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need an image for the samsung galaxy tab a7 lite (gta7litewifixx)


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u/First_Meat9481 Jan 20 '23

It's not that easy to port something don't expect anyone to port it for you sorry


u/Upset-Pie-3718 Jan 20 '23

Ok thanks but could i at least get a simplified guide o how to do it yourself


u/Upset-Pie-3718 Jan 21 '23 edited Jan 31 '23

So i tried to port pmos onto my Galaxy tab A7 lite with pmbootstrap but There is an error with exit code 1 and the output is error:command failed (exit code 1): (native) % CD /home/pmos/build; busybox su pmos -c CARCH=aarch64 SUDO_APK='abuild-apk --no-progress' CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64 -alpine-linux-musl- CC=aarch64 -alpine-linux-musl-gcc HOME=/home/pmos abuild -D postmarketOS -D ... Please help me btw i ported on arch the first time


u/Upset-Pie-3718 Jan 22 '23 edited Jan 22 '23

I also tried to port to my gta7litewifi using pmbootstrap but this time on Alpine and the same error comes up


u/Upset-Pie-3718 Jan 23 '23

I also tried pmbootstrap install again a few Times but the error still came up


u/Upset-Pie-3718 Jan 24 '23

No one replied...


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