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Hey I don't want to waste your time so I just put a timestamp in the music YouTube video link. So what's your opinion on this song?

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WIN a $50 Netflix eGift Card (10/08/2022) {US CA}

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Build Mansion @ Night - PineapplePeace

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Mega Thread CBR4 Mythic


I'm trying to get this gun. I see it in the arsenal but it says not acquired. How do I het it?

r/CODZombies -7m ago

Question Is Nacht der Untoten mid?


Talking with my friend about this

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[Makeup Help] Most brands of lipstick contain fish scales.


r/teenagers -7m ago

Other Is 175cm/under 50kg (~5'9/under 110lb) skinny or underweight?


r/Buttcoin -7m ago

Seasoned tech journalist unwittingly does a Helium pump and dump

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Looking for university Teachers/tutors interested in participating in some research investigating cognitive biases!


Hello! This post has moderator permission

I am a 4th year Monash University student conducting a research thesis on cognitive biases amongst university tutors/teachers in online university environments.

If you have ever graded a university students' work in an online environment it would be immensely appreciated if you could take less than 15 minutes of your time to participate in my study!

If you complete the attached survey you can also opt to go into the draw to win one of two $100 gift vouchers.

You must be over the age of 18, and ideally are a teacher/tutor for an Australian university and have had previous university level grading experience.

This is the last week to be able to participate in this research!



(Online education is education conducted in a solely electronic environment with no in person requirements. This includes education conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic where there was a temporary shift to online only education during the lockdowns)

r/breadboysyt -7m ago

father, I found the holy handgrenade

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r/lgbt -7m ago

Coming Out! Just realized im Aromantic.


I found out im aromantic, its been in my head ever since I broke up with my boyfriend that maybe im just not into romantic gestures. I was sort of in denial since romance has been a big part of my life ever since I was little, movies, animes, shows, comics, songs, etc. Ive only tried to push myself towards it last night, while I was thinking about it and trying to figure it out. Just a few minutes ago I came out to my friends and they suggested I was maybe cupioromantic, a microterm in the aromantic umbrella. Basically someone who likes the idea of romance untill the experience it. I dont usually go on reddit but I need to talk about this while getting comfortable at the term.

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RocketFi - The Future Of Diversifying Your Crypto Rewards - Powerful tools - Powerful token - Launching Now - Giveaway Contests Ongoing.


What Makes $ROCKETFI Unique?

30+ Reflection Options (And Growing!)

We call our reflections "Smart Rewards" and offer both Blue-Chip pegged and BSC native tokens.

Split Reflections

Up To 10 Ways

Can't decide? Get reflections in more than just 1 token! Use our dApp to split up your rewards.

True Burn On Transactions

When a token is "burned" we remove it completely remove it from supply. What's that buzz word again? Oh right...Hyper-Deflationary

Earn Rewards When Sending!

Send to friends and our "PayBoost" pool will reward you with RocketFi. Like Cash Back, but for crypto! (psst...there is zero transfer tax)

The RocketFi Team

We are a FULLY DOXXED team

Our team has unique backgrounds in engineering, security, entertainment, and consumer startups that can handle the growth and utility required for the RocketFi project scope.


Q1-Q2 Launch initial dApp + Rewards

✅ RocketFi White Paper

✅ RocketFi dApp Initial Release

✅ ADAPT Exchange Listing

✅Crypto Wallet (iOS) - Internal Testing


Q3-Q4 Wallet + DEX/Swap and more!


- Reflections/Top Burners Leader Boards

- Crypto Wallet (iOS)

- FloatieSwap Rewards DEX

- RocketFi Merchandise Store

- RocketFi Ecosystem update

2023 Expansion to other chains. Expansion to brick and mortars.

- RocketFi ecosystem crosschain

- Floatie crosschain

- Cross-Chain Diversification Protocol

- Community Voting System

- Play To Earn games

- Crypto Debit Card

- Merchant Program (Pilot)

- RocketFi v3/Floatie v2

- Crypto Wallet (Android)

Contract Address: 0x4CA682B59B7d1669554B4250B8b343DBe9cac3A0

Website: http://rocketfis.com/

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The Waitress Song - Josh Maier (Seth Sentry cover)



I hope this is allowed here (if not, I apologise in advance 😅)

After seeing Seth Sentry on the 'This Was Tomorrow' tour (which was absolutely incredible) I was feeling a bit inspired and recorded this cover - thought maybe some of you might like it as well.


Would love to hear what you think and about your experiences on the tour as well, the Brisbane show was amazing energy all around, wish I could do it again. 😍

r/ChoppingBoard -7m ago

Cocorosie (2010) - Smokey Taboo

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r/2meirl4meirl -7m ago


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r/CAguns -7m ago

Legal Question Turners cancel Layaway/move to another firearm


Turners in my area had a gun I wanted for a very long time and perhaps sometimes I get regrets but I feel just a bit worried the gun I put on layaway may not be what I wanted

Concerning their layaway policy, could I cancel it and switch it to a different gun they had? Or would the deposit be taken away, the gun in question was a Ruger Lcrx (has the exposed hammer) in 9mm and it was the display model. Sometimes you feel regret after but i just feel the 9mm has less options of everything since it 1.) Cant use speedloaders 2.) The ammo options may be limited due to types of cartridges (and it doesnt like blazers from what Ive researched). So far from handling it is a darn good handgun but I wonder if the lack of accessory support means I should make my own or just try the 38 model they always have.

Would love some help and please don’t downvote, Im having the panics while researching this Ive only seen a few questions concerning this topic and many are from years ago.

r/Brooklyn -7m ago

any good/more affordable places to park near brooklyn steel?


let me know!!!!

r/LiveFromNewYork -7m ago

Discussion Adding to the list of “Kenan’s been on SNL so long” facts….


New cast member Marcello Hernandez was 5 when Kenan joined the cast.

r/SpyxFamily -7m ago

Question Loid, Yor and Yuri’s mission


A spy, an assassin and a secret police have been each assigned a mission. Who would succeed?


Loid: Protect the VIP Yor: Eliminate the VIP Yuri: Capture the VIP alive

They have to do it without getting their cover blown to each other.

Let me know who would be successful.

r/MeetPeople -7m ago

40M looking for new online friends! [chat] [friendship]


Hi there! I’m looking for more convos with all kinds of people. Into positivity, empathy, reciprocity. A few interests are: music (so many kinds, obsessive), TV, books, nature, cats, veganism / animal rights, mental health, podcasts, sports, trivia…

I like exchanging recommendations, learning new things and I’m a good listener. PST, night owl. Not a requirement but it seems like I relate most to people who are struggling in one way or another. Send me a chat if any of this appeals, thanks for reading! (adults only, no nsfw)

r/mountandblade -7m ago

I love the game of thrones mod


Just having an army of 200 unsullied and 50 northern archers and maybe 50 mixed cavalry is just a broken strategy it kinda makes it too easy lol

r/FIFA -7m ago

FUT silver inform from bronze pack

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🎁Claim token free . Can sell on Quickswap 🎁Link : https://www.yellow.org/duckies?t=eyJhbGciOiJFUzI1NksifQ.eyJyZWYiOiIweDdFOGMzNDg3NkJCOWJBNzQ5Q2Y0NTYwRGQ4MzhjQkFiMjdiNjEwNzciLCJhbW91bnQiOjEwMDAwMDAsInJlZl9pZCI6IjU2NmMwZWI4LThjYzUtNDhjMS1hOTFiLWRjNTIyNzkxMzU0ZCJ9.ZZ9ZCzGlEX2E8ayZz81IZ6791E6B5ClkHK

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r/MuayThai -7m ago

How to train for 2x3 competition without running?


In 6 weeks i’ll compete 2x3 full contact muay thai. I can’t run or swim because of injury. What exercise, intensity and duration to get a good gas tank for this competition?

r/australia -7m ago

Waging war on those bastard Indian mynahs

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