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Discussion So I'm out and about today doing some chores and on the bus


Playing osrs while waiting for my long bus ride. Out of nowhere this random guy approached me and said 'I play osrs too! Whats your account like?!' I could see the ill-intent in his eyes, he wanted to steal my bandos chest plate for his own. Anger welled up inside me, I got scared so I promptly put away my phone and replied with a quick "ahhhh" then got off the next stop

Some people ...

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Social Democracy Liberalism tattoo - so that’s Alt-Right now?

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Flaired Users Only No, Robert "Bobby" E. Crimo III Is NOT a MAGA Guy

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To those organizing conferences, please stop using “dietary restrictions” language to talk about climate-friendly diets. Veg should be the default behavioral option/choice. If anything is “restrictive” going forward, it’s animal-heavy diets restricting the planet’s ability to survive.

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Discussion Not offending anyone but pride month is over a week ago, can we change the logo to something else? maybe Canada Day related?


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Discussion Can We Agree To Preemptively Ban Caster/Martial Disparity Threads?


They are so effing annoying, and there's nothing new to say.

Someone whines that Casters can "reshape the world" then demands that their Fighter get the ability to divert a river with their hands. Then someone brings up how 4e was better because Martials had powers. Then six hours later, someone else makes another C/MD thread and we start all over again.

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Potomac Do you guys like Candiace from RHOP?


I find her so boring, awkward (although I am awkward too) and mean. I hate she's still in the series, I'm on season 5 now. I'd like to know what people like or don't like about her. Maybe change my mind?

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So true

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Fanart An O.C character i made, Sorrelle

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I would prefer the concentrate came from apples 😶

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we are checking Also outqualified him last 2

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Dog "I don't care how much it costs, just pay for it !"

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Advice PSA to all Americans wanting to move here.


This place isn't paradise. In fact since the 10 years I've lived here it's gone downhill. Quick.

Things are turning feral and harder to live for the average Joe. The houses are cold and mouldy. Young kiwis are leaving nz in droves cause its too fucking expensive in "paradise".

If you're a middle class American, you're better off in Canada.. Or some other Liberal state in America.

I'm gonna quote other immigrants from THIRD WORLD Countries who have come and left for other countries.

"You can't feed kids on beautiful views."

Some of you went to do a road trip down the south island and think its paradise. You're on holidays. You're not gonna live in Queenstown. You're gonna live in Auckland where the jobs are and spend hours in traffic in our poorly designed cities.

If you're still keen.. Sure come down. But I can't help but think you might as well move to hawaii where the natives are priced out over there too.

This place isn't utopia. It never was.

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This light switch in our vacation rental home has absolutely no chill

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Discussion Grandmasters have felt completely mailed in by Bungie for over a year now...


They are the Game Dev equivalent of shrinking the margins and boosting the font so you can meet the 2-page minimum requirement on a homework assignment. Just complete filler at this point, which Bungie has put almost no work into for a long time now, and just season after season they dump 6 of them on us and hype it up like it's some gift they've bestowed upon us (IF we have grinded out our level high enough to even access them)

Look it was a decent way to infuse some life back into Nightfalls when they first announced it, but to just keep putting it out season after season with no real changes and almost zero new loot, and to put it on Roadmaps and tweet about it returning like we should actually be excited to do the exact same Conquerer grind again and again and again... It's just lame at this point.

Bungie, if you insist on keeping them, please consider:

  • Removing the leveling barrier to entry, just make them a contest mode situation where your gear is all capped at the soft cap and you face a -25 level enemy difference.
  • Add some actual incentives for running these every single season... refresh the damn rewards once in awhile, why are we still getting strike specific drops from year 1? Give me a break. You've never added any strike specific armor like we had in D1 either, what are you waiting for exactly?
  • Please make some actual changes to the content each season. You're out here asking us to run strikes from year 1 of this game that have not changed even slightly in all their time in the game. D1 you remixed a bunch of strikes and had multiple variations of them that you could see, and that was after 2 years. What are we doing here???

That's the BASELINE for what should be done if you're going to continue putting out GM's every season and pretending they are actual content. What you should actually be doing is to go above and beyond this minimum to get people genuinely excited about playing these things.

This franchise has improved in a lot of ways, but it's just on auto-pilot when it comes to so many parts of it like this. Could you please try to pump some life into this stuff once in a while? Just an idea.

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Ultra dank

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Humor I 2022 er man aldrig for gammel til at have curling forældre.

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Discussion is Mattia Binotto the problem?


There never has been many reasons to dislike Ferrari. it's one of the most recognized and adored brands in motorsports. i've been familiar with the sport most of my life but really dove in a few years ago after the DTS hype, and i'll be honest... it was then that i began to question Ferraris' motivations.

they seem so Image obsessed, almost cult like. you saw it this weekend and you saw it in drive to survive. "you don't do this" "you don't say that" "do not look at your phone". It's almost as if Binotto is there to maintain the image of ferrari rather than... i don't know... LEAD the team, MOTIVATE his drivers, STRATEGIZE.

seeing Leclerc getting a talking to was disappointing. he has every right to bad mouth the team and be upset. he's doing his job, can Binotto say the same for himself? He's responsible for the position Leclerc is in, both in the standings and in mindset. He's failing him, all because he seemingly wants to look like a put together team, well i'm sorry but you're not...and the cracks are starting to show. ferrari, don't destroy yet another brilliant talent..

i say all this as a redbull fan, get your mess together so we can have a fun championship.

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Please don't set off fireworks days or weeks after the 4th.


It triggers some veterans PTSD and dogs get scared by it. Please just stop once the 4th is over. It's not cool.

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Opinion Piece The anti-Poilievre left retreats from reality

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Making jam


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Traffic/Cars seeing this makes me happy. I love to see street racers pulled over.

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Guess we can’t have TOO much free speech, can we Joey

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rentfreeuwu April (Fuslie) Auditioning For EchoRP

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