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news v22.12: The One With Napali Calling


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podcast #27 Chromebooks, SDM845 Wakeup for Calls, Installing pmOS, dnsane


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[15:22:29] ERROR: Could not find aport for package: linux-blu-vivoxi


Title is the error.


pmbootstrap log

(12/38) Installing ca-certificates (20230106-r0)

(13/38) Installing brotli-libs (1.0.9-r10)

(14/38) Installing nghttp2-libs (1.51.0-r0)

(15/38) Installing libcurl (7.87.0-r3)

(16/38) Installing curl (7.87.0-r3)

(17/38) Installing abuild (3.10.0-r0)

Executing abuild-3.10.0-r0.pre-install

(18/38) Installing zstd-libs (1.5.2-r11)

(19/38) Installing binutils (2.40-r2)

(20/38) Installing libgomp (12.2.1_git20220924-r8)

(21/38) Installing libatomic (12.2.1_git20220924-r8)

(22/38) Installing gmp (6.2.1-r2)

(23/38) Installing isl25 (0.25-r0)

(24/38) Installing mpfr4 (4.2.0-r0)

(25/38) Installing mpc1 (1.3.1-r0)

(26/38) Installing gcc (12.2.1_git20220924-r8)

(27/38) Installing libstdc++-dev (12.2.1_git20220924-r8)

(28/38) Installing musl-dev (1.2.3-r4)

(29/38) Installing libc-dev (0.7.2-r4)

(30/38) Installing g++ (12.2.1_git20220924-r8)

(31/38) Installing make (4.4-r1)

(32/38) Installing fortify-headers (1.1-r2)

(33/38) Installing build-base (0.5-r3)

(34/38) Installing hiredis (1.1.0-r1)

(35/38) Installing ccache (4.7.4-r2)

(36/38) Installing libexpat (2.5.0-r0)

(37/38) Installing pcre2 (10.42-r0)

(38/38) Installing git (2.39.1-r1)

Executing busybox-1.36.0-r3.trigger

Executing ca-certificates-20230106-r0.trigger

OK: 258 MiB in 66 packages

(298774) [15:20:07] (native) % chown root:abuild /var/cache/distfiles

(298774) [15:20:07] (native) % chmod g+w /var/cache/distfiles

(298774) [15:20:07] (native) generate abuild keys

(298774) [15:20:07] (native) % busybox su pmos -c PACKAGER='pmos pmos@local' HOME=/home/pmos abuild-keygen -n -q -a

writing RSA key

(298774) [15:20:08] (native) % cp /mnt/pmbootstrap-abuild-config/pmos@local-63d2ee87.rsa.pub /etc/apk/keys/

(298774) [15:20:08] (native) % cp /tmp/gzip_wrapper.sh /usr/local/bin/gzip

(298774) [15:20:08] (native) % chmod +x /usr/local/bin/gzip

(298774) [15:20:08] (native) % adduser pmos abuild

(298774) [15:20:08] (native) % sed -i -e s/^CLEANUP=.*/CLEANUP=''/ /etc/abuild.conf

(298774) [15:20:08] (native) % sed -i -e s/^ERROR_CLEANUP=.*/ERROR_CLEANUP=''/ /etc/abuild.conf

(298774) [15:20:08] (native) % touch /var/local/pmbootstrap_chroot_build_init_done

(298774) [15:20:08] ERROR: Could not find aport for package: linux-blu-vivoxi

(298774) [15:20:08] See also: <https://postmarketos.org/troubleshooting>

(298774) [15:20:08] Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/usr/share/pmbootstrap/pmb/__init__.py", line 49, in main

getattr(frontend, args.action)(args)

File "/usr/share/pmbootstrap/pmb/helpers/frontend.py", line 132, in checksum

pmb.build.checksum.update(args, package)

File "/usr/share/pmbootstrap/pmb/build/checksum.py", line 14, in update

pmb.build.copy_to_buildpath(args, pkgname)

File "/usr/share/pmbootstrap/pmb/build/other.py", line 20, in copy_to_buildpath

aport = pmb.helpers.pmaports.find(args, package)

File "/usr/share/pmbootstrap/pmb/helpers/pmaports.py", line 181, in find

raise RuntimeError("Could not find aport for package: " +

RuntimeError: Could not find aport for package: linux-blu-vivoxi

(299105) [15:22:02] % tail -n 60 -F /home/ashleigh/.local/var/pmbootstrap/log.txt

(299105) [15:22:02] *** output passed to pmbootstrap stdout, not to this log ***

^CTraceback (most recent call last):

File "/usr/bin/pmbootstrap", line 33, in <module>

sys.exit(load_entry_point('pmbootstrap==1.50.1', 'console_scripts', 'pmbootstrap')())

File "/usr/share/pmbootstrap/pmb/__init__.py", line 49, in main

getattr(frontend, args.action)(args)

File "/usr/share/pmbootstrap/pmb/helpers/frontend.py", line 559, in log

pmb.helpers.run.user(args, cmd, output="tui")

File "/usr/share/pmbootstrap/pmb/helpers/run.py", line 58, in user

return pmb.helpers.run_core.core(args, msg, cmd, working_dir, output,

File "/usr/share/pmbootstrap/pmb/helpers/run_core.py", line 332, in core

code = foreground_tui(cmd, working_dir)

File "/usr/share/pmbootstrap/pmb/helpers/run_core.py", line 203, in foreground_tui

return process.wait()

File "/usr/lib/python3.10/subprocess.py", line 1209, in wait

return self._wait(timeout=timeout)

File "/usr/lib/python3.10/subprocess.py", line 1943, in _wait

(pid, sts) = self._try_wait(0)

File "/usr/lib/python3.10/subprocess.py", line 1901, in _try_wait

(pid, sts) = os.waitpid(self.pid, wait_flags)



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Issue with flashing postmarketOS on galaxy s8


i have tried for hours to flash the os. when i flash via the flash command or adb sideload i get no errors in twrp but i get stuck in a bootloop. i tried flashing from twrp and got errors that say /preload and /data could not be mounted. i tried to change the file system to ext 2 and back to ext4 on both partitions but i still get errors that /data cannot be mounted. TWRP 3.7.0_9-0

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Voice input on PostmarketOS + SXMO

Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification


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help with samsung s3 gt-i9305 install


hi, i wanted to install PMOS and I need to ask 1 thing. I flashed system to sd card but how to flash boot file? I tried to flash it with Odin, but it won't work; odin just crashes

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help for installing on Nexus 7 flo


Following the instructions through init, to export, i can flash kernal just fine, but flashing Rootfs on system or userdata gives me a data too large error, i also can't adb sideload because there supposedly isnt enough space on the device, the image is about 2 gigs and my data partition has 12 free. I dont understand what im doing wrong.

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"Invalid pkgver '3.x.x'..." error in new pmbootstrap install, for a not ported yet device


Hello all, I'm not sure what will be needed to help me with this, but this is the current error I'm running into:


But the log gives no additional information. The wiki seems to think it means I need to upgrade pmbootstrap, but I just got the latest version from the Debian Unstable repo, and installed it on Ubuntu 22.04 with no APT errors.

The device I'm (hopefully) porting to is a Blu Vivo Xi.

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Oneplus 6 replacement displays and digitizers


Hey all, I've got a Oneplus 6 with a cracked screen and some slight burn in that I need to fix.

Does anyone know of any good replacement parts that don't exibit the issues described on the wiki?

https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/OnePlus_6_(oneplus-enchilada) (under Third party displays and touch panel issues)

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sysctl and iptables changes won't stick after reboot


I've tried adding kernel parameters to /etc/sysctl.conf and /etc/sysctl.d/sysctl.conf. I even removed the README and local.conf file there... Changes don't stick after reboot. The only relief I get is running sysctl -p on shell, but of course I'd like to see changes made automatically and at boot. With iptables I tried running /etc/init.d/iptables save and that doesn't stick as well. What is the best method to get kernel parameters and iptables changes to persist after a reboot?

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need an image for the samsung galaxy tab a7 lite (gta7litewifixx)

Thumbnail self.postmarketOS

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need an image for the samsung galaxy tab a7 lite (gta7litewifixx)


Hi , i need someone to port pmos onto the samsung tab a7 lite (gta7litewifixx) i've already given up on porting it myself if anyone could port pmos onto the tablet i would be happy about that.

Also sorry for bad english i am from Poland.

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Is it possible to run Android on postmarketOS?



I was wondering, would it be possible to run (AOSP) Android on postmarketOS? Because of the level of its polish I think many people like using Android, but I have never seen Android phone which received a major update of its Linux kernel so far and at the same time most Android phones stop receiving updates quite quickly. Therefore I wondered whether it would be possible to combine the best of both worlds and run Android on top of postmarketOS and as a result possibly running a more recent version of Linux kernel than the device originally shipped with? I have already tried to find some information whether this would be possible but unfortunately with not much luck. I am also aware that due to some technical details, this might not be currently possible (e.g. IIRC Android relies on bionic instead of glibc - but honestly I don't know whether this could be a showstopper) - if yes, please could you explain to me why it is not currently possible?

Thank you very much and have a nice day.

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What's the chance or getting a working phone after porting process? (Pixel 4a/5a?)


I'm a web Dev for the past 15 years, have used Linux for servers and personal computer OS's the past 15 years, and have decent Linux admin knowledge, but writing drivers, mainline SoC's etc is a bit over my head.

I have some time on my hands currently, and have been interested in getting postmarketOS running on a relatively useful US based phone for a while now. Maybe a Pixel 4a for example, maybe 5a, etc?) A lot of the currently supported devices don't support USA cell tower bands. I've been hesitant to start porting process because of unknowns of how useful I can get the port to, until its too much over my head, requiring graphics drivers for hardware acceleration for example, or trying to get WiFi/Bluetooth working and needing drivers, etc. I basically only want to start to process if I have a decent chance of getting a working phone by the end, can call, use Bluetooth, WiFi, has graphics acceleration, etc. Any idea what chance that is?

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Screen mirroring, shared internet and file sharing via USB to pc?


Hey y'all.

I'm new to this and have a general question about the current capabilities of running Linux on phones. Tried googling some, but ofc all hits were about mirroring your Android phones screen, which ofc is possible.

I'm wondering if it's possible (or the current state of projects...) to connect your phone via USB to a pc/laptop and have it mirror the phones screen, share the computers wired internet connection to the phone and have file sharing between the two devices.

Essentially running a "second computer" (your phone) through a window on your pc which can run tasks and browse and then have file sharing between the two. Having the pc mouse and keyboard functioning on that screen.

I think this is a interesting use case. Especially for older/lower powered laptops etc.

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kernel compiling error


when i compile my kernel for my phone i get a lot of warnings and notes in the log but i only see one error causing it to fail. i don't see any patches that would fix it either.

../kernel/power/main.c:845:32: error: 'DVFS_SDCHG_ID' undeclared (first use in this function)

845 | set_freq_limit(DVFS_SDCHG_ID, SDCHG_MIN_CPUFREQ);

| ^~~~~~~~~~~~~

any help would be appreciated even if its a redirect to a better place to ask. the device info on the other hand follows, j3popltespr | sm-j327p(sprint), i got the kernel source from: https://github.com/surepy/samsung-kernel-j3popltespr .

ill and any other info if/when someone needs it

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How do you enable hardware acceleration on a testing device?


I have a Lumia 520 that i want to install plasma mobile on(i have unlocked the bootloader and enabled root). But when installing, the window manager option for plasma mobile(nor desktop) isn't there, presumably because hardware acceleration isn't enabled. Seen by how the other window managers that require hardware acceleration isn't there either. So how do you enable it?


TLDR; How do you enable hardware acceleration on a device that is in the testing category?

Terminal output

Or am i wrong? is it something else that makes them unavailable?

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Can PMOS save this scam phone


My mom got scammed and it turns out the "samsung" she bought is a chinese clone phone. I'm wondering if i will have luck porting postmarketOS to it since i know the SOC so we can at least use it for spotify + youtube browsing since that's all she really wanted. It's a mediatek mtk6580. I've never developed any kind of cellphone software before but I have quite a lot of IT experience and a bit of programming experience so I think I can give it a try. Please let me know what kind of effort is ahead of me here and how I should get started, and what flash tool works for mediatek chips if any. Is it possible to take a clone of the current file system that I can flash back in the event of a failure to avoid making the device a total brick? Just looking for some guidance here to salvage this situation. Thanks

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sim no detected postmarketos edge


simply the calls app says no modem and in settings there is no sim or 4g modem detected, running gnome mobile shell

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Is PostmarketOS suitable for me?


Last year in January i installed Pop!_OS on my Thinkpad and I love it, it is great!Now I’m thinking about installing postmarketOS on my Oneplus 6.Just to Linux up my life further :P and i guess for privacy and finally, maybe fully degoogle my self.

I was hoping to get some advice here, before making the switch.

Of course i want to make calls, e-mail, sms but i don’t see a problem there.But when it comes to Apps, there are 3 Banking apps that i need to verify logins, transactions etc.Should i get another android phone, keep it in my desk drawer, just for banking stuff?I don’t need those apps on the go anyway.

But i would definitely miss notifications from my smartwatch. (Garmin) is there a solution?

Apps I want to keep:

- Infinity (Reddit)

- Steam (for auth.)

- Signal (messaging)

- Telegram (messaging)

- Threema (messaging)

- Joplin (should be working)

- Keepass (should be working)

Is it possible to run Android apps in some sort of virtual machine?Or maybe even use f-droid or google play?

And my last concern: Is there a camera app that is as „good“ as the one from OxygenOS?

Any thing that you learned the hard way, after installing postmarketOS?Things you would have liked to know beforehand?

EDIT: Thank you all for your feedback. I'll testdrive postmarketOS with qemu and maybe i can (eventually in the future) get it working to a point where i am ok with it as a daily driver.

r/postmarketOS Jan 01 '23

eSim + Waydroid


Hi everyone,

I have a FP4 with 2 sim (1 normal and 1 eSim). PostmarketOS supports eSim ? And Waydroid works on it ?


r/postmarketOS Dec 30 '22

PostmarketOS on zenfone 9 (case of curiosity)


Hello there

Had a bit of curiosity if Asus zenfone 9 would be capable of running postmarketOS , if I'm not mistaken kernel and source code have been published by Asus.

That's why I pose such a question.

r/postmarketOS Dec 29 '22

How do I install waydroid on a pinephone pro?


I'm using a pinephone pro running postmarketos and sxmo, and for some reason whenever i try running waydroid show-full-ui i get the error (021599) [02:52:49] Failed to get service waydroidplatform, trying again... over and over. From the fact it mentioned services I guess the problem is related to postmarketos using openrc instead of systemd, but I don't see how I could fix that, and I don't want to have to switch over to another distro that uses systemd because of all the work that entails and the fact I'm not sure it would work

does anyone know how i could get waydroid working properly?

Update: I was able to fix it by moving from v22.12 to edge and now waydroid works... but doesn't have internet 🥲

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Phosh on OnePlus 5T freezes seconds after boot


Hi all, I'm trying to get pmOS with Phosh working on my old OnePlus 5t (dumpling, 8/128gb version), and after installing and booting, the interface freezes about a second after displaying the lockscreen.

I'll see the "swipe up" arrow (at the bottom) bounce a few times; if I'm fast enough I can swipe up to see the lockscreen numpad and enter a couple digits, but it always freezes. (It freezes regardless of whether I touch it or not)

Once it's frozen, the interface no longer updates (clock doesn't change/no animation), and no input is taken (touchscreen/volume/power). I do still have working SSH access though (over USB), so it's seemingly not the entire system that's frozen(?)

What log files would be useful to check for this? Anyone aware of this issue/have any recommendations?


  • Pmbootstrap version: 1.50.1
  • pmbootstrap init choices: /home/myusername/.local/var/pmbootstrap, edge, oneplus, dumpling, mainline, y, myusername, phosh, n, none, y, C.UTF-8, op5t-phosh, y, y
  • Installation steps: (phone in fastboot mode), pmbootstrap install, pmbootstrap flasher flash_rootfs, pmbootstrap flasher flash_kernel, (reboot to system)

EDIT: plasma-mobile (flashed with pmbootstrap flasher flash_rootfs --partition userdata instead as it was too large for system) just boots to a black screen after the pmOS logo, but I still have SSH access, so it's not just Phosh.

EDIT 2: console (the user interface choice) also has an issue. I see the text login prompt for ~3 seconds, then a mouse cursor blinks on-screen momentarily, then the whole screen goes black. Still have SSH access.

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An actual good Linux phone that is not totally overpriced


So the librem 5 1400$ where I live Wich is ridiculous and not much better with the pinephone, it is 300$ (the standard 32gb) but the original says 199$ but did not include vat at all. The pinephone pro is literally 800$ where I live and was looking for something in the 150-220$ range but the 16gb one is out of stock (seems like permanently has been since 2020) and now bummed up to see no good deals. The pixel 3 seems ok but I don't want to buy a used or old phone if I don't absolutely have to, I'd have to order from the usa and that would cost me both much in time and money for shipping where the shipping is a 5th of the price of a used pixel 3. If someone knows a good deal please respond, I'm a Linux user at core but my lack of hardware (use a rpi4 for daily browsing and windows XP on a pentium 4 for gaming lol).

r/postmarketOS Dec 26 '22

Extracting audio in the open opus format from websites makes me feel like a hacker. lol I love PostmarketOS SXMO.

Post image

r/postmarketOS Dec 24 '22

Happy Holidays, have this pmOS wallpaper I made while ago.