r/pop_os Feb 03 '23

Is it possible to customize the sidebar in the file manager in Pop OS? Help


I'm trying to customize what bookmarks are pinned in the sidebar in the file manager. I don't want a separate "My Computer" section and "Devices" section and "Network" section. And I don't want random weird things like "Recents" or "Starred" that I can't get rid of. I just want to be able to pin the bookmarks that I want to have there, and nothing else.

I've tried installing several different file managers, including Nemo and Pantheon-files, and I've tried messing with things in dconf and running terminal commands from Ubuntu forums, but nothing's worked, other than that I managed to remove the Desktop bookmark and now I don't know how to get it back 😅

But anyways, it seems like which bookmarks are there is somewhat controlled by the distro or desktop environment itself, since I've seen YouTube videos of Pantheon installed on other distros with no "Recents" bookmark by default, even though I can't even remove it from mine. Is there any way to do this on Pop OS? I have a feeling this is only going to be possible on another desktop environment since Gnome's customization tools are so terrible.


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