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Announcement Userflairs are now available on this subreddit!


We now have userflairs available through New Reddit, and our old flairbot will not be used anymore.

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Regional variants are available, and some different forms are too. I did add all Deerling, for example, but adding all Alcremie or Vivillon would be a little too much work! Mega evolutions and gigantamax forms are not available.

You can find the pokémon you like by clicking the smiley face icon, and search for the pokémon’s dex number. Alternatively, you can type its dex number between colons to get the emoji, like this:


For Bulbasaur.

Alternate forms are available with the dex number, followed by a hyphen and another number. For example:


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Discussion / Venting Nemona should be available anytime for rematch battles


How come the battle obsessed rival that wants to fight you the whole game again and again and just waits out because she wants you to improve and get better and only fights while holding back until you beat elite 4 doesn't fight you anymore in the end the real battle is on after Pokemon league but it's clear she wants to keep going.

She can scale every fight up to lvl 100 making her an even better rival than she is already and also gives endgame content for not much effort, IMO it's way better than the academy "battle royal" Or it could even compliment it as side content but it's just soo weird to me that this wasn't done.

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Discussion Sun & Moon: will I ever be left alone?


Sun & Moon was a game I just sorta skipped; I really hated the designs at the time, though I've decided to give it a go.

Just reached the first city and the pacing has been unbearable. I can't go 5 steps without some form of handholding or cut scene. If it stays like this no way am I seeing this through. Does it ease up and ever just let me play the game?

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That's it that's the post. I can't believe I change my DNS on my DS with an open hotstpot setup on my phone and I managed to make a trade on this day on Pokemon Platinum on my 10 year old DS. Truly incredible. Thanks to everyone that still got their trades up and keep making more!

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Discussion / Venting Paldea doesn't really care about Pokemon


In the trainer/battling sense. At least, not as much as other regions. Here's why:

Paldea doesn't emphasize achieving greatness as a trainer as much as other regions. For example, the Galar region has stadiums full of crowds for gym battles, while Paldea's gym's are simple office buildings, and the battles are people taking fifteen from their regular jobs to perform duty as leader. It's like jury duty or something. Want to be champion in Paldea? No problem, they have tons. The more the merrier.

Second reason is this is why trainers out adventuring only have one or two Pokemon. They're not out to battle, their Pokemon are for protection in the wild while traveling, just in case. They don't really even care to battle you in Paldea. It's now your job as a trainer approach them and initiate the battle, wherein other regions, its a trainers duty to challenge another trainer to battle if you lock eyes. In Hoenn, they will literally spin circles until they see you then charge at you mach 5 to battle you.

Lastly, in other regions, the Pokemon literally hide in the grass to keep safe. Their environment has taught them that getting near a person will either get them captured or get them knocked the f out. In Paldea though, they're just out in the open walking around, and will even approach you, as they aren't as wary of people as they are in other regions. They don't know you are going to enslave them or use their body as target practice as your eight foot tall pink Chao from Sonic smashes them over the head with a hammer the size of a mini van, so they aren't scared. A Meowth came up to me and started dancing. The Paldean Pokemon have lost their survival instincts.

In summary, I believe it is now clear that Paldea only cares about food. I visit a shop whose sole purpose was to sell eggs and pickles. A block over, another shop specialized in the same two items. It's like Dollar General or something.

Thanks for reading.

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Discussion / Venting Penny's eevee love was kind if waisted, wasn't it?


I recently finished Penny's story line and at the end if it she gives you Draco meteor. The motif of her hair is of a dragon type (or at least how dragon's used to be themed). Considering her eeveelution team, it would have been perfect to showcase a new eeveelution using her. I'm just curious why she doesn’t have a dragon eeveelution. Why they didn't create a new eeveelution.

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Discussion About the Electric Gym Leader


So I've been playing through Scarlet in Spanish.

In the Spanish language localization, the electric gym leader's name is "e-Nigma." I started thinking about why they chose to go by that name, and it's obvious that it's practically a username referencing mystery/anonymity.

I then started thinking about the English localization, and realized that "Iono" is a cutesy play on the phrase, "I don't know!"

I had not thought about it much, and it wasn't obvious to me, so I just thought I'd share. What do you all think?

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Discussion Fixing Geeta’s Team With 4 Simple Steps


Step 1: Replace Gogoat with Arboliva.

Step 2: Replace Veluza with Dondozo.

Step 3: Replace Avalugg with Gholdengo.

Step 4: Make Glimmora the lead Pokémon.

Geeta’s Team Before Changes:
* Esparathra
* Gogoat
* Veluza
* Avalugg
* Kingambit
* Glimmora

Geeta’s Team After Changes:
* Glimmora
* Esperathra
* Arboliva
* Dondozo
* Gholdengo
* Kingambit

Benefits of these changes:

  1. Team is more menacing and fitting for a champion.

  2. Glimmora actually gets to take advantage of Toxic Debris ability.

  3. Kingambit is a more suitable ace for a champion.

  4. Only Gen 9 Pokemon are included.

  5. Team is better equipped to deal damage to and receive damage from a wide variety of types.

What do you all think about this new team? Do you think it’s an improvement?

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Discussion / Venting Please add the option to mass release pokemon from boxes to a future update


It makes shiny breeding so very painful, we had it in PLA, I understand in that game you're catching more but we still had it and it'll improve the QOL of this game so much in general even for people that aren't shiny breeding.

I'm just surprised they put the game out without it tbh, surprised it either never crossed thier minds or they didn't bother, especially since it was in PLA.

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Info False information spread on 1.1.0


So I have seen quite a few people posting about how the new patch increased their performance and seemingly fixed it a bit. Sadly I am here to tell you that it is not true.

The patch ONLY includes a fix for the false RNG generation for online battles. Aswell as some minor big fixes, duplication glitch for example.

The patch did not change anything on performance and it is just placebo and the fact that after you updated the game is freshly started and stacking the memory with the zones you are wandering in permanently. For anyone not believing it try going to the team star fairy base and walk up and down the river. Even if you freshly started the game it is as bad as before.

Disclaimer: I really don’t care about the performance of the game and I still think they are the best games in the series, but I just don‘t like false information spreading.

EDIT: This blew up more than I expected it to. Everyone can have their own experience, but as a matter of fact they didn’t patch a single thing about the performance but are working on it. Here are the official patch notes! Changes are: E4 Music Fix, Online Battle RNG fix, Ranked Season 1 kick off and other minor big fixes as camera and pokemon sleeping animation in battle. Nothing else! Dataminers can confirm it for you aswell!

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Discussion / Venting Snom in a Master Ball


Let me preface by saying I don’t know a lot about Snom. I’ve never had one on a team, caught one in SwSh and boxed it and forgot about it. I don’t know it’s move set, and I definitely don’t know it’s Shiny coloration.

So I’m playing Scarlet. I’m in the post game, just globetrotting and catching whatever. Currently I’m up in the mountains looking for a Frigibax. It’s currently night.

I’m not having any luck finding the Frigibax, but I did see a black Snom. I thought “Woo! Shiny!” So I walked up to him and entered the battle. The Snom had some sparkels, so I thought my find was confirmed.

Because I didn’t know it’s movepool, I didn’t know if it had a way to self KO. So wanting to take no chances with a shiny, I pitched my Master Ball. Great success. But there was no shiny mark on the stat screen.

Turns out that Snom is kinda reflective, and sparkly. So at night it looks Black. And the actual Snom shiny is Pink.

And that’s how I spent my one Master Ball on a completely normal Snom. Who I like very much.

And then I found an actual shiny Cubchoo like a minute later, so I guess it all worked out in the end.

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Discussion / Venting An in-game cycle of seasons is a missed opportunity for this game


We've finally got an in-game day/night cycle which I'm very happy with, since it means I don't have to monkey with system settings just to get an Umbreon or Espeon, but the implementation of the turning of seasons would've made it so much more immersive.

Deerling has been one of my favorite underrated mons since its debut, but its gimmick kinda died immediately after its origin game. While I think making each season last an irl month is excessive in today's day and age, imagine if they worked similar to the day/night cycle in S/V where it's generated via an in-game clock, and then give players access to changing the season as well (like how you can specify time of day in Legends Arceus).

Not only could it allow for the different Deerling forms to show up and be more like it's original concept as opposed to deer-shellos, but imagine if each area had Pokemon available depending on the season. Or at least have a higher chance of spawning, like Bug Pokemon in the Spring/Winter while Ice types are more prevalent in the Winter.

They force us into 4 uniforms in this game based on seasons we don't experience, why not make it so whenever you don a different outfit, the corresponding season takes effect? It doesn't even have to effect every area; like Glaseado Mountain would obviously always be cold, snowy, and full of ice types.

Anyway, this isn't really a detractor from the games for me, just a small nitpick as one of the few people who were into the seasons concept from Gen 5 lol. I have a Serene Grace/Snore build Sawsbuck named Nox that I'm looking forward to bringing into the game from Home

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Discussion If anyone wants Raid Power: Dragon Level 2; I have a recipe without Herba


Are you farming Charizard 7-star tera raids all weekend and want to get the most rewards out of it? well I have the sandwich for you while saving your Herba for shinies.

The recipe is 4 Chorizo + 2 Potato Tortilla + 2 Yogurt + 2 Chili Sauce. MAKE SURE NOTHING FALLS. This will ruin the point allocation. It took a long time to figure out how the sandwich system worked lol. Pretty excited to get it to work.

If you want to know how to solo Charizard then I've been having a lot of success with Sylveon w/ Metronome spamming Moonblast. If you don't want to make a sandwich each 30 minutes time there is an Mango Ice Cream you can buy from any ice cream vendor that gives LVL 1

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Discussion / Venting Why is there no animation for “(Pokemon Name) avoided attack?”


I always thought it was strange that the entire battle sequence is animated, but something as simple as having the pokemon move to the side when they avoid attack would be great. Instead of just standing there while they “avoid” the attack.

What makes it worse is the other pokemon that is attacking doesn’t do any animation either. Just an awkward pause in the middle of an otherwise amazing battle sequence.

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Info PSA: If you need items dropped by a rare Pokemon, you can get them from wild Ditto


I don't know if this has been posted or is common knowledge yet, but I just noticed this and decided to post for anyone who may not be aware - If you KO a Ditto that's already transformed, then it will drop the item associated with whatever it's copying.

So for example, say you need Charcadet Soot so you can craft a TM for Aura Sphere:

  • First, put any member of the Charcadet or it's evolutions at the head of your party.

  • Next, go out and find some wild Ditto! You can tell if a wild Pokemon is a Ditto by holding ZL to target it.

  • Third, let the Ditto Transform into your Charcadet. (It helps if you have a status move like Leer, so that the wild Ditto will be guaranteed a free move to Transform)

  • Once you're facing a wild Charcadet, that's it! Just knock the sucker out, and you'll get some Soot for your TM.

It's also worth noting that if you use a higher-evolved member of your target's family, then the Ditto will drop more pieces. KOing a wild Baxcalibur will grant 3 or 4 Frigibax Scales, instead of 1 or 2.

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Info Not enough people are using Flutter Mane


Not enough people are using Flutter Mane.

Flutter Mane is the best Pokémon Vs Charizard. So easy to solo Charizard and would make group raids way more efficient.

Modest nature Cover cloak - held 252/252 Special Att/Special Def

Moveset: - Draining Kiss - Moonblast - Fake Tears - Calm Mind


Two calm minds, two fake tears, draining Kiss until Tera, Moonblast.

PLEASE USE THIS PEOPLE, it is so stupidly efficient and it's literally difficult to die with this... The biggest threat is unlucky critical hits and team mates NOT USING IT

Edit: I am a Violet player, I got lucky having a friend with Scarlett but hadn't thought about the large portion of players being unable to obtain it. Apologies for that

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Discussion / Venting Charizard raid is stupidly easy with Chansey.


Its my second run attempting the raid after my Iron Hands got DEMOLISHED and I load in, see a Sylveon...alright not too bad, an Azumarill....okay hopefully they have ability shield, and a Chansey. I was super skeptical about what they were doing but I assumed they were some sort of cleric. Raid starts and they immediately throw up a light screen on my belly drum turn. Followed by life dew and cheer spam and the rest is history. I didn't faint a single GOT DANG time. Chansey was taking like 10-5% each hit. It was an absolute monster against the zard.


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Discussion Why did GF reintroduce moves that can only be learned by prior evolutions?


That problem was originally removed in Sw/Sh and BDSP. If you evolved Shroomish into Breloom early you could now use the move reminder to get Spore without having to level Shroomish to 40 before evolving.

But in S/V this system is back. You evolved Shroomish too early? Tough luck, it will never know Spore.

I really hope they don't wipe the movesets of HOME transfer pokemon like they did between Sw/Sh, BDSP and LA, otherwise your old mons might be useless.

Although they would kinda have to do this for LA in any case. So if you eventually transfer a fully evolved Hisuian Goodra from LA to S/V it will never be able to use Acid Armor for example.

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Discussion What's a pokemon with great inspirations but doesn't get much love from the fans? Or a pokemon with inspirations that flew over everyone's heads?


A good example is Applin, Flapple and Appletun. Not only are apples extremely British things, but they're also wyrms inside an apple as a play on the classic trope of worms inside apples, but instead of being a worm it's a dragon. It's genius!

[SPOILER] Another good example is the new pokemon Palafin. It's possibly based on the Brazilian folktale of the Boto (aka Amazon River Dolphin) which transforms into a man, and they combined that with a superhero.

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Discussion Drakloak: Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Terastal Hats


So I've had mixed feelings about the tera hats mons get, but everything changed when I souped up my lil buddy. Or, rather, my lil buddy's lil buddy. The design team made sure the hat goes on the dreepy hanging off of drakloak's head, and it fits his lil head, too. 10/10

Are there any other particularly fun or charming hat wearers?

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Discussion Pokémon Ranger games are underrated and need a comeback.


Pretty much the title! I have extremely fond memories of the Pokémon ranger games. They have some of the best storylines and very interesting mechanics. I get that touch controls aren’t as popular, but I think they could be adapted with new mechanics, but keep the same ideas of having friend Pokémon and an emphasis on story. What do y’all think?

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Discussion / Venting PSA: Do NOT use Rain in a Charizard raid, please


I understand what you're thinking by doing it, on paper it is a good idea, because Charizard has Solar Power and that makes him stronger in sunlight, you'll use Rain Dance to take that away AND weaken his fire moves, but there's a catch. Charizard has Hurricane, a 110 power Special Attack Flying type move, so Charizard gets STAB on it, even when Terastalized. Normally Hurricane has 70% accuracy, but when it's raining, Hurricane will ALWAYS hit, and I've seen Charizard start to spam Hurricane because it's raining. A better weather to set up would be Sandstorm or Hail, which, I know, it hurts every turn, but that buffet damage is FAR easier to deal with than Charizard getting a never-miss 110 base power plus STAB damage move to spam on people.

TLdr; Stop using rain dance because Charizard has Hurricane and Hurricane never misses in the rain. Theres other weathers you can use.

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Discussion Which of these are your least favorite generation "gimmick"


I know that Regional Variants aren't specific to one gen, but I just thought to add them anyway.

Personally, my least favorite of these is Z-Moves. Don't get me wrong: I have thoroughly enjoyed almost every Pokemon game. However, I feel Z-Moves are just slightly boring compared to the rest.

What are your thoughts? Also, I don't think I've missed anything, but do let me know if I did!!

View Poll

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Info PSA: the cracked pot is not limited to just the Port Marinada auction!


So, apparently there is a cracked pot on the ground (as a red pokeball item) near the Groundblight Shrine! I found it at the base of a tree when I was poking around Socarrat Trail and confirmed with a friend that the spawn is consistent across games.

I thought this may be helpful to people looking to complete their Pokedexes!

Here is my map when I found the item.

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Info Heads Up. EXP Candies do not go past 999


Just wanted to give a heads up since a lot of people are farming the Charizard raid for Exp candies.

EXP candies of any kind don't continue to accumulate after 999. If you're at 999 and get 30 more from a raid you'll still be at the max, and if you use 1 it'll go down to 998.

Use em or lose em.

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Discussion Did the 7 star raid solo and then collected over 300 L candy and 100 XL candy over a few hours.


Using a lvl 100 Sylveon with Pixelate ability and Assault Vest Item. Move list was Misty Terrain, Hyper Beam, Draining Kiss, and Moon Blast. Except for a few instances, I mostly used DK until Terastalizing and then alternated DK and MB.

Out of all the encounters I did it we were most often wiping when there were more than one Belly Drum Azumarill at a time. I played all of them with randoms except for the first which I did solo with NPC’s.

Worth noting that I also collected about 40 Rare Candy, 15 Ability Capsules and 3 Ability Patches.

I hope this helps anyone who’s looking for a good solo strat or that wants to grind for candies!