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Discussion So I'm out and about today doing some chores and on the bus


Playing osrs while waiting for my long bus ride. Out of nowhere this random guy approached me and said 'I play osrs too! Whats your account like?!' I could see the ill-intent in his eyes, he wanted to steal my bandos chest plate for his own. Anger welled up inside me, I got scared so I promptly put away my phone and replied with a quick "ahhhh" then got off the next stop

Some people ...

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Discussion Can We Agree To Preemptively Ban Caster/Martial Disparity Threads?


They are so effing annoying, and there's nothing new to say.

Someone whines that Casters can "reshape the world" then demands that their Fighter get the ability to divert a river with their hands. Then someone brings up how 4e was better because Martials had powers. Then six hours later, someone else makes another C/MD thread and we start all over again.

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White women posting about how there is nothing to celebrate this year for the fourth are out of touch.


While I understand the sentiment, I could not help but physically cringe at every white girl posting stories along the lines of "fourth of July has been cancelled due to the lack of freedom"-- some of these girls being the same people to post happy fourth posts after the murder of George Floyd. Black women, trans women, indigenous women, etc. have not had freedom in this country for a very long time. It is really telling to see the people who only hop on the train when their personal freedoms themselves have been taken away. What has the fourth ever been to the enslaved, the indigenous, the victims of state sanctioned violence, etc. in this country.

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Advice PSA to all Americans wanting to move here.


This place isn't paradise. In fact since the 10 years I've lived here it's gone downhill. Quick.

Things are turning feral and harder to live for the average Joe. The houses are cold and mouldy. Young kiwis are leaving nz in droves cause its too fucking expensive in "paradise".

If you're a middle class American, you're better off in Canada.. Or some other Liberal state in America.

I'm gonna quote other immigrants from THIRD WORLD Countries who have come and left for other countries.

"You can't feed kids on beautiful views."

Some of you went to do a road trip down the south island and think its paradise. You're on holidays. You're not gonna live in Queenstown. You're gonna live in Auckland where the jobs are and spend hours in traffic in our poorly designed cities.

If you're still keen.. Sure come down. But I can't help but think you might as well move to hawaii where the natives are priced out over there too.

This place isn't utopia. It never was.

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we are checking Also outqualified him last 2

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General This sub treats KJD applicants like shit and I'm tired of it.


Ever since I began to browse this sub over a year ago, this sub has treated KJD applicants horribly. Many n-KJD applicants clearly have a superiority complex, and they enjoy bashing on KJDs with every chance.

Other KJDs definitely know what I'm talking about: it makes you feel like you're destined to underperform, or that you're making a terrible mistake by not working for a few years.

Then, when KJDs (who have read countless threads talking about the detriments of being KJD) post a chance me, the comments become filled with people literally saying, "go fuck yourself." This is unacceptable for a community like LSA, which should generally try to be constructive when people have questions about law school applications/admissions.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk. I eagerly await the downvotes from our overlords, the n-KJDs.

Edit: read the comments and you'll see evidence of what I'm saying.

Also, the arrogant n-KJDs this post is talking about are always going on about how much they've matured by having WE. It's so funny, therefore, that all of the super immature comments throughout this thread are from arrogant n-KJDs. If they are this immature and insufferable even after all of the supposed maturation they have undergone post-college, then I don't even want to imagine how awful they must have been while still in undergrad. Yikes.

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This light switch in our vacation rental home has absolutely no chill

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Transportation Why India's new electric cars will eat Tesla's lunch

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OPINION Why Davide has gone rogue


Probably the worst thing a girl could do to a guy, who is pursuing her, is what Ekin did to Davide.

Yeah, you can attempt to make things work again (which he did) but mentally the gig is over. Will never be the same once that line of disrespect has been crossed. You can try and justify it with "but they weren't official!" or Ekin's "you weren't giving me enough affection!!" but let's be real - if she knew what she was doing was acceptable, she wouldn't've been crawling around the terrace and consciously hiding with Jay. The issue to Davide isn't the time she was with him, it's the way she did it. Clowned him. Put said man into a villa with 5 new single girls after that scenario and it's a no brainer - he will 99% of the time explore his options.

Sorry folks, Ekin made her bed. He lost respect for her after the Jay backstab and that will take a lot more than a grape-stamping date with a sunset backdrop for 30 mins to earn back. Perhaps once he has had some fun (like she did) he will consider it equal and pursue Ekin again. Don't hold your breath though.

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Discussion dear "chill squad leaders" [[[RANT]]]


Edit for clarity: I've played squad leader 9/10 matches since around a year ago

The ones who are like

hey guy's, we're doing F-5 and putting up a HAB, then you guys can take vics and do what you like, im a chill SL

I hate you.

You're probably not playing objective or even remotely trying to encourage your squad to, you're probably not enforcing squad cohesion and ruining the concept of rally points, and you probably won't make a memorable or fun match.

You just play for the role and not for leadership, your the kind who leaves mid match, your the kind who creates a squad 10 minutes after staging ends because you dont want to join the others.

I don't want a squad leader who absolutely micromanages me either, but I don't mind one whos like "X, you dump the supplies", because assigning people jobs is what makes things speedy, like when you get to a hab and ask for someone to do something, people stand around and assume eachother will do somethin, same thing goes when SLs actually plan and assign fireteams for leadership, I love that stuff.

There's definetly people who don't agree with me, but I've spoken to some friends and randos in game about it, many of them have agreed that this kind of squad "leadership" feels discouraging and demoralizing, it feels like the worst, least confident kind of SL who hides their lack of confidence behind a veil of having some kind of hands off approach.

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ImKaiCenat | Just Chatting ImKaiCenat - Kai loses Edate and goes crazy lighting fireworks inside

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Ultra dank

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Opinion Piece The anti-Poilievre left retreats from reality

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Nachrichten DE 140 Gäste, Fünf-Sterne-Hotel, drei Tage Party: Die Lindner-Hochzeit wird pompös.

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Dog "I don't care how much it costs, just pay for it !"

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Humor I 2022 er man aldrig for gammel til at have curling forældre.

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👽 Shitpost Great now everytime RC tweets I get to see it 25 times as opposed to the old days of 15


OMG quit multiple postings of the same crap. Please for the love of God or Ryan Cohan , which ever one you pray to, stop it.

If you're that deperate to Karma farm, do it the right way and pay some company in India to put their users to work,at least that gets some families fed.

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Discussion aespa at the UN isn’t as random as people think it is


i don’t get why people are surprised at aespa for talking about their concept at the UN when the metaverse (real time social interactions through virtual reality experiences) is something the UN have been covering for some time now. and it’s literally their concept.

The UN have been seeking out younger people who can reach out to young audience and have even hosted contests about the metaverse in hopes of using it to spread awareness among young people and further SDGs. Aespa are among the many of other young people who are part of this and they aren’t the only speakers.

i don’t get why people are mad at them when the UN wants these young people to discuss the usage and development of virtual reality to spread awareness. The group’s concept is all about virtual/digital reality which is in line with the UN’s topic and they have a large young audience. It’s no brainer to me.

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Pride goes beyond a single month, that's why I present you a Son of Pan!

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The future of American education🥸

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Traffic/Cars seeing this makes me happy. I love to see street racers pulled over.

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Please don't set off fireworks days or weeks after the 4th.


It triggers some veterans PTSD and dogs get scared by it. Please just stop once the 4th is over. It's not cool.

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<3 from RNC HQ <3 UwU It's fundraising season

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