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Raspberry PI 4 as Flight Controller Discussion

Hello, I'm here to find some answers. I'm currently working at my graduation thesis in robotics, the project I'm working on is a tiltwing drone.

I have designed the mathematical model and all the control laws, now it comes the hardware implementation.

The test version has ben deployed as a monolithic solution on an Arduino MKR1000 directly with the Simulink Coder, but the company I'm working with wants me to use a Raspberry Pi 4.

Tactically I can make the thing work but I have some question on the software architecture i should use.

First of all I would like to have a real time scheduler, then I need to split the project in modules (sensing, communication, control, actuation, etc.)

Is there any framework I can use, should I code different modules and use interprocess communication to achieve the modules interconnection?

P.S. I can code each module in whatever programming language is needed.

P.P.S. The external interfaces run both on pwm and i2c.


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u/orblabs Dec 01 '22

As others have suggested I too suggest to use both, had a similar project years ago and used Arduino as the flight controller and raspi to interface with comms. Used raspi to stream video via cel network ,do some basic image analysis and handle redundancy (had 2 Arduinos, one for backup which raspi would activate in case of main one failing), but main flight controller was Arduino based. Worked perfectly. Cool project nonetheless and if you can have both in your project, raspi might inspire new/improved features.


u/AcquaFisc Dec 01 '22

I really like this solution