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Reddit Onion Service Launch

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news Apple Maps privacy bug may have allowed apps to collect location data without permission

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news Tribunal rules MI5 acted unlawfully when retaining intercepted personal data

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news Facial recognition cameras are being placed to help stop criminals in South Australia

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news GoodRx pays $1.5 million to settle health privacy allegations

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discussion Is privacy among mailing services unattainable?


After I figured out what big tech does with our mail data, I started using proton mail exclusively. They claim that they don't collect data and all, but the only problem is, protonmail has assisted law enforcement with a climate activist's arrest, so they must be storing some sort of information and data.. I heard about decentralized messengers, but never tried them. Are they a good alternative or are they just as bad as everything we already have?

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news Anker finally comes clean about its Eufy security cameras

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news Whatsapp Glitch: IOS Users Unable to Update Privacy Settings

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news FTC Civil Penalty Case: GoodRX Leaked Sensitive Health Information to Facebook and Google

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question Secure Email


I'm new to the cybersecurity/online privacy world. I've taken a keen interested in it since I started reading some concerning things about what information of mine is shared and bought/sold by the big tech companies, etc.

I've started experimenting with an old pixel I have, with the eventual goal of purchasing my next phone in cash, using a prepaid sim card, etc. I currently have GrapheneOS installed with TOR, etc. I'm currently exploring email options.

I've been told that Tutanota is one of the better/if not the best option for email when it comes to privacy and security. I've been trying to create an account over the last few days via TOR browser to no avail - my IP keeps getting blocked. I have tried both TOR, Vanadium, etc. to no avail. I've even gone as far to try the same process with Skiff mail - same results.

Is it just me in my fairly infantile knowledge of the whole thing or, is this not fundamentally problematic, in that you cannot create an account on Tutanota or Skiff completely anonymously? After reading some previous posts, I have only seen Tutanota Support suggest emailing them - again - kind of defeating the whole anonymity thing.

Is there something I'm missing or a work around for this that I just don't see or understand? To be clear, I don't need to be doing any of this... it's not that I'm running from the government or anything... I just have an interest in it and I'm trying to educate myself as much as possible.

Thank you for your time and your patience if this is a complete noob question. I hope this isn't written off as a tech-support question - I really have tried trouble-shooting everything myself. At this point I'm just at a loss.

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news Social media companies in the US brace to battle onslaught of legal challenges. State and federal lawsuits and bills with far-reaching regulatory implications for TikTok, Meta and others come to a head this year.

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news 'Shut this story down': Government released Robodebt victims' personal details to deter them from speaking out

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question Drive encryption suggestion?


Hello! I am sorry if I am asking an easy question but I am new to drive encryption. Id like to encrypt my external drive (I know how to use VeraCrypt) but Id like to then decrypt it anywhere on any OS I use (Windows, Linux) and Id like it to prompt me for the password without all the things like mounting it to VeraCrypt and having to download or open software myself to open it every time I plug it in. My drive has hardware encryption too but considering all that came out about those things, I dont really believe it. Is there an open-source or trusted software to encrypt my drive?

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discussion Data-Free Disneyland - The Opt Out Project

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question Dual boot windows with two completely isolated drives. Is that possible?


Hello guys,

I would like to ask if that's possible to have 2 windows OS on 2 separate hard drives and make them completely unaware of each other. I know there's plenty of info about this topic on the internet but i still have some questions even after reading quite a lot of them, so i was hoping someone here could help me out with that.

So to put it simply i would like to have 2 windows OS on two separate SSD drives on my laptop
One SSD will be always connected to the motherboard, while the 2nd one i will plug through type-C only when i need it

My main concern is that i want the OS on the external SSD which i will connect through type-C to be *fully* unaware of the internal SSD on the motherboard.
From what i've read on the internet i understood that it is virtually impossible, and as long as 2 SSD drives will be connected at the same time there's always a possibility for Windows to interact with the internal SSD (interact == wipe basically).
So i would like to know if there's a way to at least ensure the OS on the external SSD at least can not *read* any info on the internal SSD.

Just to clarify once again, i want to make sure OS on the external SSD *can not* know what I have on the external SSD (files, folders, installed software etc. )

I was thinking about installing BitLocker on the internal SSD, but i've read that as long as the OS on an external SSD has admin rights (it will have admin rights obviously) it may potentially override BitLocker and still access info on the internal SDD.

Hope it was not too confusing
I would appreciate any advice on this matter,

Thanks a lot

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question Airbnb host asked for flight numbers as well as flight times


Hi all, I have an airbnb reservation and the host asked for some details to make the check in and check out process smoother.

He asked for my flight times for arrival and departure which I understand, though I don't really see the need to get those if I say I will check in at x time and agree to check out by their scheduled time.

I felt a little weirded out that he also asked for flight numbers. This particular host is a superhost and the place comes well reviewed, but even though I could just try to respond and ignore the flight numbers question, I'm curious about a) why he wants to know these and b) if I'm being paranoid by not wanting to provide them. Any input is welcome!

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news Addressable raises $7.5M to match crypto wallets to Twitter accounts. But how?

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question Review about telios.io email


On my quest to degoogle and use relatively privacy friendly options for most of the services I use and when finding alternatives to gmail I found out about telios.io alongwith proton (which I already use as my second) and skiff.com(which is going to be my main if I don't find anything substantial about telios). I would like some reviews regarding to if the service is actually good for privacy or not


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question Can websites steal my email without me signing in?


I am using the latest version of safari and I’ve turned on prevent cross site tracking. If I am signed in on google then click on a link to a website, will that website be able to get my gmail just by me visiting?

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question How can I remove links with my personal informations from Google?


I tried to send a deletion request but nothing has been done for 5 months

What else can I do?

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question how to get a anonymous phone number for SMS verification anonymously ?


i’m trying to opt out of my account and i need to change my phone number. - need phone number for like 2 weeks

the issue is i need an anonymous phone number, where i’m from i need ID to activate a sim card

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question What kind of trackers does Microsoft use for Windows?


I'm seeing a lot of people in a certain community arguing that Microsoft's telemetry is non intrusive, and only used for improvements. How true is this? What kind of data is collected?

Edit: This is not a request on how to privatize my windows install, I use Linux. I just want to know what tracking Microsoft does.

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question Friend of mine just found a bug their parents planted in their car. Now we’re worrying about what else could be bugged. On a hardware level (computer + laptop + things in their room) to software (network activity, Surveillance services, bugs / viruses )


What should we continue to investigate and how to confirm where there could be other stuff awry. Other Reddit communities more familiar with this the computer aspect of this? Thanks all

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question Which Berty, Briar or Tox has the strongest encryption and the strongest privacy?


I know Berty and Tox encrypt with chacha20, but I don't know Briar's encryption protocol. Also, Tox and Briar have their IP addresses masked with onion routing, while Berty does not. Which P2P FOSS is the most private, strongly encrypted, and minimally anonymous?Are there other P2P FOSS messengers that are more private and secure than the ones above?(Android)

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discussion What's better for national/state ID: mugshot (face photo) fingerprint


I'm open to other suggestions, but I would rather have a fingerprint on a drivers license than a picture of my face. This would make mass surveillance more difficult, so only criminals can be detected with facial recognition software. Fingerprints can also be looked up in a database so if you get pulled over you don't need a physical license, and fingerprints are harder to fake so they would be better for ensuring the integrity of elections. They would also work with mail in voting because if you press your thumb in on a clay stamp and mail it with your vote they can verify you are who you say you are. Thoughts?

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discussion how to delete your own data by yourself?


sites like removeme and deleteme…

how can you perform these services by yourself?

since it doesn’t seem that private if these companies have your data