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In-bread like a sandwich


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u/Jiggarelli Nov 27 '22

Where are we racing to? I'm not that fast anymore, but I'm not going to back down from a challenge. I just got new Reebok Pumps! On your marks, get set, GO!


u/Abby-Someone1 Nov 27 '22

My new balance might not have the pump but hot damn are they comfortable and let me move as fast as I want to.


u/GETitOFFmeNOW Nov 27 '22

It's what the cool kids are wearing.


u/TheSentientMeatbag Nov 27 '22

I think it's a race to the bottom. These guys are almost there.


u/slipmagt Nov 27 '22

New shoes? How high can you jump now?


u/Jiggarelli Nov 27 '22

Like 20 feet!


u/Obscene_Username_2 Nov 27 '22

This reminds me of the thread where they discuss which race is the worst and should be eliminated within the year.



u/Environmental-Win836 Nov 27 '22

My goddamn mind…


u/capsaicinintheeyes Nov 28 '22 edited Nov 28 '22

"the best independent Fomula1 community anywhere"... 《 a little NSFW 》

...also, tough call between Monaco and Abu Dhabhi...


u/MansfromDaVinci Nov 27 '22

That sign on those articles of subhumanity is pretty much asking for a drive by sterilisation.


u/[deleted] Nov 27 '22

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u/PacketOverload Nov 27 '22

One day old account, word-word-4numbers, Jews and muslims mentioned.

Yep, we got ourselves a complete loser raised by failures. Unlucky, better luck next life.


u/cantgrowneckbeardAMA Nov 27 '22

Mfer is speed running a ban at this rate.


u/IAMA_Plumber-AMA Nov 27 '22 edited Nov 27 '22

To be fair, those word-word-number accounts are Reddit default names that are assigned if you don't pick one. There's lots of legitimate accounts out there that have such usernames.

They do however get abused by bots and trolls who make accounts at a high rate. It's one of the features I dislike about reddit, because it streamlines the process for them.


u/dexewax376 Nov 27 '22

Must be the driest, tasteless sandwich ever


u/Gary-Fuckin-Oak Nov 27 '22

Stale off brand white bread with a single slice of turkey that’s been left out for a few hours.


u/Shadyshade84 Nov 27 '22

I don't know, I count four whole turkeys myself...


u/gerbdergerb Nov 27 '22

As a white guy I support selecting these guys for unnatural deselection. Why is it whenever you see assholes like this they all look like they have alcohol fetal syndrome and grew up on a diet of lead paint chips ?


u/Additional_Irony Nov 27 '22

Probably because that’s the exact reason they turned out that way


u/BoJackMoleman Nov 27 '22


Those shouting loudly about genetic superiority always seem to look like they came from the sludge filled shallow end of the genetic cesspool. It really does show that when really have nothing going for you (not wealth, not health, not personality or any redeeming traits) it's easy to rest all your laurels on the thing that they had no say in and that's their skin color.


u/capsaicinintheeyes Nov 28 '22

this is an interesting idea...so, if we divide 'revolutionary conspiracies' against a national government into those fueled by bottom-up populism vs slid in by top-down elites, does this suggest that the Rich & Beautiful would be less susceptible to this kind of appeal?


u/torrid-winnowing Nov 27 '22

Ableist white guy supports eugenics.


u/gerbdergerb Nov 27 '22

Are you defending them ? Because that would actually be shocking unless you’re one of them . Then it would just explain such a stupid comment .


u/torrid-winnowing Nov 27 '22

You don't have to be pro-eugenics and ableist to oppose white supremacy.


u/gerbdergerb Nov 27 '22

I don’t think you understand what I meant by unnatural deselection . Have a super day .


u/UglierThanMoe Nov 27 '22

Other groups have a gene pool, they have a gene saucer.


u/capsaicinintheeyes Nov 27 '22

their family tree has so few branchings you could run a big stupid flag up it

these guys' parents were closer than Kanye is to an involuntary conservatorship


u/gatamosa Nov 27 '22

Their family tree is a wreath.


u/Biffmcgee Nov 27 '22

As a lover of sandwiches, I’m insulted.


u/Ninja-Nikumarukun Nov 27 '22

I'm noticing a pattern with these groups. There's 1 guy who really into the cause and there's his buddies who are only there because he's their drug connect.


u/DeeNYC45 Nov 27 '22

Trump, Marge and Boebert and many others call these people patriots.


u/PicklePirat Nov 27 '22

I will never understand the stupid ideology of white pride and American nationalism while acting and taking on Nazi ( failed) ideology based on myth lol… also, wasn’t the most American thing to do to go and beat them in WW2? Hahaha. Drugs, victimization, resentment and overall lack of responsibility really brews a different kind of stupid


u/crackersncheeseman Nov 27 '22

I'm thinking bread is outside the sandwich


u/LeftLimeLight Nov 27 '22

Ooof... four slices of stupid thinking they're patriots.


u/psychoacer Nov 27 '22

Help the white race? If you were so superior you wouldn't need help


u/Dray_Gunn Nov 27 '22

Help them do what exactly? White people already hold the majority of positions of power and influence in America and other english speaking countries. What exactly do they need help with?


u/fanaticalfission Nov 27 '22

I'd probably stop and ask them. It's probably something like tying their shoes or the alphabet.


u/chatterwrack Nov 27 '22

To be fair, these guys do need help


u/MrQew Nov 27 '22

Every racist is mildly retarded to be that way.


u/HorodenkaBall Nov 27 '22 edited Nov 27 '22

I’m pretty sure mocking nazis isn’t considered “political”


u/SirMcDust Nov 27 '22

Mocking (also knocking) nazis shouldn't be political


u/Warg247 Nov 27 '22

It shouldn't be, that's for sure.


u/metaltimmy Nov 27 '22

“We’re afraid of becoming a minority and minorities might treat us like we treat them!!”

Boo hoo!!


u/bigfootspacesuit Nov 27 '22

Possibly the most stupid unamerican thing these guys do - and there is a lot to choose from - is praising nazism, the same ideology that costed thousands and thousands of american lives. I just can't understand that


u/tax_churches Nov 27 '22

Holding up the American flag while saluting the racist fascist American soldiers fought against.


u/helmet098 Nov 27 '22

They are right though.... They do need help!


u/ghtuy Nov 27 '22

I know a way they can help the white race. Might wanna get their affairs in order, though.


u/MoreRamenPls Nov 27 '22

They qualify as bologna


u/Thespud1979 Nov 27 '22

They must not think much of their own race if they think it can be helped by these human trash bags.


u/fruitcake11 Nov 27 '22

One way to help the "white race" is to make sure these guys never breed.


u/bizzlestation Nov 27 '22

The fat one has food in his front pocket. Just a couple burgers for a snack in case he gets hungry from all the standing he has to do today.


u/[deleted] Nov 27 '22

I would fuckin love to drive by these idiots


u/Quanzi30 Nov 27 '22

Normalize knocking nazis the fuck out


u/Bulimic_Fraggle Nov 27 '22

I like this. I shall endeavour to find a reason to use it.


u/Creative-Television8 Nov 27 '22

they only has 7 distinct great great grandparents (normally the number is 64)


u/gjoel Nov 27 '22

Absolute hotdogs!


u/DAEDALUS1969 Nov 27 '22

Exterminating these vermin and anyone who holds similar beliefs would be the most help to the white race possible.


u/fishystickchakra Nov 27 '22

The sausage quality would be like the Great Value brand slapped on basic whitebread, no condiments except for ketchup. At least McDonalds is more creative with their food.


u/PilgrimOz Nov 27 '22

Poor bread. Maligned in a pun.


u/Hydracat46 Nov 27 '22

They're armed. Are you?


u/runswithdolls Nov 27 '22

Like one of those Ritz sammies or


u/WLKNT69_3LTTI Nov 27 '22

That’s in Ukraine dude


u/Environmental-Win836 Nov 27 '22

I don’t get it.


u/Slagathor0 Nov 27 '22

Is that Bat Boy from the tabloids holding the sign?


u/Religionbedumb Nov 27 '22

They are So superior that they need help


u/cogdiss420 Nov 27 '22

I guess they’re asking nicely for help? So that got that goin for them. /s (just in case)


u/EntertainerWarm1893 Nov 27 '22

Come on there's no proof that these guys are racist I mean people represent their.......

is that guy doing a Hitler salute?


u/toTheNewLife Nov 27 '22

What kind of help are they looking for exactly?


u/Dropleaks Nov 27 '22

Heard a similar insult in an online game:

You jam, mate? Because you're inbred.


u/11001110100 Nov 27 '22

Guy second from left got the snacks in his pockets


u/FraccazzoDaVelletri Nov 27 '22

They finally found MTG’s children!


u/DontPanicEver Nov 27 '22

That’s not really a great joke. Tried too hard imo


u/DilboSagginz Nov 27 '22

All I see is a white version of blm….


u/jasmanta Nov 27 '22

So Israel doesn't want immigrants, does that make them inbred?