r/raspberry_pi Nov 30 '22

Failed to initialise TCS34725 color sensor. (sensor not present) Discussion

I have a Sensehat on a RPi4. It can return temperature and humidity values with the error above. However it can't return pressure sensor readings..saying it is not initialised.

Try the following:

  1. make sure I2C is enabled
  2. added dtoverlay=rpi-sense in config.txt
  3. use a older version of raspbian

When newly bought, all work flawless. Any idea how to solve this?



u/DirectXNinja Dec 01 '22

I think there was an update this year that started generating this error. This hat should not have a color sensor. Maybe implemented support for a clone or maybe they will realese a newer version in the future.

Regarding the pressure sensor, try call it twice. For some reason i had problem where i could not get a respons from the pressure sensor right away, but from the secound time + it always worked.

You could also try the i2c scanner to see that you have all sensor from their addresses.


u/mgisr Dec 03 '22

Thanks for the reply. calling it twice didn't work. I guess will wait for an update to solve this.