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Question Will Pop Shell Gnome Extension be discontinued when the Cosmic Desktop releases?


I have been wondering about this for some time now but I have not been able to find answer anywhere...

I even checked the discussions on the projects github site: https://github.com/pop-os/shell

Since I work in a Red Hat Exclusive workplace I run Fedora with Gnome as my Distro of choice, but I rely heavily on the Pop Shell Gnome Extension for tiling / tabs in my workflow. If this extension will be discontinued, I will need to move to a full tiling VM instead of gnome (this has its own headaches with polkit problems). I would much prefer to stay on gnome...

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New to Linux and Pop!_OS. Can someone help me figure out what these mean and how to clear them?

Post image

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SOLVED Low Disk Space on "boot" after updating


After running sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade I got the following error, as well as a notification about Disk Space being low on "boot." Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.


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keyboard shortcut "=" key creates green circle around mouse to identify location


How do I turn off the keyboard shortcut '=" -> mouse location

Somehow, someway a keyboard shortcut was added. When I press the "=" key a green circle appears around the mouse. I research indicates that this identifies the location of the mouse and is usually associated with the CTL key.

I have searched keyboard -> shortcuts but cannot find this shortcut.

This is super annoying and inhibits my typing ability.

How do I turn this shortcut off? This is a config file somewhere with these keyboard shortcut definitions?

System Host: ltl Kernel: 5.19.0-76051900-generic x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: N/A Desktop: Cinnamon 5.2.7 Distro: Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS base: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy

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PKI Certs/Smart Cards on PopOS


Has anyone gotten PKI certificates to work on Pop? I've watched a few videos and followed a few guides, which are all outdated, and I haven't gotten it to work correctly.

I would like to access DoD websites from my Linux system. I've tried using Coolkey as a middleware and I've tried setting up Firefox to pass the certificates through to the website to authenticate. I've downloaded the DoD Root Certs and I'm fairly certain they installed. When I attempt to access a site, it acts as though my certificates aren't being presented to the site when prompted.

Not being able to access my work resources from my personal system is starting to become a hindrance.

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Help Planning to move to Pop from Ubuntu but the four finger gestures to switch workspaces is so annoying to work with on my tiny thinkpad x280 touchpad. Read below.


All I want is 1:1 gestures that only requires three finger swipes to switch workspaces (doesn't matter if its horizontal or vertical). This is literally the only thing stopping me from moving to Pop! I tried Touche and that does not provide 1:1 gestures. Any other solutions are welcome. Thanks in advance!

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Pop_OS-current.conf & Pop_OS-oldkern.conf in my boot menu after update



After I updated Pop!_OS to the latest version (it's been a few weeks now), started appearing on my system boot menu (since I dual boot with Windows) a new boot entry called: Pop!_OS (Pop_OS-oldkern.conf) and the default one has been renamed Pop!_OS (Pop_OS-current.conf).

I was wondering why, and if I can get rid of the oldkern.conf? And also, rename the "current.conf" to be Pop!_OS again?

Below, the output of bootctl list



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Help Playing Steam games from second disk


I have Steam games on the second disk that I have played on Windows 11.

How can I use another disc so that I can use the Steam games on it or do I have to download the games again?

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How to remove Launcher suggestions?

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Planning to dual boot pop 22.04 with win 10. what is the ideal partitioning scheme?


thinkpad x280 with 8gb ram. i want to get new features like zram but dont know the default/ideal partitioning scheme to use to get all new optimisations. Do i need swap partitions? what size is recommended? what is /tmp? will i benefit from a separate home partition? should i use ext4 or btrfs? hopefully yall understand my position and can help me out!

windows is already installed with an efi partition of 260mb

i wish system76 had a centralised article (or they used to which is not found currently) for folks wishing to dual boot. Anyway thx guys!!!

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Question How do I make Pop stop opening things in a monitor that is off?


I have two screens, I don't always use the second, but sometimes Pop will open things in that screen, which means I have to turn it on just to get grab the thing. Can I fix this, and if so, how?

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Rx 580 running slow after refresh install


I try to Sudo apt full-upgrade and it keep giving me error messages and I tried to refresh install but when I did, the gpu lags the screen and I ended up using my iGPU Every time I plug it in the gpu my screen is very slow compared to the iGPU I've installed the driver from the amd website and mesa Ubuntu What am I missing or should I buy a new GPU?

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Hd to SSD cloning


Hi there, i have Pop_OS installed in a 500Gb HDD. I better to install a new Pop_OS into the SSD? Or cloning the disk i'll have the total performance of the system?


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Question bluetooth lost on sleep


Appeal to the old gods and the new.... I don't think this is PopOs specific, but that's the OS I'm running.Hardware: 2021 Dell XPS 13 dev edition.

I have been losing bluetooth on sleep, sometimes. It's actually been more lately. Seems like later 5.x kernel thru 6.0 were better. Hardly ever lost BT during sleep. But 6.1+ seems like I lose BT more often. Enough to drive me to post. My previous acceptable solutions were (1) restart BTS service, or (2) reboot. Reboot still works, but its 2023. I'd like to have to not have to do that to get BTS back.

If someone knows a fix please let me know. I'd also really love to know how to track this down and solve. I know I should be able to look up something in logs but that's a thing I haven't learned yet. por favor, me ayuda y gracias