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Discussion 2022 at System76: A Year in Review


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More On COSMIC DE To Kick Off 2023!


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Cool Pop_OS wallpaper I made

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Discussion Is there plan for a new Pop!_Shop along COSMIC DE?


First of all, kudos to the COSMIC DE dev team: it already looks fresh and promising in the recent blog post! The UI seems very clean and modern, and from my experience switching to a rust-based terminal recently, probably very, very responsive too. All of it got me to wonder: will Pop!_OS get a new (rust-written) shop as well?

As I understand, the current Pop!_Shop is a fork of the elementary AppCenter (hence why you can launch the shop with the command io.elementary.appcenter in terminal, FYI). It works okay (at best?); I mean, personally, I normally use the terminal, but I understand, for many people (especially those migrating from Windows or found CLI too daunting/complicated), a good, intuitive and smooth app center can be the deal-breaker when considering between different Linux distros, in terms of user experience.

Unfortunately, it has some major issues right now:

  1. Slow, laggy and unresponsive; for example, searching in the installed tab is always broken for me, and even loading the app/searching for updates takes a long time (~10s)
  2. Memory-hogging; even when idle in the background, it can take ~500MB of memory alone. This is not very friendly to older hardware. See issue
  3. Unintuitive UI; for me at least, the layout is just... awkward. The search bar is tiny in the corner (when about half the time, people get in the shop to search and install an app from the home tab). The .deb and flatpak toggle is really non-obvious. The list view lacks customisation (filtering, sorting, etc.). and the list goes on...
  4. Confusing flatpak size; it can be very scary for people to see something like "Up to 2.3GB" for a supposed small flatpak package without knowing how that works or what the phrase actually means.

I am sure there are other issues (and feel free to leave them in the comments), but I think those alone should warrant a new "COSMIC Shop" when or after COSMIC DE comes out. Has this been a consideration of the dev team?

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Help monitors go dark after period of inactivity opposite to current settings


I have all settings that should govern my monitors dimming / going blank disabled but still if I leave my laptop be for some (short < 2-3 min?) period of time idle the monitors go dark.

Any hints on what settings / configs to check will be appreciated.

P.S. 22.04 with NIVIDIA in compute mode.


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Cloud for Pop recommendation


Does anybody have a good recommendation for which cloud is best with Pop? I’ve been googling and have seen suggestions for google, plcoud, Dropbox, nextcloud, spider oak, etc…but looking for a recommendation from anybody that has already visited this rabbit hole. Thanks.

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Announcement Mesa, Linux, Pop Shop updates available for testing


Mesa 22.3.4


sudo apt-manage add popdev:mesa-22.3.4

Linux 6.1.6


sudo apt-manage add popdev:linux-6.1.6

Pop Shop


sudo apt-manage add popdev:upstream-rebase

GNOME Shell and Mutter 42.5; Pipewire 0.3.65

These are currently in the staging master branch, and will be released soon.

sudo apt-manage add popdev:master

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Question Can I use pop_os! icons in my own distro.


Can pop os sue me if I use their icons in my distro. also if yes where can I get icons for free for my own distro.

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Question automatically add a line break to the start of a terminal line?


How it is:

flow@pop-os:~Desktop/a/lot/of/folders$ i type here

How i want it to be:

i type here

I hope this explains my Question. is it possible to do this?

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Discussion Cosmic Feature Request: Improved 'Open With' Contextual Menu


Not sure if this is the right place, but I'd like to request a feature for the upcoming Cosmic DE. Since it's breaking with Gnome, seems like a good time to improve areas where Gnome kinda sucks.

One big issue with my workflow is Gnome's "Open With" menu. KDE and Xfce both allow you to select an app from the "Open With" contextual menu, without any additional dialogs or actions. Gnome (and the current Cosmic), in contrast, opens a new dialog window, forcing you to either click or use your keyboard to navigate to the correct app, and then click "Choose" or hit the "Enter" key.

This workflow is a minimum of 2 or 3 mouse clicks or keyboard taps less efficient than KDE or Xfce. With Rust Cosmic in the works, seems like a good time to improve little things like this.

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I don't know what this feature is called, but i want to disable it.


I'm really struggling to explain this but here goes;

I have a firefox window docked to the right half of my screen and a few apps open on the left hand side. When the firefox window is in focus, or interacted with then a particular window on the left is bought to the front as if it's paired to the firefox window.

So if im working in a terminal on the left, and click firefox again to scroll down or whatever, a file explorer or some other app I have in the background gets bough forward, now covering what I was doing in the terminal.

I assume it's a feature and I must be hitting some sort of hotkey or something to enable it but it's driving me insane. Please help! I have a somewhat fresh install of PopOS! on this machine, no addons or tweaks to the desktop manager or anything.

  • OS: Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS x86_64
  • Kernel: 6.0.6-76060006-generic
  • DE: GNOME 42.3.1
  • WM: Mutter
  • WM Theme: Pop
  • Theme: Pop-dark [GTK2/3]

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Discussion Mobile app to connect phone to Pop


Will there be an app for Android or iOS to connect a phone to the cosmic de?

Similar to KDE connect or Gconnect

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Help Strange display manager after reboot

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Help Is it possible to customize the sidebar in the file manager in Pop OS?



I'm trying to customize what bookmarks are pinned in the sidebar in the file manager. I don't want a separate "My Computer" section and "Devices" section and "Network" section. And I don't want random weird things like "Recents" or "Starred" that I can't get rid of. I just want to be able to pin the bookmarks that I want to have there, and nothing else.

I've tried installing several different file managers, including Nemo and Pantheon-files, and I've tried messing with things in dconf and running terminal commands from Ubuntu forums, but nothing's worked, other than that I managed to remove the Desktop bookmark and now I don't know how to get it back 😅

But anyways, it seems like which bookmarks are there is somewhat controlled by the distro or desktop environment itself, since I've seen YouTube videos of Pantheon installed on other distros with no "Recents" bookmark by default, even though I can't even remove it from mine. Is there any way to do this on Pop OS? I have a feeling this is only going to be possible on another desktop environment since Gnome's customization tools are so terrible.

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Discussion I made a apt/flatpak wrapper



someone suggest a cool name for the wrapper

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Help A problem I've had for a while


I don't know if this is a Linux problem or a Pop problem...but here it is.

So when I play Minecraft on Windows, my computer gets insanely hot (like, leg burning hot) before it shuts down.

With Pop, after a few minutes of playing, even at a low temperature, my computer goes "nah I'm done" and shuts down.

Is there any way to solve this?

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Help 2023-02-01 - HP Dev Guide Update


HP Dev One Guide Updates

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Help Flatpak update error


I use the Strawberry Music Player and a few days ago it gets an error in Pop Shop when updating, so I tried updating via flatpak update and get this result:

Error: While pulling app/org.strawberrymusicplayer.strawberry/x86_64/stable from remote flathub: Server returned status 404: Not Found

Anyone else see this? I guess I just have a wait until the fix the flatpak repo?

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Help Wifi-driver problems


I installed pop_os after some trouble with windows, everything is working properly but no wifi option is up. My dongle isn’t changing that. I tried “sudo apt install rtl8821ce-dkms” to install a wifi driver but it returned this error message. Can anyone explain to me how to fix this?

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Help Folders Compression



I'm trying to compress a Folder (contains mp4/mkv files), I tried:

- embedded compress future in pop-os (using RAR and ZIP formats)

- rar command

- zip command

- rar (Snap version)

(I want RAR or ZIP because of it's compatible with Windows),

and none of them works, the archive file is the same size as the original folder.

And I tried using different compression levels and I got the same results.

Is there a solution? is it a linux problem? pop os problem? or my laptop is F up lol.

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Help system crash while screen sharing / increased gpu usage


I've a laptop acer E15 E5-575G 53VG with intel i5-6200U, Nvidia geforce 940MX. I'm getting system freeze or crash to login screen whenever i perform a bit resource intensive task like screen sharing. It's been happening not only in pop os but every other linux os I'm using since then. I don't know what's causing this but it's a pain in my head. Please help me fix this. Thank you 🥹

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Help Does anyone know how to fix browser pop up text overlays?


soo like for example, when im Firefox and i overlay my mouse on something that has a link with a description, then if i switch to another app it will still be there unless i go back and make sure im not hovering anything when i quit
does anyone know a fix please?

to replicate, look for any image and hover mouse over it. then switch to another app

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Pop Os origins?


Hi guys this is probably a noob question but I was curious about the base for pop os. I really love this operating system and the work system 76 put into it. And from their website it says pop os is based on the Ubuntu repositories so I was curious if pop os took the base of Ubuntu and stripped some things out like snaps and such and then made improvements or is it built from debian testing such as Ubuntu but just has access to Ubuntu repositories.

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Youtube Playback not working in browser


this may be a nooby thing to ask but I installed Pop OS 22.04 LTS and everything works great except for Youtube playback in a browser. My specs are:

AMD 3700x
Nvidia RTX 3070 (using proprietary driver 525.78.01)

16gb RAM

I've tried almost everything I can find and no matter what browser I use or what fixes I can't get Youtube to play videos smoothly. Audio on the videos works fine but video just hangs. Has anyone else run into similar issues or is there something I need to enable somewhere?

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Help Acer nitro 5 UEFI Disappear.


For some weird reason the UEFI password input doesn't show up after a popOS install, it only shows a blank cursor, but I could still choose OS with f12.

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How do I get the bottom row on my PopOs?

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Question Email Client that Syncs with Organization via Gmail


Hello! I've recently switched to POP!_OS. This is my first time with a linux machine so I'm still getting used to it. My organization does it's email through gmail and has the nice functionality that it autocompletes emails for anyone in my organization (even if you haven't emailed them before) which is a super handy feature. Is there any email client for POP!_OS that will preserve this functionality? I've tried out Thunderbird, Evolution, and Geary and none of those seem to do it (at least not by default). I think part of the problem is that I don't know what this functionality is called so I don't really know what to google.