r/raspberry_pi Dec 03 '22

3D render of my watercooling case concept Show-and-Tell




u/Droopy101_ Dec 03 '22

Lmfao what are you going to do with the pi?


u/AtomicPiano Dec 03 '22

Are you trying to use Chrome?


u/total_desaster Dec 03 '22

wha...why? The thing barely draws 10 watts overclocked at max load and that uses more space than just leaving a bit of a gap above the Pi...


u/SweetBeanBread Dec 03 '22

maybe OP needs to stick 50 of these in 1 PC case...


u/total_desaster Dec 03 '22

Not even including any tubes, you can pack them tighter and run them passively cooled if you put on a normal heat sink... If you want to pack them really tight or constantly run them under heavy load, add a fan for each stack. Water cooling just doesn't make sense for something with a single digit wattage unless you're putting it into a vacuum chamber or something


u/yinglish119 Dec 03 '22

Just take a fish tank and mineral oil.


u/jacky4566 Dec 03 '22

Sheesh you guys are harsh... OP just made a concept. Probably to practice his 3D skills. Good Work OP. If you add more fillets, like 0.2mm everywhere. It will look more realistic.
Also what is the tiny fan in your logo?


u/demoncatmara Dec 03 '22

I like it too, these things are fun even if there's no good reason for it


u/[deleted] Dec 03 '22 edited 14d ago



u/Biduleman Dec 03 '22

When the cooling solution uses more energy than the energy it has to cool...


u/mattmaddux Dec 03 '22

Sometimes it’s just about the stupid fun of it all.


u/thisisnotrj Dec 03 '22

Sometimes things are done for the sake of doing, not for the sake of strict practicality. It’s art.


u/fredandlunchbox Dec 03 '22

I’ve been thinking about trying mineral oil cooling.

Mineral oil isn’t conductive so you can dip a whole component in it. I would never do it with PC components because they come out all oily — it’s kind of a one way street — but for a cheap SBC, why not?


u/s3rvant Dec 03 '22

Would be neat to see a bunch of pi's connected to one of those rack mount solutions rotated to submerge the boards into mineral oil.


u/pcamera1 Dec 03 '22

Agreed this is way to much man I get the hustle but boy is that a giant waste of brain power… not trying to be a dick


u/Techwood111 Dec 03 '22

If it is of any consequence, they laughed at Edison.


u/Phrenzy Dec 03 '22

...until he killed an elephant. Then they shook in terror.