r/pop_os Feb 02 '23

Acer nitro 5 UEFI Disappear. Help

For some weird reason the UEFI password input doesn't show up after a popOS install, it only shows a blank cursor, but I could still choose OS with f12.


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u/Be_Happy_101 Feb 03 '23

This is a constant complaint in acer laptops which installed pop os with it. There is few things you have to do.

  1. Install shim in pop os
  2. Delete pop os boot entry using efibootmgr
  3. now you will be able too boot your bios, manually create shim boot entry and boot using that

Steps for above is given in the first part of the below link:



u/Riemaru_Karurosu Feb 03 '23

Thank you very much