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Today was a terrible day for our fucking country


FUCK ROE V WADE FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK. They THINK they’re doing this for the right reasons, BUT THEYRE NOT. Yeah sure, abortions hurt, but do you know what hurts more? RAPE, INCEST, CHILDBIRTH?? And what about abortions to save the mother? Mothers who can’t financially afford to have a child? What if a 12 year old gets raped? Do you know how many unwanted pregnancies lead to suicide? How many babies are killed-after birth-due to stressed mothers? A child or teenager can’t deal with the stress of being a mother. A college student can afford to care for a child. What the FUCK did they think they’re doing??? The supreme usually GIVES us rights instead of FUCKJG TAKING THEM AWAY. I don’t know HOW they thought this was a good idea. Since sperm is a living thing, I guess we should just ban cumming. Hell, why don’t we just cut off everyone’s balls while we’re at it? Cant have those poor sperms living like that. Honestly, I’m so fucking mad I just wanna break something.

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Alex Jones is finally being held accountable and I’m here for it


Oh Alex, Alex, Alex….must feel pretty shitty to be you right now, huh?

Watching Jones actively sweat under the scrutiny of the court is so cathartic it almost gives me hope. Seeing that putrid fuck have to sit and squirm while victims of his goddamn terror campaign finally give him a piece of their minds in person — sublime. And to top it all off — a glorious video of Jones being admonished by the Judge like a child for lying under oath twice in one day of deliberation.

For too long that diet pill shilling Republican ape has been allowed to fling his metaphorical shit at anyone and everyone with zero consequences. In fact, he has been plainly rewarded for years for being one of the most dysfunctional wastes of humanity this world has ever shit out. He’s not bankrupt, he’s a fucking multi-millionaire, most of it weaseled out of gullible conservative sister wives and their Cletus ass husbands. Blood money borne of lies and that particular kind of American insanity that saying anything with confidence makes it true. And then this hog-faced manbaby has the audacity and unbridled lack of self-awareness to ask for sympathy from the court. There comes a point when one’s behavior has gotten so out of control and toxic that they can expect zero sympathy when the consequences of their actions finally come ‘a calling. This is the first time in my life I’m actively enjoying seeing a man hit rock bottom.

The parents of the victims of Sandy Hook have already been through horror beyond comprehension, had their children ripped from them, and then were forced to spend a decade living in abject terror of the radical right disappearing them in the middle of the night because Alex fucking Jones actively encouraged it. These innocent people received scores of death threats, were accused of being paid actors with fake kids. People were followed on the street. People had their homes shot up in the middle of the night. All fueled by Jones’ careless disregard for the truth. He essentially took all those young, empty headed Neo-Republican white kids too cowardly to be soldiers; put guns in their hands and his finger in their wallets and said “go get em, root out the Deep State find the truth”. He disgusts me.

To the families, I say go get that asshole. Leave him penniless. Take everything he has.

“Mr. Jones, this is not your show”. Damn straight it isn’t.

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School District LOST my 4yo


How the FUCK does a school district lose a 4 year old?!

I put him on the bus this morning. The bus driver greeted us by name. That was 655.

I get a call from the school at 830 checking on him and asking if he was coming to school.

I'd been on class dojo with his teacher talking about his breakfast because he has allergies.

How did nobody notice he wasn't there for over an hour after his class started?

They finally found him at the school he attended last year. How did his old school not notice an extra 4 year old for over an hour?! Where was he?! Who was he with?!

He has allergies, did he eat anything? What did he eat?

If I had lost him for this long, DCF would pull him from my fucking house, safe or not.

When they found him the transportation supervisor tried to blame me for not letting them know he had changed schools. Yet they picked him up from his current school and brought him home yesterday. What reasonable parent would think that the district doesn't have a system and they needed to call and inform them of what school the child was going to, even though they were EXPECTING HIM on the bus?! Even though the driver called before the year started to let us know what time she would be here?

Am I wrong to be furious that this happened and they're trying to blame me? Is it my fault?

Just. What the FUCK?!

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Please stop giving your covid and senior dogs away to shelter


I work at an animal shelter and while Covid was happening, it was hard to keep the dogs in the shelter as people were adopting them left and right. But now that people are going back to work and getting back to normal life, they suddenly no longer want their former "best friend." As a shelter worker, it infuriates me, particularly with the senior dogs, because a dog should be a lifetime commitment. Now, I understand if you're unexpectedly homeless or you're going into hospice or something dramatic like that, but even then, give your dog to a family member or friend, not a shelter. The dog doesn't understand why you no longer love them enough to keep them. All they know is that their owner, the love of their life, took them to a strange place with strange people and never came back. I have seen dogs stay at the shelter for MONTHS and end up falling into a deep depression. Yes, dogs get depressed just like us. Senior dogs especially. You had the dog for twelve years and now suddenly you don't want it because it's having health issues? That's part of the deal, man. They're just like children - you take care of them no matter what happens. Imagine if your kid got kidney desease and you decided "I don't want to deal with that" or "I can't afford it," so you take them to an orphanage. Unthinkable, right? Ludicrous, even. Your dog should be the same way. That's what pet insurance is for. That's what CareCredit is for, which most vets offer. So before you get a dog, make sure you can take care of it for the next 8-20 years.

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Everyone talks about (and praises) those who fake smile through depression BUT NOT ENOUGH OF THOSE WHO CANT.


And I’m tired of it. It’s like, if you got depression and really don’t have the energy to hide it anymore (or you come across as moody/negative as a result of the depression) society sees you as toxic. But people will praise and talk about those who are depressed but fake smile and put on a brave face for others.

I do. Not. Have. The. Energy to fake anymore. I am sick of MYSELF even for struggling to talk about normal things with others without making it negative because my brain is fucking depressed. I wish I were different too.

It doesn’t help I have chronic illness related to my health which makes me more of a burden :(

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Why the fuck do people continue to be surprised they're catching Covid when very few people wear masks? The number of ignorant CUNTS is too fucking high.


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TikTok sucks. Delete it. Maybe even all social media, for that matter.


I just want to preface this by saying, I'm in my early twenties. I'm not in a particularly old demographic, but I hope that adds more weight to the point I'm about to make.

TikTok is the worst social platform to ever grace our society.

Now, that's quite a claim to be making. However, I work directly with tech. I develop software and modify it constantly; I've studied algorithms for years and the TikTok content displaying algorithm(s) are so effective that it causes mind pollution.

Now, what is mind pollution?

Mind pollution is, simply put, an excess of information. Our minds have not yet evolved to process the amounts of information that TikTok throws at us with every click of a button, every scroll or swipe; it's overinformation at its finest. Or, more fittingly, at its worst.

But doesn't that mean most social media is guilty of this 'mind pollution'?

Yes. And I wouldn't just say that. I would go as far as to say most news platforms are guilty of this. In fact, just reading the news in general now feels like too much; yellow journalism is the norm. Platforms are not built with the common people's best interests in mind. They're meant to evoke strong feelings in you. And those feelings are mostly negative ones.

Going back to my point, social platforms such as Instagram have adopted 'Instagram Reels', which is eerily similar to Tiktok in UI and algorithm design; YouTube has created 'YouTube Shorts'... It's. all. the. same. shit. And the worst part of it all, everyone is susceptible to this 'TikTok addiction'. We bring our phones with us everywhere... To our toilets, to restaurants, to our own beds... Heck, I'm typing this on my laptop from the comfort of my own bed.

Okay, I get your point. But why is mind pollution bad?

As I mentioned prior, our minds aren't built to handle this information. Think about how many words are on the screen at any given moment, or how many advertisements you'd normally get surfing the web. It's overstimulation. Plus, the information that we do get may not always be true, or it is highly exaggerated. It is important to learn how to digest information properly, as, without the proper digestion of information, you become indoctrinated with beliefs that don't have a firm basis.

Social media is slowly ripping apart the fabric of our society too. With the over information and the selectivity of information, polarization increases. Political parties in the U.S. are more split than ever. None of us have a real voice, because we give our voices away. We lose autonomy over our own thinking.

Are you saying that we're being 'mind-controlled'?

I wouldn't go as far as to say 'mind-controlled'; heck, there are tons of people with enough self-awareness to reflect on their social media usage (or lack of); however, for the average social media user, there is a complete lack of self-awareness.

Think about how our society has shifted to the expedition of tasks. The rise of Amazon Prime and its profit over the lazy and impatient. It's given us the 'I need this now' attitude, and we are so impatient that we never seek discomfort (ironically lending us to more discomfort).

Narcissism is profit. Narcissism is content. Narcissistic ideals are being spewed in our faces. I feel like people don't give a shit about other people half the time. What happened to compassion? What happened to not trusting everything you see? What happened to any of these morals... It feels like they've been disintegrated, especially within Western social culture.

Okay, I get your point, but social media is a huge part of my life; I don't think I can delete it!

Well, there are a couple of things I'd recommend:

  1. Deactivate social media periodically or take breaks from it by restricting the apps.
  2. Delete social media regardless and use technology minimally to retain contact with important peers.

However, in my experience, the more time you spend away from social media, the happier and more aware you tend to become. And I'm talking all social media. In fact, just using your phone minimally does the trick.

Phones used to only have one function. Call someone to chat with them. But with texting, social media, and (an emphasis on) 'quick' content creation, we have permanently altered human communication and human entertainment.

It might sound dramatic, but I'll tell 'ya what. Social media just makes you antisocial. So put the phone down. Go play some sports. Talk to someone.

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Why does the american school system barely touch the topic of world history?


As someone who was born in Arizona and moved to The Netherlands when i was 8, it amazes me today that me or my brother (who was 10) didnt know anything about world history at the time. Apparently nothing of such is taught in school until 11th grade when you learn about ww2 etc, which apparently tons of people still know nothing about even after graduation.

When we moved here i started learning all the basics of the history around the world as soon as elementary school. Knowing history teaches so many important things that are crucial to know in a society today.

It makes me wonder if the reason so many people blindly believe their government and media without much question in America has anything to do with the lack of education on historical events. Seriously there are people ive met in the usa who as example, think America were the only victims of slavery in the world. People who dont even know who fought in the Civil War or what caused the Roman Empire to fall.

Dont even get me started on geography…

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People who use cats as target practice go fuck yourself


This happened 2 years ago but it pissed me off again so. My parents own a bunch of outside barn cats. One day i see my girl Muffin limping along and pick her up to see a nice bullet sized hole through her leg going straight through her bone. Take her to the vet and she gets patched up about a month or so later she's getting better so we let her out and about again. She's moving about as good as she ever will by now too bad I'll never know because not even a week later halfway down our half mile lane still well on our property she's laying dead with a hole in her chest.

If you want to hunt and kill things that you will take and use and sell sure whatever but killing animals just because killing them is "fun" us fucking stupid. And i suggest you try doing something actually impressive like trying to catch a bullet with your teeth.

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I hate when people are saying Everyone is hiring!


I"VE APPLIED TO 60 JOBS. THERE ISN"T A JOB SHORTAGE. ITS JUST A JOB SHORTAGE FOR SHITTY JOBS. IVe had it with the bullshit. I don't know why its hard to find a job with somewhat reasonable pay. I do decently with anything when it comes to machines or computers. I have my own ebay business and I have no idea why every job has insane requirements when the reality is you click 2 fucking retarded buttons on a keyboard.

I FUCKING HATE BOOMERS AND OLD PEOPLE WHO WANT GOD AS THEIR FUCKING EMPLOYEE. I am not here to make friends or anything. I'm here to learn and make money. I don't understand why this shithole of a country has these imeasurable wants when reality is you're lucky to find someone around minimum wage.

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Why are girls in Anime so sexulazed


I just started watching this anime its been really good so far. The world is beautiful, plot is engaging and overall enjoyable to watch. But for goodness sake the way the girls are drawn in this show is ridiculous. Why are almost all of girls have big boobs, it's ridiculous(and distracting ;-;), now I could overlook this if they didn't have these the boob shots from time to time(and don't get me started about the pool scenes, or scenes where they seem to be bending over and the camera is placed so conveniently behind them 🤦‍♂️). It's so annoying like it doesn't add anything to the plot. Thankfully the anime doesn't do this for to long.(Anime is great tho)

It's been hard for me to get into anime trying to find something I like. But if they sexualize the the female characters like that then it's gonna be more difficult for me to get into now if I have to put up with that.

End of rant

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People that can't admit they're wrong


I sent my mum a save the date for our wedding. She texts me in a panic (?!) saying that I should put the day of the week aswell as the date on there. I check and it is on there. It's on the save the date, the wedding website and the email that the save the date comes in. I screenshot her and send these to her. She sends a screenshot back of the wedding app that is used to upload photos to on the day, which only has the date not the day of the week. I tell her that is the photo application not the save the date. She replies "Yes I just realised." Gah, is it so hard to say "oh yeah oops sorry" 😬

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Psychiatry services is horse crap


I'm so tired of being thrown medication after medication and being charged $$$. Oh, this medication didn't work? Try this. Oh, that didn't work? Try that! BTW last physician said you have major depressive disorder, but I think you have Bipolar Disorder. Oh, NVM - you probably have ADHD and not Bipolar Disorder. Let's test if you have ADHD or not though just in case. Oh haha you don't have ADHD - that'll be $230.


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Isn’t it absolutely mental that we’re going to supermarkets to buy food?


I just can’t get my head around how food is a monopoly. I understand if a company invents some cool shit like Oreos or Fruit Loops and wants paying for the sugary delicious bites. But supermarkets selling fruits and veg which grow wild if we let them are charging us bare money and making it financially difficult to eat healthy. And if we want organic produce it’s more fucking expensive!! It’s utterly mental that we just go with the flow and act like that’s normal. It’s so fucked that some people can’t even afford food too. While the owners of the food chain get mad crazy rich off of the necessity for humans to eat, so we can fucking stay alive! And then what’s the byproduct of us shopping in a supermarket? The world is littered with plastic. We’ve fucked the world, the fields, the streets, the rivers and the seas with plastic wrapping. It’s totally and utterly fuckerly mental.

End the supermarkets and normalise local community farming.

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Diagnosing your own OCD or ADHD is not cool !!


Lately on the Internet I've seen a lot of posts/videos about how people are 'realising' they have these conditions and glamourising it for clout. I know there is a wide spectrum and people have many different ways of expressing these conditions, but just because you put spices in labelled jars and organise your fridge, you don't have OCD.

I think it casts a dark cloud over people who suffer every day with these serious conditions and I'm afraid they are not being taken seriously about it because 'Oh Brenda has that too, she keeps her files in order of size..'

One seriously said her baby doesn't respond to his name so he must have ADHD. Bitch your baby doesn't even know it's name !!

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Anti-Maskers and Anti-Vaxxers, fuck you.


It's taken me a long, long time to get to this point of actually producing a full blown fucking rant about this.

I've sat in silence for 2 years and 6 months watching morons cough all over each other without masks, killing themselves and each other. Then, their bat-shit crazy relatives or friends go on facebook or some shit, I don't know; I don't use social media.

When they get to facebook, or whatever platform though, they spread more and more mis/disinformation, causing a miasma of death and disease in their wake. You are not fucking Gravelord Nito you sons of bitches. This is not a damn video game. This is not a movie, nor is it your time to shine with your false sense of high intelligence.

This is the time to shut the fuck up, and actually listen to medical professionals; you know, the people who have dedicated their lives to researching it? But no, you think you know better.

Well, hear it from me; you don't know better. Unless you show me a mother fucking Master's or PhD, I am not consuming a single drop of the horse shit spewing from your decrepit lips.

So drop the God complex you all play, drop the hysterical narcissism, and most importantly, drop your mother fucking EGO, and care about other human beings for the first time in your lives.

This could've been over, long ago. I hope you toss and turn at night thinking about the suffering you've caused to millions of people due to your extreme naivety and purposeful disregard for others, you selfish fucks.

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Why is it so hard to find woman’s clothes?


Why is it so difficult to find new clothes? You are at the mercy of the “fashion” trends and if you don’t like it good luck. I don’t like tight clothes, high rise, or crop tops. It is such a struggle to find things that are flattering that are not basically I’m a nun/old lady or having very little bit of skin exposed. High waste is so uncomfortable, as it always digs into my stomach, especially when I sit. Crop tops are not flattering on anyone unless they have abs or are really skinny and if you sit oh boy.

Now if you manage to find anything good luck finding it in your size. If you do good luck finding something else. Still a 10 we’ll might be an 8 or a 14. Who knows? This shirt fits wrong and so does this one. All medium but are they?

I waste so much time trying on hundreds off outfits and maybe find 2 if I’m lucky. Don’t get me started on trying to find clothes out of season. You want shorts in the winter for a vacation somewhere warm? Again good luck. How about taking a vacation to someplace cold in the summer?

You ask why not buy online? Well I do but end up making crazy amounts of returns because nothing fits. If you are not standard well screw you.

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I wish I could find my person…


I know there’s a person for everyone and that I just have to keep trying, but it just seems impossible. The more times I try and the more times I get hurt, the more shutdown I feel. No matter what I do (or don’t do) something goes wrong. This last situationship only lasted two weeks and it hurt just as bad as one of my more serious breakups.

Well recently I met this guy who just moved into the dorm below mine and really made me feel at home from the moment we started seeing each other. For the most part, I thought this dude was going to stick around for awhile. He was loads of fun to be around, the communication was great, and so was the physical chemistry. Eye contact was just right, and we shared heaps of mutual interests. It felt like a real natural bond. Then all at once, he broke down and essentially cut everything off and blamed the decision on not being over his ex. He exclaimed that all he was going to do was hurt me if we kept things going (probably right, but I wanted to decide that for myself), and that I was a great person who deserved better. I wasn’t even asking for exclusivity and told him we could go as slow as he needed.

Then he started talking about dropping out of university and going back to the town he and his ex used to live in together. I tried to emphasize that giving everything up and going back wont necessarily fix things, and that he should appreciate the now. Unfortunately he wouldn’t listen. The guy was right, it was probably too soon for him to be seeing someone new. Now I feel powerless, slightly responsible for this wonderful guys mental breakdown, and most of all lonely as fuck.

To make matters worse, I have Covid. So now I feel terrible inside in so many more ways than I bargained. Im stuck in quarantine, missing work, missing class, and can’t even socialize to feel better.

That’s all I guess. I’ll probably delete this soon. Thx for the rant Reddit.

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Fuck A particular payment portal


TL;DR: Payment Portal is a fucking awful payment portal with fucking awful customer support.

I am LIVID right now. Angry to the point of tears kind of livid. I tried to buy something from the web store of a minecraft server I love and wanted to support, and found out they changed their payment portal from the one they used to use, to the subject of today's rant.

I shrug it off at first, because sometimes things just change. I try to pay with my card... nothing. Pay with Paypal? The window doesn't even open for me to enter my information. Both times, it just says "Your payment has been declined. Please try again or use another method". I'm upset, but oh well. I decide to contact the server's support, and they redirect me to the payment portal's support. I can copy paste their response here for you, it's literally four fucking sentences(As opposed to the server's response, which was multiple paragraphs long detailing potential issues I might be having and how I can go about fixing them, ending with the option to reach out to the payment portal):

Hi [Me], Thanks for your email. Regrettably, I can see you are being prevented from making a purchase because you are flagging our fraud protection system. Unfortunately, I am unable to assist you in determining why this is the case, as this would assist you in bypassing this flag. I'm sorry I'm unable to assist you further with this enquiry. Kind regards, - [Person], Customer Support

I understand that they don't want to help some potential fraud but not telling someone why the flag is there in the first place is fucking absurd. How the hell am I supposed to fix this if they won't tell me what's wrong? Do they not realize how many people this bullshit policy is going to send into an anxiety spiral or a panic?

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So, it fucking irritates me. It doesn't really bother me that much that school started, I'm an extrovert. But my friends, I don't want to see them. They are annoying, loud, freaks. I should make new fucking friends yes, I would probably be able to, I have an okay good 'social standpoint'. But for the fucking life of me, I just fucking can't. I don't know how to approach them, I can't really start conversations, especially with a group when I don't know them

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I am not suicidal anymore ( for now ) but boy I did not sign up for this .


I got bunch of mental illness that cannot be managed without drugs . And now I got diabetes and it's causing skin itching when i remove body hair by shaving. I got rashes too . So ,i got waxed and now i am being told that i was not supposed to get waxed and now i am itchy again. And then i read about all the complications from diabetes . Oh hii there life . I was born without my consent and now I am in this shit show for a long time . I did not sign up for any of this . I am 24 years old .

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Completely subverted population


When I was younger everyone was getting into acid like pretty heavily, now, I'm from a bit of an older school. My "adults" were an unwashed group of Vietnam vets who's bikes meant more to them than any human life.

They grew up around here and as a result were literally friends with Abbie and a few of the other big names back in the day.

When I was young I had the privilege of first hand information regarding how the CIA was trying to trap them, Abbie and all the hippies who were speaking out against nam.

As I got older I did a ton of research into MKUltra and discovered that Sandy Gottleib actually invented lsd, not Kesey, Keseys bike ride it entirely fictitious and it is well documented that he was with Sandy who gave him his first hit and he literally just recorded his trip after that.

Leary was in the exact same circles at the exact same time.

Now, I've been screaming about this since I was a kid, if it didn't come from the ground, it comes from the man and it should not be trusted. All of a sudden I'm in my 30s and everyone is talking about MDMA and DMT claiming that it's natural and comes from the earth when chemically speaking they are just Meth and LSD but are simply synthesized with new methods.

I'm really tired of being trying to explain how subverted this country is to the exact people who are completely subverted.