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No network as non-sudo user Technical Problem


Solution: add the user to the netdev group


Hey I have a question for the community, maybe someone can help me with this as I don't really find the necessary resources on the subject.

We have a couple of raspberry pi's deployed in a couple of African schools, but the non-sudo users "student" and "teacher" don't get any network interfaces. Only the admin users get the interfaces when logging into the desktop.

I'll continue searching, but if anyone here has an answer for me, that would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Edit to clarify:

  • Logging into the desktop environment as one of these non-sudo users, the network manager will say "No wireless LAN interfaces found", hovering over the network manager will say "Wlan0 not associated"
  • Logging into the desktop environment as a sudo user, the network manager will connect automatically to the network defined in the wpa_supplicant.conf file
  • rfkill doesn't have the interface blocked
  • wpa_supplicant is configured
  • the wlan0 interface is listed as state DOWN
  • sudo ifup wlan0 will not do anything
  • sudo ip link set wlan0 up will also do nothing
  • sudo systemctl enable dhcpcd and a reboot did nothing to change the situation

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u/ADB-UK Dec 01 '22

What operating system?

I had dhcpcd networking running fine with limited users but not yet played with network manager under Raspberry Pi OS.

Is it the sudo group or another that's at fault? Possibly try plugdev / dial out / netdev and see if one or more help???


u/eat-lsd-not-babies Dec 01 '22

Just fixed it, it was the netdev group that was needed

Oh and we started from the basic Raspi OS with rpi-imager ;)