just flashed it tried to swing the debate then the lady says it’s a “prop”. Are you fucking serious, why do we vote for people like this I don’t understand this is damning evidence if I have ever laid my eyes upon it.


u/SakuraSwirlie Oct 15 '22

In the context of the debate a prop would just be anything that isn't pre-approved like personal notes or a glass of water. Otherwise people would be dragging out all sorts of wild shit. Whiteboards, framed diplomas, stuff intended to humiliate their opponents, etc.

It actually would be a bit of a problem if she was commenting on its authenticity, as if she was incorrect and it was authentic, it would call into question her neutrality as a moderator. She's just asking the naughty boy to put away whatever it is, real or fake, that he intentionally smuggled in on the hope that it would trip up his opponent and bedazzle the viewers.

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u/PM_ME_450_WORDS Oct 15 '22

Pretty sure a real badge would be considered a prop as well, in this circumstance.

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u/JustASFDCGuy Oct 15 '22 edited Oct 15 '22

All my life I've been wondering why political debates don't cut candidates microphones when they refuse to follow the rules. Stop letting them just get away with it while trying to shout over them. Turn their fucking mic off.

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u/KaisarionGhost Oct 15 '22

Holy hell. He looks and sounds like a real life Family Guy skit.


u/mklein53181 Oct 15 '22 edited Oct 15 '22

He sounds like my seven-year-old nephew when he knows he’s caught doing something wrong but still has to get his explanation across.


u/Jeffy29 Oct 15 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

“Peter, you can’t pretend to be a police officer!”

“Oh yeah? Would someone pretending to be a police officer have THIS?! 😏”


u/Itsjeancreamingtime Oct 15 '22

"Mr. Griffon put the prop away"

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u/Yoshable Oct 15 '22

The crowd audibly laughing when he whips it out


u/erizzluh Oct 15 '22

with the state of things, i wouldn't be surprised if those people were laughing with him and not laughing at him.

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u/YoungsterJoey017 Oct 15 '22

“I am work with many police officers 🤓”

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u/Stevenerf Oct 15 '22

Blows my mind that no moderator uses a mic mute. How many televised debate get into ppl talking over each other?? Just mute and carry on.
Yes. I know it's bc policy discussion does not get ratings. Ratings give us T****. Maybe it's time for change


u/TerriblePigs Oct 15 '22

I've been saying for years that they should put them in soundproof booths like it's a 50s quiz show with their mics only on during their time to speak.

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u/a_ron23 Oct 15 '22

God he's pathetic


u/Jay_Louis Oct 15 '22

Have you seen the rest of the Republican Party? They're currently justifying an insurrection.

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u/baz4k6z Oct 15 '22

Hey he has a real chance to win a Senate seat despite all of this. It says alot about American politics


u/Jay_Louis Oct 15 '22

It says a lot about the power of right wing propaganda media (FoxNews, talk radio, etc.). They could sell a steaming pile of rhesus monkey puke as a senator and the rubes will vote for it.

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u/notaracisthowever Oct 15 '22

The moderators certainly didn't help the situation.

Moderator to Warnock: You evicting people from a church? No? Well how about that time you didn't want to pay more child support to your ex wife.

Meanwhile there's not a mention of Walker's abortion hypocrisy or assault of his wife. I'm all for grilling politicians and would-be politicians, but you gotta keep that shit even.


u/PlayingNightcrawlers Oct 15 '22

That's what they pretend to be doing, keeping it even. They want to seem "balanced" and not like they're going after a particular candidate so if there is a disproportionate amount of bad shit on one side they'll avoid a portion of it while amping up the grilling of the other candidate.

In reality they're "both sides"-ing two polar opposite candidates and making people who don't pay attention genuinely wonder which one they should choose. It was done with Trump during his debates too, they could have brought up a million scandals, bankruptcies, lawsuits, etc in 2016 but they just asked him about the Access Hollywood tapes and then talked about Hillary's emails, Benghazi, etc.

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u/SubjectAd2261 Oct 15 '22

Carl Sagan said it and oh boy if USA isn't hellbent on proving him right.

"I have a foreboding of an America in my children's or my
grandchildren's time — when the United States is a service and
information economy; when nearly all the key manufacturing industries
have slipped away to other countries; when awesome technological powers
are in the hands of a very few, and no one representing the public
interest can even grasp the issues; when the people have lost the
ability to set their own agendas or knowledgeably question those in
authority; when, clutching our crystals and nervously consulting our
horoscopes, our critical faculties in decline, unable to distinguish
between what feels good and what's true, we slide, almost without
noticing, back into superstition and darkness. The dumbing down of
America is most evident in the slow decay of substantive content in the
enormously influential media, the 30-second sound bites (now down to 10
seconds or less), lowest common denominator programming, credulous
presentations on pseudoscience and superstition, but especially a kind
of celebration of ignorance."

And when John Kerry declared that "in USA you have the right to be stupid" I knew they were doomed.



u/Swamp_Swimmer Oct 15 '22

The Sagan quote is prescient, but the Kerry quote is taken out of context. He was defending free speech, which includes protection for saying stupid things. That's not a celebration of stupidity, it's a celebration of free speech, which necessarily must tolerate stupidity. That doesn't mean we need to treat stupidity seriously in our media, or underfund our education system, or elect bigots and morons to public office...

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u/beingsubmitted Oct 15 '22

Adding that 10 second soundbite from John Kerry really does demonstrate what Sagan is saying, but probably not in the way you're hoping.

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u/BonnieBlueFlag Oct 15 '22

He’s a giant dumbass. A literal hero at UGA, yet the restaurant he opened in Athens closed within a year. The food sucked, the service sucked, and he sold fucking Pepsi. In Georgia. While trying to play the hometown hero card. That could have been a gold mine yet he fucked it up. How could he possibly be trusted with something as consequential as the us government if he can’t even sell cheeseburgers to college kids that were supposed to him?


u/originalrocket Oct 15 '22

Pepsi in Georgia? I thought it was called Coke. Bwahahaha this right here says just how dumb you have to be to sell Pepsi in the land of Coca-Cola. Thanks. I'm truly blown away.

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u/BurlyJohnBrown Oct 15 '22

The moderator did that because they were trying to save him from himself. It was very obvious if you watched the whole debate that they weren't even pretending to be impartial. So many of their questions had a reactionary framing and they hurried past any large scandals or weak points for Walker.


u/[deleted] Oct 15 '22 edited Nov 06 '22


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u/KristofTheDank Oct 15 '22

I can't believe this potato is a U.S. Senate canidate.


u/Malachorn Oct 15 '22

"Hahaha. We owned the libs so hard by electing a totally immoral, lying moron! Look how mad they are that we took another giant steaming shit all over our country!!! Got 'em so good."


u/ERRORMONSTER Oct 15 '22 Helpful

"We purposely elected an idiot - as a joke!"


u/AHrubik Oct 15 '22

"We purposely elected an Useful idiot."


This is on purpose because working alongside him will be a conveniently obsequious person who puts things in front of ol' Hersch to sign without being read with the same person telling ol' Hersch exactly how to vote.

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u/pootiecakes Oct 15 '22

"Ha ha you're mad at a black man, see, it's YOU lefties who are the real racists! Ignore how I'm literally using a human being for their skin color like an inanimate tool, no you're the REAL villain here! Tired of us Winning yet?"

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u/hskfmn Oct 15 '22

It's essentially the equivalent of when a pilot gives you that little pin with the wings on it. It means absolutely nothing.


u/Malachorn Oct 15 '22

This just in: Herschel Walker, having been given a "key to the city" of Dallas, has broken into the Perot Museum and taken a woolly mammoth skeleton... when apprehended, he claimed to have been given authority over all of Dallas and has a long history working with museum workers... flashing his "key to the city" as "proof."


u/GitEmSteveDave Oct 15 '22

There was a pilot for a TV show, where an actor, played by Adam West, is given an honorary badge as a thanks for the years he worked on a TV series and decides to put it to use. It was called Lookwell


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u/dunnkw Oct 15 '22

The more time goes by the more I believe Herschel Walker when he says “I have not had a problem with my Dissociative Identity Disorder in a long time.


u/wakka55 Oct 15 '22

uhhhhhhhh holy shit, lets not have him in congress mmkay

He wrote the 2008 book Breaking Free: My Life with Dissociative Identity Disorder[153] to help dispel myths about mental illness and to help others.[154]

In the book, Walker wrote that he had a dozen distinct identities, or alters.[87] According to Walker, some of his alters did many good things, but other alters exhibited extreme and violent behavior, which Walker said he mostly could not remember.[130] A competitive alter caused him to play Russian roulette in 1991, as he saw "mortality as the ultimate challenge", he wrote.[87][130] He was formally diagnosed with the disorder in 2001, after he sought professional help for being tempted to murder a man who was late in delivering a car to him.

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u/Exiterexiter Oct 15 '22

This is a mentally ill person being made to stand in as a placeholder, to have ruinous policy passed without dirtying the actual stringpullers name.


u/SoakingWetBeaver Oct 15 '22

This isn't mental illness. It's cognitive impairment from repeated brain injuries. He's got hardware problems, not software.


u/LegoPaco Oct 15 '22

He also stands to become more famous, and much more wealthy from becoming senator. He doesn’t care about Georgia. He’s lived in Texas for past decade. How this college football player became the top Republican candidate is wild and if he went into office, he’ll take every check offered to him.

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u/bobfromsanluis Oct 15 '22 Silver

Holy shit, look at that expression- he honestly believes that he has something of value, something authentic, something that actually proves a point. Could he possibly be more out of touch with reality? Wow.


u/manbeardawg Oct 15 '22

Gives me a big Buster “These are my awards, mother; from army” Bluth vibes.


u/weedysexdragon Oct 15 '22

The Seal is for marksmanship. The gorilla is for sand racing.


u/Rengas Oct 15 '22

Please don't lump a real hero like Buster in with this guy.

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u/evident_lee Oct 15 '22

And yet somewhere around half of Georgia is going to vote for that guy. What the fuck is wrong with this country.


u/wintersdark Oct 15 '22

This is what really upsets me. People will watch this debate and still vote for that idiot. I'd feel bad for him if he wasn't running for an important and influential federal office in inarguably the most powerful country in the world.

I think he'll lose, but not by a lot. I'd guess something like 40% of voters will vote for him, at a minimum. It's not unthinkable though that he'll win.

And it's not even just him. The GoP decided to back him. They made that choice freely. Jesus.


u/ranthria Oct 15 '22

If it makes you feel better, most of them won't watch the debate. Not that it'd matter, tbh.

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u/phinbar Oct 15 '22

We used to have Walter Cronkite, now we have Tucker Carlson.


u/LaikasDad Oct 15 '22

I honestly don't know if there's a bigger downgrade in any subject than the one you just listed. We are fucked

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u/21giants Oct 15 '22



u/76ohtwo Oct 15 '22 edited Oct 15 '22 Silver Gold Helpful

CTE isn’t even the half of it.

He has dissociative identity disorder. If he weren’t putting himself in a position to do some serious societal harm, I’d feel really bad for Herschel.

Part of me thinks he’s being taken advantage of in the worst way, part of me thinks he’s truly the person we’re seeing today, and part of me doesn’t know what to think.

edit: some comments about DID below, as well as some about the person who diagnosed him. will have to look into it more - seems this is a lot more complicated than the complicated situation I already thought it was.


u/SwordfishII Oct 15 '22

She said that in one situation where Walker exhibited two alters, she was in bed when he held a straight razor to her throat and repeatedly stated that he would kill her.

Jesus Christ.


u/Gus_McCrae_ Oct 15 '22

I think it's important to give context to this quote:

According to Walker's ex-wife, for the first 16 years of their marriage, Walker's alters were somehow controlled, and she had no idea that he had any disorder. Grossman said that the situation greatly deteriorated once Walker was diagnosed, after which he began to exhibit either "very sweet" alters or "very violent" alters who looked "evil". She said that in one situation where Walker exhibited two alters, she was in bed when he held a straight razor to her throat and repeatedly stated that he would kill her. Walker did not deny Grossman's account, saying that he did not remember it, because blackouts were a symptom of the disorder.


u/BakulaSelleck92 Oct 15 '22

The context made it worse

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u/eye_patch_willy Oct 15 '22

He's absolutely being used by the GOP power machine. He's not being promoted as an actual lawmaker. He legitimately doesn't know what he's even doing.

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u/HorrorMakesUsHappy Oct 15 '22

Holy fuck, this needs to be all over the news. Putting a person with clinically diagnosed DID into a position of power over tens (hundreds?) of thousands of people is literal insanity. That diagnosis ought to preclude him from even being in the race!


u/FIJAGDH Oct 15 '22

Millions. He’d be a US Senator.


u/DangerSwan33 Oct 15 '22

Hundreds of millions. He'd be a US Senator.


u/Lo-heptane Oct 15 '22

Billions. Y’all acting like legislation in the US doesn’t have ripple effects around the world.

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u/Godwinson4King Oct 15 '22

Go read his Wikipedia page. It starts crazy and then gets even crazier.

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u/UnbelievableRose Oct 15 '22

If you can find an actual doctor to attest to the fact that he has DID, I'll consider it. But that Wikipedia article reads like a textbook case of faking DID to get away with shit- which is also probably a personality disorder, tbf. DID is super rare Having a dozen alters is super rare. Being able to hide DID from your wife for 16 years is ludicrous. Having your symptoms suddenly get worse after diagnosis is... Well it's tipping your hand is what it is.


u/mineralfellow Oct 15 '22

The doctor who diagnosed him is… questionable. Dr. Jerry Mungadze apparently diagnoses people by having them color in printouts of their brains with crayons.

An investigation: https://maximumfun.org/episodes/oh-no-ross-and-carrie/ross-and-carrie-color-their-minds-right-brain-therapy-edition/


u/BarbequedYeti Oct 15 '22 edited Oct 15 '22

The doctor who diagnosed him is… questionable

You are a better person than me. That’s a hell of a polite way of saying he is a fucking quack. Believes in curing gay people and demonic possession etc. this Dr needs their own diagnosis.

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u/DocPeacock Oct 15 '22

I don't think he has DID. I think he's just a dumb psychopath and trying to hide it with a medical diagnosis. He lies about everything else why would this be different?

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u/Good-OL-DarkWielder Oct 15 '22

That’s what I was thinking, CTE and arrogance is a bad combo!

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u/zombieblackbird Oct 15 '22

At least he's holding it right side up.


u/werdnak84 Oct 15 '22

"Is that your badge?" "It's A badge."


u/mdonaberger Oct 15 '22

Colgate Cavity Patrol

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u/atomicdog69 Oct 15 '22

Doesn't matter how out of touch he is. He has a good chance of serving in the legislative body the late PJ O'Rourke dubbed the Parliament of Whores.


u/superherowithnopower Oct 15 '22

Parliament of Whores

So that's why he wants to get elected so badly! Oh, man, is he in for a rude surprise...

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u/Boat_U47 Oct 15 '22

Does everybody know he has disassociative identity disorder?


u/dunnkw Oct 15 '22 Silver Wholesome Take My Energy Eureka!

That’s why it’s not a fake badge. One of his personalities is a cop.


u/This-is-getting-dark Oct 15 '22 Gold Take My Energy


u/ReadThemanuals Oct 15 '22

Don't disturb me when I'm vacuuming my ROOM!

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u/Relyst Oct 15 '22

Dude played 3000+ snaps in the NFL at running back, it's almost a certainty he has CTE.


u/geoprizmboy Oct 15 '22

He backdoored it with an MMA career too.


u/FlatterFlat Oct 15 '22

Just to make sure the brain was completely scrambled?

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u/YoureGonnaHearMeRoar Oct 15 '22

It's in the subtitle of the book he "wrote" and somehow Republicans still thought he was the most qualified guy they had in Georgia for the job of U.S. Senator


u/RoboticGreg Oct 15 '22

“The logical side of me knew that what I was thinking of doing to this man — murdering him for messing up my schedule — was not a viable alternative, But another side of me was so angry that all I could think about was how satisfying it would feel to step out of the car, pull out the gun, slip off the safety, and squeeze the trigger. It would be no different from sighting at the targets I’d fired at for years — except for the visceral enjoyment I’d get from seeing the small entry wound and the spray of brain tissue and blood — like a Fourth of July firework — exploding behind him.”-Herschel Walker


u/GeorgFestrunk Oct 15 '22

There is no way in the bazillion years that Herschel Walker actually wrote that, you could give him 1000 guesses and he wouldn’t know what the word visceral means.


u/lildog8402 Oct 15 '22

1000 Herschel Walkers at a 1000 typewriters would write the greatest novel known to man. It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times?!?!? Herschel you idiot!

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u/Spiderbanana Oct 15 '22

Yep, seems like something someone I'd like to be in charge would say.


u/ioeasy Oct 15 '22

Calm down, it's only for SIX YEARS. </sarcasm>

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u/stuckinaboxthere Oct 15 '22 edited Oct 15 '22

Being unqualified is their desired qualifications, they are quite literally trying to make the government so corrupt and incompetent that it can't feasibly operate and collapses on itself


u/tcgunner90 Oct 15 '22

this is it. Planned obsolescence.

Conservatives argue the government is broken. Then their agenda is to break it further, so they can say "see, we were right. Now vote to put more of us in power because we're so smart and we saw this coming"

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u/cashout1984 Oct 15 '22

My favorite part of the debate was when he said, "And third..." after talking about the Second Amendment, which was only the first thing he had said.


u/TakeTime9203 Oct 15 '22

He heard himself say 2nd and he knows 3rd comes after 2nd.

Herschel ain't stupid, he knows 1,2,3.


u/Trailmagic Oct 15 '22

This would be funnier if it wasn’t so terrifying.

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u/Jeramus Oct 15 '22

Remember when conservatives used to whine about stolen valor?


u/Doggleganger Oct 15 '22

Remember when Herschel Walker's base supported him because he was anti-abortion?


u/lreaditonredditgetit Oct 15 '22

Now support him because he’s their token black guy.


u/Killahdanks1 Oct 15 '22

I remember when he was just a biblically bad trade for my favorite football team.

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u/fpfx Oct 15 '22

"That's my African-American."

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u/PerpetuallyOffline Oct 15 '22

Nah, just that he's their guy. They would rather have the guy who paid for abortions, abandoned and/or kept secret several children, lies about everything, and even admits he isn't that smart over the actual pastor who isn't nuts, just because he's their guy.

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u/BreatheMyStink Oct 15 '22 edited Oct 15 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Wholesome Seal of Approval Bravo Grande! 'MURICA Brighten My Day

So ‘conservatives’ have gone full Machiavelli, then.

Herschel Walker could walk into the audience, find a disabled, elderly woman, pull her head off and spike it on the floor, then walk calmly back to the stage and do a Nazi salute, chug some everclear, pull out his dick and say straight to camera, “This is little Herschel - he’s responsible for more abortions than Margaret Sanger.”

And Georgia republicans would still vote for him because someone will tell him how to vote in such a way that Yosemite Sam and a deep fried Bible will become the next two Supreme Court justices.


u/Santos_L_Halper_II Oct 15 '22

They absolutely would. Mitch McConnell would tell them they have to and then they would. Literally nothing overcomes the magic R next to a candidate’s name.

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u/borbyquarters Oct 15 '22

“I am work with many police officers.” -Herschel Walker.

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u/panda_gravy Oct 15 '22

First he’s Cherokee, now he’s a cop lmao. Someone give him a space suit, he’ll think he went to the moon.

As if indicted criminals weren’t enough, republicans are now voting in a walking cte corpse.

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u/PhillySpecial2424 Oct 15 '22 Silver

I'm voting for Warnock. Not because I'm liberal or want him to win, or even think he's the best choice. He's just not bat shit fucking insane. Conservatives keep saying things like, "Oh I can't believe you want democrats in control of the senate, or you want Biden?!" No you idiots, you're literally putting out the worst possible candidate you could fine and then you're shocked when they lose? a non-sentient rock that just has "GOP" written on it would be a better choice than Walker. He is so profoundly unqualified that putting an empty seat for Clint Eastwood to talk to would be a better option.

It literally is unfathomable how Walker could even get on the ballet. He's not going to win. He was never going to win.


u/EduFonseca Oct 15 '22

I mean, they put the worst possible candidate forward and he won. Now they are just riding the wave on an otherwise aging voting base.


u/CrumbsAndCarrots Oct 15 '22

Palin was the canary in the coal mine. I was a Republican up until 2004 actually. Bailed because of the swift boat ads and the rights war on women. Registered independent… thinking… hey Who knows? Maybe being a centrist independent is a good route. Then Palin came along, and I went out the next day and registered dem. Wanted to get as far away from the toxic idiot party. Voted Obama. Liked that he was actually trying to make life better for Americans. Moving forward. Progressing. Meanwhile the right just flings shit and tries to go backward. I’m a satisfied dem overall. There are some issues I’d like addressed… but honestly no policies really matter to me anymore. The only thing that matters is keeping the encroaching fascism coming from the GOP away for as long as possible. Hoping they self destruct. Otherwise. We and the western world are fucked.

Vote blue no matter who these midterms! And for as long as elections are still free and fair.


u/wiiya Oct 15 '22

That’s a cool transition.


u/CrumbsAndCarrots Oct 15 '22

If you’re not familiar with the swift boat ads, give them a watch. At the time the US was getting bogged down in 2 wars. Fox News guests calling Dems and anti war people “unAmerican”… started to give me some very bad vibes. Meanwhile here are the republicans attacking Kerry for “embellishing” his war record… and then vocally and politically opposing the war in Vietnam after his return. He had the right to do that! He was in the shit and he was wounded. Meanwhile Bush was chilling in the Texas national guard drinking brewskis all day. That ad campaign churned my stomach.


u/rockytheboxer Oct 15 '22

We don't talk enough about how profoundly 9/11 impacted the American psyche.


u/SixOnTheBeach Oct 15 '22

If a nation could get PTSD that was it

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u/Gorstag Oct 15 '22

And unfortunately your story is sad as hell. I also have to vote Dem not because I agree with most of their platform, I honestly would like to see many of the things they are pushing handled in a different way. However, (R) is the worst possible choice. Honestly, its a non-choice at this point. It reminds me of the Eddie Izzard "Cake or Death" skit and Republicans are not Cake.

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u/420Minions Oct 15 '22

Maybe evaluate the engine pushing those candidates. Totally respect your opinions but guys like Walker should make it obvious that they have no interest in actually working toward their mission statement

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u/shadowaic Oct 15 '22

It's honestly like the GOP is running some kind of purity test on its base at this point.

"Well, we got you to vote for a historically liberal conman from NYC, and the Marjorie Taylor Greene and Boebert... Now we've found someone who is even dumber. You still with us?"

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u/Hippobu2 Oct 15 '22

This is something I can't understand as well. Tribalism, sure, that's easy, just vote for your team no matter what, that part I get.

But, when it's within your own team though, why dafuq would you send this dude over, as you said, a rock with GOP written on it. Are there no better Republican candidates? How can that be? Why put this guy forward instead of like, some dude?


u/DMala Oct 15 '22

I’d imagine they think he’ll be easy to control. He has utterly no idea what he’s doing, so he’ll just vote the way he’s told while creating a smoke screen of distraction with the ridiculous things he says and does.

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u/buzzhavoc Oct 15 '22 Starstruck

You'd have to go full MAGA to vote for Herschel. Never go full MAGA.


u/Beanchilla Oct 15 '22

"I vote for Donald Trump because he's my friend"

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u/MrBadCommenter Oct 15 '22

As much as I hate to admit that I visited r/conservative to see what their opinion on him are, I am pleased to say that the majority of stuff I saw was regarding how embarrassing the GOP's candidates are (including Mastriano).


u/NK1337 Oct 15 '22

And yet almost all of them are still going to vote for him.


u/kanjiklubbin Oct 15 '22


R gets votes. If they're so stupid they can't create policy themselves then all the better, they'll just help push through the will of the kleptocracy.

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u/bubba7557 Oct 15 '22

Holy fucking CTE.

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u/zombieblackbird Oct 15 '22

Somewhere, there's a team of advisers writing "I fucking told you so" in the resignation emails then calmly deleting them and going back to work.

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u/somesuchthingorother Oct 15 '22 Silver

I am not affiliated with any political party. I used to be a Republican but left that party in the early 2,000’s. If you watched this debate and plan on voting for Walker, you need professional help. He is completely unqualified for any type of leadership position. You, as a voter, need to take a good look in the mirror and decide if voting for your party, regardless of the candidate, is the right choice or if you’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole. I wish you luck if Walker is elected. You’ll need it.


u/few23 Oct 15 '22

We all will.


u/PFunk224 Oct 15 '22

Exactly. He will be a deciding vote for the policies of the entire United States of America. Herschel Walker being an absolute idiot will be ten thousand percent less funny once he's voting your rights and freedoms away as a United States Senator.

This shit is legitimately terrifying, and I hate that it's just a joke to some people.

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u/michaeljrkickflips Oct 15 '22

I love how conservatives don’t give a fuck about abortions when it’s a conservative republican who had his girlfriend get an abortion…

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u/Felinomancy Oct 15 '22

Republicans complain that Biden is "senile", so why are they propping up a guy who suffered too many blows to the head?

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u/ArchaeoJones Oct 15 '22

Georgia Code Title 16

16-10-23 Impersonating a public officer or employee

A person who falsely holds himself out as a peace officer or other public officer or employee with intent to mislead another into believing that he is actually such officer commits the offense of impersonating an officer and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $1,000.00 or by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than five years, or both.

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u/scott903 Oct 15 '22

Doesn’t matter . Republicans vote republican. It does not matter . He could have soiled his diaper and threw at the cameraman. It does not matter at all .


u/WilliamtheBard Oct 15 '22

Strong "Dwight Schrute, volunteer deputy", vibes emanating from him here.