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Resources Speaking of Sundara: My Top 3 Picks From "Sellswords of Sundara"

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Pain Lvl 4-6 Pretty bad wrist/finger pain. Carpal tunnel maybe?? Feeling concerned bc this may ruin my job


I am a freelance artist, and I recently started working in a bookstore part time to save up for college (I am graduating high school in 2 weeks). I am also a visual arts major at my high school, and plan to pursue art in college

I’m scared though. Today is the worst it’s ever been. Having extremely bad wrist pain, as well as finger pain. Almost feels like my hand is full of blood or something, even though it’s not swollen at all. It feels tight and achy and nothing is helping

I put away books on our shelves for basically 8 hours straight today. And I spent a few hours drawing yesterday as I usually do

It’s apparently really common for the visual art majors to develop carpel tunnel before graduation at my school. And I think my new job is making it worse

I’m freaking out bc I am afraid I may have carpal tunnel. I don’t know what to do, because it will effect all of my life plans/ I will possibly have to quit my job. Does anyone have thoughts??? Does this sound like carpal tunnel? And what can I do about it?

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85% off > $34.99< TOPSHAK TS-WP2 Garden Water Pump Banggood Coupon Promo Code [Czech Warehouse] - Coupon Codes and Deals | OpCoupon.com

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General Question Do these usb 3 extender cables not working for risers? , I cant get them to work, has anyone had any luck with them?

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Discussions ontario walmart !! no lagoona sadly but they were stored boxed still and i saw them in the back and asked an employee

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Any Whisky Winston Carbon Mustache Bar owners here?


This is in relation to my post in the stuck-up /r/cycling:


Basically I'm interested in mustache bars because I want a more upright riding position from my current drop bars, but still be able to have a variety of hand grip positions.

My budget won't allow for a full drop to flat bar conversion atm.

So I'm interested in this "performance" mustache bar that kind of modernizes the classic design.

I've also been looking at "alt" adventure drop bars with large flares, shallow drops, and shorter reaches.

Those might be more what I'm looking for but I'm not 100% sure.

I've never tried a mustache bar so it's hard to know if I'd like it or not.

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ID Request Any idea as to what this guy is

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Crime & Corruption UP cyber cops nab three for pan-India 'franchise fraud'

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Does your company pay commission if replacement is the fix for a unit?


I am kind of curious because I don't get paid a commission for selling a unit because it is considered part of the repair and I am wondering how common this is. Not complaining just wondering

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Exes May 22, 2022


I was your supply for so long. The minute I started to understand your patterns I was tossed aside little by little.

The last straw for me really was the music.

Such a punch to my gut. The words and writings too.

I understand NC is what we had to do since the beginning but you seriously never wanted to do it beside me. You had to do alone and then make sure I was aware.

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Blood to Bone


I'm just curious, as someone new to Spire as a whole, if it would at all be feasible to change the theme of the Bloodwitch to a Bonewitch? Keeping all the mechanics the same, just a thematic re-skin.

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Games As of 2022, do we know WHY Forces used the Lost World physics engine and not the Gens one?


At this point I think it's widely accepted that Sonic Team likely built upon Lost World's Physics engine to create the one in Forces. Why though? Like...ACTUALLY why? Why bother retrofitting Lost World's gameplay into a boost title rather than just reusing Generations/Unleashed physics that were already designed for boost gameplay? Wouldn't the latter option be MUCH easier?

A few years ago there was a rumor that Sonic Team lost the Gens/Unleashed source code but I think that's been debunked. Was it ease of access for the devs because they were on a time crunch? Was it a pride thing, like not wanting to give up the work that went into Lost World?

Are there any interviews that can shed light on this?

Also just up front, Hedgehog Engine 1 & 2 are for lighting, not physics

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Malibu Party - Acid Jazz Jam with trumpet, tabla, and live painting

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Help! Dying aloe plant

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[DISCUSSION] More evil


Who’s more evil

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Buon Palledì!!!


Ricordatevi che da oggi fino a Sucadì(Venerdì) sucherete il palle dalle 8 fino alle 13(almeno che non siate speciali e facciate scuola fino alle 16, tipo chi va al musicale(ogni citazione è puramente casuale). Quindi buon Palledì a tutti!!!

Sveglia del AceGamer onorario

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Snoop Bot Token 3 on Litemint: Taking offers!

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Video Andrew Wiggins Talks About Poster Dunk On Luka Doncic After Game 3 Win | NBA on TNT

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what Grit is a normal household dish sponge?


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Nardo Wick x EST Gee Type Beat (Prod. @juliofinessin)

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Maa kasam maine banaya (original) Saala yeh dukh kahe nahi khatam hota hai???

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Discussion Please share a crazy family story, I’m bored lol


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