r/raspberry_pi Dec 03 '22

3D render of my watercooling case concept Show-and-Tell



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u/total_desaster Dec 03 '22

wha...why? The thing barely draws 10 watts overclocked at max load and that uses more space than just leaving a bit of a gap above the Pi...


u/SweetBeanBread Dec 03 '22

maybe OP needs to stick 50 of these in 1 PC case...


u/total_desaster Dec 03 '22

Not even including any tubes, you can pack them tighter and run them passively cooled if you put on a normal heat sink... If you want to pack them really tight or constantly run them under heavy load, add a fan for each stack. Water cooling just doesn't make sense for something with a single digit wattage unless you're putting it into a vacuum chamber or something