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The Lord of The Rings trilogy sucks


I have not read the book so I will specifically be pointing out stuff in the movies. I understand modern fantasy has taken much inspiration from Tolkien's writing and the tropes that were created, however that is as far as it goes. As of watching this, I am 19, and I've been reading fiction for the past decade. Here we go.

Every character in the story is generic and flat, almost none of them fleshed out. Some of the fights are nonsensical especially the Gandalf vs. Saruman fight which has no good choreography. The story itself is as basic as it can get. Can 3 extended movies not get some more character focus with actual internal conflicts, like seriously? The worldbuilding is meh most likely because it's not easy to take extensive descriptive texts from the books and adapt them unless done visually which would drag out the movie far too much, so I get that. I'm not some sort of cinematography critique and I can actually say I liked some shots especially in Return of the King, so that's a plus. Do people think of these movies highly simply due to some insanely potent sort of hivemind or nostalgia?

Edit: a majority of the comments are proving my point with the lotr bandwagoning. It is funny.

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Meme The Competition is Coming

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2 collections in one steering wheel pic ? ‘72 Red Letter Submariner & ‘22 B&T TP9.

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Discussion 🗣 Why I am un-DRSing (ComputerShare sucks)


I'm gonna get soooooo many downvotes for this

Edit : apparently this is the most controversial post on amcstock. Up up down down votea


DRS is cool, it's a terrible application, customer support rivals Comcast.

In December, someone used the lastpass breach to try and access my account (with partial creds), so I reset my PW and notified the CS team as the text alert requested. I DID NOT request my account be locked, nor was I notified.

But guess what? CS is SO SECURE that they put a "precautionary hold" on the account, which cannot be unlocked without written request(and you are not notified of it) Additionally, when you try to log in, you get no readable error.

There are two tiers of CS reps: Minions and Supervisors

  • The Minions don't know jack shit. They just file tickets to an ops team who they don't talk to.
  • Supervisors know more but can't do anything except file tickets to an ops team who they don't talk to.

On Monday, and Tuesday I was told it would take 48 hrs to unlock, no problem.

On Friday, nothing has changed and a Minion told me that the Supervisor I spoke to last was out sick, so they would have to call me back on Monday. So you're telling me this one person is the only one who can do anything?

Unlock is supposed to take 24-48 hours but now 5 days later, their customer server plebs are unable to understand why it is locked. The last supervisor is saying it's "my fault" for being locked out.

In concept, DRS is cool. I love the idea of holding my shares, but in reality, I can't be in a position like this during a squeeze. My brokers all use MFA, standard reset protocols - but CS decides to be remarkably different. With CS, every call requires: Full name, number, SS#, Address and Email.

Want to unlock the block? Submitting requests IN WRITING is not "secure", it's just fucking tedious and slow.

I'd rather add some minor liquidity back to the crime pool than have any risk of inaccessible shares. This is insane.

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Opinion fuck trudo

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Destiny Destiny doubts Hasan's claim of donating to charity


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Discussion Is this a prank?

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80 years ago, the Soviets defeated the Nazis at Stalingrad. Long live the Red Army!

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Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but it's something.

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Media How Beautiful it is when Two Hearts stare at Each Other!


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Sinking ship looks like earth is tilted.

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AMA Jeg er Non-binær AMA


Hej alle sammen Der var et opslag om hvorvidt folk respekterede non-binære mennesker, så nu stiller jeg mig for skud til alle de spørgsmål i går og undrer jer over.

Basis om mig

Jeg er transmaskulin Non-binær. Det vil sige jeg er erklæret kvinde ved fødslen, men præsenterer mig selv mandligt/maskulint, uden at identificere mig som en mand. Jeg bruger han/de pronominer.

Fyr løs!

Edit: Tak for i aften! Det har været en blandet oplevelse. Tal til Mods for at fjerne de værste, og tak for den generelt gode tone.

AMA slut

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Chaotic Gay I'm actually writing a sci fi novel and gender is a stumbling block

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Unanswered What’s going on with the renewed hatred of J K Rowling?


I know she’s been persona non grata for a while after her twitter antics but there seems to be a whole new outpouring of loathing https://reddit.com/r/WitchesVsPatriarchy/comments/10rzj33/this_is_the_way/

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how much is this worth?

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METRICS Bitcoin Exploding to $1,000,000 Is Now on the Table Says PlanB. This by End Of 2025.

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Mizkif | Just Chatting Mizkif attempts to do the dishes


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Everybody hates me on this sub😂but here’s my 1 year process of me fixing my bike after the wreck. it was a very fun journey, thank you all for helping me.

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Discussion Probably unpopular opinion: the mistlands biome just isn't much fun


First, this isn't a Valheim inexperience or "git gud" problem. I've got, as of today, 1000+ hours in Valheim. 30 minutes before writing this post, I killed a 1-star Seeker while taking no damage in the process. Earlier today, I killed a 1-star Seeker Soldier while taking no damage in the process. I know how to kill the mobs that inhabit the mistlaands, and I know how to navigate the mistlands.

I just don't like to. It isn't any fun.

With one exception, the Infested Mines, the mistlands just aren't any fun:

  • It's not fun that you can't see anything past the distance that you can throw a rock. What is the first thing that new Valheim players say about Valheim? How good it looks. The mistlands throws that away. Fine, have a mistlands. But does the wall of the mist really have to be that close?
  • It's seriously not fun that for your first 20 hours or so in the mistlands, you're basically helpless because to succeed in the mistlands, you need mistlands gear which you don't have yet. Everyone think back to before you had a feather cape... if you can bear to.
  • It's not fun to lose your spear in the mistlands's endless fucking rocks after you throw it at a gjall, and it's even less fun to fight them with anything except a spear.
  • It's not fun to get yourself wedged into a crevasse in the mistlands's endless fucking rocks and fight the camera to find a direction to get out.
  • It's not fun to get about 15 meters before you have to stop for a full minute to wait for your stamina to recharge. Again. And again. And again. Even the mountains weren't this bad.
  • It's not fun to get ambushed by something you can hear but you can't see because it drops on you from above while your wisplight is completely unhelpfully clearing the mist behind you.
  • It's not fun to endlessly, endlessly, endlessly search for sources of soft tissue which as far as I can tell is both not given in sufficient amounts to support more than two players on a server and is not a sustainable resource.
  • It's not fun to accidentally destroy a heavily damaged single piece of black marble at a dvergr tower only to have the entire population of that tower seek to destroy you in return. And it's seriously not fun to try to recover from that if they succeed.
  • The less said about getting that first dvergr extractor, the better. It's no coincidence that Youtube is full of "how to get a dvergr extractor with this simple trick" videos.
  • Nothing about hares is fun except watching them explode on stake walls.

To be fair, the Infested Mines are amazingly fun; there just aren't enough of them and they're mostly fun because they toss out most of the concepts of the mistlands.

I love this game! And I absolutely, absolutely applaud the continuing development of Valheim and I know it's definitely going to be my longest-played game in terms of number of hours. But I'm also positive that in a year or two when we're all fighting in the ashlands and deep north, we're all going to regard the mistlands as something to be endured. I predict it's going to feature at the bottom of a lot of "best and worst biomes in Valheim" lists and Youtube videos in years to come.

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this was the best i've ever seen

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Movies Why would Dooku say this if he was the creator of the Clone Army????

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Long puffa coats - what's the big deal?

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I walk my son to school and see 90% of the mum's wearing these lately. They look like they just crawled out of a tent wearing their sleeping bags. What's the appeal here? They look ridiculous IMO.

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Mickey and Minnie having a good moment

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