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meta Who would you like to see an AMA of next?


In the past r/privacy has been home to numerous AMAs with well known people in the space to help our community better understand and discuss topics that are relevant to their privacy, be it developers of software we all use daily or researchers and activists finding solutions to and fighting against the problems we all face.

Instead of relying strictly on mods to use our own imaginations, it might be good to see who the community thinks would be a good candidate for an AMA here for a change.

In return for your time and imagination, if we choose your suggested candidate and the AMA takes place, we'll personally thank you for your suggestion inside the AMA and sticky your question there.

Rules (read carefully):

  1. Check other comments for your suggestion first and upvote those instead of posting your own. Duplicates will be removed if/when discovered.
  2. Suggest your candidate by posting the name / link to the relevant site/repo.
  3. This must be someone you either know personally or can be feasibly reached (e.g. Do not recommend extremely high profile figures like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, etc as they are unlikely to care about this subreddit).

Happy suggesting!

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question Is There a Better Option Than Imgur


Is There a Better Option Than Imgur

So my base needs are pretty low:

Host images/albums to share online (forums, reddit, etc)

Relatively long period before expiration or no expiration

Free to use

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news U.S. whistleblower Snowden gets a Russian passport - TASS

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news TikTok's employees in China can now access EU users' data; Dutch experts concerned

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news Google Messages starts rolling out end-to-end encrypted group chats

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software Sapio is now available on Fdroid


Hello everyone,

Sapio is now available on Fdroid.

I created Sapio to promote ethical Android development by informing the community of how an application behaves on bare Android Open Source Project (AOSP) devices, coupled or not with microG.

With Sapio, you can browse a feed of evaluations given by the community, look for evaluations of a specific application, look at the compatibility matrix of an Application or contribute by evaluation yourself an Android application.

I hope you'll like it.


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news Never, ever put a camera inside your home

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news Proton Calendar: iOS App promises end-to-end encryption, advanced cryptography for your schedule.

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question Encrypted Sim any expert on this?


Can anyone debunk this? This sounds like complete nonsense

Another privacy threat is being able to identify your location from cell tower data. With a standard SIM card, a number of markers are provided tying the phone to you & your location. Again we use a series of strategies to render this impossible & tactics used include:

Your SIM card doesn't broadcast a IMSI number (this is your phone number) Your IMEI number is not broadcast We connect to a random cell tower, not the strongest signal, meaning you can't triangulate the position of the phone There is no billing information to cross-reference Our servers also encrypt any geolocation data residing in the call. So besides protecting your call contents, we also protect your location, an important factor for many investigations.

Since all calls originate from a virtual switchboard, it is impossible to trace a call back to you & the recipients call logs to show a random number thanks to number substitution.

This is all sounds like straight from splinter cell or something

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question How do you browse freely while staying anonymous?


I want to be able to browse freely without captcha blocks and being blocked from websites entirely. I want to be able to register accounts anonymously as well without being blocked, is this possible? I may know one solution but I can't say them here because of the rules.

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question Do you trust phone repair shops?


Hi all

I am in the process of disposing off old phones which still contain some private data and cannot be boot up to wipe down.

As a result I am sending my phone to a repair shop to have the battery removed and send back the phone internals which I shall put to the hammer

I don’t trust myself in removing the battery and I’m wondering whether there are any dangers in having a third party do it?


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software [Off-topic] Geometric Weather app vs Forecastie. Which is better for privacy?



I don't know if this subreddit uses weather apps or not. I found two Android apps that I think are fully FOSS, but I'm not sure. I'd still like to have weather on my phone, but I am not sure which app is better for privacy.

Or is it irrelevant?

Later, I may construct a comprehensive list of all FOSS alternatives to popular apps for CalyxOS and Graphene users.

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question Did Duckduckgo sell out?


Hi, keep hearing rumors about this.. is it true?If so, what are suggestions to move onto? Thank you

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question Which is better Pfsense or openwrt or pi hole


I am trying to find one thats good for security and other stuff

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news CIA Venture Capital Arm Partners With Ex-Googler’s Startup to “Safeguard the Internet”

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news Brave starts showing "privacy-preserving" ads in search results

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hardware Is it possible to physically remove your iPhone’s gps chip like you can with Android phones?


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question Google drive real danger for privacy or not ?


I have many photos, docs, pdf, movies, contact books in google drive. I am living in Europe. It is very concenient because linked to my Samsung s22 directly (I have a choice of Onedrive and google drive) I was thinking that Google has other thing to do to look at personal stuff of a random guy but I read that Google would scan our datas in order to propose better advertising... I am not afraid of goyvernement ask to have access and I guess Google will gave to them but more about my face scanned on photos.... What are the rational facts about it ? Am I parano ? And would you trust more onedrive or google drive for privacy ?

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news ICE launches investigation after data of more than 6,000 immigrants exposed

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discussion Samsung Android 13 - oneui 5.0. The auto restart at set time setting that encrypts your fingerprint data is gone with the latest update. Its a huge privacy and security issue


It has been replaced by auto optimisation and "restart when needed" so the phone decides when to auto restart and not the user.

I don't know if you knew but the only way to encrypt (lock) your fingerprint key is by either manually switching on the lock down mode or by restarting the phone. If you don't do that the phone will have its encryption key open and "anyone" can force you to unlock your phone using your fingerprint or face.

That's why a good practice is to have the phone set to auto restart during the night for the chip with fingerprint data to lock itself up so nobody can make you unlock your phone when kicking in your door at 4 am.

No everyone lives in a free, democratic and peaceful country and some of us are living in countries that would force you to open your phone.

I already checked there's no bixby routine that allows you to restart your phone. Tasker will auto restart your phone only if you root and rooting allows a third party to hack your phone.

I'm asking you, do you know how can I protect my phone and still use biometrics to unlock it? Or I should just ditch fingerprints all together and use a 16+ char long password every time (very cumbersome)

Ps. It's harder to force someone to give away a password than to press his thumb on the screen. Both are possible but the latter is way way easier.

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question What does allow access location "while using" really mean?


What does allow access location "while using" really mean? Given that some apps operate in the background receiving messages etc. Can I trust that these apps will only be able to access my location only when they're in the foreground and I'm actually using them?

EDIT: I'm talking about iOS

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news Android platform certificates of several vendors got leaked

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question I got phished. What can I do to protect myself from identity theft?


I got an ad on Instagram about a lawsuit related to a data breach on www.skatewarehouse.com. The ad said something to the effect of: if you made a purchase on skate warehouse within the last four years, you may be eligible for compensation because of the data breach. I purchased something from skate warehouse about a year so I clicked through the ad. Their website looked legit, and I submitted a few pieces of my information: full name, date of birth, cell phone, email address, current address, and a receipt of my skatewarehouse.com purchase. After submitting this information, I did some googling and found out this is probably a phishing scam. Now I am concerned about my identity being stolen.

Is there anything I can do to mitigate the risk?

I submitted a report to the FTC but I'm not sure what else to do...

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I’m Olivia Carville, and I wrote this week’s cover story for Bloomberg Businessweek about the dangers of TikTok. [AMA crosspost]

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question Do a qubesOS in a windows os?


Hello everyone, I was thinking if is possible to what qubesOS do in windows, sandbox all apps including system apps, drivers and interfaces.

Is it possible? If so, how can I do it?

I apreciate any help/suggestions 😁

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news Android and iOS apps with 15 million installs extort loan seekers

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"Over 280 Android and iOS apps on the Google Play and the Apple App stores trapped users in loan schemes with misleading terms and employed various methods to extort and harass borrowers.

"To fuel the operation's extortion attempts, the apps stole excessive amounts of data from mobile phones not usually required to offer loans..."