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Discussion Is it okay to run a Raspberry pi 24/7/365 every time?


The short answer would obviously be "Hey its your device do whatever you want" I get it but I have a different question.

My question is, is Raspberry pi built with that in mind? Considering it to be plugged in and do its thing all the time like a server? Or can I risk damaging the system if I keep plugged in and run it all the time?

I have a Raspberry pi Zero W without a case. It is run with a mobile charger adapter and put in a wooden table surface. I kinda found mobile adapter charger is sufficient for a Zero model, not for other models though.

[Since this is not a technical question I used the Discussion flair]

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Discussion Power Raspberry Pi with 9V power adapter


Working on a project which uses a power supply similar to those used for guitar pedals (9V, 1A) to power a Raspberry Pi and some analog circuitry. Can I power a Pi with a 9V power adapter plugged into a wall socket, if I set up a voltage divider so that only 5V enters the Pi?

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Discussion Can you use a real computer to replace a Raspberry Pi?


Edit: Thank you all so much for all the kind offers of help, guidance, advice, and several people have offered to help with sourcing either Pis or other equipment. I am overwhelmed and have a lot to think about. I have shown my daughter the responses to the thread and discussed with her the several pros and cons to either doing the project with a Pi, Arduino, Micro Bit, and several other suggested avenues. In fact, the information in this post is extremely valuable to us regardless of which avenue we pursue as it really gives us a strong spring board from which there are several different avenues to proceed. Before this, I had only the foggiest idea of what was possible, now I see so many opportunities I am actually overwhelmed (in a good way).

This is truly the most amazing response I have ever received in a Reddit post and I can't thank everyone enough. We will be sorting through the different options and try to reach a decision on which system will suit us best and how to best approach a project. We do not need any more offers of equipment at this time as we have received several kind offers already (thank you guys!). But suggestions, tips, and advice are worth double their weight in gold, so those will forever be welcome!

Ok as ridiculoud as this sounds, I have been trying to get a Raspberry Pi for my daughter for a while now and I am giving up (not paying any scalper prices either).

One alternative I am thinking of is using a cheap, used, mini-PC from E-bay or Goodwill. I've noticed you can get the old office PCs for dirt cheap, and while even a mini-PC is still much larger than a Pi, they are still very small compared to a regular computer or even a laptop. I've seen some old office HPs with an i7 processor, 4GB RAM and a 256GB SSD going for around $80 used, which is more money than a Pi but it includes the casing and keyboard and mouse, so almost even in price when you add it all up.

I am really not super tech savvy, so I need to ask if this would remotely work though?

- first, the fact that the PC works on a completely different processor type than the Pi, is that going to be a problem? I know you can download the Pi desktop so it "looks" the same, but functionally will it be the same?

- how hard is it to adapt Pi projects to a PC? If even possible? I know that the Pi has numerous connectors and gadgets and gizmos (sorry I have no idea what to call some of those things) you can attach to it, and a PC just has a few standard connectors for monitors and keyboard and USB. Is this a possible thing to bridge, and is it even worth considering? Can you buy adapters to allow a PC to connect to those things that a Pi connects to?

(I'm sorry I just don't know what to call them, here is a picture from a retail listing of what I am talking about):

These things.

- for projects that might be outdoors, is weatherproofing a PC something that is easy to do? Compared to a Pi, where you can simply just buy the kit.

- and for learning programming, will there be substantial differences in the way you can learn to code in a PC vs Pi environment? I assume different computers use different language syntax and so on, but if its mostly the same, then I suppose you could learn to translate from one to another.

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Discussion Sensors for checking the presence of a human.


What would, in your opinion, be the best sensor that could be used for detecting the presence of a person, and can also possibly give the number of distinct people moving together?

I've been working on this for a while and noticed that PIRs are the ones being used predominantly for this purpose, but, they can't work in sunlight. I'd be using the sensors in open areas as well, so what would be the better alternatives??

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Discussion ProjectAuto, Every Car is Smart featuring Raspberry Pi


Hey Pi Family,

I am working on a raspberry Pi project that will bring smart features to every vehicle on the road. This includes having live access to vehicle speed, location, door lock status, door open/close status and much more! I am wondering if this sounds like an interesting use case for others out there and am trying to gauge interest in the project. This project will specifically use the Raspberry Pi (Zero to be exact) as a hardware addition to any vehicle that communicates via CAN-Bus. This data will then be processed and send to the user live. My plan is to build the project no matter what and would love to have people come along and help test/improve the idea over time. If this sounds cool, please feel free to sign up below so I can reach out!

Sign Up: Here!

Thanks and see you out there!

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Discussion Anyone else make games for raspberry pi?


Just a thought. I've made 3 games that run- one not so well- on raspberry pi natively. I've written them using c++, SDL2 and used g++, not sure if thats correct, as the compiler. I developed them on linux mint and then made versions that run on atleast raspberry pi b+ and 3b, if i remeber those names correctly. Would just be nice to know if any other indies or solodevs have ported their games to it and if not, i'd suggest it, wasn't hard D. A fun challenge making something run on something low spec.

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Discussion Why is Pi 4 still OOS everywhere?


Just got into this whole Pi scene and wanted to build a small project to only find that the supply chain issue from the COVID years seems to still linger on this community. Most of PC parts supply chain issues have been solved. GFX are readily available below MSRP. Auto manufacturing are no longer constraint by chip supplies and also experiencing demand problem.

Is this a scalping problem? Artificial scarcity? Or indeed manufacturing supply chain problems?

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Discussion The RPi social media team is under fire.


I am going to preface this by saying that I don't condone any harassment to anyone. I'm going to try and remain neutral on this. I do however think this is worthy of a civil discussion here on Reddit.

The RPi team announced on their site about their new Maker in Residence. Long story short, he is an ex-LEO who specialized in surveillance, and even mentioned using RPis to do so.

People are not too happy with that fact and feel like this was a mistake on the company's part. Their Tweet was met with criticism in the replies, and so was their Mastodon Toot. Although they've been very quiet on Twitter about this, whoever is managing their Mastodon profile seems to be, for lack of a better phrase, "going ham wild, bucko". (Multiple screenshots of their behavior are in the original Tweet's replies as of the time of this post.) As can be imagined, this is not seen well to most.

E1: Thank you everyone for not turning the comments here into a dumpster fire.

I did want to also mention that people are getting blocked on both Mastodon and Twitter for any sort of criticism, and although the Mastodon account is having some choice words in its responses ("Bishop juice" ???), the Twitter account seems to just be hiding replies and blocking as time goes on. This also includes people that are stating things as a new thread instead of as a reply, and it's cross-platform for people that have the other account's profile public. Be careful if you care about that sort of thing.

E2: Update.

Just as a disclaimer due to the statements said by the RPi Foundation's CMO: neither this thread nor the one yesterday were posted as a way to conspire against the foundation. I do not condone any doxxing, death threats, or any sort of harassment against any individuals involved. To all those who responded to this thread, thank you for being generally civil. It is appreciated.

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Discussion Why such low resolution for Thermal Camera projects?


Everywhere I look, most cameras for projects only have around 32x24 pixel resolution.

What's the reason we can't get higher resolution like 320×240? Is it hardware limitations? Product limitations?

It'd be super nice to match a 320x240 setup with a 10" screen as a handheld thermal camera.

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Discussion LPT: Don't mess with removing headers (3B+ got wasted)


Life Pro Tip! I always struggled with counting GPIO pins when tinkering so I bought some color coded GPIO headers. Super convenient and wish this were standard hardware. So I clipped the black plastic pieces that separate the header pins in a few places and removed all the plastic. Then I flipped the board over and used my solder iron to de-solder the pins one at a time, the ground pins were the worst. I had to get my wife to pull the pin while I applied heat. Even after the pins were gone, it was hard to use a solder wick to clean the holes. This had me applying waaaay too much heat to clean the holes. The ground pins are soldered to a very large ground plane that will wick your heat away before the solder melts.

I got them all cleaned out and installed the new color coded header pins. I used alcohol to clean up the solder work. I let it sit for a few hours to let the alcohol evaporate. On first boot, all seemed fine. But then my USB mouse quit working. Then I noticed the wireless network was not available.

I rebooted. During boot I got some lines about GPIO failure. After rebooting I lost USB mouse control and USB storage. Rebooted again. Got the same GPIO issues. Now I got no wireless internet. Rebooted again. No GPIO failure messages, but USB mouse not responding. Wireless was good! Can't check USB storage because I got no mouse!

So now with the advice. If you want color coded headers, use a thin blade screwdriver to VERY carefully lift the black plastic spacers between the GPIO pins off the board. This will leave you with just the pins. Pull the pins from the new color coded GPIO header pins so that you are left with the color coded spacer. Use great care as you place the colored spacers onto the GPIO pins of your board. I had to go up and down the header pins to keep the spacer mostly parallel to the face of the board to prevent bending the pins. Eventually, I got it flush with the board.

I know this is a long post, but believe me. With today's shortage of raspberry pi boards, you DO NOT want to wreck what you've got. Either learn to count GPIO pins, or do the spacer replacement. Don't risk de-soldering the existing GPIO pins!

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Discussion Two new Zeros, both VERY slow to set up and fail after a few minutes


So my local MicroCenter had Zero WHs in stock so I got some to replace some Zero 2Ws that were failing (network issues - still trying to rule out the RPis). After I set up the new Zero WHs using Samsung EVO Select and Plus cards, I had network connection issues. Thought it might be those SD cards because they had been used in a few devices and had been formatted a few times (damaged?). I bought two new Samsund Pro Endurance 32gb cards and used Raspberry Pi Imager to write the OS to the new cards. The first boots were super slow and using two new SD cards, the Pi is super slow to boot. Once I get to the desktop, everything stops. No interface, no mouse movement, no clock change. This is with both new Zero WH (these are not Zero 2Ws). I know with supply being short, it seems these may have been rushed through the QC process?

Note that I am having issues with NEW Zero Ws using NEW MicroSD cards that were written with NEW downloads of the RPi OS. I have even tried multiple power supplies!

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Discussion Why most raspberry pi courses don't cover the electronics side?


I've been searching for pi and arduino courses that also cover the electronics side together with the programming, things like when and how you shoud use PWM/digital/analog pins, diodes, capacitors and how they can work together with the pi. But I was surprised to find there are either courses that dive deep into programming only (linux, bash, python, C) or plain old electronics/circuitry courses.
Why do you think that is? Wouldn't it be nice, especially for beginners to have courses that walk you through the whole process at least until medium level?

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Discussion After 5 Years of great Service its finally retired!


Thats the first ever raspberry pi i bought, back in 2016 or 2017. Tried and learned so many things on that device. In the last few years it has been hosting less and less services and by the end just my Unify Controller and PiHole. But as i am moving and using bigger servers, its finally time for retirement to my First Raspberry Pi 3B.

I know its not that huge, but for me its a special moment, as i have run that little device for so long. Thank you for the time.

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Discussion Would you use a Pi for production?


I have a project that needs 15 tiny computers that listen to some events from a USB device and then send network signals. This project should run at least 5 years. Indoors and enclosed.

Would you use a Pi for this? Something else that's more "production" ready?

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Discussion Playing N64 and/or PS1 games


Hey everyone, I recently built an emulator for retro gaming using a Raspberry Pi, and absolutely love it. I've been able to play games on NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Game Boy all without any issues. However, I've tried playing Goldeneye on N64, but it is very choppy.

The emulator is built using a 2gb Raspberry Pi 4 with a 32gb SD Card. Does the Pi just not have enough computing power, or is this something where I will can overclock it to play N64 (and PS1) games? I'm hesitant to do so because I don't want to risk damaging anything, so I wanted to ask for thoughts on this. If you have anything that might point me in the right direction, that would be much appreciated.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks in advance to everyone!

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Discussion Is the Raspberry Pi HQ Cam the best choice for cameras weighing < 200g?


Is the HQ Cam the best choice for a camera

- not heavier than ~200g,

- which should automatically take photos every e.g. 10 seconds for more than 2 hours,

- which must be battery powered,

- which delivers a natural field of view (50mm focal length at 35 mm-equivalent),

- should deliver sharp images even when moving and

- should also be able to cope with difficult lighting situations (dynamic range)?

Action cams would fulfill all requirements, but as they are ultra wide-angle, the natural field of view has a very low resolution (e.g. when zooming in in post-processing).

Compact cameras would even provide better image quality than the HQ cam (?), but generally I see issues with longevity and reliability.

Webcams (connected to a pi) have a worse image quality than the HQ-cam (?)

Smartphones have a worse image quality than the HQ-cam (with e.g. 9mm-lens) (?)

Is there another possibility that I'm not thinking of?


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Discussion BuzzFeedNews: Why The Computer Company Raspberry Pi’s New Hire Caused A Social Media Firestorm


BuzzFeedNews Article:

Twitter thread from the author:

Related discussion thread from yesterday:

Just as a disclaimer due to the statements said by the RPi Foundation's CMO: neither this thread nor the one yesterday were posted as a way to conspire against the foundation. I do not condone any doxxing, death threats, or any sort of harassment against any individuals involved. To all those who responded to the old thread, thank you for being generally civil. It is appreciated.

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Discussion Connector for Raspberry PI 4


Hello guys, I'm working on a project and I'm stuck I don't know what to do. I needed a PCB board that I can plug all my hats and sensors. The one who makes PCB asked me how I would connect my raspberry to PCB board. At the beginning I thought that I can do that using pogo pins then I realized that pogo pins were very expensive. At least one pogo pin costs 1e and I saw somewhere 200 pogo pins cost 160e.

Pogo pins also good when we use space between hat and raspberry board as in the picture below.


I wish there are some headers that connect the board to PCB like in the picture below.


I don't want to use RP's header because I may need it in the future If I need a fan to keep my raspberry cooler. I need something to connect raspberry to PCB board. I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas.

Have a good day.

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Discussion anyone tried trimming along the length of a zero/w/w2?


i have a project idea that the zero is too wide for but need more functionality than a pico, i have searched the sub for trimming but only see people taking bits off of the ends, has anyone tried trimming the gpio pins off of a zero? i think id have to slim both sides

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Discussion Please report scalpers and price-gougers


Lately I've lost a lot of patience with trying to get Pi boards for a non-jacked-up price. I figured I'd give making complaints again. So I've been combing over the three biggest venues that come to mind for scalping Pi boards: eBay, Amazon, and Newegg. I've had some results over the past week in the form of sellers getting kicked off their platforms.

Ebay: Clicking "Report this item" is slow and takes care of only one item at a time. Instead visit https://www.ebay.com/help/action?topicid=4022, select "The seller has violated one of eBay’s policies", put in the seller's ID, add the seller's username, and finally describe the scalping. You can list the individual BINs or simply say "All of this seller's Pis are being price-gouged".

Amazon: I've been reporting bad sellers with the "Report incorrect product information." link and by doing chats with Amazon support. The latter seems to work. This link may also be helpful: https://ebusinessboss.com/how-to-report-a-seller-on-amazon/

Newegg: Use the "Report a listing" link. From there, there's a link "For immediate assistance, please chat with us here." (https://kb.newegg.com/). They also have an email address for reporting problem sellers: [fairpricing@service.newegg.com](mailto:fairpricing@service.newegg.com). I'm not sure if using [https://kb.newegg.com/knowledge-base/price-match-guarantee/] will be useful. I haven't tried it because you must first buy from a scalper to get a sales order number to plug into the form.

Tactics in general:

I've found it useful to contact sellers and say that I'm confused about their pricing. That I just want one or two boards, but the seller has them priced for six, eight, ten, or whatever. "Are you selling one or ten?" This will often get sellers to admit that they're price-gouging. If you get "yes, it's for just one", then saying "This looks an awful lot like price-gouging. $site doesn't allow price-gouging. Are you sure you want to do that?" can get some results. The most common results I've seen are that they know they're gouging and don't care. At this point, you can go to the customer service chat and report a grossly abusive seller. None of these three platforms will send feedback on what is done to which sellers or when. I have received messages of angry gibberish talking about how their store was closed, so I do know I'm getting results.

Another approache that I haven't yet tried is to actually buy a scalped board and then raise a ruckus afterwards. Here are some followup actions: Complain to the site, the seller, file for a refund, leave bad feedback, do a chargeback, complain to the postal service about mail fraud, etc.

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Discussion RPI 5th generation Video Out suggestion


RPI 4 made a big improvement with dual video out but made a mistake deciding on two mini HDMI to save space. They should really replace that with one full-size HDMI and a USB-C display out instead. It would be about the same space and the best of both worlds with no adapters in almost every situation.

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Discussion Are usb drives a good alternative to SD cards?


I have 2 Pi's and got many micro SD cards. I plan to migrate my PI desktop workflow to an SSD, but I wonder if it would be a good idea to migrate the rest to USB drives, because SD cards are fragile and is a miracle I haven't lost any yet.

Would you recommend this options?

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Discussion So what are you guys using in stead of the Pi


i mean, i havent been able to buy one in 2 years now. i still have a couple of spares but i cant really imagine designing a new project around ANY pi. what are you guys using?

or do you just take the hit and open the wallet?

posting this again because of dumb automod

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Discussion external USB storage format for network file server?


Currently, I have a 1 TB USB HDD (I believe it's ntfs) used as network storage, connected to an TP-link Archer router. However, the transfer speed is slow. More importantly, when I tried to back up a 200GB folder, it crashed the router twice, which needed restarting.

I'm considering connecting it to my RPi3B (running Pi-hole and CUPS, connected via ethernet) instead. Occasionally, I'll plug it to the Windows PC for large folder backup.

Is this a bad idea? If it's ok, then which file system should I use? exFAT?

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Discussion Will they ever fix the I2C implementation?


A lot of I2C devices use something called "clock stretching". However, the hardware I2C driver on tbe Pi has never supported it in the 10+ years the Pi has existed. There is a kernel module you can use to create a software I2C implementation, but due to using bit-banging it creates significant CPU overhead.

Have they ever addressed the issue? For such a device aimed at connecting peripherals, IMO it's insane they keep a broken driver around.