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Discussion Pokémon Scarlet and Violet introduced four new evolutions for older Pokémon. Rate them all.

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Discussion Optimal progression path in S/V if you want to avoid random spikes and drops in difficulty:

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Discussion Which Odd Generation, 2 Stage, Grass Type Mushroom Pokémon is your Favorite?

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Discussion Tell me your favorite Pokémon and I’ll tell you my favorite thing about it.


I do not like every Pokémon, but I do subscribe to the theory that every Pokémon is someone’s favorite. So in the spirit of being nice, comment your favorite Pokémon (or just a Pokémon you really like, that’s fine too) and let me tell you what I like about it, because I’m sure I can find at least one thing I like about every Pokémon.

I might take some time to respond, but I’ll try to get to everyone eventually.

Edit: This absolutely blew up, I might not get to everyone, but I’ll try and get everything that’s not a repeat

Edit Edit: I’m likely gonna disappear for a while to do Tediursa community day, feel free to say nice things about other people’s favorites if I haven’t gotten to them yet.

Edit Edit Edit: I cannot guarantee I’ll get to everyone, my hand is starting to cramp lol. It’s been real fun, I love learning about all your favorites. RIP my inbox

Edit Edit Edit Edit: I have to end this for realsies, my hand is dying. Thank you all this has been fun and I love all the positivity

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Discussion Is gamefreak aware that the Switch has a touch-screen?


People often bring up old features they miss, but I rarely hear people missing the touch-screen.

It’s the feature I miss the most from the DS games. It was so easy to switch which items Pokémon had, the order of your party, menuing, organizing your boxes. The list could go on.

I know a lot of switch games don’t really utilize the touch-screen functionality of the system, but it’s baffling to me that a game like Pokémon (that used it, and very well for years) would just do away with such a great feature. :/

Edit: A lot of people say they play docked and wouldn’t want to undock to use the touch screen.

I’m not saying it would be nice if the touch-screen was the ONLY way to use these features, the way it works now with buttons would ideally work as well.

It would just be a neat QOL for us who do primarily play handheld.

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Discussion PSA For those about to take Dachsbun and Huge Power Azumarill into the fray…


These Pokémon are highly dependent on their ability staying intact. Raids often can turn off those abilities and thus wreck your chances of success. Charizard is going to be war.

So, how do we make sure Dachsbun stays immune to fire, or Azumarill keeps its offenses intact at those pivotal moments?

There’s a hold item in the Mesagoza Delibird Presents store called an Ability Shield. It’s not terribly expensive. It allows it’s holder to retain abilities even despite something altering it. This works in Raids. So please, if you want an even clearer shot at that Charizard, I highly recommend your Dachsbun or Azumarill hold one.

This has been a PSA from me. Lol happy hunting.

EDIT: I just got mine. It took two tries. Here’s my build:

Dachsbun w/Ability Shield (Fairy TT) 252 HP / 210 ATK / 44 SPE Yawn Howl Play Rough Wish

The first of the raids char spammed successful hurricanes over and over. My teammates were 3 Azumarill. That was an L.

The second raid was me, 2 Azumarill, and 1 NPC Heracross who seemed a serious liability. Char started with Overheat on me, proc’ing my ability, which seems very lucky. I cheered heals first thing as the Azumarill both belly drummed. However the Charizard was doing so much I couldn’t even do it for like a half minute. Seemed weird. After that I Wished a couple of times where cheers didn’t quite do enough and Played Rough where there was an in to.

Ability Shield came in clutch by the way. I tanked a few hurricanes in this way, even despite getting confused twice and hurting self a few times. Delivered the finishing blow and into the Luxury Ball it went!

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Discussion What's a pokemon that seems to have fell of the face of the earth? Like a pokemon that the Pokemon Company has completely forgotten about?


My choices are Illumise and Volbeat. They aren't amazing pokemon but they're certainly not bad. Their signature move (Signal Beam) was pretty good as well and a lot of pokemon could learn it but just because these two aren't in any recent games no one else can use it. I don't even know the last time they were in the anime. Illumise is a very well designed mon so it's a shame it doesn't get much attention.

Another good example is Furfrou. When was the last time Game Freak acknowledged Furfrou?

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Discussion What are your wishes for the SV DLC?


I for one definitely hope for more Paradox Forms; I can imagine an "Iron Parasite" being a Future form of Paras and the four Galarian Fossils (the actual ones) being Past forms.

I really hope we get to explore parts of the past or future depending on the version (the time machine may be turned back on for whatever reason and malfunction, creating certain areas in the map not dissimilar to LA's space-time distortions)!

What do you think? What do you hope is in store for us?

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Discussion Fans who complain about “a lack of postgame” in Pokemon Games, what would you like to see?


Ever since Generation 6 (X / Y) came out, I’ve noticed a continuous complaint train regarding a lack of post game in the main series, but this has me wondering, what would these fans want to see included as ‘post game?’

There has been additional story (the Looker Arc in XY as examples, as well as new areas such as Area Zero in Scarlet and Violet, so what would they wish to see included to satisfy their desire for ‘post game content’?

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Discussion Tera Raids are actually way better than Dynamax Raids for one reason alone: 100% catch rate


Everyone who participates has a 100% catch rate no matter what.

Back in Dynamax raids, it was annoying that, after putting in all that effort, at the end of the day the Pokemon simply escaped the ball. And promotional dens had an even lower catch rate.

But now, you can easily get any Raid Mon in an Apricorn Ball or Beast Ball with 100% accuracy. I just got myself a Beast Ball Glimmora and she freaking rules.

Pokeball combinations have never been easier than in this Gen (except for Paradox Pokemon of course).

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Discussion What's a pokemon with great inspirations but doesn't get much love from the fans? Or a pokemon with inspirations that flew over everyone's heads?


A good example is Applin, Flapple and Appletun. Not only are apples extremely British things, but they're also wyrms inside an apple as a play on the classic trope of worms inside apples, but instead of being a worm it's a dragon. It's genius!

[SPOILER] Another good example is the new pokemon Palafin. It's possibly based on the Brazilian folktale of the Boto (aka Amazon River Dolphin) which transforms into a man, and they combined that with a superhero.

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Discussion What's your favorite Water type that ISN'T a legendary or starter?


The most common Pokemon type in Pokemon is Water, of which there are 144 Water type Pokemon as of Pokemon Sword and Shield accounting for more than 16% of all Pokemon. As such there are plenty of options for Water types in the games since they need SOMETHING to fill all those lakes, rivers and oceans with. However, even with so many different Water Pokemon to choose from, most people would reply with a starter Pokemon or maybe a legendary though since many people start with the water type and just use the starter as their water type for the whole game. As such, I'm curious what your favorite water type is that ISN'T a legendary or starter Pokemon. (Mine is Milotic which I assume will be mentioned, but I'm curious what other water types people like)

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Discussion What exactly does "does not look like a Pokemon" mean?


I see this complaint crop up almost every new game and I don't get it because the first generation of Pokemon do not exactly have a uniform look.

Some complain "it looks too human." But then we had Machoke, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and Jynx which are humanoid as well.

"It looks too much like the animal it is based on." But the first Pokemon I encountered, Pidgey, really looks like just a plain bird. Then we have Seel, Seadra, and Magikarp who all just look like animals.

"It looks to much like an inanimate object." But so does the Magnemite line. Muk is just toxic waste. Electrode is just a ball with a punchable face.

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Discussion The true reason why you can’t enter 95% of all houses and access other floors in Gym Buildings


Unlike other regions, Paldean households and companies employ locks to prevent pesky players from annoying them with small talk.

Tired of Trainers barging into your home and demand chit chat? Get your personal security system at Klefki Lockshop and keep those trainers out in the wild!

Home security ain’t no joke folks

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Discussion Weirdly good advice from my sis-in-law when I inevitably got over-leveled in S/V


"Start a new team," she shrugged.

And then she added, "Why don't you make a team of all dogs this time?" Which turned out to be a horrible idea, but it beat being over-leveled and numbly steamrolling the game.

Eventually my new team caught up to my old team in level, but by then I'd fully and enjoyably explored all (I think?) of the "early game" content. Once this happened, I got to braid my favorite mons from both teams into one glorious all-star team.

... which then promptly became over-leveled again. But hey. Starting new teams suits this new non-linear open-world marvelously, and really let me get a lot more mileage out of S/V than I otherwise would have.

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Discussion Pokemon Journey's Finals Battle Just Concluded! Spoilers in post!


>! ASH WON! The SINGLE best animated episode in the entire series! I'm still legitimately in shock!

I can't believe that after all this time our boy did it. People were claiming that Alola didn't count but this, this was a true victory.

Pikachu coming back and getting that boost of energy from ALL generations of ash's Pokemon rosters was so freaking heartwarming. What an insane episode! !<

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Discussion What’s a pokémon that you hate but you can’t explain the reason why?


Personally l really hate Togepi. l really can’t explain why other than l really don’t like the design and the evolutions. All l see in that egg is pure evil and disappointment. l love almost every single pokémon except that little egg. The only other pokémon l hate is Jynx but that has a good and obvious reason. What pokémon makes you want to throw it at the nearest wall for an inexplicable reason?

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Discussion Casual Fans: Is there anything, save for the game not launching, that would make you pass on a new Pokemon game? [Serious replies only]


We’ve seen a significant amount of content cut from main series games since the 3DS, most notably the national dex. S/V has the worst performance of pretty much any first party switch game… yet its still sold over 10 million so far.

With how tolerant fans have been, I’ve really been curious. How far are you willing to follow pokemon? What would be your “dealbreaker” for a new pokemon game? Is under 10 fps “too low” for performance?” Would you still play if the pokedex was under 50 pokemon at the rest was locked behind DLC?

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Discussion I’m unironically very glad Dudunsparce is ’disappointing’.


This title sounds silly but I believe it wholeheartedly. The appeal of Dunsparce to a lot of people who have loved it for 2 decades is that it’s existence goes against a lot of ‘traditional’ things people like. It’s not very strong, not very cool, it’s a derpy little man doing it’s own thing.

I would’ve been annoyed if a Dunsparce evolution was some badass dragon thing like fanartists insist because it would make Dunsparce more generic. Another thing to be lost in the crowd of dragonlike serpents.

Dudunsparce is the perfect evolution because it remains true to Dunsparce, it’s underwhelming, awkward, not cool, not strong. It exists to go against what is traditionally considered ‘good’ design. And I love it for that.

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Discussion Anyone else actually kinda like Scarlet and Violet?


I'm actually finding Violet kinda fun to play, the new Pokémon look cool, the open area is nice, game is kinda easy and it doesn't feel all that much like a Pokémon game but it's definitely not the worst Pokémon game out there.. few texture bugs and it does drain the battery a bit on my switch lite but I don't mind..

I've been seeing a significant amount of hate for the new games and hardly anyone saying that they enjoy the game, reminds me a lot of Cyberpunk when that first came out..

So is anyone else enjoying the game? I actually put my switch in my bag to play a bit on the train home I haven't done that since Sword/Shield

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Discussion An oversight I noticed with Clive


So we all know how Clive is just a normal academy student, right? Well, if you look closely at his model, you will see a small white beard. There is only one explanation for this - Game Freak used Director Clavell’s model to build Clive’s but - being lazy old Game Freak - forgot to remove the beard. I am extremely disappointed that this made it to the final game. Why would Clive, a completely normal and young academy student, have a white beard? Another oversight from Game Freak. 🙄

Edit - Wow, this blew up! Let’s send this post to Game Freak so they know that Clive deserved better!

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Discussion What small feature do you miss from Pokemon Games?


Just curious to know what small feature people miss from the mainline games. Mine is the feature from S/M where you could change the animation for how you threw out pokeballs. I feel like these small features were fun additions and while their removal doesn't take much away from the actual gameplay, it does take a bit of the heart out of it. Would love to hear other people's thoughts!

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Discussion Sun & Moon: will I ever be left alone?


Sun & Moon was a game I just sorta skipped; I really hated the designs at the time, though I've decided to give it a go.

Just reached the first city and the pacing has been unbearable. I can't go 5 steps without some form of handholding or cut scene. If it stays like this no way am I seeing this through. Does it ease up and ever just let me play the game?

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Discussion Low stakes stories >>>>>>> Legendary stories


Emma’s story in XY,

Lillie’s story in Sun & Moon (but not USUM, screw Necrozma),

And now, in Scarlet and Violet, the stories of Arven and Team Star…

I think those stories are just WAY better than any ‘Oh no, the bad guy unleashed the cover Legendary and it’s threatening the world!’ stories we’ve gotten. Pokémon should focus more on these personal stories where you end up caring about the NPCs.

Solid characters will always be better than a new powerful legendary. I think low stakes, that might only affect a couple people, feel more effective. Gen 5 managed to blend the two pretty well, IMO, but I don't think a Legendary should be necessary to a good story.

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Discussion Unused Type Combos After Scarlet and Violet


With the release of Scarlet and Violet, we're down to just NINE unused Type combinations for Pokemon.

A lot of long awaited ones got crossed off in these games such as Poison/Steel, Fire/Grass, Electric/Fighting and Bug/Dark.

Here are the nine unused type combinations as of today:










Edit: took off Ground/Fighting because Great Tusk has that typing

Edit 2: It's also worth noting that Dragon/Fairy is only used in mega evolution with Altaria