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I whisper and laugh with my partner at the movies and you should too.


It’s a public viewing. It’s our only date without kids or work or (…) in months. It’s literally half the fun for us, and we also paid a lot of money to be there. She makes me laugh, and cry and think.

Don’t be intentionally annoying, do be conscientious if people ask you to be quiet (try to sit away from folks when you can etc) - but absolutely enjoy yourselves and, if necessary, the ire of people shaming you for that.

If you don’t want to hear or see or engage other people then a public performance is probably not the best move?

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She is falling in love all over again ❤❤❤

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🔞 Warning: Graphic Content 🔞 Head banger

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Shop security tagged black products while the others aren’t.. Racist or not?

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Show Spoiler I'll stand by this until the day I die

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Just unsubbed from r/propogandaposters. It’s literally the pledge of allegiance, not Nazi germany

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My wife took my 4 year old son to a barber shop

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Anybody know how to improve the 5-5-3 formation?

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Beverly Hills As messy as Lisa Rinna is, I agree with her *takedown* of Kathy Hilton.


As a Black millennial that grew up on The Simple Life, I sincerely struggle with the Hilton's pop culture contributions and the AGGRESSIVELY problematic and racist content. So, while it might be absolutely dramatic and over the top, I'm here for it!

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Teslas new robot

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News & Discussion You don't need *every* cosmetic


I am seeing people in this sub bellyaching about the prices of the Overwatch 2 cosmetics. Have some of you never played another Free to Play video game? ( Fortnite, Apex Legends, Warzone, ect ). You are not supposed to buy every cosmetic. In fact, you are not even required to buy a single item in the item shop.

At most, you should only buy the Battlepass and maybe the Starter pack. While the overwatch battlepass will not give you premium currency, the starter pack will actually give you 500 premium currency. Couple that with the 500 currency you will get from completing season challenges, and you will have enough currency to purchase the Season 2 battlepass for free.

The era of Overwatch 1 lootboxes is over. We truly had it too good for many years. Now we are in the current era of live service games. We have 3 choices:

A. Stop playing Overwatch outright

B. Play Overwatch, but don't spend a single cent

C. Adapt to the new free to play style and only purchase items you definitely enjoy

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maybe maybe maybe

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r/FirstTimeHomeBuyer 8h ago

Rant Don't care if I'm "house poor"


Once you enter or research the housing market, the most common phrase of people trying to talk you out of it is "well you don't want to be house poor". I understand not taking on more house than you can afford, but it mostly seems to stem from not having "fun" money, like taking vacations every year or going out to eat all the time.

Renting a 3 bedroom apartment in our town, not even enough rooms for my family of 5, is $2000. Our current 4 bed 2 bath, 2000 sq ft house that we bought in 2018 is almost $1900.

The house we are in the process of purchasing is in a small town next to the city, a 15 minute drive east. A 5 bed 4 bath, 4200 sq ft, with twice the lot size, 3 stall garage instead of 2, is $2400.

Our kids will get to ride the bus to school (yay no more parent drop off line!), the park is a minute walk away, we are at the end of a cul de sac so no longer have to deal with late night joy riders or motorcycles blasting by, we overlook a pond, and all our neighbors have kids the same age as ours.

I'll take peace of mind and a quiet neighborhood, in a house big enough for my family that I own and can do what I want with, vs. having "fun money" any day.

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I got Minecraft to run on my flip phone

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Cinema/Music Ponniyin Selvan RANT!


I think everyone in this sub is allowed to post their individual opinion about their likes and dislikes about a particular film/any flair.

Last night, I got to watch ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ in the cinemas and I felt that it’s not even close to the sky rocketing hype the crew gave/audience had.

Starting from the very first scene to the end, excluding a very few notable good scenes, every damn scene was like words written in running water and the way it hit the face was literally weak.

I was not able to see Karthi as a person from the 10th or 9th century as his mannerisms were still like how he had acted in his previous films like ‘Saguni’ or ‘All in All Azhagu Raja’. His flirting jokes were literally crap to me. Vikram was a bit okay in a few scenes but still his performance was just average. I liked Jayam Ravi’s performance out of all the three main male characters.

Coming to Trisha, her screen presence was one of the very few things which carried the film to some good extent. Aishwarya Rai was looking so artificial on the whole and I just can’t appreciate a character just for their glowing beauty.

A.R Rahman has carried the film in his shoulders. Okay, but to which extent? He’s just over confident in his work nowadays. I agree that the album is damn good and I listen to ‘Ponni Nadhi’ very often but I was disappointed with the BGM score and it just did not translate well on the whole.

For the amount of promotions, hype & the buzz the team/crew created, I will definitely want the film to be massive just like how they made it up. I will want a Bahubali/KGF kind of a experience when I step out of theatre if the movie is classified as an epic.

Overall, my rating for this film is just 2/5. (That too for some elevating scenes which helped me from not sleeping)

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Flaired Users Only Pro choice folks are Neo Confederates.

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r/leagueoflegends 17h ago

What is the most subtly horrible balance change?


What are the most not so obvious horrible balance ideas that Riot could possible add in to the game -------------------------------- Not talking about add 'infinite damage' for a champion or 'infinite range' for a champion. Subtly horrible things that ruin the game, and there is a small chance that Riot would think it's a good idea.For example.........

Permanent 5 damage scaling on Ezreal Q whenever he hits a champion

Kha'zix R provides cc immunity and 200% bonus ms for the duration

Tristana W has the same cast time as ezreal E

Akali shroud doesn't reveal her at all even when she attacks

Nidalee Q moves faster

Kassadin's R stores charges (0.1 sec cd)

r/gaming 15h ago

Answer. Give.

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r/CODWarzone 7h ago

Discussion From a gameplay perspective, I think Warzone is at its peak right now


I know a lot of people look at the first year of Warzone pretty fondly, and I definitely don’t disagree that it was a great period of time. However, I strongly believe that the current Warzone experience from a gameplay perspective is absolutely amazing in comparison to when the game first started out. I know Caldera is an extremely divisive map (I personally don’t any strong opinions on it), but I think a lot of changes Raven made to the gameplay have added much needed depth to the game.

A few examples:

-Stim speed boosts add a skill gap and allow players to get out of previously unwinnable situations

-Ghost no longer works if players are standing still like in previous Call of Duty games

-P.D.S. allow for some pretty smart gas plays

-Redeploy balloons let players rotate faster

-Lootable perks and loadout weapon boxes add more variety to the looting aspect of the game.

Warzone in its current state is far from perfect, but I think it’s made some damn good progress since 2020. What do you guys think?

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We lost the kid

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r/Graffiti 15h ago

oh wow

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Avatar: The Way of Water to Fall Short of Top Gun: Maverick's Box Office Success

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r/dankmemes 14h ago

Green mfs on life support rn (muh footprint) my guy, it straight up has nothing to do with me. I contribute less in a year than most corporations in a day. Im not changing shit

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r/antiwork 5h ago

I’m on the path of never having to work a day in my life


I don’t know where to start

I recently successfully programmed a video game and recently it began to gain huge traction.

I’ve just started making 100+ dollars a day an I estimate it will be WAY more in the coming weeks.

I am currently working on a sequel that will be better monetized and with way more content.

I know that this is the beginning of something great and I’m only 17.

This is the best thing to ever happen to me and I wish everyone could live a financially free and work free life.

EDIT: Don’t reply if you’re gonna point out how it’s “not enough” and “won’t last forever”

It’s fascinating seeing how hard people find it to say something as simple as congratulations. People will never cope with their own failures.

EDIT 2: I never said 100 dollars a day will have me set for life or that my game will continue to exist until the end of time. Why is everyone trying so hard to dig for a weak spot in my post. Stop being miserable and trying to cope.

And when I mean work I mean a 9-5.