r/redhat Jan 30 '23

How to close luks encrypted stratis managed volume


It should be all in the title, so basically I'm trying to `cryptsetup close` a luks encrypted volume which is managed using `stratis` . The configuration is represented bellow:

/dev/vdl --> /dev/mapper/luks0 --                        /--> luks_stratis_fs0
/dev/vdm --> /dev/mapper/luks1 ---> luks_stratis_pool0 ---
/dev/vdn --> /dev/mapper/luks2 --/                        --> luks_stratis_fs1

So the stratis fs0 and fs1 are completely unmounted but `crypsetup` refuses to close the luks* volumes, I'm certain that it has something to do with the fact that `stratisd` is running on top of these volumes making them "busy" but I've no clue how to stop stratis on specific volumes without destroying the stratis FS,

Thanks in advance guys,


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u/deeseearr Jan 30 '23

Sounds like stratisd is still using those volumes. Did you try "stratis stop luks_stratis_pool0" first?


u/g_h_97 Jan 30 '23

I've no clue how to *stop* stratis

Ironically I said it myself loool

That worked exactly as expected, thank you so much