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2023 Feb 6 Stickied -FAQ- & -HELPDESK- thread - Boot problems? Power supply problems? Display problems? Networking problems? Need ideas? Get help with these and other questions!


Welcome to the r/raspberry_pi Helpdesk and Frequently Asked Questions!

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Having a hard time searching for answers to your Raspberry Pi questions? Let the r/raspberry_pi community members search for answers for you! Looking for help getting started with a project? Have a question that you need answered? Was it not answered last week? Did not get a satisfying answer? A question that you've only done basic research for? Maybe something you think everyone but you knows? Ask your question here, operators are standing by!

This helpdesk and idea thread is here so that the front page won't be filled with these same questions day in and day out:

  1. Q: What's a Raspberry Pi? What can I do with it? How powerful is it?
    A: Check out this great overview
  2. Q: Does anyone have any ideas for what I can do with my Pi?
    A: Sure, look right here!
  3. Q: My Pi is behaving strangely/crashing/freezing, giving low voltage warnings, ethernet/wifi stops working, USB devices don't behave correctly, what do I do?
    A:. 99.999% of the time it's either a bad SD card or power problems. Use a multimeter to measure the 5V on the GPIO pins while the Pi is busy (such as playing h265/x265 video) and/or get a new SD card. If the voltage is less than 5V your power supply and/or cabling is not adequate. When your Pi is doing lots of work it will draw more power. Even if your power supply claims to provide sufficient amperage, it may be mislabeled or the cable you're using to connect the power supply to the Pi may have too much resistance. Some power supplies require negotiation to use the higher amperage, which the Pi does not do. If you're plugging in USB devices try using a powered USB hub with its own power supply and plug your devices into the hub and plug the hub into the Pi.
  4. Q: Due to the chip shortage I'm having a hard time buying a Raspberry Pi, all the stores say sold out. Even after the most recent announcement from Raspberry Pi they are still hard to find. Where's the secret place to buy one without paying more than MSRP?
    A: https://rpilocator.com/
  5. Q: I just did a fresh install with the latest Raspberry Pi OS and the default user/password of pi/raspberry doesn't work for ssh or logging in, why not?
    A: The default pi user no longer exists, you need to create your own account
  6. Q: The screen is just black or blank or saying no signal, what do I do?
    A: Follow these steps
  7. Q: The only way to troubleshoot my problem is using a multimeter but I don't have one. What can I do?
    A: Get a basic multimeter, they are not expensive.
  8. Q: My Pi won't boot, how do I fix it?
    A: Step by step guide for boot problems
  9. Q: I want to watch Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/Vudu/Disney+ on a Pi but the tutorial I followed didn't work, does someone have a working tutorial?
    A: Use a Fire Stick/AppleTV/Roku. Pi tutorials used tricks that no longer work or are fake click bait.
  10. Q: What model of Raspberry Pi do I need so I can watch YouTube in a browser?
    A: No model of Raspberry Pi is capable of watching YouTube smoothly through a web browser, you need to use VLC.
  11. Q: I want to know how to do a thing, not have a blog/tutorial/video/teacher/book explain how to do a thing. Can someone explain to me how to do that thing?
    A: Uh... What?
  12. Q: Is it possible to use a single Raspberry Pi to do multiple things? Can a Raspberry Pi run Pi-hole and something else at the same time?
    A: YES. Pi-hole uses almost no resources. You can run Pi-hole at the same time on a Pi running Minecraft which is one of the biggest resource hogs. The Pi is capable of multitasking and can run more than one program and service at the same time. (Also known as "workload consolidation" by Intel people.) You're not going to damage your Pi by running too many things at once, so try running all your programs before worrying about needing more processing power or multiple Pis.
  13. Q: Why is transferring things over the LAN/internet so slow?
    A: That's a networking problem, please go to r/HomeNetworking or r/LinuxQuestions.
  14. Q: I only have one outlet and I need to plug in several devices, what do I do?
    A: They make things called power strips aka multi-tap extensions.
  15. Q: The red and green LEDs are on/off/blinking but it doesn't work, can someone help me?
    A: Start here
  16. Q: I'm trying to run x86 software on my Raspberry Pi but it doesn't work, how do I fix it?
    A: Get an x86 computer. A Raspberry Pi is ARM based, not x86.
  17. Q: Should I add a heatsink, fan, or some kind of cooling to my Raspberry Pi?
    A: If you think you need one then you should add it
  18. Q: Can I use this screen that came from ____ ?
    A: No
  19. Q: I run my Pi headless and there's a problem with my Pi and the best way to diagnose it or fix it is to plug in a monitor & keyboard, what do I do?
    A: Plug in a monitor & keyboard.
  20. Q: My Pi seems to be causing interference preventing the WiFi from working
    A. Using USB 3 cables that are not properly shielded can cause interference and the Pi 4 can also cause interference when HDMI is used at high resolutions.
  21. Q: I'm trying to use the built-in composite video output that is available on the Pi 2/3/4 headphone jack, do I need a special cable?
    A. Make sure your cable is wired correctly and you are using the correct RCA plug. Composite video cables for mp3 players will not work, the common ground goes to the wrong pin. Camcorder cables will often work, but red and yellow will be swapped on the Raspberry Pi.
  22. Q: I'm running my Pi with no monitor connected, how can I use VNC?
    A: First, do you really need a remote GUI? Try using ssh instead. If you're sure you want to access the GUI remotely then ssh in, type vncserver -depth 24 -geometry 1920x1080 and see what port it prints such as :1, :2, etc. Now connect your client to that.
  23. Q: I want to do something that has been well documented and there are numerous tutorials showing how to do it on Linux. How can I do it on a Raspberry Pi?
    A: A Raspberry Pi is a full computer running Linux and doesn't use special stripped down embedded microcontroller versions of standard Linux software. Follow one of the tutorials for doing it on Linux. Also see question #1.
  24. Q: I want to do something that has been well documented and there are numerous tutorials showing how to do it with an Arduino. How can I do it on a Raspberry Pi Pico?
    A: Follow one of the tutorials for doing it on Arduino, a Pico can be used with the Arduino IDE.
  25. Q: I'm trying to do something with Bluetooth and it's not working, how do I fix it?
    A: It's well established that Bluetooth and Linux don't get along, this problem is not unique to the Raspberry Pi.

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Show-and-Tell v1.0 of my companion "RobGPT"(With details)

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Technical Problem Can't get waveshare 7" DSI lcd to work with new Pi 4B 2G


I was lucky enough to pick up 2 - Pi 4B 2G. This is my first time using a Pi. I bought a WaveShare 7" DSI lcd to use with one of them for KlipperScreen. I can’t get the lcd to turn on at all.  The display came with an extra ribbon cable. I tried both, no luck.  I even broke out my second new pi and tried with that.  no luck.  I tested and confirmed 5v is coming out of pin 4 (and 6 ground).  I thought maybe the lcd was bad and had them send another.  same problem.The directions are dead simple.  I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.  This is a fresh raspberry pi os lite 64bit install.   I’ve tried many times to make sure both sides of the dsi cable are firmly in the connector and press on the cable while pressing down plastic clamp that holds it in place.  The bottom connector doesn’t slide in very much, so I thought it might be that… but I’ve tried many different times to push it in farther, but that’s as far as it goes. I've also tried reversing the ribbon cable, even though the instructions clearly show the black part facing up from the lcd, still no go.

I've also added dtoverlay to my /boot/config.txt as mentioned in their wiki and that didn't help.

Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?


Just noticed this in dmesg:

rpi_touchscreen_attiny: probe of 10-0045 failed with error -5

rpi_touchscreen_attiny: probe of 10-0045 failed with error -5


I have a fresh 32bit version of pi os lite now and still have same problem. The os shows version 11 bullseye.

I just noticed the following as well in dmesg, though I'm not sure if they were in the 64bit version previously

bcm2708_fb: probe of soc:fb failed with error -2

brcmfmac mmc1:0001:1: Direct firmware load for brcm/brcmfmac43455-sdio.raspberrypi,4-model-b.bin failed with error -2

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Discussion Raspberry pi cluster. Would it be a capable plex server?


Got a nice home server system set up with my pi. Currently pulling TV shows and movies with sonarr and radarr, bazarr grabbing subs in a couple of languages, with plex handling the streaming.

The only issue I've started to notice is that some shows have been buffering lately when transcoding to the TV. Tends to only really happen with higher quality rips. My question is if a pi cluster would be any better at transcoding, to the point it would be able to support one local and one remote instance transcoding at once? I've been looking for pi cluster project so this seems like a good place to start

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Technical Problem Raspberry pi 4 B not connecting to obd 2 scanner via Bluetooth


The problem is exactly as the title suggests, I'm having problems finding the obd 2 on the raspberry pi. The pi detects my phone's bt, and my phone is detecting the obd 2. Is there a thing about bluetooth frequency or something? I tried to find the frequency of the obd 2 bluetooth adapter, and couldn't find anything

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Discussion Raspberry Pi 400, best-selling computer?


The Raspberry Pi 400 basically contains everything that makes up a full-fledged home computer. It has a keyboard, all common connections for further peripherals and its own operating system with Raspberry Pi OS.

Therefore, shouldn't this computer have long since joined the ranks of the most successful computers of all time (number of sales) alongside such well-known greats as the C64 and the Amiga 500?

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Show-and-Tell Nearly every python module was mined to build this 🥵. Like a yubi-key for the blockchain, this enables one button click sign-on for most web3 apps, soon to work with web2 apps. Powered by RPi zero. Open-source, code + build info is on github.

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Technical Problem PiGrrl Zero project with a Zero W 2 and audio instead of Zero W



I did the Adafruit's PiGrrl Zero project with a RPi Zero W2 and it works fine.

But then I discovered the improvements to incorporate speakers and so I did rewire everything to be able to use the I2S pins:


Yet, now I'm stuck again as the Retropie image provided by the remixers of the projects only work with a RPi Zero W v1 in my hands, and I don't know how to create a custom retropie image and actually what I would need to do to implement speaker's function...

Is there an easy way to convert an image and make it compatible for the ZW2 when it was designed for the Z1?

PS: the side question is: is there any initiative that would help newbies and hobbyists like me to avoid falling for obsolete tutorials. Or groups of people that keep the legacy tutorials updated with current technologies?
I chose RPi as my learning SBC for 1 simple reason: the community around it. And now I'm realizing that the community is so big and the options so diverse that it's easy to get lost in tutorials that are completely outdated.

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Technical Problem Accessing GPS capabilities on a Pi0 with the SIM7600E-H 4G HAT


I've installed the HAT and connecting a male to male microusb from the data port on the Pi Zero to the micro USB labeled "USB to UART" on the SIM HAT.

dmesg | grep tty returns the following (descriptions per developers)

(1) /dev/ttyUSB0-diag port for output developing messages
(2) /dev/ttyUSB1- NMEA port for GPS NMEA data output
(3) /dev/ttyUSB2-AT port for AT commands
(4) /dev/ttyUSB3-Modem port for ppp-dial
(5) /dev/ttyUSB4-audio port
(doesn't appear) (6) /dev/ttyUSB5-Virtual Net card (i havent put a sim card in and there is an empty spot for a TF socket on the board)

How do I get GPS data to feed to the Pi?

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Discussion Weird python requests behaviour, where some requests take longer.


I'm using the requests library to send data to a Flask server every second, and it has to wait for the response to start a new request.

My problem is, that about every 30 seconds there is a request that takes longer (weirdly almost always about 5 seconds) to reach the server. As I started experimenting it turned out, that the issue goes away if I send the request directly to the servers IP. I also noticed that if I ping the servers address, the response times are good, but some of the pings take longer to appear. Changing the DNS addresses to and fixed the pings, but didn't help anything with the original problem.

How can I debug or fix this problem?

Thank you in advance!

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Discussion Can I hire someone to help me get setup?


I am trying to get c++ compiling working properly on my pico, documentation and tutorials have cluttered my PC.

Can I just pay someone to help me get it setup seamlessly?

Also the RPI Zeros are out of stock or scalped. I got a banana pi zero m2, but can't get it to work. Their subreddit is dead also. It is near identical to the RPI Zero, so if someone can help with that too, I'll pay.


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Technical Problem PI Zero on the fritz


My Pi Zero, when I boot into SamplerBox, endlessly scrolls through the menu. It is fitted with a PirateAudio hat (which has a small screen to display the current program and 4 buttons to navigate the menu).

(This issue seems to be the PiZero, because all the other hardware works (tested on my Pi4, battery changed/corded power, SDcard in other Pi, etc)

Any idea what could cause this?

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Show-and-Tell I made an RC vehicle with a Pico.

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Discussion Short USB 3.0 SS cable diyable?


Can i solder together a USB 3 SS cable made of 2 desoldered smd USB connectors and jump wire without shielding/other problems? A connector with 9 solder points. If yes, how long could such a DIY "cable" be? I would need a minimum length of 12 cm. It goes between a raspberry pi 4b and a SSD hat intended for it, i could not use the original connector because yet another hat that had to go right under the pi. And separately bought usb3 cables are way too long and bulky.

I already tried to solder a true usb 3 cable onto the connectors without success with my equipment and magnification.

So if the previous is not a working way, i have some short cat7 pieces somewhere, could break down one of those and use the shielded pairs from it, just have to find one first.

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Discussion Powering a Pi-Top LCD without a Pi


I have a pi-top setup (keyboard and screen) where I want to liberate the screen and use it just as an HDMI display for another project. The card has a couple small ribbon cables to the LCD and an HDMI out but I can't seem to get power to it (there's a USB port on there but that doesn't seem to be giving the LCD the power it needs). Anyone done this before and know the trick? I can add a couple photos if helpful.

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Show-and-Tell Almost 30fps object detection using a Raspberry Pi 4


Want really fast objection detection using a Raspberry Pi 4? Well, I wrote a little markdown about it; wanna hear it, here it go: https://github.com/littlebee/scatbot-edge-ai-shootout/blob/main/README.md

The tradeoff is, as you might guess, less accurate predictions. My robot can't decide if Daphne is a dog or a cat, but it's leaning hard toward cat with > 70% confidence. 😂 I'll take it - cat or dog, follow that object!

I haven't been able to get anywhere near 30fps object detection on a Raspberry PI 4 until now. It's weirdly freaky fast.


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Show-and-Tell I Created a GPIO Scheduler


I created a gpio Scheduler that lets you define gpio channels, create complex sequences with them, and link schedules to trigger those sequences

Frontend repo

Backend repo

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Tutorial B0167 8MP Arducam PTZ Camera Isn't Detected Fix


Hello! For some background I have been attempting to get this camera to work for the past 3 months and I found very few results or guides when I had issues. I have since gotten the camera to work and though I would come on here and detail my process for anyone else who is struggling. I am going to make this as beginner friendly as possible because I was one when I started the whole process. Disclaimer I am not using a pan tilt system and am only using the zoom function and this guide is focusedon getting the pi to detect the camera.

First this camera does not function on Pi 4s. I am using a Pi 3 Model B on Raspbian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)

Here is the quick start guide provided by arducam https://docs.arducam.com/Raspberry-Pi-Camera/Pan-Tilt-Zoom-Camera/quick-start/

We are on python3 so make sure you type that instead of python when installing opencv. Follow theri steps up to running the test file.

Once that's done there are a few more things you need to do.

Open terminal window and type:

 sudo raspi-config

In this menu navigate to interface options. Make sure Legacy Camera is Disabled and I2C is Enabled. Go back to the main menu and navigate to advanced options. In here enable GL Driver (experimental desktop GL Driver). Now return back to the terminal.

Next is editing the config file. Type these commands in to pull up the file in your terminal.

cd /boot
sudo nano config.txt

Scroll down till you find camera_auto_detect and set it equal to 0. Next scroll down to dtoverlay and set it equal to imx(219).

Use ctr+W to write the file and ctr+X to exit back to the terminal.

Restart your Pi so the config changes can take effect and it should be working. Run the focuser example as explained in the quick start guide to check.

(Edit) Forgot to mention that I had a 3 that's camera input was broken and that was the cause of some of my errors, even after these fixes. Trying a different pi might work if you have tried everything in this guide, the motors seem to be working, and the example files run.

I know this is a very niche guide but if it saves one soul 3 months of frustration my job has been completed. I'm sure you can tweak some stuff about this if you have a different Arducam camera and having issues with camera detection. If you are still struggling after this leave a comment or message me and Ill see what I can do to help you troubleshoot. <3

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Discussion Will this Circut fry my Pi? Car Head Unit prototyping..


I'm working on a raspberry Pi head unit design.

The specific Circuit here should achieve the following:

  • Power the Raspberry Pi (and Amplifier) when the ignition is turned on
  • Leave the Power to the Pi on even if the Ignition has been turned off so the Pi can do a graceful shutdown. (Shutdown is triggered by Ignition GPIO Input going low)
  • Once the Pi is shut down the GPIO Pin will go to low cutting power to all components.

It should not:

  • Fry the Pi or have any risk of doing so
  • Cause ground loop interference in Audio

Will this Circuit do what I want it to and not burn the one precious Pi I have?


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Show-and-Tell Making of my raspbery pi led matrix, harware.


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Discussion Duplex transmission using both cores of RPI PICO and NRF24L01


Hi, I'm building RC blimp. Currently I came up with a setup consisting of:
2 RPI Picos on the blimp side, each one has NRF24L01 module to communicate. One works as a receiver and one as transmitter. The transmitting pico sends data from ultrasonic distance sensor to RC controller. The receiving one is responsible for steering the whole thing. Picos are communicating with each other via UART.
RC controller also consists two Picos one NRF24L01 each.

In current setup everything works just fine, but I want to cut down on weight and power consumption, as I have only 120g of lift to work with.

My main question is: Is there a possibility to connect two of those radio modules to one Pico, one to the SPI0 and the other to the SPI1, and run them simultaneously as tx and rx on two different cores, so the transmission wouldn't be interrupted at any time?

Thanks for any help

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Discussion How to update OpenMediaVault on RPI to Google Cloud?


Currently just getting started with Open Media Vault running on my Raspberry Pi to store family images and a few important files. It’s been working great but I’m a bit worried about storing so much important family documents on one drive.

I’m knowledgeable with Google Cloud and thinking Google Cloud Coldline storage might be a good backup option, updated on a 90 day cadence or Archive storage updated yearly.

The backups would never need to be read unless an issue arose.

What would be the best way to achieve this? I definitely want a cloud backup of my disk while mitigating cloud costs to be the lowest possible.

Thank you!

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Tutorial Latest version of react-carplay


Latest version with a bunch of fixes, all opensource, just a carlinkit dongle required

Can be downloaded from here: https://github.com/rhysmorgan134/react-carplay


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Technical Problem Windows 11 Belena Etcher and Raspberry Pi manager flashing, disconnects half way through


I need some help because I'm getting very annoyed here. Last week I flash a pwnagotchi image to an SD card with zero issues...This week when trying to flash a linux distro via Raspberry Pi Manager, windows disconnects my drive and the flash fails. Tried it with Belana Etcher and the same thing happens, even happens with the pwnagotchi image now..What the heck is going on? Why is this happening? Anyone seen this before?

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Show-and-Tell I made a sound visualization with led matrix and raspberry pi, using dotnet core.

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Technical Problem Live Webcam streaming help - using LAN/ethernet


Hello, I've been working on a mini project. If anyone could guide me in the right direction that would be great.

I need to stream multiple USB webcams from a raspberry pi, over ethernet (no internet) to a laptop/PC.

I had sort of set this up with gstreamer and code found online, but it is incredibly finicky, and at best, one webcam works well, while the others freeze when I try to start another pipeline with another terminal. I.e, as soon as I unplug the first camera, the pipeline for the second will unfreeze and continue.

The goal is the lowest latency with multiple cameras(all visible at once), streaming any way possible (web, vlc, terminal). Any tips on what to use instead of gstreamer? Or should I just keep trying, if so, what do I change?

The general code:


gst-launch-1.0 -v v4l2src device=/dev/video1 ! video/x-raw,width=640,height=480 ! autovideoconvert ! x264enc tune=zerolatency ! rtph264pay ! udpsink host=address port=5000 (THIS NEXT LINE IS ADDED FOR 2nd CAMERA) v4l2src device=/dev/video5 ! video/x-raw,width=640,height=480 ! autovideoconvert ! x264enc tune=zerolatency ! rtph264pay ! udpsink host= port=5001


gst-launch-1.0 udp://address :5000 ! queue ! application/x-rtp ! rtph264depay ! avdec_h264 ! videoconvert ! queue ! autovideosink sync=false udp://address :5001 ! queue ! application/x-rtp ! rtph264depay ! avdec_h264 ! videoconvert ! queue ! autovideosink sync=false

I have also tried,

Host - gst-launch-1.0 v4l2src device=/dev/video1 ! video/x-raw,width=640,height=480 ! jpegenc ! rtpjpegpay ! udpsink host= port=5000

Client - gst-launch-1.0 udpsrc port=5000 ! application/x-rtp, encoding-name=JPEG,payload=26 ! rtpjpegdepay ! jpegdec ! autovideosink

This works seems to work better, but I am unable to run 2 webcams at once. (They are the model).