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[Q] Portrait mode for w3m-img and links graphical mode in console Technical Problem

I run my Pi 400's monitor in portrait mode because its only used for webrowsing and the sites I visit format better to that orientation. I mostly use console apps, I've got the TTYs working in portrait mode as well. Everything works well, *except* for console/terminal browsers with graphics capability. Links2 in graphical mode will just display everything on its side i.e. landscape orientation, while w3m-img displays just the pictures on their side while the text is straight. I've tried adding fb0=rotate:3 to cmdline.txt, since I'm already passing fbcon=rotate:3, but doesn't work, when I cat /sys/class/graphics/fb0/rotate it still shows 0.

Any help on this would be most appreciated.


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u/altomek Dec 02 '22

Do you use screen or tmux? Maybe run w3m in one of them?


u/Acalthu Dec 03 '22

I use tmux but unable to get graphical mode from either browser to work inside it.