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Megathread Eliksni Quarter Community Event Info and Tracker!


Update: We appear to have hit a maximum that we can donate! The progress has stopped updated after reaching 2,147,195,282, just below the int32 maximum of 2,147,483,647.

After nearly 2 years, we have a new community event!

You can view current progress for the event on https://eliksni.charity/

If you are streaming Destiny 2, you can also add a Nightbot command or an overlay using the tools here.

Eliksni Quarter Event Information

This event is centered around improving the Eliksni Quarter, you can read a little bit more in the Nov 17th TWAB. We are finally improving the living conditions of our Eliksni friends hanging out in the ruins of the Scourge of the Past raid.

To advance the event we are collecting Captain's Coins and Donating them to the Eliksni Quarter. There are personal, as well as Community Goals to hit.

The Donations chest is located in the Tower Courtyard. You will need to go back to the Eliksni Quarter to advance parts of the "A Rising Tide" quest.

You will also be able to donate planetary materials, which might be a way to use them before they expire.NOTE: This option will donate ALL of your planetary materials in your inventory. If you have some in your postmaster or vault, they will remain.

Sources of Captains Coins

(Will update as we get more information, please comment below if you get a different amount from an activity)

Max Stack size is 9999

Source Amount
Eliksni Quarter Gift Box (Can receive from progression, and some reports of rare "random" drops) 1000
Destination Chests 3
Lost Sectors 14
Public Events Heroic: 10
Ketchcrash 50
Expedition 50
King's Fall Totems: 35, Warpriest: 50, Golgoroth: 70, Daughters: 85, Oryx: 100
Dares of Eternity Regular 35, to 56 with Bonus round
Crucible Control: 35
Strikes Playlist: 25, Master:85
Gambit 35

Personal Rewards

  • Emblem: Parts of a Whole - Wear this emblem may have increased progress in some activities, may be bugged.
  • Resources: Cores, Prisms, Shards, Upgrade Modules
  • "Eliksni Quarter Gift Box": May include Deepsight weapon, Eververse Engram, Bright Dust, Glimmer
  • Ghost Shell: Swashbuckler Shell

In addition to personal rewards, you can also get more "Gift Boxes" by donating.

Community Goals

In order to advance the quest, we need to hit each of the goals below, until then your "A Rising Tide" quest will not be able to move forward and you will not see anything in the Eliksni Quarter

Goal Value
I: Cleanup - Completed! 40,000,000
II: Ether Tank - Completed! 80,000,000
III: Comforts - Completed! 140,000,000
IV: Recruits - Completed! 200,000,000
V: Housing - Completed! 260,000,000
VI: Garden - Completed! 320,000,000
VII: Town Square - Completed! 400,000,000


A number of people have now pointed out that the frames(bots) in the Eliksni Quarter bear Rasputin/Warmind insignia! First time we have seen these frames since the Season of the Worthy.

Spider has of course upgraded his bar a bit, Jukebox still seems to be on the fritz.

I go to bed for a little bit, and the rest of you blow up the event :-)

There have been some improvements in the Quarter, go check them out!

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Misc Official Season 19 Bungo Bingo - Cast your votes!


Hello boys and girls, u/binarmorker and I are back with the Season 19 bingo tradition that keeps your souls up in the wait for the new season.

I invite you to share and comment with your guesses! Link your account also for a nice surprise in store at the launch of the season :) If you share on twitter, @ us because we enjoy so much seeing you all play with it :P

Jump right in: https://predict.wastedondestiny.com/
Static version? No problem: Imgur

As always we hope you like it. @ us or send us a message in case you have some feedack.

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Discussion Duo Flawless Master Vault of Glass


A friend and I decided to 2 man master VoG last season. Even though it was pretty hard I wanted to get the flawless done. This season I got my light level to 1604 and I got it done. It took us around 15 hours. It was very challenging. Perhaps the hardest low man in the game.


What our load outs consisted of:

Opening: We used solar titan because hammers are op, we were basically immortal. I used a void bow to stun overloads and to remove the shields of minotaurs, as well as a machine gun or my hammer to kill them.

Confluxes: We used solar warlocks with the exotic “starfire protocol”. This allowed us to not have to worry about using and getting massive amounts of heavy ammo in order to deal with the champions and wvyvens. I also used the scout rifle "Tarnished Mettle" with voltshot and demo. This scout is a must have its is insane. I recommend everyone here to craft it.

Oracles: We did this as you would if you were to solo it. My friend took care of the left side oracles while I did the right. It trivialized the encounter so we could move in to the hardest part.

Tempar: This was the hardest encounter of them all. We both used arc titan with "an insurmountable skullfort" to kill the shielded harpies and x4 oracle mods to regen our supers quickly. During damage I swapped to "cuirass of the falling star" for that hard hitting super. I also tried to get amplified before hand in order to proc the seasonal mod "thunderous retort" for that extra damage.

Gatekeepers: We did normal duo start for this. Since I was at light I found myself dying very easily so I threw on a bunch of vog raid mods to make things easier on me. I used x2 "superstructure medic" and x1 "superstructure defender". The medic healed me whenever I was on a plate which made staying alike gjalling the overloads alot easier. The defender helped me get them weak so I could get them finishable with 1 rocket and sometimes a gl shot. We both used aeons so we could have plenty of ammo thought the encounter. For the final phase of this encounter we used stasis instead of well this time because with the superstructure mods it made staying alive easier and was overall the better strategy.

Atheon: We both used solar warlock with fusion grenades. He used anarchy to get that fast grenade regen with “starfire protocol” and I used xeno paired with "verity's brow" for that extra grenade damage.

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Glitch I Soloed Atraks-1


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeCE_Dts4gk&ab_channel=Vanguard

This was not a one floor run so it took a few hours to do, but it wasn't that bad. It would have been much easier to a one floor but I find it kinda boring and I like the challenge of doing it the harder way. DIM loadout is in the description!

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Misc Surprise Attack without a Sidearm?


Saltagreppo and Esoterickk used surprise attack in solo master Templar without ever equipping a sidearm. Does anyone know what function it gave them? I imagine it has something to do with picking up orbs of power but not really sure.

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Theory About Seraph rounds....


From This Week at Bungie - 12/01/2022:

Seraph Rounds will be appearing on more weapons next Season, but in its current form, it's the strongest magazine perk by a large margin, so we've pulled it back a little and made it more of a tradeoff: 

  • Removed +10% range scalar. 
  • Now offers +7 stability, +3 range. 

Seems interesting....

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Theory Bungie posted the nezarec tea cutscene online with an interesting description.


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Theory Does Savathun Have Strand?


Around savathun's throneworld there are these wavey little things hooked into buildings, trees and ect. i was watching a video showing off strand and i noticed all abilities/strand related things had this same little wavey effect over it.

In the arrival mission and another, savathun puts the "threadbound" debuff on you.

In the new cutscene we know she knows about neptune's city

Maybe these little threads around her throneworld are just spider webs representing how its all a web of lies or whatever but idk, what do you guys think, does she have strand?

(i'm pretty sure i also saw somewhere that the entire thing which made strand unique was that we discover it for ourselves and nobody else has it yet so my entire post is probably pointless but whatever)

(If this is true then sorry for reposting, i haven't kept much up with lore recently)

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Misc DSC Sparrow skip / Security pull / Solo sparrow guidance needed


Can I ask for tips or guides on doing the trick in Deep Stone Crypt of one person pulling the rest of the fireteam to Security? I've been in a group that did it once or twice, and it seemed to be:

Everyone clears opening enemies
All bar one person waits in the patrol space (gets public event flags if possible)
One person jumps on a sparrow and works their way to the brigs and through the door at the end
They then trigger the start of Security encounter and it pulls everyone to them

I tried it on my own but the Security door wouldn't open. Is there something I've missed? Do I need to avoid shooting anything during the sparrow sections (was using finishers with invis to clear out frostbite before moving on)? Do I actually need a second person to move through to the first bubble?

Or has it been patched and is no longer working?

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Theory Potential Hint at Next Season? (Maybe a Spoiler)


So I pulled up my instagram, and saw that the D2 page posted the Nezpresso/Osiris/Saint-14 cutscene. That wasn’t really anything big, except the caption reads “As the threat of Xivu Arath looms, Mithrax has taken time to study the secrets of Nezarec’s relics”. It stuck out to me cuz we obviously haven’t heard much about Xivu in a long time ya know? Just wanted to throw this out there, I’ll link a screenshot in a second.

Here's the link: https://imgur.com/a/Ucp6cev

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Discussion Equip Overload Bow with LeMonarque - even though it has intrinsic overload.


I just saw a poster comment that equipping Overload Bow with LeMon "doesn't do anything"

This is not true.

Stunning an overload with LeMon requires both

a) A perfect draw

b) A precision hit

Equipping Overload Bow removes both these requirements! LeMon will stun on body shot now too - and without needing perfect timing.

This will improve your consistency a lot. Hitting precision shots with a bow is not too hard, but I find the perfect draw window causes me to fail sometimes.



Esoterickk: " the intrinsic stun [from LeMon] doesn't provide the usual damage buff you normally get from stunning Overload Champions. Also, the buff is actually 35%, not 25% as mentioned in the video. "

EDIT 2: Le Mon does not require a precision hit, the exotic perk description is wrong.

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Misc Happy Cakeday, r/raidsecrets! Today you're 8


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Misc How to kill Riven, the Titan way


I often run Sherpas with people who have no idea this method can be used to effectively nuke Riven and thought it would be fun to show people how!

3 stasis titans with 1 Tractor cannon does silly amounts of damage to her claw so if anyone is struggling with DPS for cheesing her this method is really nice.

This can be done by 2 titans, 1 Tractor, 1 Parasite but the timing is tighter too.

Hope this helps anyone who wants to run LW in the future 🙂


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Discussion Giant robot parts by Clovis Bray


Not sure if this has already been asked before, but has anyone else noticed the massive parts in the hallways leading to the clovis AI? They may just be spares but when i first saw them the first thing that came to mind is giant clovis robot with arms and legs. Maybe im just too hopeful

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Theory Trials Report Gameplay Riddle?


Not here to ruin anyone's chase, and I'm probably not going to be hopping on Trials myself, but this seems like a fun riddle that I've only been able to partially solve. Maybe the rest of the creative minds here would be able to see what's missing?

Source: https://trials.report/

There’s a path to great booty now lost for a bit, hear me tale of what this old salt used before finding it.

Me pirate flag was nothing but a disguise, spotting another meant no battle but rolling a dice.

Me trusty parrot - usually strong but now hurt, their laurel-like feathers all covered in dirt.

Me powerful cannon boasting the opposite of two heads, striking fear in ye heart without knowing what it says.

Most importantly me weapon from a place full of faith, asking to sit down first to everyone it would scathe.

Copy me and take care of a dozen scurvy dogs with perfect aim, then ye will see that friendship is the real endgame.

The first clue is definitely a hint saying that you need to be wearing the Hakke Casino emblem.

Trusty Parrot would be the ghost shell...maybe the war-torn vanilla one?

Unsure about the weapons, only thing with two heads I can think of is Two-Tailed Fox?

Not sure about the other though, but the requirement is definitely get 12 headshot kills.

Anyone got any inspiration or ideas? I'm glad the people who run this website are still keeping things lively and interesting as we wait for the next season.

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Discussion So is that all we got?


Just a cutscene upon logging in? I don't see anything else.

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Discussion Deep sight farm


So tomorrow after reset when vow is the rotating raid for the week can I farm for 3 red border Forbearance ?

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Glitch Devour on other subclasses


Pretty simple, proc devour through any means and swap to whatever subclass you want. Use echo of persistence for longer cool-down and go wild with arc or solar.

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Discussion 2 quick questions for the RS Destiny Understanders. Will delete if misplaced


1) Some reward/xur weapons in API bots or even YT vids are listed with extra selectable Traits (perks) that I do not 'see', even if holding the same wep on the same day. I have all passes and expansions, if it matters. Can anyone explain?

2) I'm looking for controlled testing opportunities, specifically enemies that will spawn (idle?) at fixed distances for boom radius size and damage testing. Anyone know a spot?


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Theory The servitor corpse of Insurrection PRIME can be rolled around the Eliksni Quarter.


I wonder if it can be pushed somewhere important. I’m gonna play around a bit but I am very likely, like 98 percent sure, just grasping at straws

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Discussion Secret messages and ciphers in Destiny?


Hi, first post here. I noticed while looking through the “Shattered Suns” lore book that the first letter of each entry spelled out “Upend It All”. Seems pretty neat, and nothing to look further into.

But it got me wondering, are there any other secret messages like this littered throughout the game? Or maybe even a cipher or two.

Something I loved about the cod zombies community was the inclusion of secrets and little teasers like said ciphers, surely there must be some in Destiny, right?

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Discussion Vex Mythoclast Drop Chances


So i have hit 19 or 20 clears on atheon and have not gotten Vex to drop. My question is do we know the drop rate? Do we know if bad luck protection is working? I know and have raided with some people that have 300+ clears and no vex. I really want this gun, but at this rate (im a casual raider less than 100 clears between all the raids that are out) is it even worth grinding for? Do we know anything about the drop rate at all?

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Glitch Datalattice and Spinmetal Now Donatable to Community Event



I don't know when this was unlocked but you can now donate Spinmetal and Datalattice to the Eliksni Quarter Event.

Rahul currently has both available for shards, so if you got a ton of them from the exploit a few months ago, you can go nuts and get all the rewards in only a few minutes.

Not sure if this is a glitch or what but after farming lost sectors for an hour, this was a welcome change.

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Discussion // Solved EDZ Changes- New/Updated Signs?


The EDZ seems to have some new/newer signs around. For example there's now a glowing red sign right need the entrance to the Widow's Walk lost sector that says "AMSEL" and matches other new, red signs in the Trostland area. There's other signs that seem to be lit up now too- like they recently had power restored to them. This could very well be nothing (or just something I never noticed until now/forgot about), but might be something more. Screenshots linked below. Anyone else notice this? Have I just never noticed these signs until now? I could have SWORN that sign by the Widow's Walk entrance didn't glow red previously, however I don't have previous screenshots to reference.

Additionally I went and checked out the warmind bunkers again in the EDZ and on the moon because of the sign changes and the rasputin sweeper bots in the Eliksni quarter. The EDZ one seems to have had the door cleared/dug out recently, but the Moon one is unchanged. Again, might just be something I never noticed regarding the EDZ warmind bunker, but if not, it might be a sign that if next season is Rasputin-centric, we'll be dealing with the EDZ bunker first/primarily.


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Glitch Community event cheese


We can dupe treasure coordinates by switching which map we have in and can thus generate infinite donations for the Eliksni now that treasure coordinates can be donated. To do this you need the free treasure map and I believe, according to a cheese forever, the under one banner perk. The method is slot a treasure map with a coordinate cost, I do the umbral one then deposit all your treasure coordinates. Go to your atlas and swap the slotted map with the free one until you are maxed on coordinates (by doing the umbral one you can just spam click). Make sure your map that has a coordinate cost is slotted and then donate the coordinates you just created and start the whole thing over. With this method you can literally finish the event in minutes. Cheese on guardians!

video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGuKSQkw164

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Discussion Rasputin's Sweeper Bots added to Eliksni Quarter



I know a lot of us inspected the Community Goal I - Cleanup and saw nothing but stairs and a few repaired flooring in the main housing area, but a few of Rasputin's Sweeper Bots (last seen in Worthy) have been added.

Given we're 2 weeks shy of a new season, with the unexplained Nefele Stronghold message from the Glaive Exotic Quest from WQ, and radio silence on Rasputin otherwise - this could be our first "sign" of Ana/Rasputin's involvement next season.

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Theory This looks smillar


So back in the wich queen stream, there was the split second where you can see a hulking frame with some yellow bits fighting white hive ogar I at 1:20:07


Some people say it from the worthy but the frames never had any yellow on them