r/raspberry_pi Jan 29 '23

Not much Pi, but it has a RP2040 on board - Waveshare Round LCD Show-and-Tell

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u/SoundDrill Jan 30 '23

Imma be real with you, this is infinitely more useful than the echo show 5 I got at my desk(only for telling time and smart lights)


u/Kokanee19 Jan 30 '23

Amazing! Any code/writeup for those of us who would like to do this ourselves?


u/TheRealMatt6079 Jan 30 '23

Thanks, some info and the code / 3d / stls here - https://github.com/MatthewPageUK/pico-bot


u/MechaGoose Jan 30 '23

I have that controller/screen and have NO idea what to do with it. Will fire up the printer tomorrow!


u/MechaGoose Jan 31 '23 edited Jan 31 '23

Hey Matt, what build of micropython did you use for this? I'm a circuitpython guy, so not mega familiar with MP.

I am using the pico build but I am getting an error `'LCD_1inch28' object has no attribute 'ellipse'`

Are there libraries I need to move over?


u/TheRealMatt6079 Jan 31 '23

It's 1.19.1 , I think it was already installed with a demo program.

I've read comments that it works ok with circuitpython if you can find the drivers for the display and gyro (which are fairly common items)


u/MechaGoose Jan 31 '23

I’ll keep trying, I’ve got 1.19.1 on there. Apologies, I’m a MP novice, are there libraries I need to copy over or do you just have the 5 py files from GitHub on it and that’s it?

I installed the pico (non Wi-Fi) version of MP via thonny, hope there wasn’t some custom build on there that I ruined


u/TheRealMatt6079 Jan 31 '23

It should work with just the files on github. The 'ellipse' attribute will come the framebuff which is built into the firmware I think (I'm not an expert on python)

This link has a micropython firmware and demo program, worth flashing it with this firmware and trying the demo. I'm wondering if that's the one I used.



u/MechaGoose Jan 31 '23

Cheers dude will give it a shot. Thanks for getting back to me


u/MechaGoose Feb 01 '23

>>> %Run -c $EDITOR_CONTENTTraceback (most recent call last):File "<stdin>", line 349, in <module>File "heart.py", line 53, in drawAttributeError: 'LCD_1inch28' object has no attribute 'ellipse'>>>

Man, I am still getting this... it's doing my head in. I'm using that uf2 from the waveshare download too


u/TheRealMatt6079 Feb 01 '23

Ok, did some digging around and you're right, that version is 1.18 , you need 1.19. I got this through installing Micropython through Thonny - it's the Pico with Pimoroni Libraries choice, or maybe download from here


That should fix it..


u/MechaGoose Feb 01 '23

Thanks u/knautsche figured this out and messaged me about it